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Learning Violin as a busy adult?Jan 1, 2016Schools
Lightsaber bows!Jan 3, 2016Instruments
Fine tuners? Yes or no? Jan 4, 2016Accessories
Best Shoulder Rest?Jan 5, 2016Health
Part-marking, scanners, software?Jan 7, 2016Accessories
New Violinmakers to Consider?Jan 9, 2016Instruments
Newish viola owners: Have you jilted your violin?Jan 12, 2016Viola
And once again: Carbon BowsJan 12, 2016Accessories
Violins, Clavichords, and my new websiteJan 12, 2016Instruments
Questions for the future. Help!Jan 13, 2016Teaching and Pedagogy
Some feedback on my playing and what to work on nextJan 16, 2016Technique and Practicing
New violas - 17Jan 19, 2016Instruments
Where/How do you carry your BonMusica Shoulder rest?Jan 24, 2016Accessories
The future of sheet music is hereJan 26, 2016Repertoire
Help: My teacher thinks I'm not ready for paganini caprice 24Jan 27, 2016Technique and Practicing
Things you should not say to a violinist...Jan 27, 2016Life in general
Yita T20 Violin ReviewJan 30, 2016Instruments
Ever use your case as a battering ram?Feb 1, 2016Accessories
College/Experience (please help)Feb 1, 2016Violinists
Why do violins have no frets?Feb 3, 2016Instruments
CASE RESISTANCE TESTED by the Polytechnic University of Milan… with interesting results!Feb 5, 2016Instruments
My New BabyFeb 7, 2016Instruments
New Jargar Violin Strings Feb 8, 2016Accessories
An unusual 1920s Italian violinFeb 8, 2016Instruments
How Dry I Am. Humidity tricks.Feb 8, 2016Instruments
Is Salut d'Amour easy for adult starters?Feb 8, 2016Technique and Practicing
Violinists with Russian bow holdFeb 9, 2016Technique and Practicing
Youtube copyright issuesFeb 15, 2016Violinists
Pain in 1st finger when playing low 1Feb 23, 2016Technique and Practicing
Buy italian violinFeb 24, 2016Instruments
Laura Vigato?Feb 24, 2016Instruments
Vcom CourtFeb 27, 2016Life in general
starting at 18 year old and becoming a soloist, how likely?Feb 28, 2016Schools
Shifting for Diminished ScalesFeb 27, 2016Teaching and Pedagogy
Adult instructor/student dynamic?Feb 29, 2016Teaching and Pedagogy
What's your Musical Poison? Feb 29, 2016Life in general
What could I do next?Mar 2, 2016Repertoire
How the heck?!Mar 4, 2016Teaching and Pedagogy
Base Knuckle Height Relative to FB for EffectMar 4, 2016Technique and Practicing
Which of these goals are doable for a adult beginner?Mar 5, 2016Technique and Practicing
Choices, Choices - what's a beginner to do ...Mar 6, 2016Instruments
How many Violins?Mar 7, 2016Instruments
What is 'in tune' and how to know what's in tune?Mar 8, 2016Technique and Practicing
Critique me! I can take it! :-DMar 8, 2016Technique and Practicing
Violin-/->Firewood, I mean ViolaMar 10, 2016Instruments
Comparing Brands of Internally Geared PegMar 10, 2016Accessories
Must-have items???Mar 11, 2016Accessories
Why I Play the ViolinMar 11, 2016Teaching and Pedagogy
App for ear training / sight readin?Mar 12, 2016Technique and Practicing
How old can you go?Mar 12, 2016Health
Violin Concertos - difficulty of orchestra partsMar 12, 2016Repertoire
What piece do you want to learn the most?Mar 12, 2016Repertoire
An ode to rosinMar 14, 2016Accessories
ALL BRAHMS RECITAL!Mar 18, 2016Life in general
I have a dilemma on how to handle a local Seattle area luthier who is using disturbing techniques to encourage sales. Mar 18, 2016Life in general
Need some guideance with martele bowingMar 20, 2016Technique and Practicing
Curious about age.Mar 21, 2016Life in general
Left hand finger pressureMar 25, 2016Technique and Practicing
Climbing up the G stringMar 27, 2016Instruments
Pirastro has the weakest windings?Mar 28, 2016Instruments
Intermediate fiddler meets the violaMar 28, 2016Viola
Hassid or Heifetz???Mar 29, 2016Violinists
My violin. I want it now!Apr 2, 2016Life in general
Which of these under $100 snakewood Baroque bows to buy?Apr 8, 2016Instruments
