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November 29, 2004 at 03:43 AM · Does anybody know of the violin instructors at the University of Melbourne? They are Miwako Abe, Deborah Fox, Michael Loftus-Hills, Mark Mogilevski and Leonid Zeyde. Any experiences with them? Thanks

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November 30, 2004 at 06:18 AM · Hi Randolph,

Look i actually LIVE in Melbourne but I have never learned from any of these teachers, but I'm also looking at learning from some of them next year. From reputation, however: Leonid Zeyde & Mark Mogilevski are big on Russian technique & apparently prepare students well for solo performing, especially with orchestra. Mark Mogilevski & Michael LH (who is the nicest guy in the world--was just talking to him today) are both in the Melbourne Symphony so they would be good for orchestral technique too. Miwako Abe is a very thourough teacher, she would sort out any technical issues, however, I'm not sure if she teaches at Melbourne Uni--she teaches at Victorian College of the Arts, which you might also want to check out. Another good teacher at Melbourne Uni you might want to find out about is Caroline Henbest, also an amazing violist, who is a great chamber player...are you thinking of coming to Melbourne sometime soon? If you have any more questions I hope I can help you...


November 30, 2004 at 11:21 AM · Hi again---i was just thinking about your question & was wondering if the University of Melbourne was your only option? Like, have you got a scholarship, or an exchange programme? Because if you were coming to sunny Melbourne around the end of our academic year (October-November) it would probably be worth your while comparing the VCA with Melbourne Uni. VCA has a much more performance-basd programme--Melbourne is quite academic. Also if you had enough time out here, you'd be able to get a few lessons before committing to a teacher for the next year. And if you know of any other violin teachers around here, i think that both unis are generally quite happy to arrange for them to teach you.

if you are a really outstanding student i would reccommend checking out the Australian National Academy of Music. it is VERY exclusive but the teaching philosophy is brilliant & so are the is the website if you want...

sorry--i'm probably going overboard here but i'm looking for a teacher for next year too so it's all fresh in my mind...

November 30, 2004 at 03:26 PM · thanks so much for the info! i going to be studying abroad from the united states at the university of melbourne (as an anthropology major), but was hoping to do some music while in melbourne. i think that i can cross-register at VCA from melbourne, so that'll be ok. well, let me know if you start studying with any of those people, and thanks again for the information


December 11, 2004 at 09:57 AM · FIONZ!!! i haven't been here for a while, the font was too small... i fixed it. So, teachers. i did research last year into this, i've just finished first year at melb. i had a lesson with Deborah Fox and she seemed systematic and very thorough. i think she would be good for technique. i think leonid Zeide teaches a lot through repetoire and yes, is very russian. Caroline Henbest is a wonderful person and musician, i've had chamber tutes with her. shes a violist but i think she also studied violin. another teacher definitely worth thinking about is Bill Hennessy, head of strings. he's incredibly thorough and had extensive chamber music experience. my choice in the end was Zoe Black who also teaches at VCA and Melb. Shes's an awesome player, she plays a lot of styles and she suits me but Fionas dead right, you really have to have some trial lessons and even then it's hard to tell who you'll get the most from. anyway, good luck with it all, c u soon! :)

December 12, 2004 at 07:27 AM · OOHHHHHHH! and Liz sellars. fionz and i thought of her on the train today. shes apparently an ACE teacher with a massive repetoire. also a lovely person. check her out.

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