Corilon violins

Lilienstr. 2 - Entrance Zeppelinstr.
Munich, Germany

Phone: +49 89 444 19 619


violin shop service

Corilon violins is an international merchant which specialises in restoring historic stringed instruments. Our shop and atelier is located in the heart of Munich, and experienced luthiers perform repairs of all kinds at our workshop. Since 2003, several hundred musicians from around the world have chosen instruments from our online catalogue, which covers a meticulously selected range of premium pieces representing every important violin-making region throughout Europe. We focus on 18-century, 19th century and early 20-century instruments, although we also feature an interesting selection of Baroque violins.

Our work is influenced by the principles of exploring the full tonal potential and historical splendour of older stringed instruments. All of our repair work - from touching up varnish to patching complicated cracks - is done with the goal of cultivating each instrument's individual character and making sure it is preserved.

Professional musicians review every one of our instruments after restoration, and they record expressive audio clips which appear on our online catalogue along with close-up photographs and carefully researched descriptive texts. Our collection includes both works by famous luthiers of historic significance as well as anonymous instruments of excellent quality which are compelling in their outstanding musical properties. By providing solid information and individual consultation, we assist students, advanced amateurs, orchestra musicians and soloists in selecting the right musical partner - an instrument that will reliably meet their playing needs and create the sound they want to achieve.

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