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October 29, 2017, 8:05 AM · Hi, i've began violin 4 months ago and i'm currently working on suzuki book 2 . However i'm getting tired of working on the same pieces over and over again. I'd be very grateful if you can advise me sheets of the same level. Thank you in advance.

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October 29, 2017, 8:27 AM · I've been playing since the late spring, early summer. About the same amount of time. The reason you play over and over is to cement knowledge and ability you need in order to progress in playing the violin. It isn't an easy instrument to learn so patience in practice is a necessity.

I know there was a time when my frustration built-up a bit, but I practiced through it and found myself moving on from the plateau I thought I would never get past. I wouldn't say it gets easier, but the next hurdle won't seem so difficult, and it will be more enjoyable than the last. And I think that's the way it goes, it gets way more enjoyable as you go along. Lets face it, "Twinkle Twinkle" got really really old.

Hang in there, practice with purpose and practice well, you will progress.

October 29, 2017, 10:45 AM · Ask your teacher if you have one if you could learn some new and interesting repertoire. Level 1 material from exam boards like RCM, ABRSM etc or Barbara Barber's Solos for Young Violinists vol. 1 might work.
November 1, 2017, 4:08 PM · Look at some of the Oskar Rieding pieces in first position (opus 34, 35 or 36). They are "real" music and fun to play. Also they're all available online and many examples on YouTube of folks playing them.

Good luck

November 1, 2017, 4:35 PM · Chances are that you've moved through the 1st book too quickly - without emphasis on quality - if you're already bored of the book 2 songs after only having played 4 months. I'm assuming you don't have a teacher?
November 1, 2017, 5:56 PM · I didn't even catch that, 4 months and into book 2. Maybe he skipped book 1 all together. Maybe I'm just old and slow. I'm starting the 6th month and am working on 8-Allegro and 9-Perpetual Motion. Maybe he has skills to pick things up quickly. If you don't have a teacher, try to get one for at least five lessons.

Still, if he is bored in 4 months, good luck with future practice. Practice is about patience and repetition.

November 1, 2017, 6:57 PM · How long have you been on the piece you’re on now? If you’re at the stage of getting so bored of it without much improvement, you might not be practicing correctly in the first place. I feel like Suzuki books 2 and 3 are where things start to pick up a little bit after an excruciating amount of folk songs in book one (until you hit book 4 which apparently stops many folks from proceeding) so maybe you’re either not practicing enough or not correctly which would both result in longer days on the same piece.

Have you told your teacher about it? He/she can probably shed a more personal insight in terms of work ethics or if there really is nothing wrong he/she might suggest an alternative! Either way, you would benefit much more by asking your teacher than asking us in the forum. I wouldn’t feel comfortable encouraging someone on Book 2 to study pieces independently unless they didn’t have a teacher because it would risk cultivating bad habits.

November 2, 2017, 10:31 AM · Hi! (have played in around 5 years now and are currently playing Bach sonata number 1)
You have to have patience if you want to play the violin, and mostly important in the start because you're learning the basics + technique, you have to could do/play that before you continue!
I have worked on a piece for months before, yes you can get a bit annoyed of the same piece (I do myself) but I always remind myself to have patience otherwise I will never improve!

Xx :)

November 2, 2017, 4:07 PM · Get "American Fiddle Method" by Brian Wicklund. Make sure you get it with the CD so you can play along.

Not sure how your teacher is doing things but probably you should only be working on a couple of pieces at a time, and then advance through the book. Isn't that what you're doing?

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