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April Stevens

I'm 50, married, and have a 7 year old daughter who plays the violin (Suzuki since age 3). I began playing violin at age ten, loved it until age 17, persued it until age 19, hated it, stopped practicing or taking lessons and quit completely at age 24. I had to keep playing three hours a week to get my music scholarship at local a state university or I would have quit completely at 19.

I just picked up the violin again in July of 2012 - mostly to know enough to help my daughter out. Now, I spent one year practicing about three hours a day, then lost about a year because of circumstances. Now I'm actually practicing about an hour a day, two or three some days, none on others. I think I'm about where I was when I quit in terms of skill level, better in some ways and worse in others, (my intonation and speed are coming back), but I have a limited repertoire.

I do not have a teacher at this time and fear getting one because I have an old fashioned bow hand that I only want to be fixed a little, not completely changed. I'm thinking I should get a very old teacher.

So, I'm teaching myself right now.

I am now actively searching out a teacher. Also, I will begin Suzuki Certification soon. I am playing my second season with the community orchestra the Stockbridge Sinfonia.