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January 29, 2019, 1:20 PM · I am looking for others to try this technology with.

I am experimenting with a recent technology called BandLab to record with people from around the globe.Might be especially useful for anyone who is miles away from real musicians or for those who wish to have a remote scratch pad for music that involves others.

I don't want to get into a bunch of explanation here and would rather answer questions for those who might have an interest.

Listening is usually better than telling, so I'll post an example of an experimental track I made with another musician across the country. He played a version of Scarborough Fair on piano and I added various parts to it.
This isn't a "pro" mix since we never tightened it up. This was mainly to see if we could do it first.

Songs can be "forked" into other versions almost endlessly. I'll post the most recent version, however you can go back to earlier versions of this.

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Edited: January 30, 2019, 4:25 PM · Hi Timothy, silly young man that I am, I signed up to BandLab, (so that I could join the millions of current users ... I wonder about that), and uploaded an mp3 of an original compositon from 2018.

The "processing" cursor spun for three minutes or more; and something seemed to be rumaging in my hard drive.

Then I cancelled out, while I find out more about BandLab.

Certainly, Soundcloud and Bandcamp, and Reverb Nation, all process mp3 files in a flash.

What was your experience with this platform?

Ooops. It seems my crime was to be using a browser but not Chrome. When I logged in with Chrome, my piece, Blanchetown Bridge, was there, in all its noise.

By the way, how do you insert the file of your music into this post?)

Edited: February 1, 2019, 7:45 AM · Hi Graeme,

I apologize to getting back so late.The short version- 0F here.I was putting in a new heat system. Had to be done.Good news is I now have heat!

Back to Bandlab- Unlike the rest, Bandlab has a recording app built into their format.I assure you it isn't spyware and it doesn't go through your private stuff. BandLab has a built in mixing platform although it is simple by DAW standards..The cool thing about this is the Cakewalk program (included free with Bandlab) meshes well with BL.Some examples include seamless import and export directly with BL.No other DAW does this.

Let's just say for example that you send me a cello track. You can drag that recording into the BL mixer where I will see it on my end.I can add one of my tracks to it. In that way we can build a multi track mix together online which can either be private or public.

The mix above started out with a piano track of Scarborough Fair.The other person then added drums. I added a bass and an electric guitar part playing the real instruments into Cakewalk. The other person added a cello and flute part. I followed up with a sax part using samples.
Changes can be made at any time. In the case of Scarborough Fair, We muted the original electric guitar track and I added a violin part over the flute part. I later added acoustic guitar. The flute was originally very one dimensional. I downloaded the flute and gave it some treatment. You might notice the original flute recording has crackles in it, so a serious endeavor would probably include another flute part and a better take on my violin. I was in a hurry and grabbed the closest mic to record it.

All generations of the project are saved and can be retrieved online.

I will be happy to invite you to my band if you can provide me with your BL screen name and if you might be interested to try something.

It is usually best to have a fully developed idea before posting for a band, not mandatory. Scarborough Fair was a developed melody idea from the get go.

February 1, 2019, 7:36 AM · To answer you question about posting a track. Simply copy/paste the embed code.

Many other online music services allow this. It's mostly people showing their personal works. While this is also possible using BL, the idea is collaboration.

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