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Tips for keeping motivatedJan 2, 2015Technique and Practicing
What if a music teacher doesn't like you?Jan 2, 2015Schools
Chin rest issuesJan 3, 2015Health
A copy of the Bach Partita no. 2 AllemandeJan 4, 2015Technique and Practicing
Help with balance of the left handJan 5, 2015Technique and Practicing
Kavakos sues luthier for breaking his bowJan 7, 2015News
Looking for advice on scales.Jan 7, 2015Instruments
What I should do for my new quartet group?Jan 9, 2015Technique and Practicing
Are these stretches difficult for you?Jan 10, 2015Technique and Practicing
How to Play Bariolage Perfectly?Jan 19, 2015Technique and Practicing
Is bowing strictly a rule or can it be changed?Jan 23, 2015Technique and Practicing
Bow Exercises Jan 24, 2015Teaching and Pedagogy
Virtues and shortcomings in a modern bow.Jan 26, 2015Instruments
Pushing the boundaries of violin designJan 28, 2015Instruments
Further Vibrato MythsJan 29, 2015Teaching and Pedagogy
Simon Fischer's Basics: 6 months challengeJan 30, 2015Technique and Practicing
Am I Hearing Things or Is It Just Tones?Feb 1, 2015Instruments
polish my skills for my Juilliard AuditionFeb 3, 2015Repertoire
Violinists who depend on their hands to support their violins?Feb 3, 2015Technique and Practicing
violin lesson - most interesting barterFeb 3, 2015Teaching and Pedagogy
Sustained Baroque chords of 3-4 notes?Feb 5, 2015Technique and Practicing
Do you need different types of vibrato?Feb 5, 2015Technique and Practicing
Using tapesFeb 9, 2015Technique and Practicing
HOW TO COMBAT STICKINESSFeb 14, 2015Technique and Practicing
Purchasing a 'professional' violinFeb 16, 2015Instruments
It's a dangerous time for instrumentsFeb 20, 2015Instruments
Struggling to manage both classical and fiddleFeb 21, 2015Technique and Practicing
How to Third finger!Feb 21, 2015Technique and Practicing
Ideas for making a VSO playable?Feb 26, 2015Instruments
When to ignore the conductor?Mar 1, 2015Life in general
What (signature) time is it?Mar 3, 2015Instruments
Burgess Violin(s) WantedMar 5, 2015Instruments
Less winding = better toneMar 6, 2015Accessories
An accident while using a Jakob Winter caseMar 9, 2015Accessories
Technique jumps!! How?Mar 9, 2015Technique and Practicing
Recommendations for inexpensive spare bowMar 11, 2015Instruments
College Audition PieceMar 12, 2015Schools
Marketing the Classical MusicianMar 16, 2015Life in general
Sub $3,000 violin impossible?Mar 18, 2015Instruments
Best Pencils and/or Sharpener???Mar 19, 2015Accessories
My personal teaching method Mar 21, 2015Teaching and Pedagogy
Can One String Affect a Whole Violin ?Mar 21, 2015Instruments
Best classical vinyl records?Mar 24, 2015Violinists
Moving your mouth while playing music- Are you actually saying anything?Mar 25, 2015Violinists
Point of originMar 26, 2015Instruments
Trouble with my teacherMar 26, 2015Schools
How to get a Violin HickeyMar 30, 2015Technique and Practicing
Wang BowsApr 1, 2015Instruments
Violin RequiemApr 4, 2015Instruments
yet another violist wanna-be looking for a reasonably priced violaApr 4, 2015Viola
AccuracyApr 5, 2015Teaching and Pedagogy
My son has problem to play on the E stringApr 14, 2015Violinists
What is the most important variable in sound production?Apr 14, 2015Instruments
Never trust a violin.Apr 14, 2015Instruments
Which is more important: a bow, or a violin? Apr 16, 2015Instruments
Adult students going to music school?Apr 16, 2015Schools
'Neutral' StringsApr 16, 2015Accessories
Revenge of the GunsmithApr 19, 2015Instruments
General confusion with the left handApr 20, 2015Technique and Practicing
Just how important are playing etudes for the sake of playing them?Apr 21, 2015Instruments
Help on adapting a wolf tone suppressor in a violin E stringApr 23, 2015Instruments
Forever RosinApr 25, 2015Instruments
Problems with the little finger.Apr 25, 2015Instruments
Trouble playing this particular chordApr 26, 2015Technique and Practicing
Discussion Ethics on Violinist.comApr 27, 2015Life in general
Females who are currently concertmastersApr 28, 2015Violinists
USB microphones for recording?Apr 28, 2015Violinists
New teacher - anxietyMay 1, 2015Teaching and Pedagogy
Dumbing DownMay 4, 2015Teaching and Pedagogy
