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December 13, 2018, 1:17 PM · I have always loved the pipe organ and wondered what it would sound like with violin. This is a result of that effort.This is my first foray into using a new notation program which can go from the desktop to an iPad. Notion 6.I used Notion 6 with Studio One 4 professional.

Unfortunately I grabbed a screenshot from my iPad which isn't very easy to see on YouTube. My next effort will likely involve me getting that screen from a larger monitor.I'm still feeling my way around these programs.
No programming. All played in real time.

I planned a small ensemble accompaniment to the organ with violin, viola, cello and bass all panned as a real ensemble would be.

soundcloud link-


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Edited: December 13, 2018, 5:27 PM · Hi Timothy, I am pleased you shared this first effort with pipe organ and violin with us. The issue of balancing the two instruments is a real challenge, isn't it.

Clearly you have achieved a strong, energetic composition, with many good features. Well done.

I have spent some minutes now, pondering how I would seek to build more dynamic contrast into the piece, and how I would attempt to give the violin more time "in the sun".

Please post more work, especially when you have your string quartet and pipe organ doing business together.

December 13, 2018, 8:05 PM · Some organ music can benefit from incorporating a string instrument with its superior capability of expression. The last movement of Mendelssohn's sixth organ sonata is a case in point - It makes a lovely viola solo (let the organ have the tune for a couple of bars in the middle).
December 13, 2018, 11:27 PM · Cotton, look for Hiro Kurosaki's recordings of the Handel Sonatas. Some of them are with harpsichord but one or two are with organ. It's very lovely. There's a church in my town with balcony that has a seating area with a small organ and I'd like to play a recital of a couple of Handel Sonatas there.

There is a piece that our string orchestra is doing and it's got an organ part (it's an arrangement of the famous G Minor Adagio by Al Binoni), which by necessity will be covered by an electronic keyboard.

December 14, 2018, 7:03 AM · @ Graeme Webster, Hi Graeme- It is a challenge to find a good balance between the two instruments.Pipe organ seems to lack the kind of control needed for delicate volume changes. Of course, I could compensate in software, however I wanted a very real kind of sound which limits my actions. I hope to gain more knowledge/control of the way an actual pipe organ would react in this situation. I appreciate the insight here. Lack of a huge swing in dynamics is one thing that didn't sit well with me on this. Concerning the organ itself, I like to hear the low pipes in a real setting.I had to cut out some of that low energy here or it would overpower everything else. In a real setting that bass is massive.I tried to leave as much of it in as I could.
The lack immersive violin interaction probably reflects my level on the violin at this time. Some of it sounded rather bland in comparison to the real possibilities. An easy part for a skilled violinist. Probably too easy.I am always open to criticism of any kind.I am glad we heard the same things in this.Thank you!

@John Rokos-Thank you for your thoughts!

@Paul Deck, I would also love to have access to an organ. One of my piano teachers early on was a Juliard student Glenn Hough who regularly played a pipe organ for silent movies in an old local theatre. He is an amazing talent.
He eventually ended up with a pipe organ they were taking out of a building. He has that pipe organ in his house!! I can't imagine how he made it fit in there. One of the women in my church heard me say I liked the liturgical/high church aspects of some churches.Our church isn't liturgical at all. Pros and cons to each IMO. She offered me an invitation to a church she works at, an episcopal church. St. John's Episcopal Church in Marietta Pa.This church is part of the larger Episcopal church in Lancaster,PA.Paul Reece was the visiting organist-
I think this was when the idea to compose for organ bit me.

If you are ever in the Philadelphia, PA. area, don't miss Macy's around Christmas. It houses one of the largest pipe organs on the planet. At Christmas time they play that organ at regular intervals.
Info here-

December 14, 2018, 9:08 AM · That must be the old Wanamaker's, famous for its organ.
December 14, 2018, 9:20 AM · Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed it.

Someone needs to create a better sound font for voices. Not sure if it is possible without using actual words, but I've yet to find a voice font that did not sound disappointing. Maybe singers voicing words in a dead language, like Latin?

Can you post a link to a MusicXML formatted version with appropriate copyright markings? I think it would make an interesting piece to play live.

Studio One is my favorite sound mixing program. I have not checked out the latest version. Anything of note not available in previous versions?

I have memories of my mother taking me to Wanamaker's Department store to hear the organ and watch the Christmas holiday light show in the grand court. I took my grandchildren to those events a few years ago. Definitely worth checking out if near center city Philadelphia.

December 14, 2018, 10:51 AM · @ Andrew Victor, That would be correct. The building once housed Wannamaker's. It is now Macy's dept store.

@Carmen Tanzio, Thank you.
The issue with choirs for me is they are limited in their pronunciation. We are limited to Ahhs, Ohhs and a few latin words. The program I used is actually pretty good. Might have been me and not the program. You can check it out here. It's the Soundiron Olympus Micro Choir. They have a much larger choir that I don't own. I highly recommend the one I have. It isn't expensive . Here is a link to it-

I can export to Music XML and will make it a point to do so.I'll post it here when I do.

I recently upgraded Studio One to version 4. I only did this because they offered a black Friday deal I couldn't resist. I know from experience they don't often have sales. TBH I don't often work in SO4. I am amazed by what it can do. I was able to make this project in it with little fuss. Granted this might be because I work in DAWs a lot. Might not be as straightforward for someone with zero experience.Was easy for me.Since I am now working in Notion 6 for notation I will likely work in it a lot more.
Ahh yes, those memories! Hopefully we can continue to make new ones!

December 17, 2018, 10:51 AM · @Carmen Tanzio,

Link here-

December 17, 2018, 4:33 PM · Got it. Thanks.

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