Piece Recommendations Based on Five Moods and Types of Pieces?

Edited: August 30, 2018, 12:34 PM · I'm searching for a few different types of classical pieces, of around early intermediate level, for unaccompanied violin.
Type 1: Water-related.
Type 2: Dark and gloomy.
Type 3: Happy, light, airy.
Type 4: Meaningful, romantic-ish (probably from the romantic era lol).
Type 5: Powerful, show pieces (yet still relatively easy, I know that's probably pushing it).
I'm rather at a loss. Do you know any that come to mind?

If any pianists here know some pieces like these, please feel free to share. For piano, the level can be between 5-8, so not super easy, but not advanced, either. I was thinking of Saint-Saens' Aquarium, but I don't know the level of that. I also thought of Mendelssohn, Scriabin, Haydn (I'm learning them anyway), and Mozart, particularly the latter for the light and airy pieces.
I'm assuming it's all right to discuss other instruments here to an extent?

There are four performances next year, though I want these types of pieces in my repertoire anyway. There's a water-themed festival (obviously), my teacher's recital (which I'm only doing piano for, given that she's my piano teacher), a nursing home, and another festival I'm not yet certain about. Oh, and if the Fun Fest this month goes well, I'll see if I can do it again next year. So I guess, tentatively, five performances next year.
Thanks for any suggestions you have!

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