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Aspiring violinist looking for overview of the instrumentJan 1, 2014Technique and Practicing
I want to dissect a VSO!Jan 1, 2014Instruments
Why do famous professionals rarely use Obligatos?Jan 3, 2014Instruments
Who's been the greatest violinist of the 20th century?Jan 4, 2014Violinists
Tuner recommendations?Jan 4, 2014Accessories
Violin resurrection Jan 5, 2014Instruments
Warchal Ambers: Thomastik claims Jan 7, 2014Life in general
Puns for violinistsJan 7, 2014Life in general
My Favorite violists todayJan 7, 2014Viola
Differences among dark sounding violin stringsJan 10, 2014Instruments
Can a violin be too loud?Jan 10, 2014Instruments
Automated AccompanistJan 13, 2014Technique and Practicing
Firmness of left hand fingers.Jan 13, 2014Technique and Practicing
'But I only want to play for one minute!'Jan 15, 2014Teaching and Pedagogy
Advanced violinist needs help memorizing complete arpeggio sequences Jan 16, 2014Technique and Practicing
A different way of addressing performance anxietyJan 20, 2014Technique and Practicing
Bachs ChaconneJan 21, 2014Repertoire
Gut StringsJan 21, 2014Instruments
pronounce viola?Jan 21, 2014Viola
sleeping violinJan 28, 2014Instruments
Lipinskii Strad Theft Jan 31, 2014Instruments
How to avoid wasted effort in practice?Feb 2, 2014Technique and Practicing
10,000 bow circles in a week: an effective way to practice?Feb 2, 2014Technique and Practicing
Self-teaching in folk fiddle?Feb 2, 2014Teaching and Pedagogy
For sale a good Manoel Francisco bow. Silver mounted, ivory frog.Feb 3, 2014Instruments
Where can we buy a fungus treated violin? They supposedly sound as good as a Stradivarius.Feb 8, 2014Instruments
Low fingerboard projectionFeb 11, 2014Instruments
how remove violin varnishFeb 11, 2014Instruments
Are/were the tuning schemes really practical?Feb 13, 2014Instruments
How bad is studying with a tuner?Feb 16, 2014Technique and Practicing
Try(cough)ski: Vanessa Mae in the OlympicsFeb 18, 2014Instruments
Baker's rosin.Feb 18, 2014Instruments
Sonatas & Partitas: dovetail phrases (Adagio, 1st sonata, 4th bar)Feb 25, 2014Repertoire
Bridge tuningFeb 28, 2014Instruments
Bows with Ivory tips in danger?Mar 2, 2014Instruments
J.B.Vuillaume violin.Mar 2, 2014Instruments
Left handed and lost Mar 3, 2014Instruments
Evah Pirazzi Gold Viola SetMar 5, 2014Viola
Mystery pegs, and what kind of pegs could I use to replace them...?Mar 7, 2014Instruments
Advise- Violin bowMar 9, 2014Instruments
Are Taller Chin Rests The Answer?Mar 9, 2014Accessories
Baker's rosinMar 14, 2014Instruments
How do you know when you've reached your limit?Mar 14, 2014Technique and Practicing
Having a 300-year-old Cremonese in your Living Room?Mar 15, 2014Instruments
Why is the maximum size of violins limited to traditional 4/4?Mar 16, 2014Instruments
Corelli Alliance Vivace Violin StringsMar 16, 2014Accessories
Advise - Violin A stringMar 17, 2014Instruments
Feedback on the Gigue from Partita 2 please!Mar 18, 2014Technique and Practicing
New Gordge caseMar 19, 2014Accessories
New violin tail pieceMar 20, 2014Accessories
Help an old fellow purchase a decent violin.Mar 24, 2014Instruments
Strad Viola on block starting $45 millionMar 26, 2014News
Introducing the new Musafia CARBON FIBER caseApr 1, 2014Accessories
Loseph Quanerius?Apr 1, 2014Instruments
Just forget about Einstein as a violinist for a minute, how about Mozart as a nuclear physicist?Apr 2, 2014Life in general
Kogan's thumbApr 7, 2014Technique and Practicing
violin tone evaluationApr 7, 2014Instruments
Strads vs Moderns tests – one perspective.Apr 9, 2014Instruments
found an amazing bow but its a lot of moneyApr 10, 2014Instruments
Part 2: Accessories: I have invented this tail piece which greatly improves the sound. You can make it yourself for less than a dollar.Apr 12, 2014Accessories
