November 11, 2017, 12:27 PM · I have posted this before but never got a specific reply so I am trying again. My bow ONLY SLIDES ON THE “A” STRING. I have tried 4 different strings—Evah pirazzi, Tonica, Vision, Dominant. It happens with all 4 bows. It is fine on the G, D, and E strings. I have cleaned the hair and the strings. After I have cleaned the string it works fine for about 2 hours. I have used Oliv.Evah dark, RVM Artist Deluxe dark, and a Mini. Not sure of the make. I put a minimum amount on so that it works well with the G, D, and E. I have tried to put more on but too much collects on the string which also can cause sliding as you know.
Can anyone take up the challenge?! I am 83 and started at age 11
Dr. Terry Carscadden MD
Sudbury ON

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November 11, 2017, 6:24 PM · Unfortunately, because you did not enter a title for your thread, there is nothing for anyone to click on in the discussion list, so nobody can read your post or reply. Unless they know how to hack it (which many do, it's not that hard).
November 11, 2017, 7:45 PM · Actually not too many do :(

If you can edit and add a title, then you'll get more replies.

Edited: November 12, 2017, 7:07 AM · Since the "missing poster," Terry Carscadden started playing the violin at age 11 and is now 83, I will assume he has been playing for 72 years. So-I have a couple of questions about all 4 of his bows slipping ONLY on the A string:

1.What direction is it slipping?
2. How long has he had this problem?
3. What kind of strings is he using.

If the slipping is recent and latitudinal it could be because he has recently changed some of the positions/angles of his playing (for some reason) and the bow is no longer moving perpendicular to the A string. Age has a nasty way of affecting our playing (I'm also 83-I've got some experience along these lines).

If the slipping is just a failure to grip the string it might be resolved by cleaning the bow hair with alcohol - or rehairing the bows (how long since that was done?). I have found that alcohol-cleaning bows' hair has greatly reduced my luthier visits.

Also - try some cello rosin - if that slips it's the player for sure!

Edited: November 12, 2017, 9:56 AM · I'd also look at the bow hold. If it is a finger-led hold such as the Franco-Belgian then there is the possibility that the fingers aren't controlling the bow as well as they used to. This suggests a visit to a teacher may be useful and/or changing the bow hold. In the latter case I'd suggest the Russian hold where the bow is controlled more directly, and firmly, by the hand.

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