How to release tension in left hand?Apr 9, 2016Instruments
Help with collegeApr 10, 2016Schools
The jaded professionalApr 11, 2016Life in general
Upgrading Violin BowApr 12, 2016Instruments
Checking intonation when learing something newApr 13, 2016Technique and Practicing
My new $500 violin rattles only when playing C# or DApr 13, 2016Instruments
Vibrato and Contact of the Hand on the NeckApr 13, 2016Technique and Practicing
Low tension synthetic stringsApr 22, 2016Instruments
Frequent String Change v.s. High Quality StringsApr 24, 2016Instruments
'Have' to perform a short piece at school event Apr 25, 2016Repertoire
Can this cause damage? Apr 26, 2016Instruments
'Opening up' sound on older instrument?Apr 28, 2016Instruments
Multiple types of intonation?May 1, 2016Technique and Practicing
Loudest stringsMay 1, 2016Instruments
4-year old violin student can't stay stillMay 3, 2016Teaching and Pedagogy
Peg problemMay 4, 2016Instruments
Capitalism vs Socialism: which one is better for music or orchestras?May 4, 2016News
How long until Sibelius?May 9, 2016Instruments
What do you think? A string thing.May 9, 2016Instruments
Tilt of the ViolinMay 13, 2016Teaching and Pedagogy
I invented a new pickupMay 15, 2016Accessories
'Violinist's Ear'May 17, 2016Health
How to make an elementary/middle/high school music program awsomeMay 17, 2016Schools
Physical changes in the shoulder for a violinistMay 17, 2016Instruments
Looking at the fingerboardMay 20, 2016Technique and Practicing
Doomed by Memory ?May 20, 2016Technique and Practicing
Joshua Bell Strings??May 22, 2016Accessories
Middle School Orchestra, Concert Master “Graduation Gift� SwitchMay 25, 2016Schools
memories of JaschaMay 25, 2016Life in general
Chicago violin shops. What's going on???May 25, 2016Instruments
Shoulder rests!May 26, 2016Accessories
How often should you upgrade your violin?May 26, 2016Instruments
How long is your ring/index finger?May 27, 2016Technique and Practicing
Riccardo Bergonzi violins compared to top US violin makersMay 28, 2016Instruments
Antique violin case sells at auction for over $17.000!May 30, 2016Accessories
Can you be a violinist but still be a doctor?May 31, 2016Life in general
Good Concerto to for auditions and performing/concerts? Please reply!Jun 2, 2016Repertoire
16.5 violasJun 5, 2016Viola
Advice for StringsJun 5, 2016Instruments
Information about Guildhall school of music&dramaJun 5, 2016Schools
Zigeunerweisen or Bach???Jun 6, 2016Repertoire
Leaving shoulder rest on violinJun 6, 2016Accessories
What should I work on in my second year of learning the violin?Jun 6, 2016Technique and Practicing
Seeking violin(s) with WOLF TONEJun 7, 2016Instruments
Strings suggestions for violin with dark toneJun 7, 2016Instruments
Eudoxa - same strings as decades ago?Jun 9, 2016Accessories
Changing strings makes a huge differenceJun 9, 2016Accessories
Compare Coda Classic vs. GX?Jun 10, 2016Instruments
String Thing IV. Jun 10, 2016Instruments
Invitation to participate in a study on violin/viola pedagogyJun 12, 2016Teaching and Pedagogy
Are adult learners doomed to analytical playing?Jun 13, 2016Teaching and Pedagogy
Is it a chance that my violin is fake?Jun 14, 2016Instruments
The Prioscope: by Roman KimJun 14, 2016News
My strings height and angles between strings are weirdJun 16, 2016Instruments
How should a violin sound below the ear?Jun 16, 2016Health
Viola, what's that?Jun 17, 2016Viola
Instrument pricing and dealer kickbacksJun 17, 2016Instruments
Practice routine. Fiddling around. Jun 17, 2016Instruments
Mystery violin makers and trade/import namesJun 17, 2016Instruments
How to Make a Violin Look Better?Jun 18, 2016Instruments
Easy repertoire reccomendations?Jun 21, 2016Repertoire
Scales by Simon FischerJun 23, 2016Teaching and Pedagogy
Violin Auctions?Jun 24, 2016Instruments
What to look for in a teacher?Jun 25, 2016Teaching and Pedagogy
