Larsen Virtuoso E vs Tzigane E

July 17, 2019, 10:03 AM · Hello all: To those who have tried the Larsen Virtuoso E and /or Tzigane, how do they feel in comparison in terms of sounds/volume and character? (or to your other favorite Es)

Thanks !

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July 17, 2019, 11:05 AM · E strings are incredibly personal to the violin. How an E modifies the sound of someone else's violin will be nearly irrelevant to what it does for yours. Buy and try, or go to a shop that has tester strings.
July 18, 2019, 7:19 PM · Between these two, I have only used Tzigane E while have Virtuoso E (stark) as one of spare Es.

Tzigane E (stark) is superb among the 20+ steel and gold Es I have used. It is ringing, pleasant, sheen, loud, sweet, projecting, and of moderate tension (i.e. 17.8 lbs, is just a touch above the average tension of medium Es, ~17.6 lbs). The medium is, though still nice, similar to Pirazzi Es, e.g., Wondertone Solo E (silvery steel), pleasant but somewhat vanilla.

The wound Es, such as Pirazzi Universal No.1 E, are also very good, especially if you prefer warmth and texture to power or brilliance,

July 20, 2019, 5:16 PM · Thank you for your comment Zhi Yi (like the famous actress...? :)
July 21, 2019, 9:45 PM · I played a Tzigane E string once. I thought it was a good E string for my violin. But Goldbrokat is just as good and a lot cheaper. I still have a Tzigane in my case that I'll use someday if my string breaks.
July 23, 2019, 2:43 AM · I'm a big fan off the amber e which I've used with a few different string asserts on a couple of different violins.

However, if you want to play around with different brands, some of the string stores will send you an e-string pack for less than the individual strings. I can't remember where I did that cause it was a while ago, but it was someone who did a code for free international postage.

If you have a local violin specialist store, and you ask nicely, they might loan/give you some used strings to test. If you do this tenner that the new ones will generally sound a bit brighter and livlier.

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