How close to Strad a modern maker could be?May 4, 2015Instruments
Help with the Bach Partita II May 5, 2015Technique and Practicing
How to get accepted in my first symphonyMay 6, 2015Life in general
Sounding edgy in recordings?May 7, 2015Violinists
How much do you tighten your bow?May 9, 2015Instruments
1740 Antonio Pandolfi violin, VeniceMay 11, 2015Instruments
Orchestra RehearsalMay 14, 2015Technique and Practicing
In need of advice for quickly improvingMay 17, 2015Technique and Practicing
a question about continuous vibratoMay 17, 2015Technique and Practicing
Learning about learning.May 19, 2015Instruments
Short but sweetMay 21, 2015Instruments
Best Concerto to play with orchestraMay 21, 2015Repertoire
How do I start practicing after the death of a loved one?May 25, 2015Technique and Practicing
New/old violin questionMay 30, 2015Instruments
Box violin for a 2-year old?Jun 2, 2015Teaching and Pedagogy
The fine print about teachers.Jun 5, 2015Teaching and Pedagogy
Complexity? Richness? (of violin strings)Jun 5, 2015Instruments
The next step up?Jun 6, 2015Instruments
Why are professional recordings recorded at a different pitch?Jun 7, 2015Violinists
Importance of Tail piece and its straightness?Jun 8, 2015Instruments
Challenge my repertoire!Jun 8, 2015Repertoire
scratchy sound on baroque gutJun 11, 2015Technique and Practicing
Mutant PinkyJun 13, 2015Technique and Practicing
Is it possible to play the Violin while laying down?Jun 15, 2015Life in general
What justifies the price of a expensive french bow?Jun 20, 2015Instruments
Teacher does not feel comfortable with my daughterJun 22, 2015Teaching and Pedagogy
My shoulder hurts after practiceJun 22, 2015Health
What is YOUR personal vibrato story?Jun 27, 2015Technique and Practicing
bow pressure and speed affects intonation?Jun 27, 2015Instruments
Bowing from the shoulderJun 30, 2015Technique and Practicing
My First Recital - Mozart, Martinu, DvorakJun 30, 2015Violinists
The conductor is always right?Jul 3, 2015Life in general
Orchestral Nightmares?Jul 5, 2015Life in general
best and most efficient method to practice/learn new repertoireJul 6, 2015Instruments
High x Low ElbowJul 6, 2015Instruments
Nardini E MinorJul 7, 2015Repertoire
Violin bows from ShanghaiJul 8, 2015Instruments
Installing a Sound PostJul 8, 2015Accessories
App for IntonationJul 9, 2015Accessories
Shoulder rest / Chin rest, a long journeyJul 10, 2015Accessories
Rosin ReviewJul 11, 2015Instruments
when to transition from violin to violaJul 13, 2015Viola
Dreams of a new aspiring violinistJul 14, 2015Technique and Practicing
The Fickle ViolinJul 17, 2015Instruments
Impulse vibrato...Jul 17, 2015Technique and Practicing
listening to beethoven violin concertoJul 18, 2015Violinists
Violin for CollegeJul 19, 2015Instruments
Hidey ho! And yet another Jul 19, 2015Technique and Practicing
Where do you put your case?Jul 20, 2015Instruments
Shakey bow handJul 23, 2015Health
Is a shoulder rest optional?Jul 23, 2015Accessories
He who's win my free CD must answer these questions threeAug 3, 2015Life in general
Return of stolen Ames StradAug 6, 2015News
Stuck EndpinAug 7, 2015Instruments
Why do some 'peak' earlyAug 8, 2015Instruments
Looking for a New ViolaAug 10, 2015Instruments
What other soloist can do this?Aug 14, 2015Violinists
Audition Practice Help, Schumann Scherzo in ParticularAug 15, 2015Technique and Practicing
Assistance with a couple of No SR playing issues, pleaseAug 22, 2015Technique and Practicing
Just how much edge and grit is acceptable while still maintaining a good sound?Aug 23, 2015Technique and Practicing
Priceless Violins: Keep it or Sell it?Aug 23, 2015Life in general
How would you bow this Jig One Horned Sheep?Aug 23, 2015Technique and Practicing
La Rondes des LutinsAug 25, 2015Violinists
Can my violin survive -20F Aug 27, 2015Instruments
Help with arm vibratoAug 28, 2015Technique and Practicing
Please help, do we speak up, change teachers or not?Aug 29, 2015Teaching and Pedagogy
Chaconne chordsAug 29, 2015Technique and Practicing
Too late too start violinSep 2, 2015Life in general
Should self appointed groups have guidelines?Sep 3, 2015Life in general
Conundrum for purchasing a new violinSep 4, 2015Life in general
Tell me about your gig blunders, fiascos, mishaps, etc.!Sep 7, 2015Instruments