Violin String SuggestionsJun 27, 2016Accessories
Portamento in baroqueJun 27, 2016Technique and Practicing
Do you love practicing? Jun 27, 2016Technique and Practicing
I've never heard of this bow before (R. Geipel) Jul 1, 2016Accessories
Harsh sounding B note on A string.Jul 3, 2016Technique and Practicing
Pinkie finger muscle training?Jul 5, 2016Technique and Practicing
Left-handed prospective violin studentJul 5, 2016Technique and Practicing
Started playing again after 10 year hiatus... Need some advice on buying a new instrumentJul 6, 2016Instruments
Just some surveyJul 10, 2016Viola
Audio recording devicesJul 10, 2016Violinists
What are the reasons teachers have reject adult learners?Jul 11, 2016Teaching and Pedagogy
Violin Case IntegrityJul 11, 2016Accessories
Holst Planets bow dilemmaJul 14, 2016Repertoire
Your teachers' sayingsJul 14, 2016Teaching and Pedagogy
50yo returned to violin 4 yrs now after 23 year hiatus - advice...Jul 15, 2016Schools
Shoulder restsJul 19, 2016Accessories
Ernest Edler ViolinJul 20, 2016Instruments
Protect and track your violin Jul 21, 2016Accessories
chinese violin longevityJul 22, 2016Instruments
Anyone have the music for these pieces on hand?Jul 25, 2016Repertoire
Tendinitis and CollegeJul 28, 2016Health
Best Violins Under $5000?? Jul 28, 2016Instruments
Bach partida in d minor 1st movement Jul 29, 2016Repertoire
Getting frustrated while playing the violinJul 30, 2016Life in general
Choosing a bow by feelJul 31, 2016Instruments
Windows 10 tablet as substitute for sheet musicJul 31, 2016Accessories
Recommendation of a violin maker in EuropeAug 1, 2016Instruments
This is why I hate SuzukiAug 1, 2016Teaching and Pedagogy
Strange Violin BehaviorAug 3, 2016Instruments
Riboni UnoeottoAug 3, 2016Accessories
Time for Planetary pegs?Aug 4, 2016Instruments
Rosin PackagingAug 5, 2016Accessories
Where are all the old violas?Aug 6, 2016Viola
Question about cases esp MusafiaAug 6, 2016Accessories
Symphony Help!Aug 6, 2016Repertoire
What to teach?Aug 7, 2016Teaching and Pedagogy
Studies and Technique BooksAug 10, 2016Repertoire
Matching bow to violin and playerAug 10, 2016Instruments
What does a good violin sound like under the ear??Aug 12, 2016Instruments
Which violin to pick? Aug 12, 2016Instruments
Is it unprofessional to use a tailpiece with 4 tuners?Aug 12, 2016Instruments
Romantic Sonatas.Aug 12, 2016Repertoire
Comparing Ming Jiang Zhu with Jay HaideAug 12, 2016Instruments
Anti-depressions usage by professional violinistsAug 13, 2016Health
shoulder rest vs sponge vs nothingAug 15, 2016Instruments
What is this slow very sweet romantic violin concerto?Aug 15, 2016Repertoire
which case to buyAug 15, 2016Accessories
Violin Bows for 800+/- USDAug 17, 2016Accessories
i need immediate help&Guidance(peg holes)Aug 21, 2016Instruments
What's the best material for a cleaning cloth?Aug 21, 2016Instruments
Is it unprofessional for string players to perform wearing nail polish?Aug 22, 2016Life in general
Second chance for shoulder rest.Aug 25, 2016Instruments
How to become a professional violinist ?Aug 25, 2016Schools
Question about 432hzAug 25, 2016Instruments
Age of the violinist VS years playing the violinAug 26, 2016Instruments
Differences between amateurs and prosAug 26, 2016Teaching and Pedagogy
would you ride on a bicycle with your violin?Aug 27, 2016Life in general
Started at 12 years old and nearly 16 now, what level could I eventually get up to?Aug 27, 2016Teaching and Pedagogy
Want to start playing the ViolinAug 28, 2016Instruments
violin cleanness? Sep 1, 2016Instruments
Why did you start playing?Sep 1, 2016Life in general
Teacher says I move counterproductivelySep 1, 2016Technique and Practicing
Freeway Philharmonic auditionsSep 1, 2016Technique and Practicing
Prodigy... A word used WAY too often... Sep 3, 2016Life in general
