Delayed Gratification

January 23, 2018, 4:25 PM · When I was 12, in my first year of junior high a trumpet pal asked me if I would accompany him at All-State. I played piano (poorly).
While waiting in the practice area prior to the audition, I heard this faint but wonderous sound down the hall. I followed that sound to one of the practice rooms with the door slightly ajar where 2 violins and piano were playing this most beautiful music. Especially the violinists. I could only listen at most 2 minutes but how unforgettable the way the two violins interacted. Many thoughts occurred to me:
"That was so fabulous.
I wonder what it would be like to be one of those violin people. They get to play the coolest stuff.
What was that piece? I wonder...."

Well, wonder no longer.

Earlier today I got the same amazing, goose-bumpy feeling as long ago when I had my first attempt at Violin I of the 1st movement of the Bach Double with my teacher at lesson. I was laughing inside and some time outside the whole lesson.

My attempt was pretty terrible but, still, aren't some things worth waiting 52 years for?

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Edited: January 25, 2018, 9:19 AM · Good for you! No matter how accomplished you become the "Bach Double" will remain wonderful music to play or hear.

Another great one to add to your bucket list is Mozart's Sinfonia Concertante for violin and viola. (One hint, the violin part is a bit tougher than the viola part even through musically they are equal.)

Although both of these pieces are written for the two solo instruments accompanied by orchestra, they do work well with piano.

January 23, 2018, 11:27 PM · Great story!

The slow movement of the Bach Double is one of my absolute favorite pieces of music in the world. Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps.

January 25, 2018, 2:25 AM · Same here, Mary. That and Symphonia concertante (Mozart) are two of my favorites.
January 25, 2018, 2:59 AM · Your story is inspiring. I hope one day I will have the same experience. The one that awed me and pushed me to violin was the Prelude of the Partita III. I am looking forward to have that happiness you felt when finally you played your dream piece.
January 25, 2018, 6:31 AM · Thanks for the tips on the Mozart, gentlemen.

I was so dumb then that when someone finally told me it was the Bach Double I said, "double what?"

There is no question It and the Mendelssohn (heard a couple years later performed by Sarah Hersh at MCYO) have been key motivators in my violin quest. Ah yes, the Mendelssohn. How many years (if ever at all) and thousands of hours away could that be? I wonder.......

January 25, 2018, 10:04 AM · Lovely Story! Thanks for sharing.
And congratulations on your hard work and persistence. That is very motivating for all sorts of violinists because delayed gratification is our daily bread and butter. I used to think that once I get a good technique I would have those special moments all the time but the violin isn't like that. Everything takes work and patience and, at least in my case, the more I improve I am the more my expectations on myself rise :) I have come to like that eternal challenge. And, because those moments are rare they are all the more special!
January 25, 2018, 1:11 PM · Vivien-
So right you are!
Delayed gratification existed for me and many others I suspect as a cultural imperative and way of life.
I'm not sure that its common to have such an epiphanal and transformative event at an early age that much later finally turns full circle.
As I said to my teacher yesterday, "I'm shaking and am not sure I can play because I've been waiting almost my whole life for this moment."
January 25, 2018, 1:54 PM · Wonderful story! I believe it is quite uncommon to have an experience like that - you are very lucky indeed!

I didn't have that experience when I first heard the violin, mine was in music class in the third grade when we got to pick our instruments. I heard the violin and said, "I want to make that sound, that's the best sound out of all the instruments." Still working on "making that sound!"

Goosebumps - rarely get those when listening to music, I'm more of a tearing up kind of listener. Most of Enescu's works do that for me, and the Bach Cello Suites, the rest depends on the player/performer and the day.

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