Dominant Pro packaging

Edited: May 28, 2021, 5:19 PM · I recently received a new set of Dominant Pro, which I haven't tried on my violin yet, but I am a little disappointed with the packaging.
I don't understand why Thomastik produces such a heavy, expensive and complicated package for this set, with a small brochure inside.
I guess just the box and brochure add $ 10 to the final cost of the set, and that's not a good deal for me.
Furthermore, at a time when everyone is talking about green economy, eco-friendly solutions, low environmental impact and so on, I am quite surprised that a major strings manufacturer does not apply more sober and biodegradable solutions to its production, starting with the set of strings.
Many years ago Dominants were available in bulk ...

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Edited: May 28, 2021, 6:02 PM · Maybe Dominant is trying the Apple approach: a flashy new product every year to replace your old one.

Maybe 2022 will bring Dominant Pro Plus, with 15% bigger packaging and an unobtanium wound A string.

Edited: May 28, 2021, 6:39 PM · Over the past few years several other brands of string I have purchased were packed the same way as the new Dominant Pros.
Using cardboard to enclose the full set does cut down on the plastic waste.
In addition, it may be less expensive to load 4 individual string packs into a box than into a plastic sleeve.
Also, these kinds of little boxes are very inexpensive to produce - they just look sort of fancy.
Finally, I think they are a damn nuisance because the string package is bulkier for customer storage and carrying in an instrument case and inconvenient and more expensive for seller storage and remote distribution.
I save my old plastic sleeves to repackage my boxed strings for carrying.
May 28, 2021, 8:40 PM · If the packaging give customers the impression of an expensive and high quality product, they will make the unconscious assumption that anything contained inside will also be of similar high qualities. It's basic marketing psychology, and makes sense when Thomastik wants to promote their newest and greatest product being sold at... less than their own PI and Rondo offerings. Have to draw the attention away from the pricing differences somehow, since a lot of inexperienced players will assume more expensive is better.

I've came across a few D-Pro sets at my luthier, my first impression is that the packaging looks fancy but not any more expensive than other thinner, paper-based box sets. Cardboard is cheap and there's still less plastic involved compared to the more convenient plastic sleeves, so the environmental-friendliness factor doesn't really stand out to me. I'd wager the materials inside the strings are more of an environmental concern than anything else, as evidenced by Warchal's string recycling program.

What did stand out to me is the relative bulk of the packaging. There are a few violin shops I know that hate box sets, partly because experienced customers tend to buy their strings separately anyway (I am guilty of this), and because the packaging takes up valuable space in storage and transport. You can cram a lot more loose strings into a shipping box than box sets, this drives up the shipping and delivery costs not insignificantly as the quantity of boxes increase.

May 29, 2021, 6:59 AM · I am sure this "important" packaging is a marketing matter, but I also think that plastic-free packaging alone cannot save the seas and the planet, but even a larger package made of thick cardboard is not an improvement on this purpose.
The Dominant pro size is exactly double that of a more classic Dominant or other strings, with more cardboard and more print.
My idea in this case is the same as that of the great engineer Colin Chapman: "Less is More".
I. E. Do you remember the tube inserted in all violin cases until a few years ago to keep the strings in gut? I also used it for Dominant bulk and it seemed like a great idea, inexpensive and respectful of the environment.
And the reseller received a large cardboard tube from Thomastik, Pirastro and Savarez that contained dozens of well-preserved new strings.
For me it is time to go back to the old, and it will be progress.
Edited: May 29, 2021, 7:25 AM · My violin seems to like "Vision Solo" strings, and I've been very happy with those for the last few years since my teacher suggested them. The "set" packaging is just thin cardboard but it could still be less: Take the four strings in their sleeves and put a rubber band around them. There's your "set" of strings. Then an outfit like SHAR could just offer a certain percentage off if you buy a "set" regardless of what the strings are. Then they wouldn't have to individually catalog their Evah Pirazzi "sets" that have the different E strings.

I also ordered the five-pack of Tourte mutes (I "lend" them during orchestra rehearsals) but in my box from Shar there were just five mutes thrown in there. Each one wrapped in plastic, but I understand the UPC symbol has to go somewhere.

But I am guilty, too, of gaming the packaging system. Whenever I order strings from SHAR, I always make sure to order one item of sheet music, so that I can get a "SHAR box." I use SHAR boxes to organize some of my music (method sets, etc.) This time with the mutes and strings, I ordered the last three "accompanied" Bach Sonatas (1017-1019). Voila! New SHAR box!

May 29, 2021, 10:58 AM · OMG, Paul. I've never thought about using the Shar boxes that way. That's brilliant. I'm going to steal it for the loose music that I currently keep in manila folders.

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