Are violins made with bird's eye maple considered less desirable/inferior to flamed maple violins? Sep 4, 2016Instruments
Timms English oblong and Musafia master aureumSep 5, 2016Accessories
Violin fingerboard issueSep 7, 2016Instruments
MJZ 909, Hiroshi Kono, Jay Haide...Opinions?Sep 7, 2016Instruments
Is a old bow like an old violin?Sep 10, 2016Instruments
Emile A Ouchard violin bowSep 11, 2016Instruments
Repertoire for a Senior SoloSep 11, 2016Repertoire
Bow hair removalSep 12, 2016Instruments
Kabalevsky and other student concertos.Sep 13, 2016Repertoire
Violin Insurance QuestionSep 14, 2016Instruments
Freeway Philharmonic auditions part 2Sep 15, 2016Technique and Practicing
My jaw hurts after playing violin!!!!!!Sep 16, 2016Health
Solo Bach: Questionable Notes & Errata Sep 17, 2016Repertoire
Starting bow on the string? Sep 17, 2016Teaching and Pedagogy
At what point should I buy a new violin?Sep 18, 2016Instruments
High-end rosinsSep 19, 2016Accessories
Best Tourte Copy bow makers?Sep 19, 2016Instruments
How Unique is the Violin?Sep 20, 2016Life in general
When skills are out of syncSep 20, 2016Teaching and Pedagogy
Chinese Violin Options?Sep 22, 2016Instruments
Lifting right arm Sep 22, 2016Technique and Practicing
Modern violin playing Sep 23, 2016Violinists
Why NOT to buy Chinese violinsSep 23, 2016Instruments
Questions to ask Itzhak PerlmanSep 25, 2016Violinists
Why NOT to buy Chinese violins continued...Sep 25, 2016Instruments
Freeway Philharmonics, Community Orchestras, and BeyondSep 25, 2016Life in general
A Year of ScalesSep 26, 2016Technique and Practicing
Teaching Adult Beginners to tune?Sep 26, 2016Teaching and Pedagogy
Why NOT to buy a Chinese violin Part 3Sep 26, 2016Instruments
Which is the best rosin to use when playing without a shoulder rest?Sep 27, 2016Accessories
A new (OLD) way of playing the violin!Sep 29, 2016Technique and Practicing
How to follow a conductor who conducts ahead of the beatSep 29, 2016Instruments
iPhone 6s or Violin Bow?Sep 29, 2016Life in general
Discovering recital repertoireSep 30, 2016Repertoire
What makes a violin or bow genuineSep 30, 2016Instruments
Good G string??Sep 30, 2016Instruments
Offended by...Oct 1, 2016Viola
Seasonal pause in violin playingOct 1, 2016Life in general
I tested a Yamaha YEVOct 2, 2016Instruments
A few beginner violin tips!Oct 3, 2016Teaching and Pedagogy
Why not install Planetary Pegs?Oct 6, 2016Instruments
Cringe Worthy Moments Oct 8, 2016Life in general
Can I become a professional?Oct 8, 2016Life in general
Making a video of your playingOct 9, 2016Accessories
The science of wooden sticksOct 9, 2016Instruments
Evah Pirazzi GoldsOct 12, 2016Instruments
Is there a single standard?Oct 13, 2016Teaching and Pedagogy
Any awesome sounding Violins around $100,000?Oct 15, 2016Instruments
What do you keep in your 'Kit' Oct 15, 2016Life in general
Does a glued broken bridge drastically reduce the tone of a violinOct 17, 2016Instruments
My dog ate my rosin! What do I do??Oct 17, 2016Accessories
If politicians were musiciansOct 18, 2016Life in general
What's your violin's name?Oct 19, 2016Instruments
How fast is too fast?Oct 20, 2016Technique and Practicing
What is the favorite thing you get from playing your violin?Oct 21, 2016Life in general
Chinese or German violin?Oct 22, 2016Instruments
What rosin do you prefer? Oct 24, 2016Accessories
Essential Elements for Strings or String Builder for a total beginnerOct 24, 2016Repertoire
Luthier's CompetitonsOct 26, 2016Instruments
Another case question...Oct 26, 2016Accessories
Music that sounds like food...Oct 31, 2016Life in general
Violins by Florian LeonhardNov 2, 2016Instruments
After Mozart's Concerto No. 4?Nov 5, 2016Repertoire
Bariolage in Haydn's string quartetNov 6, 2016Technique and Practicing
Dark or Light Varnish? Witch do you Prefer? Nov 7, 2016Life in general
'Amazing' Hotel California coverNov 8, 2016Violinists
