New Warchal Timbre string

August 10, 2018, 11:53 PM · Looks like Warchal now has a ad for their new string, called "Timbre": LINK

This was alluded to in another thread last month: LINK

I am super curious to try them, when my current set wears out. (Amber E, Avantgarde A, Brilliant Vintage D and G.)

Anyone had a go at them?

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Edited: August 11, 2018, 2:00 AM · I read Warchal's description of them, and found it interesting enough that I took advantage of their offer for a single set at a discount direct from them. Haven't received them yet. It's interesting that they intend for them to be sold only through violin shops, and they will not be coiled but provided straight like gut strings. Anyway, I can be kind of impetuous about such things. I have several hundred dollars worth of string sets sitting in a drawer waiting for me to try them. I guess I can add Timbre to that list now. ??
August 11, 2018, 2:08 AM · I also ordered a set, but it seems they are on vacation this week and will ship next week. I have difficulties understanding the reason for selling through luthiers only - my local luthier has a very limited stock of strings and is not likely to be stocking these new strings any time soon. I will report back once I get the strings installed.
August 11, 2018, 6:35 AM · I am a long time Warchal fan and very interested in trying these new strings but I highly doubt the few repair shops around me will carry these new strings as they are very limited in what they stock. If I cannot buy a set of Timbre convienently from an online store such as Shar or Johnson String I will unfortunately pass on them.
Edited: August 11, 2018, 7:05 AM · Also note the drawing of bowing suggestion for the strings. I think this taps into M.Warchal's ideas of about bowing method that he has previously alluded to here on
Ill take this opportunity to say that it would be great to have these ideas accessible to us if possible M. Warchal, in the form of a translation into English of your book or a series of videos as you see fit.

August 11, 2018, 8:57 AM · I just ordered a trial set. At half off the price I could not resist. My local luthier will order special string sets so if these are worth it you may want to ask your local shop to order them.
August 12, 2018, 12:10 AM · I hope the string is a success, but am wary of the company following Thomastik's lead with the "luthier only" availability option for now. From what I see in NYC, few are willing to entertain the possibility of selling even the other Warchal options with any regularity, and likely for unfair reasons (bias for the "tried and true" options that will most likely sell better.) I *support* the local shop myself-just not sure *they* will support the brand.

Relative kp measures, for those very few who may care:

E 8.5, A 5.5, A Steel 6.6 (that's quite heavy, but given the new tech, may feel "light" under the fingers-worth noting, however, in case your violin is "tension-picky"), D 4.7, G 4.6

In short, a medium tension set relative to synthetics, with an almost heavy E. 5.5 is standard "medium" for most synthetics, and even the Gold Label A has a similar tension. Only the steel A is "scary" tension-wise.

The name "Timbre" is much better than some better-known brands recent options (Il Cannone, Perpetual, et. al.-guess it's a minor complaint on my part.)

August 12, 2018, 6:56 PM · Frankly I hate the "exclusive distributors" idea. Whatever is their reasoning, whether they're trying to help brick-and-mortar shops or don't trust the customer's competence to install such strings on their own, or something else, as a busy spoiled 21st century consumer who can buy what he wants with one click on the web, that adds one or more steps to a process that as of now could only be simpler if we had teleportation figured out.
I'm a Warchal customer, I use their Brilliant strings and I highly recommend them. But I'm gonna give these a pass, simply because not only I'm happy with what I've got, but if I do like these new strings, I might have difficulty getting more when the time comes. :P

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