Vision Strings (again)

March 29, 2018, 1:53 PM · It's a string set I have not yet used (though I have used many others), and I was wondering if I should give them a try

I would especially appreciate any info comparing them to the other Vision models, since I have used in Titanium Solo and Titanium Orchestra in the past. (I found them significantly brighter than the Dominant, like the PI in my instruments). I did not like their so bright character but I was a huge fun of their feel under the left hand and their playability and that's the main reason I am considering the original Vision set..So is there any chance the regular visions could be less bright and not with that metallic edge (that was apparent in the A string of both sets)

As I said before I liked the behaviour of T. Solo and Orchestra but the tone they gave in my instruments was like I had wiped out the low end of the sound.

Other major brands and models I have used are the Evah Pirazzi (both Green and Gold), Obligato, Violino, Tonica and Corelli Crystal (and the TI models I mentioned before, the two Titanium sets, Dominant and PI). Tonewise, I prefered the Dominants and the EP green, but as I said the playability of the Titaniums was great...


1. Could they be like the Titanium lines but less aggressive?
2. Are they supposed to be a lot brighter than the Dominant or its not a big deal? (TI say they are brighter in their charts, but is this so noticeable? )
3. I would like it if they would receive more bow pressure than the Dominant. I would go with Evah Pirazzi, but I sincerely do not like the price (though I love the strings). Could that be true?

PS 1 I know that every violin gives a different result, I am not asking for "predictions" of what would happen etc etc. I just want to hear about other people's opinion on the matter, especially those of you who have compared the regular Vision with any other brand I've mentioned before

PS 2 I also know there is a Vision discussion in the forum but unfortunately it's archived.

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March 29, 2018, 6:37 PM · my violin works well with dominants, titanium solo is too bright under my ear. vison solos are one of my favorites. more life than dominants, but not a bridht string. try them
Edited: March 29, 2018, 7:03 PM · I use Visions for all four violin strings and 3 of 4 viola strings and love them. Just a heads up: they will sound harsh and tinny straight out of the package. Don't give up on them too quickly. In my experience the violin strings may take up to a week to lose that metallic edge, and the viola strings take about 10 days on my viola. After that they sound wonderful on both instruments -- this is why I still use them! But the long break-in time means new Visions are unsuitable for use as emergency backup strings.
March 29, 2018, 9:29 PM · They also seem very durable to me. Peter Infields and Visions seem to last and retain their sound the the longest. I like the Titanium Solo the best on a somewhat dark sounding violin and P.I. on a brighter instrument.
March 30, 2018, 12:12 AM · Warchal Ametyst May be worth a try. They are quite affordable, have a bright, yet colorful sound.
March 30, 2018, 7:22 AM · @Arnie, thanks for the info I could check them in the future

@Andrew, I will keep that in mind, thank you

@ Jeff how would you describe their tone when compared to the Titanium Solos or the PIs?

@ Craig, thank you for the recommendation but the main thing I liked about the other Vision brands I mentioned was their playability and not their brightness, so I am afraid to try another bright string, the main reason I am considering the visions is because I loved the feel of the Titaniums.

March 30, 2018, 8:05 AM · Try them and see what happens. They may work great with your instrument -- or maybe not -- since different fiddles will deliver different responses. I'm not sure at the moment whether my 1883 instrument, which I purchased in 2005, came with Vision Regular or Vision Titanium; but, as I recall, it was one of these. The instrument's basic sound is dark, and these strings did justice to it -- at least for me. I've since darkened the sound still more with Eudoxa stiff D-G and Passione regular A.

My experience with Vision types is limited. I currently have Vision Solo A on my 1921 fiddle, the other strings being:

E - Goldbrokat Medium
D - Peter Infeld Aluminum
G - Infeld Red

The A meshes well with these other strings and delivers what I feel is a great response on this instrument -- powerful and warm but not over-bright. This same string combo doesn't do so well on my 1883 instrument. It prefers lower tension.

About the metallic edge: Thomastik's strings can have this effect when first installed, but it fades once the strings are well broken in. I've had this, too, during the first few days with new Dominant, PI, IR, or VS.

