The wall experiment

Edited: June 6, 2019, 12:52 PM · I invite you to engage in a simple experiment and report back with your findings.
Find a wall on the corner of your room with enough empty on your left (entrance or corridor) for your bow when you stand with your back aligned.
Start with your feet and align all the way up.
Practice or warm-up for 10-20 minutes, and pay attention to contact points, especially in the area of your backbone, deltoid muscles and shoulders. Twist the upper part of your body a bit toward your right, come back then toward your left. Detach from other contact points and come back. Bend your knees slightly, stay a minute, then make contact again. Pay attention to your posture, sound production and violin / bow hold.
What was it like? Did you bring awareness in different parts of your body? Did you feel any pain, tension? Was it uncomfortable? Once when you left the wall and came back to your regular posture, did you see any improvement? Any other impressions? Thank you!

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June 7, 2019, 5:40 AM · Hi Rocky,

This is intriguing for me as I am working on my posture, trying not to droop the scroll, by pushing it up. When I did your wall experiment, I found it quite comfortable all the way up to the head which was forward and it felt strange to pull it back.

Moving the upper body to the right was awful, giving a twisted feeling and increasing tension with a feeling of disconnect from the lower to upper body. Twisting to the left however felt stress free and even gave the head a natural angle and weight on the violin.

Moving away from the wall I found that this posture seems to encourage the scroll up, but not by just holding it up, more that the angle of the body places it where it should be.

This makes a healthy starting point to find ones own ideal shape.

June 7, 2019, 7:39 AM · My heels were never against the wall and I abandoned after 3 minutes with calf pain. Gorilla don't stand straight.

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