Luthier Competitons -- Acoustic test Nov 9, 2016Instruments
Pairings?Nov 10, 2016Repertoire
How often do inexpensive cases cause instrument damage?Nov 12, 2016Accessories
4-octave scalesNov 12, 2016Viola
Feeling the tone and intonation in your fingersNov 12, 2016Technique and Practicing
a question about violin afterlengthsNov 12, 2016Instruments
help needed: what does this symbol mean?Nov 14, 2016Technique and Practicing
Extra vibration with new violin and bowNov 15, 2016Instruments
Am I truly a second violinist? What does that say to you?Nov 16, 2016Teaching and Pedagogy
Finding awesome-sounding modern violinsNov 16, 2016Instruments
Mr. Passion Personified: Jascha HeifetzNov 17, 2016Violinists
How confident are you about the sound of a violin you choose to buy?Nov 18, 2016Instruments
Shoulder SurgeryNov 19, 2016Health
Pre-Concert Stage EtiquetteNov 21, 2016Life in general
Gut String ProblemsNov 22, 2016Accessories
Case HumidifiersNov 22, 2016Accessories
Do ballets always have live music?Nov 28, 2016Instruments
Rosin & String CleaningDec 1, 2016Instruments
Worried about varnish wear lines...Dec 1, 2016Instruments
Are the Hill bows genuine or fake? Please help!Dec 2, 2016Instruments
Is a new bow worth it?Dec 3, 2016Instruments
Feedback/tips for starting Vivaldi Concerto A minorDec 3, 2016Technique and Practicing
WP article: 'I used to love playing violin. But mastering it broke my heart.'Dec 3, 2016News
Shifting to higher positions without a shoulder restDec 3, 2016Instruments
Non horse hair bowsDec 5, 2016Instruments
Violin not set up, will it be harder to sell?Dec 5, 2016Instruments
Youngest-ever violin prof: Leia ZhuDec 6, 2016Technique and Practicing
Dilemma - Old vs new violinDec 8, 2016Instruments
Hilary Hahn violin fine tunerDec 8, 2016Accessories
JonPaul Vetta Violin BowDec 8, 2016Instruments
How do professional players get a violin worth millions of dollarsDec 9, 2016Instruments
A Shout Out To...Dec 10, 2016Life in general
orchestra music practice vs. Personal technique development Dec 10, 2016Technique and Practicing
'I'm sorry, I'm so nervous'Dec 11, 2016Life in general
Picture(s) of your violin(s)[and viola(s)] in your case(s)Dec 11, 2016Instruments
Mendelssohn violin concerto difficultyDec 11, 2016Repertoire
No more metallic sound !!!Dec 12, 2016Instruments
What's your guilty pleasure music?Dec 12, 2016Life in general
Using 70% isopropyl alcohol prep pads for cleaning synthetic core and steel stringsDec 13, 2016Instruments
Vibrato - Rolling or Flattening FingerDec 13, 2016Technique and Practicing
If you had a $500-1000 violin, how much money would you spend on strings Dec 15, 2016Instruments
Squeaky, airy, and scratchy sounds on all the strings in higher positions Dec 17, 2016Instruments
How to enhance the power of the E string?Dec 19, 2016Instruments
Beginner's talkDec 19, 2016Technique and Practicing
Advise for revenge needed Dec 21, 2016Life in general
Question about busking etiquette Dec 21, 2016Life in general
Viola strings choiseDec 22, 2016Instruments
Sautille 'impulse'Dec 22, 2016Technique and Practicing
Should I buy a new violin from Corilon or take a trip to Germany and ItalyDec 23, 2016Instruments
What makes that 'click' sound?Dec 23, 2016Technique and Practicing
Do you Rieu?Dec 24, 2016Violinists
How to quit on my violin teacher without being hurtfulDec 24, 2016Life in general
Should I give up using a shoulder rest or consider buying a new oneDec 27, 2016Instruments
Yamaha's v-30 & V-60 : The forgotten lovechild of Hamamatsu and CremonaDec 28, 2016Instruments
What is the single most unpardonable and gravest sin in violin playingDec 29, 2016Repertoire
purchasing a violin for my kidsDec 30, 2016Instruments
What is YOUR main stay violin string sets?Dec 31, 2016Accessories
Learn violin or oboe? If you could choose freely...?Dec 31, 2016Life in general

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