Rock on Max Bruch!

September 25, 2007 at 06:26 PM · Suzuki violin and viola teacher Nicolette Solomon hams it up for the kids, LOL! She's playing the first movement of the Bruch on electric guitar. I've seen her teach -- a fantastic teacher. You have to be willing to go all out, and....she does!

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September 25, 2007 at 06:34 PM · Eat your Heart out, Lita Ford. >:)

(And, I know...Heart and Lita Ford weren't connected, but I just couldn't help myself.) ;)

September 25, 2007 at 08:02 PM · Actually, I find violin 'that' rock'n!

September 25, 2007 at 09:34 PM · I don't see anything plugged into the guitar's jack. Strange ;)

September 25, 2007 at 09:42 PM · Oh, I don't think she was actually playing. It was just for fun. But, she still puts on quite a show. ;)

September 25, 2007 at 10:00 PM · Infidels mocking the way of the light.

September 25, 2007 at 11:36 PM · Definitely just for fun. I'll have to ask if she was playing, but I would not be surprised if she was!

September 26, 2007 at 12:32 AM · She wasn't playing, I've heard this recording before.

Excellent faking though, because the left hand was accurate. The reason I am quite sure she wasn't playing was because she wasn't picking.

September 26, 2007 at 02:54 AM · *Gasp* Milli Violinilli!

It's a very cute thing for the kids. Being THAT silly requires enormous generosity!

September 26, 2007 at 03:31 AM · Laurie,

*groan* That joke was even worse than mine. It was so bad it made my teeth hurt! Good one. ;)

September 26, 2007 at 05:20 AM · I had Pinkberry today for the first time, and talk about teeth hurting...that stuff is so cold, hubby Robert had to peel me off the ceiling. I wondered if it's actually made to be supernaturally cold, somehow, and that's the actual secret of its popularity. That is, its popularity among young people who have perfect gums.

Robert found heaven, though. He said, if only we could find a Pinkberry next to a Peet's Coffee, we could just set up camp, right there, between the two, and both be happy forever. Until our teeth fell out. But who needs teeth to eat frozen yogurt and drink lattes?

But I do digress.

September 26, 2007 at 08:11 AM · That's more than likely actually Theron Welch's recording, which you can see here:

I think that what he does is of a very good quality and is very creative. The Bruch sounds great on electric guitar! He has also recorded the Glazunov and Tchaikovsky violin concertos. I have to admit that his stuff doesn't sound so good though :( Hard to expect though!

September 26, 2007 at 05:28 PM · Just from watching this she reminds of me Brian Lewis. I doubt he'd ever do that, but it reveals the same type of charisma and enthusiasm for teaching.

September 26, 2007 at 10:08 PM · Laurie said: *Gasp* Milli Violinilli!

At last, now I understand my true violinistic aspiration. I've been searching high...pah,pah,pah,pah,pah. (I don't own it. Even worse, it was borrowed, but never returned).

September 27, 2007 at 02:29 AM · Mmmm. Frozen yogurt and coffee. I'll bet those make for great dinner theater with videos like this. Okay. I'm hungry now. I have to go get something sweet to munch on. :)

September 27, 2007 at 03:27 AM · prunes!

September 27, 2007 at 04:45 AM · I just wish she would pick the strings straight!

September 27, 2007 at 03:54 PM · Buri, you are beyond right. I totally need to go on your diet.

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