March 30, 2018, 8:35 AM · I have used Thomastik Vision Solo strings (not "Ti solo" although I have used them too - actually since 1970 I've tried very many of the synthetic-core strings, and before that all the Pirastro gut-core strings).

I have been using PI platinum E strings for several years on 4 violins.
First, I also had the complete set of PI strings on these violins.
When I felt they were loosing their "umph" I next replaced A,D & G strings with Vision Solos. I preferred the Vision Solos to the PI strings.
Next, because I had them, I replaced the Vision Solo A,D,G with Evah Pirazzi Gold to see how I liked those. And I prefer the EP Gold to there Visions. I find them to sound richer (under my ear).

A few months ago I took one of these violins (my "very Strad" copy) out of the described progression for a couple of months to try a set of Tricolore A-D-G gut strings with a Lenzner Goldbrokat E (the "Heifetz strings"). (I had to replace its beloved PI-Pt E string because its power overwhelmed the balance of the gut strings.) But I found I much prefer the richness of tone I had been getting with the EP Golds & PI-Pt E so they went back on about a month ago.

March 30, 2018, 9:23 AM · I wouldn't say that Visions are a lot brighter than Dominants; I'd say rather that they have a more complex sound, more 3-dimensional if you know what I mean. Just more going on in the core of the sound.

They still have some of that annoying Thomastik surface noise when you first put them on, but that goes away quickly. One odd thing about Visions, at least on my violin (a 1914 Bohemian fiddle), is that after a couple of days, the strings seem to go suddenly dead, but then after a few more hours of playing, they come back to life again, and that's when they have all the complex sound I like.

The strings are nicely polished and comfortable under the hand. My only complaint might be that high on the G string the sound gets stiff, but that might be me or my fiddle, not the strings.

I've only tried the original Visions, so I can't compare them to Solos or the Orchestral flavors. I know I like them better than Dominants, Corellis, or Tonicas.

Edited: March 30, 2018, 12:18 PM · On a variety of violins and violas, I’ve found the regular Visions to sound clean and focused, first and foremost, but without the complexity of the other Vision varieties, and with the complexity of even Dominants. Compared to Dominants, they certainly have a more focused sound, and also less full. That’s my experience.

March 30, 2018, 1:29 PM · I recommend the Ametyst because of left hand feel and my own pleasant experience with them (and they’re only like $35 a set)

From’s own string review:

Warchal Strings - The most recent string company on the market, their new products are excellent. Their Ametyst set is lower in tension and comes close in feel and playability to Eudoxa.

And another set that is more premium in nature that I also really liked (here’s the review as well)

Larsen Tzigane - These new synthetic core strings have received very favorable reviews from violinists. They seem to have rich undertones and a nice timbre range for synthetic strings, good projection with less tension than other strings, and responsiveness.

March 30, 2018, 1:52 PM · @ Jim, I remember that the metallic edge disappeared in the PIs and in Dominant. However it somehow remained in the A of the V Ti Solo...I only gave it two weeks of about 4-5 playing hours a day to be honest...

@ Andrew Victor...well your post made me want to restring the violin I am currently messing with its strings with a PI set I have in my drawer. I had the set before and the sound was full, powerful and rich, but definately brighter than the Dominant, and frankly I did not expect that much of a difference...Regarding the EP Gold I always preferred the greens though...I liked the edge they had and because their sound was huge, it did not seem overly bright for me...

@ Scott Bailey what you said seems really encouraging, and I have experienced the same thing with the Titaniums, this up - down and then up again mood of the strings. Plus the edge especially in the A that almoste never left

@ Andrew Holland more focused and relatively less complex should not be an issue for me since the violin in question has a really rich low end, but at the same time its really open and a little on the bright side so my only concern is if Visions would turn up to be overly bright...

@ Craig You reminded me that I have still not given the Larsens a any case this price that you mention seems really last string combos were around 40-50 euros and I am trying to keep it like that..

Thanks again to everybody for your responses!

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