Queen Elisabeth Prize winners live

June 14, 2005 at 03:06 AM · Today (June 13) the 6.-4. Prize winners will be live in Internet radio:


* http://mp3.streampower.be/klara-low

* http://mp3.streampower.be/klara-mid

* http://mp3.streampower.be/klara-high

The concert starts around 20:00 Central European Summer Time, ends before 23:00. On the programme:

* Camille Saint-Saëns / Eugène Ysaÿe: Caprice d’après l’étude en forme de valse op.52 (Hyuk Joo Kwun, viool; Dana Protopopescu, piano) - KLARA OPNAME

* Henri Vieuxtemps: Vioolconcerto nr,5 in a, op.37 (Hyuk Joo Kwun, 6de laureaat en het Vlaams Radio Orkest o.l.v. Yoel Levi) - live

* Alexander Glazounov: Vioolconcerto in a, op 82 (Mikhail Ovrutsky, 5de laureaat en het Vlaams Radio Orkest o.l.v. Yoel Levi) - live

* Johannes Brahms: Vioolconcerto in D, op.77 (Saeka Matsuyama, 4de laureaat en het Vlaams Radio Orkest o.l.v. Yoel Levi) - live

* Eugène Ysaÿe: Sonate voor viool op.27/5 : Danse Rustique (Mikhail Ovrutsky, viool) - KLARA OPNAME

* Hans Sluijs: Quattro Elementi : sonata : acqua & aria (Saeka Matsuyama, viool; Eliane Reyes, piano) - KLARA OPNAME

On Jun 15 at the same time the first three prize winner will be on. Programme:

Sophia Jaffé (Allemagne) présentera Le Concerto n°1 en la mineur op.99 de Dmitry Shostakovich


Yossif Ivanov (Belgique) présentera Le Concerto en ré mineur op.47 de Jean Sibélius (Allegro moderato/Adagio di molto/Finale)

Sergei Khachatryan (Arménie) présentera Le Concerto en ré majeur op.61 de Ludwig van Beethoven (Allegro ma non troppo/Larghetto/Rondo : allegro)

This concert will be broadcast live concurrently on the digital tv channel "RTBFsat" via the Astra Sat (19.2 East)


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June 23, 2005 at 02:00 PM · An interesting discovery I've made when posting the live stream addresses for listening to the six prize winners at the Queen Elisabeth Competition in Brussels:

As long as we did not know who will be the winner(s) there was a vast interest around this competition in this forum. (I think we got something like four full threads!).

As soon as the results were known, the interest dropped quickly and actually not a single violinist.com member contributed after the prize winner concerts, where we all had a chance to listen HOW they all play, HOW they make music.

My suspicion: There is much more interest in the "Olympic" aspect of this violin competition than in the actual musical aspect and what we all could and should receive and learn from such fine players.

But music has nothing to do with winning and sports, does it? It is about giving listeners as well as players food for their souls and strength for their lives and relief from their sorrows. The mixing and messing up music and sports is a dangerous road to go.


June 23, 2005 at 02:23 PM · Touché!

June 23, 2005 at 02:43 PM · You said it very right Frank-Michael Fischer. Elisabeth competition is no Olympic games. Also on this website there are a lot of discussions about ‘Who made the “best” recording of the well-known Brahms, Sibelius, Beethoven, 3th Sint-Saens concerto, etc?’ I am totally not interested in the “best” violinist of the world making the “best” recordings of well known violinconcerto’s as a collector of rare violinconcerto’s. I discovered that a good violinist and a Elisabethfinalist, Antal Szalai, (he wrote me back after a mail to him) made a world premiere recording of the second violinconcerto of Leo Weiner. Great job. Even when a bad player like Kai Laursen made a recording of the violinconcerto of Niels Gade (and Carl Nielsen- Nikolaj Znaider made a better recording-), I am very happy I can hear this violinconcerto on cd, even when it has a lot of false notes and is in mono, while I know I would never hear it in a concerthall. This is to me 1000 more worth than “one of the best” violinist who made for the 50th time “one of the best” recordings of well known concerto’s like above mentioned: Brahms, Sibelius, Beethoven, 3th Saint-Saens concerto.

June 23, 2005 at 06:45 PM · Hi Bram,

Do you know where to get Antal Szalai's recording? I can't forget his playing...

June 23, 2005 at 06:55 PM · Tower Records has a CD or two of his.

June 23, 2005 at 08:18 PM · If I missed the live performance, is it possible to watch an archived performance of this concert?


