Ilja Grawert - Violinmaker

1144 Waterworks Rd
Brisbane, Australia

Phone: +61 437 88 2468


Italian tradition…German precision…
Ilja has been a German trained violin maker now for 40 years serving professional musicians in Australia. He is now working out of two workshops in Queensland. Most of his making of new instruments and the finer restorations happens in the North QLD workshop near the Whitsundays and in his Brisbane workshop he meets the majority of his customers, delivers the instruments made and does servicing and maintenance.“This trade is an old worldly trade and its beauty lays in the time and patience it takes to create by hand…bespoke unique instruments which not only have to look but to sound beautiful and last several life times.” Ilja Grawert 2022

 Ilja Grawert violin shop workshop Brisbane Australia
Ilja Grawert violin shop workshop Australia