chorda bad

Edited: August 25, 2018, 7:27 AM · I'm overseas and away from my workshop (AKA the unused corner of the furnace room), but I just had to do something about this intonation thing. It was driving me nuts, micromanaging my intonation (try remembering to finger normally on E and G, and flatter by up to a semitone on D and A, depending on where you are on the fingerboard). With pieces with lots of double and triple stops... don't even get me started.
Anyways. With some not-quite-the-right fit tools, I lowered the D and A strings pretty much to the limit of playability, and adjusted the nut for the extra width on the D string. It's high time for me to make a new bridge anyways, so it doesn't matter much. However, the D and A are STILL sharp---even as low as third position, fifths start getting real wonky.
No, it's not the fingerboard scoop/ neck relief. An actual luthier has played this instrument before and didn't have any complaints.

I emailed Pirastro, though, and they did send me a free, fresh set of Chordas. So, yay. Now I can prolong my suffering. Or pawn them off on my worst enemy.

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Edited: August 25, 2018, 9:54 AM · Mr. Cotton,

I do not mean any disrespect, but shouldn't you be able to play in tune regardless? This is why I still do not understand what you mean with "intonation": your own, or that of the instrument? As long as the bridge is properly aligned, you need not be overly concerned with this "intonation" as if you were playing a guitar in need of a setup. If it's out of tune, it could be your fingers or a gut string being very sensitive to the warmth of your fingers (as the Eudoxa aluminum D can be)-unless the strings went terribly bad (the sort you can't even tune with open fifths.)

I haven't used Chorda in 23+ years, so I can't comment on their pitch stability.

(I would like to add that many non-Passione gut strings are not this sensitive, so I wish Pirastro dealt with this as a proper issue. That said, I play in tune with Eudoxa just as well, and so do *many* others.)

August 25, 2018, 10:39 AM · Adalberto, from other posts I guess that Cotton simply is someone who enjoys tinkering. Sometimes I understand what he is trying to achieve, and sometimes I'm not completely sure about his intentions or the underlying problem. Like this time...

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