Interesting research papers on wood alternatives to pernambuco

Edited: February 27, 2019, 9:23 PM · My love and appreciation for the violin combined with an engineering background and heart has led me to be interested in the mechanics and construction of violins. That being said, I have a particular interest in alternative tonewoods, especially alternatives to pernambuco in regard to bows.

In some of my research, mainly due to my interest in acquiring an IPE (ee-pay) (handroanthus SPP.) bow, I came across several in-depth research papers comparing IPE as well as several other woods to pernambuco (caesalpinia echinata) as an alternative wood for bows. There are many similar papers and studies available but these in particular have gone to painstaking depth to cover as many aspects and characteristics as possible.

I have no doubt many here, especially the member luthiers, are aware of this ongoing search for the "holy grail" as well as this research, but to those that haven't been exposed to it, have an interest in alternative bow woods or just bored, may want to take a look at these two studies. Links at the bottom.

I myself found them extremely interesting, especially the lengths gone to compare as many definable characteristics as possible.

As a warning, these are not easy summer reads, but hang in there and I believe some will glean some interesting information and insight.

Spoiler Alert: As many that have an interest in alternative tonewoods are probably already aware, once again IPE shows to be a very promising bow wood. Also given the fact there have been several bowmaking awards given to known and reputable bowmakers for their IPE bows.

FWIW the second science paper was done in Brasil.

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Edited: February 28, 2019, 12:36 AM · For some reason the first link appears to be cut off in the post. When I go to Edit, the full link is present. I'll try it again here:

Edited: February 27, 2019, 11:37 PM · If you double click the link to select it for copying and pasting you get the entire link.

Edited: February 28, 2019, 1:04 AM · Thanks Michael, I tried that but it still didn't work for me. It's a very long https address. What's odd is that if I select "edit" in the thread, the full link appears in the edit reply box.

Edit: Actually I found that the link does work, it only cut off the title. If it's copied and pasted it works fine. I'll try and make it clickable

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You can add a clickable link using this:

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