Finally Starting Violin Lessons The First Full Week Of November

Edited: October 23, 2018, 12:57 PM · Finally was able to sign up for violin lessons. Cannot wait to get started. I am actually feeling quite positive about it now. I start the first full week of November.

I have actually been making progress with my violin adventure. I have found a good shoulder rest/chin rest combination. I bought a BonMusica Shoulder rest. My chin rest is fairly comfortable used with it. I may have to get a shallower chin rest, but I am going to wait until after I start my lessons. I did a bit of bending of the BonMusica, but was able to get it correctly fitted. I can hold my violin handsfree firmly without a lot of pressure from my jaw/chin. I have tried just moving my right hand up and down the neck and it feels very secure. It does not feel like I am going to lose the violin and it does not wobble. The notes I was bowing were not accurate, but I haven’t been in that area fingering yet. Just testing the shoulder rest and chin rest setup.

I checked via mirror and my husband checking visually, and my head is centered over my shoulders. It is not bent backwards from the shoulder rest and chin rest combination being too high. I turn my head to the direction I need and just do a slight nod into the chin rest. Very comfortable.

Pretty excited and feel very positive that the teacher and I will connect a little better this time. I hope so, because she is such a talented, personable and interesting person.


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October 23, 2018, 2:13 PM · Hey good luck! It's good that you're getting lessons :) I was studying with the asst. concertmaster of the Buffalo Philharmonic (Bufflao NY) for about 8 months but haven't been in for a lesson since summer because of work and school (and money...)

Keep at it! You seem like you're more than ready :)

October 23, 2018, 2:53 PM · I found that I could make my existing chin rest shallower to my own specifications with hand tools -- chisel, grinder, and sandpaper. There is a limit because the underside is hollowed out too to keep it light, but the small, targeted amount that I did helped quite a bit.
Edited: October 23, 2018, 5:27 PM · The Bonmusica rest looks like a 70 dollar jaw brace for violins. But if it works, it works, I guess.

Keep in mind that a shoulder rest is far from necessary, so if you ever feel like it judt isn't cutting it for you, you could try ditching the shoulder rest and just getting a taller chinrest. I play without a shoulder rest myself.

Good luck on your lessons!

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