1813 Johann Baptist Schweitzer

August 16, 2019, 1:31 PM · One of these is for sale locally for $200 and it doesn't have a bridge. The instrument itself is in good condition considering the age. Once fitted with a new bridge what do you suppose it would be worth? I'm trying to determine if I should snag this or not!
It has the same interior labels as the one shown here https://maestronet.com/forum/index.php?/topic/339936-johann-baptist-schweitzer-amati-1813/

And an additional tag that reads "reparirt von Wilhelm Fredel, Dresden. anno 18...."

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Edited: August 16, 2019, 1:55 PM · It is a "good name." Pay the $200 and pray!


Just thinking the 1813 seems too much of a coincidence. Or maybe this and the Maestronet one are the same fiddle or each one of hundreds (or thousands) from the same production lot.

Apparently lots of fiddles have the "Friedel" repair tag.

August 16, 2019, 1:55 PM · The condition looks too good for 206 years old, would a copy have the 1813 label inside?


August 16, 2019, 1:56 PM · I could drive there in 15 minutes, well maybe 30 minutes with tourist traffic :)
August 16, 2019, 2:15 PM · Labels mean nothing..... at all ! At least until all other aspects of the instrument have been considered.
August 16, 2019, 2:55 PM · From that photo
( https://capecod.craigslist.org/msg/d/sagamore-old-violin/6953577912.html )

in today's market that old Stuber chinrest could bring you an easy $100 from the right customer. Those have been near impossible to find without custom making for the past 40 years.

August 16, 2019, 3:27 PM · Fake Schweitzers almost always say 1813, they are not a violin with a good reputation, quality is all over the place, a good fake would be worth $200 maybe, but not a bad fake.
August 16, 2019, 3:38 PM · It would seem to good to be true if it wasn't a fake, I'll save that $200!

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