Rosin. Apr 14, 2014Accessories
Teztlaff Concert Review. OuchApr 15, 2014Repertoire
Self-learning violinists, tell me your stories!Apr 18, 2014Technique and Practicing
Milsten and HeifetzApr 21, 2014Violinists
Question on playing in tune and the effect on violin's overtonesApr 23, 2014Technique and Practicing
Violin is sounding very harsh.Apr 25, 2014Instruments
NEC or Juilliard HELP ME Apr 25, 2014Schools
Buying a pianoApr 27, 2014Instruments
Madness in Odessa May 4, 2014Life in general
Viktoria Mullova's Solo Bach RecordingsMay 8, 2014Violinists
Vibrato with no apparent hand movementMay 8, 2014Violinists
A chinese unicorn on ebay? May 14, 2014Instruments
Who has Tinnitus ?May 15, 2014Health
Best bow makers around $4,000May 15, 2014Instruments
Testing John Schneider's tailpiece designMay 19, 2014Accessories
New: Pirastro shoulder restsMay 29, 2014Instruments
Identify this mysterious sonata (and get free sheets)May 31, 2014Repertoire
How can you tell when your strings are dead?Jun 2, 2014Instruments
Yet another reason to get rid of the shoulder restJun 7, 2014Accessories
What Pieces to know before College?Jun 14, 2014Repertoire
Practicing Really Hard Orchestra Music Jun 21, 2014Technique and Practicing
Emotion - Passion ?Jun 22, 2014Technique and Practicing
Help comparing 1k and under violins from Dan Sun, Ming Jiang Zhu, Scott CaoJun 24, 2014Instruments
Need help to analyse Meditation from ThaïsJun 24, 2014Instruments
Opinions on Lindsey StirlingJun 25, 2014Violinists
Juilliard auditioning...Jun 30, 2014Schools
Could I be a violin teacher?Jul 2, 2014Teaching and Pedagogy
Flat keys better than sharpsJul 2, 2014Viola
Is it the Violin or you?Jul 4, 2014Instruments
Making little to no sound when I bowJul 5, 2014Technique and Practicing
New violin buying adviceJul 5, 2014Instruments
Violin design.Jul 8, 2014Instruments
Vivaldi, Bach and Handel in ChinaJul 9, 2014Instruments
Golfer's ElbowJul 11, 2014Health
Hand Position for Russian Bow Hold?Jul 11, 2014Technique and Practicing
Peter Zaret's patented tonal enhancement bass bar?Jul 11, 2014Viola
Help. Repurposing my SRs...Jul 12, 2014Life in general
What key is your living room in ?Jul 13, 2014Life in general
A Question to Non-SR usersJul 15, 2014Accessories
Practice or Native Talent?Jul 15, 2014Instruments
How loose is too loose?Jul 16, 2014Instruments
Brave Chin Rest TheoryJul 20, 2014Accessories
Viola Unresponsive G string HELP!!!Jul 22, 2014Viola
The Strad market and the Carpenter familyJul 23, 2014News
Teach a beginner using higher positions rather than first?Jul 25, 2014Teaching and Pedagogy
How big is a fingerboard Jul 28, 2014Life in general
Stradivari violins; not what they appear.Jul 29, 2014Instruments
Strings/violin - finger problems!Jul 31, 2014Instruments
Violin Performance and ActingAug 1, 2014Violinists
Motivation OptionsAug 4, 2014Technique and Practicing
Beginner trying to shift to 3rd position with small handsAug 12, 2014Technique and Practicing
'Contextual' intonation (and 'harmonic', 'interval'...)?Aug 14, 2014Life in general
Advice on changing my teacherAug 16, 2014Teaching and Pedagogy
What is perfect pitch?Aug 16, 2014Life in general
Left thumb worries 'again'Aug 18, 2014Technique and Practicing
Roman Kim's version of Nicolo Paganini's I PalpitiAug 20, 2014Instruments
Ming Jiang Zhu ViolinAug 21, 2014Instruments
Flexible lesson schedules for adult studentsAug 24, 2014Teaching and Pedagogy
Looking for violin pieces for my senior recitalAug 24, 2014Repertoire
Stand partnering conventionsAug 25, 2014Teaching and Pedagogy
I can play flat naturally.Aug 30, 2014Life in general
Is there a new direction re String Teaching?Aug 31, 2014Teaching and Pedagogy
Contemporary Violin Lookout?Sep 3, 2014Instruments
Violin careSep 6, 2014Instruments
Can we scheme for better intonation?Sep 16, 2014Technique and Practicing