June 23, 2005 at 08:29 PM · I have made private archive recordings, CDs with all six laureates from the internet and DVDs from digital satellite broadcast (first three prize winners). And as far as I know there will be official DVDs and CDs available somewhen in the future. Details maybe here (in English):


and also here:



June 23, 2005 at 10:53 PM · Well, it is a competition. They quit calling the Ky. Derby when the race is over. Does Julia have an interest in it? Will she compete next time?

June 23, 2005 at 10:55 PM · Hi Rita Lives,

This is what Antal wrote to me and he mentioned where to find his records, which are also in the musiclibrary in Rotterdam with a connection to my normal library in my village Waddinxveen. So soon they will send 3 records of Atal Szalai to me.

-----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----

Van: Antal Szalai

Verzonden: zaterdag 4 juni 2005 21:21

Onderwerp: Re: A Violinist.com comment

Dear Bram Heemskerk,

Thank you very much for your e-mail.

The list is really very interesting. I will definitely consider to include some of them in my repertoire. Especially, because Hungaroton Classics is always looking for rarities or never before recorded works.

Actually, I made the world premiere recording of Leo Weiner's Violin Concerto in f sharp minor.(for BMC Records in 1999)

Also I recorded Leopold Auer's violin transcriptions for Hungaroton. Some of them are first recordings.

You can check them at

www.bmcrecords.hu (Leo Weiner album)

www.hungaroton.hu (Auer)

Thank you very much again,

my best wishes,

Antal Szalai


Bram Heemskerk sent this message to you via


Hello Antal Szalai, 3-5-05

I saw you at the first round and the semi's of the Elisabeth competition.

I am an amateur from Holland and I am collecting rare violinconcerto's.

Some are never recorded. So perhaps one day you can record them. Do you

know Vilmos Szabadi? His name also begins with Sz…, just like yours. He

had recorded some very great cd's for Hungaroton like 1 and 2th Donhanyi

and 1-4 Jeno Hubay. There was a statue of the Hungarian Jeno Hubay in the

conservatory of Brussel. Vilmos Szabdi had written me back once (see

below). I hope you are just like him also interested in rareties (you

never hear in concerthalls) and not only in the well known

evergreenviolinconcerto’s, which you hear too often and which have been

recorded too often. How is your repertoireknowledge compared to my list of

(now) 85 cd’s? Could you one day perhaps record the never recorded

violinconcerto’s, so I can buy them in the shop?

Best regards and good luck with your professional carreer Bram Heemskerk


The Dutch composer Willem Pijper has written a violinconcerto in 1939,

which is also never recorded on cd. On this Dutch site they mentioned this

violinconcerto: http://www.klassiekemuziekgids.net/componisten/pijper.htm

The first violinconcerto of Karol Josef Lipinski (1790-1861)

The first violinconcerto of Joseph Joachim (1831-1907)

The second violinconcerto of Karl Goldmark (1830-1915)

First part of the 8th violinconcerto of Henri Vieuxtemps (1820-1881)

www.classical-composers.org than V than Vieuxtemps (that is my source)


The violinconcerto of Nikolaj Borisovitsj Yoessoepov (1827-1891) (a pupil

of Vieuxtemps)

The 2 violinconcerto's of Ole Bull (1810-1880) (one slow part of these 2

has been recorded by Naxos on the cd "Norwegian violin favorites")

The 2 violinconcerto's of Camillo Sivori (1815-1894) (pupil of Paganini)

The 9 violinconcerto's of Pierre Baillot (1771-1842)

violinconcerto's 2-7,10 of Charles Auguste de Beriot (1802-1870) (I have

the 7th from Naxos of Maud Powell violin/piano recorded in 1915, but there

is no version of violin/orchestra)

My violinconcerto cd-list:

