Brian Lisus Violins

Ojai, California

Phone: 805 403-9475


I began my training in 1976 at the Newark School of Violin Making in England. It was a wonderful experience where the seed of inquiry was planted.

After leaving Newark I chose to specialize entirely on the making of new instruments and have been fortunate enough to have sold my instruments all over the world. (USA, Canada, England, Germany, Taiwan, South Korea, Chile, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Namibia and South Africa.)

Nearly all my commissioned instruments have involved the musician, sharing in the whole process, choosing a name, personal set-up preferences, etc. I sometimes feel as if they are right there in the workshop (even if our only correspondence has been at the other end of the world via e-mail).

I spend many hours adjusting my instruments trying different bridges and soundpost positions which is so absorbing, bearing in mind the type of sound a musician is looking for.