2017 Violinist.com Discussion Board Archive

Includes the archived threads up until the creation of the new board in May 2017.

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Johann Gottlob Ficker Violin?Jan 3, 2017Instruments
Which strings do you recommend for longevity?Jan 4, 2017Instruments
Would you be comfortable to share your violin with your girlfriend or spouseJan 4, 2017Life in general
Need advice on improving for a middle-aged “returning� amateur.Jan 4, 2017Technique and Practicing
GEWA Air 1.7 Shaped violin caseJan 5, 2017Accessories
Depression and violin playingJan 6, 2017Life in general
Is it true that Paganini killed a woman, imprisoned her soul in his violin, and used parts of her intestines as an eternal source of gut for his stringsJan 7, 2017Violinists
Traveling with your instrument in the WinterJan 8, 2017Instruments
Yet Another Bow HoldJan 8, 2017Technique and Practicing
Quitting the violin because of sensitive hearingJan 9, 2017Health
Canadians Traveling to Europe with ViolinJan 10, 2017Life in general
Do you bring your violin with you at all times?Jan 10, 2017Instruments
Dilemma that gives me headache: Tagging classical musicJan 14, 2017Violinists
Importance of teaching a postureJan 16, 2017Teaching and Pedagogy
Good violins around $500Jan 16, 2017Instruments
Alternative to the Kabalevsky violin concerto?Jan 16, 2017Repertoire
Perfect pitch trainig with children and pitch differencesJan 16, 2017Teaching and Pedagogy
Kennedy Violin vs. FiddlershopJan 17, 2017Instruments
Gut strings for a beginner? Jan 19, 2017Accessories
Am I Ready for the Sibelius Violin Concerto?Jan 19, 2017Repertoire
Recommendations for a new bow for an intermediate violinistJan 19, 2017Instruments
Scars on New ViolinJan 20, 2017Instruments
Look, No Shoulder Rest!Jan 20, 2017Life in general
Is Mozart Concerto Necessary?Jan 20, 2017Repertoire
School and Violin Don't MixJan 22, 2017Life in general
FIRST RECITAL DILEMMAJan 22, 2017Life in general
Pole: What hygrometer brand do you use?Jan 24, 2017Accessories
Professionals who still play Jan 24, 2017Life in general
Nauseating MovementsJan 24, 2017Violinists
Question to teachersJan 26, 2017Teaching and Pedagogy
Time to quit?Jan 27, 2017Technique and Practicing
What price range of violin is recommended for middle school student?Jan 28, 2017Instruments
Could I play the Sibelius? Jan 28, 2017Instruments
Do we all have a limit to how good we can get on the violin ?Jan 29, 2017Teaching and Pedagogy
20th-21st century student repertoire!Jan 30, 2017Repertoire
Where can I purchase chin rests that are more than 30mm highFeb 1, 2017Accessories
Concertmaster clothingFeb 1, 2017Violinists
How fast can you play...Feb 1, 2017Technique and Practicing
What piece did you aspire to play when you started?Feb 2, 2017Repertoire
At what age do we plateau?Feb 2, 2017Life in general
What's the difference between playing a concerto for a CD and for an audience?Feb 4, 2017Instruments
When replacing strings, do you replace just one string or the whole set?Feb 6, 2017Instruments
Getting into the music.Feb 7, 2017Technique and Practicing
Need of help with college selectionFeb 8, 2017Schools
should I learn a second instrument?Feb 8, 2017Instruments
Do violin skills deteriorate with age? Feb 8, 2017Technique and Practicing
How would you take a 'Wow, that violins sounds very good!'?Feb 8, 2017Instruments
Is shoulder rest for violin the same as endpin for cello?Feb 8, 2017Instruments
Pricing on used CF bows?Feb 8, 2017Instruments
Repertoire without pyrotechnicsFeb 10, 2017Instruments
unique violin family instruments You got to play.Feb 11, 2017Instruments
Slipping pegsFeb 11, 2017Instruments
Critique my work in progressFeb 13, 2017Repertoire
Intonations Feb 13, 2017Technique and Practicing
I'm afraid I have to quit violin because of weakness.Feb 13, 2017Teaching and Pedagogy
Violin Bow ValuationFeb 14, 2017Instruments
What makes a performance sound professional?Feb 14, 2017Technique and Practicing
Col Legno: bow destroyer?Feb 14, 2017Instruments
Why haven't I heard of these?Feb 15, 2017Repertoire
ReVarnishing/Repairing (Second Time) Feb 15, 2017Instruments
What have you learned today?Feb 16, 2017Technique and Practicing
Violin lessons by Skype - Your viewsFeb 17, 2017Technique and Practicing
Activities for very young child starting violin?Feb 17, 2017Teaching and Pedagogy
Real or fakeFeb 17, 2017Instruments
PracticingFeb 18, 2017Technique and Practicing
How to practice like a pro?Feb 18, 2017Technique and Practicing
Schradieck Bk 1Feb 19, 2017Technique and Practicing
Does bridge height and string action have any effect on sound quality Feb 20, 2017Instruments
How to find orchestras with job openingsFeb 20, 2017Instruments
Violin upgrade helpFeb 21, 2017Instruments
Is it alright to remove the bridge while carrying it on an airplane Feb 22, 2017Instruments
Pointers for a beginnerFeb 22, 2017Technique and Practicing
The Morality of Rejecting StudentsFeb 23, 2017Teaching and Pedagogy
I need a high chinrestFeb 23, 2017Accessories
Do you really need to remove rosin from bow and strings daily?Feb 23, 2017Instruments
