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April 4, 2005 at 11:08 PM · I need some help in obtaining orchestral excerpts for upcoming auditions. I'm finding it harder than I thought to find violin parts to the required repertoire. Do I have to buy the whole orchestral score? Can I obtain these parts at local schools/libraries? If you have any tips on where to get violin parts inexpensively, I would really appreciate your help. I've already been to the music library at USC, but they only had miniscores to the pieces that I need.

I'm also kinda curious as to which concerto would make the best impression on the audition panel. I'm currently working on the Brahms, but I also know the Mendelssohn and the Sibelius. Dying for some help, thanks.

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April 4, 2005 at 11:11 PM · I go to Luck's Music .

April 5, 2005 at 12:47 AM · There are books of orchestral excerpts. I have Gingold's. Also might ask around. I have lots of excerpts just floating around in my music and other people at school who have prepared for auditions still have their music. And my teacher has provided some for me, as he has played ever orchestral piece, it seems.



June 11, 2005 at 07:13 PM · Breitkopf & Haertel has full parts for many orchestra pieces, and they aren't that expensive at all.

July 11, 2006 at 02:47 AM · Thought I would post what I've unearthed in my quest to obtain orchestral parts (legally).

But, after all this, I still haven't found a way to purchase parts for 20th-century works, even standard ones such as the Prokofiev "Classical" Symphony and Shostakovich 5th Symphony. If anyone has ideas, please let me know!

Edwin F. Kalmus & Co., Inc.

Educational Music Service

Hickey's Music Center

Orchestra Musician's CD-ROM Library

July 11, 2006 at 03:26 AM · Greetings,

the other way is through the CDs which have violiun parts you can legally print out. Check out whats available at Shar for example,



July 11, 2006 at 03:34 AM · I have a ton of parts. If anyone needs something let me know and I'll do my best.

July 11, 2006 at 04:51 AM · You can buy individual 1st. violin parts from publishers. I checked last year. About $3,00 for the part and $19.00 (true) for the shipping.

Hung up on them when they said that's what sending out one parts costs them in shipping costs. Yeah right.

July 11, 2006 at 02:28 PM · Thank you. I have looked at the CD-ROMs (all the volumes I could find). They don't have Prokofiev or Shostakovich. Neither Kalmus nor Barenreiter publish them either (at least, not the works I'm looking for). I guess the original publisher (whoever they were, probably an old Soviet enterprise, and whoever they may have been willing to authorize) still have the copyrights.

Anyway, I've been able to find study scores, but not parts so far.

July 12, 2006 at 12:03 PM · Hi. I can recommend a good resource in New York, and I'm sure they'll ship - Patelson. 212/582-5840.

BTW, if you call, be prepared to ring a lot before they pick up - it's a peculiarity of theirs!

July 12, 2006 at 03:29 PM · I was just wondering this same thing today. Thank you everyone, for the resources!

November 19, 2007 at 10:36 AM · hey people. anyone has the Euryanthe overture 1st violin part? also need the prokofiev classical symphony. strauss der buerger als edelmann the solos.

would appreciate your help.



November 19, 2007 at 01:21 PM · Dmitri,

You can find Euryanthe and Bürger als Edelmann in the bronze Schott excerpt books - worth owning if you're taking auditions. Classical Symphony is difficult to get a hold of - the orchestra should send it to you if you ask. Otherwise, pm me the measure numbers you're looking for (I have excerpts - not a complete part - from the Münchener Philharmonikern which might get you through it).

November 19, 2007 at 03:43 PM · There is a site, mentioned here once before somewhere, that you pay a onetime fee and basically the world of music parts available for downloading is yours. I tried to order a single violin part from Lucks and the shipping expense was incredible. I mean horrendous for an ounce of paper. $20. or $30. or so. I called them up to check if that was correct for one part and they said, and I quote verbatim, "yes, deal with it."

November 19, 2007 at 04:29 PM · I would highly recommend Kalmus. I've ordered quite a bit from them. Their library of excerpts is extensive and ever-growing. They handled my orders in a most efficient way and they shipped everything very promptly. Good luck in getting the music that you want. And best of luck on the audition(s)!


November 20, 2007 at 02:48 PM · Kalmus has a ton of stuff which you can buy in single parts, ditto Luck's. Whenever possible, I recommend getting the whole part, as orchestras will sometimes ask for excerpts that aren't in the collections, but the collections are a good place to start.

Make friends with an orchestra librarian ^o^ I say no more...

You should be able to get classical symphony - I have the complete part (think I got it from Kalmus, but it's yellow with age, so I might be wrong). It's the viola part though - no help to you unfortunately.

As far as concerti for auditions, some orchestras will give you a list to choose from, and others let you have free rein. Mozart #5 was by far the most-played piece we heard. Coming a distant second was the Tchaikovsky - always effective if played well - a disaster if not. The odd Sibelius 1st movement and Brahms 1st movement... I'd like to hear someone play Sibelius LAST never happened, for some reason..hum te dum te dum...

If you play Mendelssohn well, I think it would be a nice choice. It isn't played much, and it shows quite a lot.

November 20, 2007 at 08:49 PM · If something is out of print or hard to get, or a rental, the orchestra is obligated to provide it. Example: Bartok concerto for Orchestra.

March 12, 2011 at 09:49 PM ·

Ovation Press has published fully-edited orchestral excerpts and parts for violin (complete with fingerings, bowings, etc.) edited by current and former concertmasters of some of the top orchestras in the US.

March 13, 2011 at 12:20 AM ·

>>snip from a post: I still haven't found a way to purchase parts for 20th-century works, even standard ones such as the Prokofiev "Classical" Symphony and Shostakovich 5th Symphony.

I suggest buying Edwin F. Kalmus & Co., Inc. orchestra reprints parts from Educational Music Service <>
EMS will have the latest knowledge of what parts are available in corrected editions. The original post for parts was some years ago so I hope this update will help.
For the parts that were requested this is the status of the works IN THE U.S.A as of 2011:

Prokofiev: Symphony No. 1, Op. 25 (Classical) (edited/corrected Nieweg) - Violin I part A9130   $5.50 [New engraved score and all orchestra parts for sale]
Weber:  Euryanthe, J.291: Overture - Violin I part A2259  $2.50
Strauss, R.:  Der Burger als Edelmann, (Le Bourgeois gentilhomme) Op. 60: Suite  Violin I part A7923 $9.00

Shostakovich Symphony No. 5 -  available on rental only, from the agent for the Russian publisher. 
When an orchestra has this listed, that orchestra's library should supply the excerpt, not the complete part.
Publishers do not rent individual parts.
All Shostakovich works are on rental.

To see what parts are PD (Public Domain) in the U.S. and for sale, search this Kalmus site:
It is wise to order several parts at a time as publishers handling and shipping charges can be expensive.

Many of the original Uncorrected parts that are sold on CD ROMs are available free on the IMSLP site <>


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