Cd 1) Joseph Joachim 3e violinconcerto in G major by Takako Nishizaki,

Naxos 8.55473

Cd 2) Richard Strauss violinconcerto opus 8 in D minor by Sarah Chang,

EMI 556870

cd 3) Goldmark violinconcerto no.1 in A minor op.28 en Korngold

violinconcerto in D opus 35 by Itzhak Perlman, EMI CDC-747846 2

cd 4) Henri Vieuxtemps violinconcerto 2 opus 19, 4 opus 31, 5 opus 37

Gretry by Alexander Markov, Erato 0630-17878-2

cd 5) Sibelius, Elgar violinconcerto´s by Dong-Suk Kang, Naxos 8.553233

cd 6) Prokoviev violinconcerto 1,2, Stravinsky violinconcerto by

Cho-Liang Lin, Naxos

cd 7) 2e violinconcerto Wieniawski, 4e violinconcerto Vieuxtemps by

Heifetz 1935,1937

cd 8) Franz Berwald violinconcerto in C sharp minor, opus 2, Tor Aulin

3e violinconcerto opus 14 by Tobias Ringborg, Naxos 8.554287

cd 9) Karl Hartmann Concerto funebre by Isabelle Faust, ECM 465779-2

cd 10) Schoenberg violinconcerto opus 36 by Pierre Amoyal, Erato


cd 11) Second part Adagio in E minor from violinconcerto Ole Bull on cd

‘Norwegian Violin Favorites’ by Henning Kraggerud, Naxos 8.554497

cd 12) Violinconcerto´s Shos 1,2 by Ilja Kaler, Naxos 8.5850814

cd 13) Henri Dutilleux Lárbe des songes by Isabelle van Keulen, Koch


cd 14) Carl Nielsen violinconcerto opus 33, Niels Gade violinconcerto by

Kai Laursen

cd 15) Bohuslav Martinu violinconcerto 1 by Bohuslav Matousek, Supraphon

SU 3653-2 031

cd 16) Bohuslav Martinu violinconcerto 2, 1943, Duo concerttant for 2

violins and orchestra 1937, violinconcerto for 2 violins and orchestra,

1950 by Jan Pospichal, Florian Zwiauer, Arte Nova 74321 77635 2

cd 17) Nikolaj Rakov violinconcerto 1 (1944), D.Kabalevsky violinconcerto

in C major (1948), Vissarion Shebalin violinconcerto opus 21 by Andrew

Hardy, Olympia OCD 573

cd 18) John Adams & Philip Glass violinconcerto´s by Robert Mc Duffie,

Telarc cd-80494

cd 19) double cd VoxBox CDX 5102 by Aaron Rosand

cd1 2e violinconcerto Joseph Joachim in D minor, opus 11,

“Hungarian”, 3e violinconcerto Jeno Hubay, op.99

cd2 violinconcerto from Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst, Benjamin Godard

1e violinconcerto op.35

cd 20) Karol Szymanowski 1,2 by Thomas Zehetmair, EMI 7243 5 55607 2 8

cd 21) Alexander Arutiunian violinconcerto by Ilya Grubert, Chandos Chan


cd 22) Samuel Barber violinconcerto opus 14 , Edgar Meyer violinconcerto

by Hilary Hahn, Sony Classical SK 89029

cd 23) Frantisek Benda violinconcerto in D Major, Vaclav Pichl

violinconcerto no1, opus 3 in D amjor, Antonin Vranicky violinconcerto in

C major by Gabriela Demeterova, Supraphon SU 0002-2 031

cd 24) Bartok 1,2 by Kyang Wha Chung, Decca 425 015-2

cd 25) Leos Janacek violinconcerto (1926, reconstr. 1988) by Christiane

Neumann, Arte Nova 74321 30481 2

cd 26) Vieuxtemps violinconcerto 2 opus 19 in F sharp minor,

violinconcerto 3 in A major opus 25 by Misha Keylin, Naxos 8.554114

cd 27) Vieuxtemps violinconcerto 1 opus 10, Fanatsia Appassionata opus 35

(for violin and orchestra) by Paul Rosenthal, Bidulph LAW 011

cd 28) Winiawski violinconcerto’s 1,2 by Marat Bisengaliev, Naxos 8.553517

cd 29 Faure violinconcerto, violinconcerto Lalo Fantasie Norvegienne (3

parts for violin and orchestra), Poeme from Canteloube by Philippe

Graffin, Hyperion CDA 67294

cd 30) Max Bruch violinconcerto´s 1,3 by Isabelle van Keulen , Koch


cd 31) Max Bruch violinconcerto 2 , Schottisch fantasie by Itzhak

Perlman, EMI CDC 7 49071 2

cd 32 ) Britten violinconcerto by Theo Olof, EMI 7243 5 66053 2 9

cd 33) 7e violinconcerto of Charles Auguste de Beriot (violin/piano from

1915) by Maud Powell, Naxos 8.110980-81

cd34) 3 cd’s bij Kruidvat Paganini violinconcerto’s 1-6 with own kadenza’