When I say Mozart ... what comes into your head?Sep 24, 2014Repertoire
Chin Rest tolerancesSep 25, 2014Accessories
Recitals - should adult students take part?Sep 26, 2014Teaching and Pedagogy
Good violin strings for a violin that tends to sound loud?Sep 27, 2014Accessories
Adult beginner -- how do I get REALLY good at violin?Sep 28, 2014Technique and Practicing
Kaplan Amo-Vivo violin stringsSep 28, 2014Accessories
Looking for fun Chamber MusicSep 30, 2014Repertoire
Recommendations, anyone?Sep 30, 2014Instruments
Concertos for an Intermediate Competition?Oct 1, 2014Repertoire
When to upgrade from student violin to professional?Oct 3, 2014Instruments
Suzuki Book 1 guideOct 4, 2014Technique and Practicing
To lift OR not to lift, that is the question...Oct 4, 2014Teaching and Pedagogy
Am I a Snob or Just Opinionated?Oct 5, 2014Life in general
Is it over the top to ask your teacher to do thisOct 10, 2014Teaching and Pedagogy
Chamois (or non-slip material)?Oct 14, 2014Instruments
What is the best way to practice and improve effectively?Oct 15, 2014Technique and Practicing
To risk or Not to RiskOct 21, 2014Instruments
How to use impulse vibrato on gut strings?Oct 24, 2014Technique and Practicing
Suzuki a fraud ???Oct 27, 2014Teaching and Pedagogy
Why Your Chin Rest May Never Work.Oct 27, 2014Life in general
Ladies - Is your hemline appropriate for the venue?Oct 28, 2014Life in general
The Gap Between Modern MakersOct 28, 2014Instruments
Evah pirazzi gold replacement?Nov 5, 2014Accessories
Tips and Likelyhood of me becoming a musician?Nov 6, 2014Life in general
My first ever violin 'recital': I would like your (gentle) feedbackNov 9, 2014Technique and Practicing
A Take on The Mark O'Connor/Suzuki Controversy From A Cross-Over PlayerNov 10, 2014Teaching and Pedagogy
Suzuki vs. other methods of trainingNov 10, 2014Teaching and Pedagogy
the perfect violin case?Nov 13, 2014Accessories
How to improve intonation?Nov 17, 2014Technique and Practicing
How important is ridge height for sound production?Nov 21, 2014Instruments
Advanced pieces - student violin.Nov 22, 2014Technique and Practicing
How to sell an upscale cello????Nov 22, 2014Instruments
Tuttis in Mozart Concerto n.3.Nov 24, 2014Repertoire
am i late to be a professional violinist?Nov 25, 2014Teaching and Pedagogy
Russian Bow hold - Again! Any new thoughts?Nov 25, 2014Technique and Practicing
College Audition Help. PLEASEE!!Nov 28, 2014Teaching and Pedagogy
Older learners - is learning piano 'worth it'?Nov 28, 2014Teaching and Pedagogy
A Funny Story About My Teacher (or Me).Nov 30, 2014Teaching and Pedagogy
HELP - The bridge is glued to my violinDec 2, 2014Instruments
Coughing in a concertDec 4, 2014Violinists
Was the practice of equal tension stringing in the Baroque era a myth?Dec 6, 2014Accessories
Breaking my bow tips ...Dec 10, 2014Instruments
In search of cheap, very loud, inexpensive metronomeDec 10, 2014Accessories
One year later - I don't have my Musafia caseDec 13, 2014Accessories
Printer for musicDec 14, 2014Accessories
Violin Position. Is there consensus ??Dec 17, 2014Technique and Practicing
What to play after Viotti 22?Dec 18, 2014Instruments
Recital Experiences for Adult StudentsDec 18, 2014Teaching and Pedagogy
Recommendations on ear plugsDec 20, 2014Health
Is it too late for me to master the violin?Dec 24, 2014Technique and Practicing
The well tempered violin.Dec 25, 2014Instruments
Slow learner or just bad at practicingDec 25, 2014Technique and Practicing
String Quartet SeatingDec 28, 2014Teaching and Pedagogy
Getting / using student photos on my teaching website Dec 28, 2014Teaching and Pedagogy
Poor Memory VictimDec 29, 2014Technique and Practicing
Opinion from Gewa Maestro violin case's ownersDec 29, 2014Accessories

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