Flausino Vale and his Preludes for violin solo

October 9, 2018, 11:56 PM · Hello!
I’m a violinist and fulltime faculty at The Universidade Federal da Paraíba (UFPB), Department of Music, in Brazil. During this Fall term 2018 I’m in a sabbatical period as a Fulbright Visiting Scholar at San Francisco State University/School of Music, in San Francisco, CA. My main goal during this period will be carrying out a research on the Preludes for violin solo from the Brazilian violinist and composer Flausino Vale (1894-1954). The purpose of this research at this moment is to introduce this Vale’s work to selected violinists, violists and scholars. The following steps will investigate my hypothesis that these preludes would be potentially suitable for being used for pedagogical matters.
I have been studying and researching on this composer and his preludes for violin solo for a long time. Now I’m working in trying to understand some new aspects of this work and its potential to be used as violin studies to improve some violin/viola technical skills. During my short stay in the US I hope to be able to reach and or to meet violinists, violists and scholar to introduce these preludes and try to get as many feedback as possible regarding some of my thoughts
I’d like to take advantage of this venue at violinist.com web site and invite you to participate on this research by answering a short survey (see link below) and helping me to get some feedback which will be crucial to keep this research running before going any further with this project.
Any help, comments or questions will be deeply appreciated.
Thank you!
Google form Link:

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October 10, 2018, 10:02 PM · Hi Hermes,

Thanks for your post. I had never heard of Flausino Vale and his solo violin works but thanks to you I listened to them all day at my desk job. They are really wonderful and I hope you can spread the word on them. I hope more people on this site will read this and get acquainted. I listened to a few performers including the Heifetz recording.

I am a long-time amateur and as such I did not fill out your survey. I was very interested to learn about this music because my wife is from Brazil. My young son is a beginner on violin and is half Brazilian. When we visit Brazil, we go to Joao Pessoa where my brother in law lives. I hope my son and I will both play some of these pieces some day. Good luck in your research, and if you write a paper on it, please share it as I'd love to read it.


October 12, 2018, 12:57 PM · Hi Gabriel, Thanks for your message. I'm glad to know you have such a strong link with my country and relatives in my hometown.
Regarding Vale's Preludes you can check my Master dissertation from 1993 at the following link:
It is a old text but still updated in many aspects.It is in Portuguese, but you should be able to read it. There is also an article from 2016 which talks about some of my first thoughts of using some preludes as violin studies, check it out:
One of my goal while here in the us will be able to collect enough information to write and submit some papers in English which would be much more efective to the violin and viola community around the world.
Best regards

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