s by Alandre Dubach

cd 35) Karol Lipinski violinconcerto’s 2,3,4 by Albrecht Breuninger, CPO

999 787-2

cd 36) Ottorino Respighi (viool)concerto greogiano en concerto allántica

door Andrea Cappelletti Koch Schwann 3-1124-2 H1

cd 37) Henri Vieuxtemps violinconcerto 6 opus 47, violinconcerto 7 opus

49 (postuum georchestrated by Jeno Hubay) Greeting to America (piece for

violin and orchestre) by Gerard Poulet, Valois V 4797

cd 38) Camille Saint-Saens violinconcerto’s 1,2,3 by Philippe Graffin,

Hyperion CDA 67074

cd 39) Ernst von Dohnanyi, violinconcerto 1 opus 27, violinconcerto 2 opus

43 by Vilmos Szabadi, Hungaroton Classic HCD 31759

cd 40) Vioolconcert Korngold, violinconcerto Miklos Rosza opus 24 by

Jascha Heifetz, BMG classics 09026 61752 2

cd 41) Jeno Hubay violinconcerto’s 1-4 dubbelcd by Vilmos Szabadi,

Hungaroton Classic HCD 31976-77

cd 42) violinconcerto Nikolay Myaskovsky in D minor opus 44, Mieczyslaw

Vainberg violinconcerto in G minor opus 67 door Ilya Grubert, Naxos


cd 43) Joaquin Rodrigo (violin)concierto de estio, Ivan Semenoff double

concerto, Federico Elizalde violinconcerto by Christian Ferras, Testament

SBT 1307

cd 44) Leo Weiner violinconcerto no1 opus 41 in D major and

violinconcerto no 2 opus 45 in F sharp minor and the Variations for

violin and orchestra from Joseph Joachim by Vilmos Szabadi, Hungaroton

Classic HCD 32185

cd 45) Louis Spohr violinconcerto 4 in B minor opus 10, violinconcerto 11

in G major opus 70 by Ulf Hoelscher, CPO 999 196-2

cd 46) Myslivecek violinconcerto 4 in B falt major, Viotti violinconcerto

22, Louis Spohr violinconcerto 8 by Elisabeth Wallfish, Hyperion CDA66840

cd 47) William Walton violinconcerto by Tasmin Little, 470 510- 2 (Set 470


cd 48) Locatelli, Leclair violinconcerto en fa majeur opus 7 no 4,

Mendelssohn in re, Tartini duivelstriller door Jean-Jacques Kantorow, FNAC

music 592317

cd 49) Leonard Bernstein West Side Story, Canide by Joshua Bell, Sony

Classical SK 89358

cd 50) violinconcerto Alban Berg , Wolfgang Rihm by Anne-Sophie Mutter, DG

437 093-2

cd 51) Anton Arensky violinconcerto opus 54, Rimsky Korsakov

violinconcerto (3 parts for violin and orchestra) Concert Phantasy

Russian themes in b minor, Tsjaikovsky by Mark Lubotsky, Globe GLO 5174

cd 52) Havergal Brian violinconcerto by Marat Bisengaliev, Marco Polo


cd 53) Benjamin Godard violinconcerto no. 2 in G minor opus 131, Moritz

Moszkowski violinconcerto in C., opus 30 by Thomas Christian, Koch

classics Schwann 3-1367-2

cd 54)Anton Rubinstein violinconcerto in G major opus 46,

Cesar Cui Suite concertante for violin and orchestra opus 25 by

Takako Nishizaki, Naxos 8.555244

Cd 55) Charles Auguste de Beriot vioolconcert 1 opus 16 “Military”,

violinconcerto 8 op 99, violinconcerto 9 opus 104 by Takako Nishizaki,

Marco Polo 8.220440

Cd 56) Edouard Lalo violinconcerto in F major opus 20, (violin)Concerte

Russe opus 29 by Olivier Charlier, Chandos Chan 9758

Cd 57) Schumann violinconcerto in D minor, violinconcerto in A minor opus


CD 58) Aram Khatchaturian violinconcerto + all other works for violin and

orchestra, like Konzertrhapsodie and Nocturne “Musik fur Lermontov” by

Michael Jelden, M & V (Music&Video-Verlag) HERA 02104

Cd 59) Louis Grunberg violinconcerto opus 47 by Jascha Heifetz

Cd 60) Mario Caslenuovo-Tedesco 2e violinconcerto by Jascha Heifetz, BMG

Music GD87872

Cd 61) Violinconcert “Hung Hu”van A Ke Jian, by Takako Nishizaki, Marco

Polo 8.223902

Cd 62) The Butterfly lovers violinconcerto of Chen Gang by Takako

Nishizaki, Naxos 8.557348

