Teachers in Germany

August 18, 2005 at 04:53 AM · Hello!

Could you please recomend any violin teachers in Germany.I'm 23 and I'm just graduating with Sibelius in Slovenia.

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August 18, 2005 at 06:23 AM · Hello!

There are MANY good teachers in Germany!!!In every big town there is one music Academy with at least 3 good teachers in it! It really depends on where you want to study, and what kind of "school" you want to have.(there are many russians, like Gradow and Nodel in Mannheim,Bron in Köln,etc...).If you tell me where exactly you would like to study, maybe I could help you more!

August 19, 2005 at 06:08 PM · Hi Melanie!

I was thinking more of Berlin, Hamburg or maybe Mainnham.But since I don't know anything about teachers in Germany I would be very gratefull of any pointers.

August 19, 2005 at 06:26 PM · In Berlin there are 2 music Academies (in the former east/western parts) which are both really good,just maybe more difficult to get accepted there because everybody wants to study there ;) I know a couple of good teachers there, such as Nora Chastain, Antje Weithaas, Stefan Picard and Raphael Oleg. In Hamburg, I only heard many good things about Krystof Wergzin (sorry I thing I really mispelled his name), and from Mannheim, I know Waleri Gradow and Roman Nodel...I have been accepted in Mannheim in the past but never went to study there because I found the city really awful!!Köln must be great too, and Freiburg+ Stuttgart have great teachers!!

August 19, 2005 at 07:06 PM · The quality of students at Mannheim is excellent.

August 19, 2005 at 11:42 PM · Rissin (khachatryan), Zakar Bron (repin, schumann, vengerov, etcetc)

(Hochschule für Musik Karlsruhe) University of Music, Karlsruhe

University of Music, Cologne

University of Music Würzburg

University of Music Hanover

University of Music Munich

These are all great schools training some of the best musicians in the world.

August 20, 2005 at 12:09 AM · Ana Chumachenco (Fischer, Batiashvili, Steinbacher).

August 20, 2005 at 06:09 AM · Zakhar Bron is in Köln and Zürich (Switzerland).Ana Chumachenco has a huge waiting list because so many people want to study with her!

October 7, 2005 at 11:44 AM · Is there a website for Karlsruhe? I don't seem to be able to access any information. Any help appreciated.

October 7, 2005 at 03:06 PM · Thanks a Million for that!

October 8, 2005 at 10:26 AM · Now my brain is in overdrive. Have any of you gone from an English speaking country to study in Germany or Austria? How did you find it - was the language difficult to master? Was it culturally very different? Were the people friendly? How did you decide which school to attend and how difficult is it to be accepted, both musically and personally? Are the auditions stiffer than the English colleges, for example?

October 9, 2005 at 07:06 AM · hello!I am french and went to Germany without speaking the language fluently!! At the beginning it was a little bit difficult because the grammar was strange, but after a few months i had no more problems!!In the music academy where I was there were many foreign students, mostly from Japan and Corea I must say, and they didn't know a single german word!But in some academies you have to pass a language test after the instrumental audition! I had to do this in Mannheim for ex. I have never taken any audition in England, but I think it's a little bit harder to be taken in Germany because in Germany you don't pay your studies!

October 15, 2005 at 04:08 PM · Would anybody know how Stuttgart compares with Karlsruhe, for example? Which are the most respected institutions in Germany and Austria? Can anybody recommend particular teachers?

October 16, 2005 at 11:46 AM · Hello! I would recommend you Stuttgart before Karlsruhe!Not because I have studied there, but the Academy is much bigger and there are many things to do with music there!The atmosphere is good too...I would say about teachers..Well of course I. Turban (but I think he has a kind of "waiting list" too),H. Kalafusz,C. Sikorski and C.Busch.When I left a new teacher was named, but I haven't heard about her, and I think they are looking for a new professor too!Good luck!

You can visit their website though, there's a biography of every single teacher:www.musikhochschule-stuttgart.de

October 20, 2005 at 05:22 PM · Thank you Melanie, when you say Turban has a waiting list, do you know if that is something that goes on merit, or just that no matter how good you are, you ned to wait until the others ahead of you have their chance? I found the website interesting and had some fun with automatically translated pages, could have done with a translation of the translation on some of them, but managed to get the gist of most of it.

Patrick, did you mean there is not much to do in the musical sense, or that Karlsruhe is a small or uninteresting town?

October 20, 2005 at 07:04 PM · I think Patrick spoke about musical activities in Karlsruhe, because the town isn't small and here are things to do.

About Turban, no it depends on how you play!I think he will hear you and see if he is interesting on teaching you..how you reacts and so!!You don't have to be a super star to get into his class,but there must be "connections" between him-you...YOu see what I mean??Give him a call!

October 20, 2005 at 07:14 PM · I thought Zakhar Bron worked out of Zurich?

October 21, 2005 at 05:19 AM · Zakhar Bron is both in Zürich and Köln!

December 13, 2006 at 10:23 PM · I'm planning to study abroad in Germany next year. What are people's thoughts on specific teachers at the University of Music, Munich? (I plan to audition for Ana Chumanchenco, but she may be a bit of a reach...)

December 14, 2006 at 01:20 AM · I lived in Munich for some time, and had a private teacher there, who was a performing soloist, but I cannot remember his full name...

I'd say Munich is a good place to live in Germany, especially weatherwise.

December 14, 2006 at 08:12 AM · Ana Chumachenco is a class of its own. Check out her musical biography (Sandor Vegh, Yehudi Menuhin, Joszef Szigeti), then the list of her students (Julia Fischer, Vilde Frang, Susanna Yoko Henkel, Daniel Röhn, Arabella Steinbacher, Lisa Batiashvili etc. etc.).

She's said to take her time for each student and work with them individually: all you might hear about her and her way of educating talents are superlatives. I bet it's easier to get a date with Heidi Klum, then becoming her pupil.

Ingolf Turban teaches in München too, same as Christoph Poppen (teacher of Isabelle Faust), who teaches violin and chamber orchestra (he's a great guy, being conducted by him is a terrific experience, very inspired man with a great sense of humour). Besides famous names, the conservatory has a superb reputation for violin (assistents (!), education in chamber music etc.).

No matter where you study here, you know you will have to pay higher fees here from next summer on (it will differ from state to state and even from conservatory to conservatory)? In München it's said to be around ~ 500 EURO/term (winter & summer semester). And just for the records: living in München is very expensive... :/

February 4, 2007 at 08:58 PM · What about Graz university?

is there any really great teachers?

Does anybody knows anything about Yair Kless?

any suggestions appreciated! thanks!

February 5, 2007 at 12:24 AM · Did anyone say Helge Slaatto yet?

of Detmold Music in Muenster.


June 19, 2009 at 05:26 AM ·

I'm going to be studying at Uni Stuttgart, but they lack courses in arts & humanities. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a violin teacher or two.

June 19, 2009 at 07:02 AM ·

Hi Marni,

the Uni Stuttgart is focused on science. For arts and music there is the Musikhochschule (http://www.mh-stuttgart.de/) or, officially Staatliche Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst Stuttgart.

It will be easy to find a teacher there.

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