Ruggiero Ricci The Glory (and Legacy) of Cremona

Edited: August 26, 2018, 5:37 PM · These two recordings are discussed on this website from time to time. The "Glory of Cremona" was originally issued in 1963. I know I bought the LP sometime in the next 10 years. My iTunes informs me I acquired the CD later as well.
IT IS NOW AVAILABLE ON YOUTUBE. Ricci plays 15 great old violins and you can compare their sound. Copies of the CD and LP are now prohibitively expensive.

"The Legacy of Cremona" is still available for sale, but can be heard on youtube as well. 18 contemporary violins can be heard on this recording.

The one thing you cannot learn from the youtube reproductions is which violins you are hearing so I have provided relevant URLs AND an ordered listing of the music and violins being played on each recording.


The Glory of Cremona

1 Intrada Composed By – Desplanes* 2:59
2 Larghetto Composed By – Nardini* 2:35
3 Praeludium Composed By – Vivaldi* 2:52
4 Cantabile And WaltzComposed By – Paganini 3:56
5 AdagioArr-Friedberg*Composed By – Mozart* 4:00
6 Improvisation, Op. 21, No.1 – Kabalevsky* 4:10
7 Melodie Op. 42, No. 3 – Tchaikovsky* 3:31
8 LargoComposed By – Veracini* 3:20
9 SicilienneArr– Dushkin*Composed By – Paradies* 2:50
10 The Violin Maker Of Cremona – Hubay* 2:52
11 Larghetto Composed By – Handel* 3:05
12 Romance In A Major Arr – Kreisler*– Schumann 3:53
13 Hungarian Dance No. 20 Composed By – Brahms 2:06
14 Hungarian Dance No. 17 Composed By – Brahms* 3:43
15 May Breeze (Song Without Words, Op. 62, No. 1)
Arranged By – Kreisler* Mendelssohn* 2:37
16 Andrea Amati ( C. 1560-70 ) 0:26
17 Nicolo Amati ( 1656 ) 0:25
18 Antonio Stradivari - The "Spanish" ( 1677 ) 0:25
19 Antonio Stradivari - The "Ernst" ( 1709 ) 0:25
20 Antonio Stradivari - The "Joachim" ( 1714 0:24
21 Antonio Stradivari - The "Monasterio" ( 1719 ) 0:24
22 Antonio Stradivari - The "Madrileno" ( 1720 ) 0:26
23 Antonio Stradivari - The "Rode" ( 1733 ) 0:26
24 Gasparo De Salo 0:27
25 Carlo Bergonzi - The "Constable" ( 1731 ) 0:25
26 Joseph Guarneri Del Gesu - The "Gibson" ( 1734 )0:25
27 Joseph Guarneri Del Gesu - The "Lafont" ( 1735 )0:24
28 Joseph Guarneri Del Gesu - The "Plowden" (1735)0:24
29 Joseph Guarneri Del Gesu - The "Ex-Vieuxtemps"(1739)
30 Joseph Guarneri Del Gesu - The "De Beriot"(1744)0:24

The Legacy of Cremona

Ruggiero Ricci plays 18 contemporary violins - THE LEGACY OF CREMONA:
1.NARDINI: Larghetto from Sonata in D (violin by Gregg Alf);
2.DVORAK: Romantic Pieces Op. 75 No. 1 (violin by Samuel Zygmuntowicz);
3.SCHUBERT/PRIHODA: Litany for All SoulsÆ Day (violin by Peter Greiner);
4.SIBELIUS: Romance Op. 78 No. 2 (violin by Primo Pistoni);
5.LISZT/MILSTEIN: Consolation (violin by William Muller);
6.SCHUBERT/ RICCI: Nocturne in C minor (violin by Patrick Robin);
7.CHOPIN/RICCI Nocturne in C minor (violin by Patrick Robin)
8.ACHRON: Hebrew Melody Op. 33 (violin by Alberto Giordano);
9.GRANADOS/KREISLER: Spanish Dance Op. 37 No. 5 (violin by David Bague);
10.SARASATE: Malaguena (violin by roger Hargrave);
11.RIMSKY-KORSAKOV/KREISLER: Song of India (violin by Christoph Gotting);
12.DOHNAYI: Andante rubato alla zingaresca (violin by Luiz Bellini);
13.PAGANINI: Cantabile in D major (violin by Frederic Chaudiere);
14.WAGNER/WILHELMJ: Albumblatt (violin by Domenico Fantin);
15.SCOTT/KREISLER: Lotus Land (violin by Joseph Curtin);
16.SARASATE: Faust Fantasy (fragment)(violin by Roberto Regazzi);
17.WIENIAWSKI: Garden Scene from Faust Fantasy (violin by Giancarlo Guicciardi);
18.TCHAIKOVSKY/GRUNES: Valse Sentimentale Op. 51 No. 6 (violin by Renato Scrollavezza);
19-36.HUBERT LEONARD: Cadenza for the 2nd movement of BeethovenÆs Concerto (played on each of the violins).

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Edited: August 26, 2018, 2:41 PM · All the tracks of "The Legacy of Cremona" can also be accessed and streamed from the Naxos website. The CD's accompanying booklet can be downloaded as a PDF file.

Note that in order to have access to the massive Naxos library you have to be a paying subscriber to IMSLP.

"The Glory of Cremona", though, is not available on Naxos (yet?).

August 26, 2018, 10:58 AM · Thanks for drawing attention to these! I'd always wished someone would do a comparison album of modern instruments, and had no idea Ricci had done one years ago (Legacy of Cremona). I just purchased it, and they sound wonderful - so far, it seems to me like there is even more variety in sound color than any of the comparison albums of old Cremona instruments I've heard. I wish they'd make the Glory of Cremona available for digital download (or just available for purchase at a reasonable price), I think it's just about the only old Italion comparison album I don't own.

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