Which JonPaul Bow sound darker/warmer?Feb 23, 2017Instruments
Playing in very high positionsFeb 25, 2017Technique and Practicing
Did I get ripped off?Feb 25, 2017Instruments
Troubles with Music SchoolsFeb 27, 2017Schools
Kids vs adult amateur or pro playingFeb 27, 2017Life in general
How to become more familiar with the finger boardFeb 27, 2017Technique and Practicing
Pernambuco bowMar 2, 2017Instruments
Vibrato help!Mar 3, 2017Technique and Practicing
Famous Violinists Who Started Late?Mar 3, 2017Life in general
What counts as professional violins? Mar 5, 2017Instruments
College Mar 5, 2017Schools
Good Competition Violin PiecesMar 6, 2017Repertoire
Candaian RCM Violin Level 9 for 32 yrs old?Mar 6, 2017Schools
Carbon fibre violin bows.Mar 6, 2017Accessories
Lessons for the underprivilegedMar 7, 2017Teaching and Pedagogy
Great grandfather's violinMar 7, 2017Instruments
When soloists and orchestras get lostMar 10, 2017Technique and Practicing
Fractional Sizes for Adult BeginnersMar 10, 2017Technique and Practicing
What's the distance between G/E strings and fingerboardMar 11, 2017Instruments
Reflection, feelings, commentsMar 12, 2017Violinists
Teaching/learning the slow stuffMar 12, 2017Teaching and Pedagogy
String SuggstionMar 12, 2017Accessories
Would you recommend Suzuki as a teaching style for an adult beginner?Mar 12, 2017Teaching and Pedagogy
List of must practice violin technique and scale booksMar 13, 2017Technique and Practicing
SALVATORE ROSSINI?Mar 13, 2017Instruments
Thoughts on performing MendelssohnMar 15, 2017Life in general
Great Grandfather's ViolinMar 16, 2017Instruments
Soloists Compared to Top Orchestral MusiciansMar 18, 2017Violinists
Do I need the blanket for my violin case to be on my violin?Mar 19, 2017Accessories
What is your favorite humidifier for your violin?? Mar 21, 2017Instruments
Software for mastering four part writing, voice leading, and counterpointMar 21, 2017Life in general
The effects of Electrosmog on violinsMar 23, 2017Instruments
Adult Beginner ProgressMar 24, 2017Technique and Practicing
What to bring in the shop when purchasing JUST a violin?Mar 26, 2017Instruments
E strings with BLACK windings?Mar 27, 2017Accessories
Violin Teacher - Any tips on finding one?Mar 27, 2017Schools
Expensive Violin Bow No Difference?Mar 29, 2017Instruments
What should I start after finishing Mozart 4?Mar 29, 2017Repertoire
Which violinists, violists and cellists own their own Strads or del Gesus?Mar 29, 2017Instruments
Passione/Oliv Gut String in Humid Climate?Mar 30, 2017Instruments
Bright, long lasting violin strings Mar 31, 2017Instruments
Simon Fischer's Basics BookApr 2, 2017Technique and Practicing
Professional violins Apr 3, 2017Instruments
Best sounding E String?Apr 5, 2017Accessories
Are half an hour lessons every week enough?Apr 5, 2017Schools
Cellist kicked off of flight because his instrument was a safety riskApr 6, 2017News
Professional violins, part 2Apr 7, 2017Instruments
Playing pieces like Mendelssohn romanticallyApr 10, 2017Repertoire
Do etude books really help in building the ability to play Paganini's caprices Apr 11, 2017Technique and Practicing
Value of purchasing an 'intermediate' violin for a beginnerApr 11, 2017Instruments
HELP! I have rubbish intonation!Apr 12, 2017Technique and Practicing
Audition repertoire for non-major orchestraApr 13, 2017Repertoire
Any violinists here that wished they played cello instead?Apr 13, 2017Instruments
Professional quality bow. Apr 13, 2017Accessories
Blockers to becoming advancedApr 13, 2017Technique and Practicing
Lopsided technical abilitiesApr 13, 2017Technique and Practicing
Personal Video Critique (Bach Adagio)Apr 13, 2017Life in general
Violin deathApr 15, 2017Instruments
A Viola C String That Doesn't GrowlApr 15, 2017Viola
Looking at Universities/conservatories to apply for (Currently a grade 11 student)Apr 17, 2017Schools
Your favorite plain gut strings?Apr 18, 2017Accessories
Uneven and crunchy sound while playing Apr 18, 2017Instruments
Adult learner - tips on progressionApr 19, 2017Technique and Practicing
C S Violin Maker?Apr 20, 2017Instruments
Finding Energy to Practice (as a teacher)Apr 20, 2017Teaching and Pedagogy
Do you use your accessories/case differently?Apr 21, 2017Accessories
Opinion on TED Talk Apr 22, 2017Life in general
Pirastro Tonica vs Thomastik DominantApr 24, 2017Viola
Girl born without left arm plays violinApr 24, 2017News
Professional quality bows, part 2Apr 24, 2017Instruments
Are Tartini tones physically real?Apr 25, 2017Life in general
Your violin hunting experienceApr 30, 2017Instruments
Beginner Needing Help Judging Quality Of Violin (Audio)May 1, 2017Instruments
A symphony suitable for casual community orchestra?May 1, 2017Repertoire
I Really, Really Want This Viola!!!May 2, 2017Viola
Three/four octave scale fingering patterns for all major and minor keysMay 2, 2017Technique and Practicing
Weird Tuning variation after changing the stringsMay 3, 2017Instruments
What do you do outside of violin?May 3, 2017Life in general
Soloist joining in with the orchestra after the concertoMay 7, 2017Instruments

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