Musafia Lievissima oblong or Musafia Luxury Classic oblong?

Edited: December 2, 2017, 9:44 AM · I really wanted to like the BAM Hightech panther contour case I just received from a black Friday special. Unfortunately, after inspection of the foam cushions in the lower bout of the case I could feel (without much pressure) substantial long thick strands of VERY rigid glue attaching the foam to the case. They were nearly as rigid as the case itself! Again I really wanted to like this case. However i feel the case I received is a liability waiting to happen. The rigid glue would certainly cause violin damage upon impact. In addition there is no room made for the violin end pin! Unbelievable! Maybe the BAM Hightech Slim case is different, as photos of this case shows it may allow for the violin end pin, and possibly has no glue issues as the lower bout cushion does not look to be glued to the side of the case. That's to be determined, but I am moving on.

Musafia Lievissima oblong at 5lbs or Musafia Luxury Classic oblong at 6lbs? That is the question.

Is the extra padding and weight in the Musfia Luxury Classic a better trade off of the lighter and tropicalized Lievissima case when in search of a case that offers superior thermal protection?

More padding VS tropicalization. which is better for thermal protection between these two cases?

Anyone here have experience having both cases?

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November 26, 2017, 2:16 PM · I bought my wife a Luxury Ultralight with the angled's a wonderful case! All the delightful features of the Luxury line, in a smaller, lighter, easier to carry format.
November 26, 2017, 8:08 PM · The Luxury Classic can receive Tropicalization as an option. For thermal regulation, Tropicalization is far better, and it doesn't add much weight (about a quarter-pound). So if you get a Luxury, just add the option. The thermal protection would be similar, I'd think; you should email Musafia and ask if there's a significant difference in thermal regulation between a Luxury-with-Tropicalization and the oblong Lievissimma.

Basically, your choice is likely between a less protective but lighter case, and a more protective but heavier case. If a pound of weight won't make much difference to you, and your violin is valuable, I'd opt for more protection, personally. (I tote an Enigma.)

Edited: November 26, 2017, 11:30 PM · Thank you both on the comments. I guess I was hoping to find an off the shelf solution without having to special order.

(Shipping and Euro conversion costs adds up to a feature not had)

At this time I am leaning towards a Lievissima, however if a Luxury Classic with tropicalization was on the shelf in a local retailer, I would take that instead, or even a Master Series with tropicalization.

November 27, 2017, 3:53 AM · A custom Musafia doesn't normally cost anything extra -- an off-the-shelf one with the same features will normally be the same price. So you are unlikely to find one cheaper locally unless a shop is having a sale.

Some shops that sell Musafia cases will also order a custom one on your behalf.

Edited: December 2, 2017, 10:09 AM · Yes you are correct. I was only thinking it would be nice for convenience if more violin shops offered Tropicalization and Back Pannel Anti-Intruson protection on all musafia models by default, and at list price for the case only. Unfortunately i only know of a Los Angeles shop with this approach and they sell out quickly.
Edited: December 2, 2017, 9:52 AM · I finally settled on a Musafia Luxury Classic Oblong in black gray without tropicalization. Primarily because of a dedicated spot for the scroll (no shoulder rest, no strings, or anything else near the scroll) The pegs will not accidentally touch anything while stored in the case.

The air displacement looks terrific so the case does not hopefully store large pockets of hot or cold air for long. I may even partially stuff the accessory box with soft light material for even more air displacement.

I do not use case music pouches much due to weight, so I may insert a fitted space blanket for direct sun thermal protection when not in a CUSHY case cover.

Thinking long and hard about it, this case is very well designed for instrument protection, while retaining a sense of style.

My violin is not the most expensive or valuable, but I very much enjoy the sound when it's at the proper humidity, temperature, and in tune. I am hopeful this case will help.

***UPDATE 12/02/2017 ***
As of this posting I just received my Musafia Luxury case (and returned the BAM Panther hightech contoured case.)

I am pleased my Musafia Luxary case does not have any glue issues where the padding is attached to the case, and offers a generous cutout allowance for the violin end pin and lots of protective padding. Safety first in my Musafia Luxary case... I love it!

The only thing I have not yet figured out is how to put a Kun or Everest full size shoulder rest in the Musafia storage compartment and get the storage compartment lid to close completely.

Any suggestions?

Keeping the storage compartment lid closed is noted as a requirement on the Musafia warranty card. The Musafia Luxury case will hold a collapsible KUN shoulder rest and collapsible Everest shoulder rest, both at the same time and with room to spare for rosins, nail clippers, tuning fork and more... with the storage lid completely closed.

Lastly, I am using a humitrak to monitor the case temp and humidity, and a separately purchased thick padded case cover and lightweight padded reflective space blanket, to provide thermal protection and also helps keep the case investment, in new condition.

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