Public schools & private lessonsSep 11, 2015Teaching and Pedagogy
What level am I at on Violin? Where do you think I can end up soonSep 14, 2015Technique and Practicing
Interesting Zapateado interpretationSep 14, 2015Violinists
High vs Low Right Elbow: how to discriminate between two schools of thought??Sep 14, 2015Technique and Practicing
Violin Support - What do you think about using a shoulder rest? Sep 14, 2015Accessories
String spacing at the bridgeSep 15, 2015Instruments
Seeking a Path to Successful Jazz Scale StudySep 16, 2015Instruments
Coping with arthritis in fingers Sep 18, 2015Health
Good place for an adult to start?Sep 19, 2015Teaching and Pedagogy
Tuning secrets of the ProsSep 21, 2015Technique and Practicing
Question: which bow do you like more?Sep 22, 2015Instruments
Appropriate time to purchase a new violinSep 25, 2015Instruments
Irish fiddler wants to add classical lessonsSep 25, 2015Technique and Practicing
Brightest StringsSep 26, 2015Instruments
Why Play the Violin?Sep 27, 2015Instruments
Sarah's bow armSep 27, 2015Teaching and Pedagogy
Using of fingerboard oilSep 28, 2015Instruments
ViohazardsSep 28, 2015Instruments
A case for a 14Oct 3, 2015Viola
Purchasing a violinOct 5, 2015Instruments
Violin for GorillaOct 5, 2015Technique and Practicing
Find the cause of Buzzing?Oct 7, 2015Instruments
Small fingers and playing violinOct 7, 2015Technique and Practicing
What do you do with old/used strings?Oct 9, 2015Life in general
How Much Should I Be Practicing?Oct 17, 2015Technique and Practicing
What it takes to become a violin soloistOct 22, 2015Technique and Practicing
Which rosin? Bakers or Larica gold?Oct 23, 2015Accessories
Favorite 'spooky' classical musicOct 26, 2015Life in general
Is the rot in for violinists too?Oct 26, 2015Violinists
Regretting My Decision to Leave Conservatory --- VeryOct 27, 2015Life in general
Beginner with shoulder pain, normal?Oct 28, 2015Health
When to introduce Repertoire ? Nov 1, 2015Technique and Practicing
Chinrest IrritationNov 3, 2015Accessories
Help with harmonics on ArenskyNov 5, 2015Repertoire
Playing Without a Shoulder RestNov 6, 2015Viola
Is there such a thing as good taste concerning vibrato?Nov 9, 2015Instruments
Storing violin in or out of its case?Nov 11, 2015Instruments
Science of shoulder restsNov 11, 2015Instruments
An E string that is flexible or semi-synthetic?Nov 12, 2015Accessories
Is the Wieniawski #2 Concerto plausible?Nov 13, 2015Technique and Practicing
I am new and just wanted to say hello.Nov 17, 2015Life in general
Baroque bow and beginnersNov 18, 2015Schools
Right shoulder(bow arm) exhaustionNov 22, 2015Instruments
Just some general thoughts about practicingNov 23, 2015Technique and Practicing
Best exercises for producing a beautiful tone please!Nov 24, 2015Technique and Practicing
Death in Classical: which works move you?Nov 25, 2015Repertoire
The end of sheet music as we know it?Nov 27, 2015Accessories
I'm looking for a great violin at $1,000 or near that.Nov 27, 2015Instruments
What, precisely, are double stops?Nov 28, 2015Teaching and Pedagogy
2 questionsDec 2, 2015Instruments
VLN2VLADec 4, 2015Instruments
How many of you have tried Warchal Amber E and got spoiled?Dec 4, 2015Technique and Practicing
Do you practice everyday?Dec 7, 2015Technique and Practicing
effects of a heavy muteDec 9, 2015Instruments
Cool TED-ed video on the neurological benefits of playing an instrumentDec 11, 2015Teaching and Pedagogy
sounding like an advanced beginnerDec 12, 2015Teaching and Pedagogy
Leaning bridgeDec 13, 2015Instruments
Metal Rosins- Can They Actually Hurt Varnish?Dec 13, 2015Instruments
Intonation accuracyDec 13, 2015Technique and Practicing
New viola stringsDec 15, 2015Viola
Time to change teacher?Dec 15, 2015Teaching and Pedagogy
Piano and violin?Dec 21, 2015Technique and Practicing
College audition - Bach D minor Allemande??Dec 21, 2015Schools
Easy Scales (maybe)Dec 21, 2015Life in general
Paganini is never played in its authentic manner?Dec 25, 2015Repertoire
Viola 16Dec 26, 2015Instruments
Buying an expensive instrumentDec 27, 2015Instruments
Where are you from?Dec 28, 2015Life in general
Tell me about yourself Dec 30, 2015Life in general
Checking for Wolf TonesDec 30, 2015Instruments

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