Thoughts about Ferdinand Küchler's Méthode de violon

Edited: June 3, 2021, 5:35 PM · Hi everyone. First post here, but i'm on this site reading the topics since 2015 when i started study the violin.

Since then I found no evidences of someone mentioning this method here, or in all the internet. It's from 1914, so I consider it being relatively new.
I gave it a try (I've read it from start to finish and played all the 4 parts of book 1, all about 1st position) and I think it's a wonderful method, in the line of Maia Bang, but teaching hand shapes in specific order, instead of going through the circle of fifths like Bang's method.
I like the fact Kuchler gives directions of what to study alongside each part, when to start Wohlfardt, Sitt, etc.

Anyone else think his Violin Method is a good one?
Do you think 200 pages just for 1st position is a bit too much? (ok, the 1st volume explain a lot about how to hold the violin, etc. but i'm interested in the practical part - the exercises!)
I like to study everything 1st pos. have to give before start on higher positions, so i love this kind of method.
Any thoughts in general about Kuchler's Violin Method?

And an important question: do you know other methods who uses the "hand shapes" route?
I only saw this one, and the ones from Sevcik, Joachim, and Eberhardt (who calls his method "semitone based" but book 1 is so boring in my opinion).
I really like this "hand-shape" / "semitone" method of teaching and like to know more books with this!
I teach some students and use this method a lot!

(oh, and not so important question: do you know any other method like Maia Bang's Books? (Start with 1# and add more #'s until all sharps are covered, then later start with 1b and add more later, going through the circle of fifth in order)

Thanks in advance.
I'm from Brazil, so sorry the mistakes!

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June 3, 2021, 5:51 PM · Maia Bang's writings I believe are based on the teachings of Leopold Auer. There are a series of graded violin books still published under Auer's name, although I am not sure just how much input he had into what is contained in those books. I learned on Books 1 thru 3 and still like to use the scale and bowing exercises in book 3.

Kuchler does a good job introducing various adornments as one progresses and many of the exercises have a teacher part to complement the student part like the Auer books.

If it gets you playing music, then it is a success.

Edited: June 3, 2021, 11:39 PM · In the German speaking part of the world, the Doflein books are quite popular. It also works with handshapes a lot - it even starts with introducing the four basic shapes one by one, and continues mentioning which handshapes is being used for the actual exercise. (I only know book one since this is what my son was started on, but it seems to be quite elaborate and straight forward also in the following books.)

It is in print and under copyright, but AFAIK it is only available in German and English.

Hope this helps.

June 4, 2021, 2:52 AM · In Italy the most famous method is Alberto Curci..Four books only in 1st position(also semitone system),than other 2 big books for 2-3-4-and 5th position..I don't know Kucler 's method,i will see on internet
June 4, 2021, 8:31 AM · hi Diego, sure, Kuchler is a good solid method, and you can't do wrong to rely on it. by the way Kuchler also wrote four very pleasant student concertinos, I remember playing opus 15 when I was a child.

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