Cd 63) Samuel Coleridge-Taylor violinconcerto op.80 Dvorak vioolconcert

by Philippe Graffin, Avie AV0044

Cd 64) Kamillo Lendvay violinconcerto no. 2 by Vilmos Szabadi, Hungaroton

HCD 317787

Cd 65) 2e violinconcerto of Joseph Joachim “in the Hungarian style” op.11

by Rachel Barton, CDR 90000 068

Cd 66) Hans Pfitzner violinconcerto op.34 by Saschko Gawriloff, CPO 999


Cd 67) Frederick Delius violinconcerto by Ralph Holmes, Unicorn-Kanchana

UKCD 2072

Cd 68) Joseph Joachim Raff violinconcerto’s 1,2 by Michaela Paetsch

Neftel, Tudor 7086

Cd 69) CHEN Gang violinconcerto “Wang Zhaojun” by Takako Nishizaki, Macro

Polo 8.223908

Cd 70) Mieczyslav Karlowicz violinconcerto in A/Dur op.8 (1902) by Edward

Zienkowski, Thorofon CTH 2046

Cd 71) György Ligeti violinconcerto (1989-92), Per Nørgård violinconcerto

Helle Nacht (1986-7), by Christana Åstrand, Chandos CHAN 9830

Cd 72) Josef Otto af Sillen violinconcerto in E minor (1920) by Christian

Bergquist, Sterling CDS-1044-2

Cd 73) Charles Villiers Stanford Suite for violin and orchestra op.32,

violinconcerto in D major op.74 by Anthony Marwood, Hyperion CDA67208

Cd 74) Violinconcertos by black composers of the 18th and 19th centuries

by Rachel Barton, violinconcerto no.4 of Chevalier J.J.O. de Meude-Monpas,

violinconcerto op.5 no.2 of Joseph Boulogne Chevalier de Saint-Georges,

Violinconcerto of Joseph White, Romance of Samuel Coleridge-Taylor

cd 75) Joseph Boulogne called Chevalier de Siant-Georges violinconcerto’s

3 no1, 8 no1, 2 no 2 by Miroslav Vilimec, Avenira.

Cd 76) Ignace Pleyel violin concerto in D major by Vilmos Szabadi,

Hungaroton HCD 32241

Cd 77) Tor Aulin violin concerto 1? and 2 op.11 a-moll by Tobias Ringborg,

Sterling CDS-1050-2

Cd78) Gustaf Bengtsson violinconcerto in B minor by Tobias Ringborg,

Sterling CDS-1063-2

Cd79) In memory of Willem Noske piece for violin and orchestra in d minor

of Henriette Bosmans (1895-1952) by Willem Noske JENCD 0012

Cd 80) Joseph Achron 1e violinconcerto by Elmar Oliveira, Naxos8.559408

Cd 81) Nikolaj Roslavets, violinconcerto no.1

Cd 82) K.PENDERECKI violinconcerto1 by Konstanty Kulka, violinconcerto

no.2 “Metamorphosen” by Chee-Yun, Naxos 8.555265

Cd83) Max Reger violinconcerto op.101 by Walter Forchert, Koch Schwann 311


Cd 84) F.KREISLER violinconcerto by Fritz Kreisler MG Music, disc 11,

09026 61649 2

Cd 85) Ernest Bloch violinconcerto by Oleh Krysa, BIS-CD-639

June 24, 2005 at 07:42 AM · Jim, any questions to Julia you should, please, ask directly through her email address on her website: julia@juliafischer.com

The Ky. Derby is for horses not for musicians. And not the horses want to win but their owners (and some who bet). QE competition on the other hand is just one of the means to get to bigger audiences with better playing partners (conductors, orchestras etc.) more often. Just one of the means, as setting up a website with player info and sound & video samples plus emailing agents, inviting them to concerts. No musician (not even a violinist ;-) wants to win a competition if it does not bring more (better paid) concerts. If winning is someone's goal in life then this person should rather train horses or grow tropical flowers.


June 24, 2005 at 09:06 AM · If the horse had a brain, he'd compete for better partners, just like violinists ;) Julia was on the radio tonight here. She talked a little then played Dvorak. She has no German accent at all. I wouldn't bug her by writing. I'll just wait four years and see. The way it looks to me, she doesn't need it.

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