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Its 2013; Do you know what position you are in?Jan 2, 2013Technique and Practicing
Another Viola String InquiryJan 2, 2013Viola
Looking for a practice buddy...Jan 4, 2013Repertoire
DVORAK : Romance in Fminor, Op. 11Jan 6, 2013Repertoire
My dream violin has a mysterious problem!Jan 7, 2013Instruments
Don't you love a new violin?Jan 8, 2013Instruments
TendonitisJan 9, 2013Health
Internally geared pegs?Jan 11, 2013Accessories
what to do about my unrequited passion for violin?Jan 16, 2013Life in general
who tunes their A to 415 hz?Jan 16, 2013Instruments
Ideal viola size?Jan 17, 2013Viola
Gilles Apap: Sarasate Gypsy AirsJan 17, 2013Violinists
Beethoven Violin Concerto and Brahms ConcertoJan 18, 2013Violinists
QUARTET NAME NEEDEDJan 19, 2013Life in general
Disadvantages of Russian bow grip?Jan 19, 2013Technique and Practicing
a funny thing happened after my lesson...Jan 22, 2013Technique and Practicing
Doesn’t it bother you when classical music is belittled?Jan 25, 2013Life in general
My back hurtsJan 25, 2013Instruments
Tense bow holdJan 25, 2013Technique and Practicing
vengerov playing the bach chaconneJan 28, 2013Repertoire
Tone, bow arm elbowJan 29, 2013Technique and Practicing
Vibrato Tempo - How fast is fast enough?Jan 31, 2013Technique and Practicing
Oblong violin cases... why?Feb 2, 2013Accessories
STUDY WITH ME IN ITALY!Feb 6, 2013Schools
Instrument devaluationFeb 6, 2013Instruments
Can anyone help me figure out my violin bow for my non-violin instrument?Feb 7, 2013Accessories
New Prototype strings from CorelliFeb 7, 2013Accessories
Help for Better Intonation Feb 11, 2013Technique and Practicing
Vibrato - should I just forget it?Feb 13, 2013Instruments
What is your second-most favorite instrument?Feb 13, 2013Instruments
Violinists hobbies and their impact on playing?Feb 17, 2013Instruments
Where's my G String?Feb 18, 2013Instruments
What kind of violin strings do you use?Feb 18, 2013Accessories
How do you revoice a violin? Glad you asked...Feb 19, 2013Instruments
Violin Schools in the Digital Age: French? Russian? Have the lines disappeared? Feb 22, 2013Teaching and Pedagogy
Problems with bowing, not understanding tensionFeb 24, 2013Technique and Practicing
2 years later, I am quitting violinFeb 25, 2013Life in general
Changing Bow HairFeb 27, 2013Accessories
Nathan Milstein's quiet right wrist: how is it possible??Feb 27, 2013Technique and Practicing
What kind of people can become a violinist?Feb 27, 2013Life in general
Open discussion for two focal points...Mar 2, 2013Violinists
Gut strings and the wolfMar 4, 2013Instruments
Should I buy a 15k violin with extensive repairs? Mar 4, 2013Instruments
Video: Kopatchinskaja plays TziganeMar 4, 2013Violinists
spread and independency of left hand fingersMar 4, 2013Teaching and Pedagogy
Was graduate school a mistake?Mar 5, 2013Schools
Do I have to be stretched?Mar 8, 2013Instruments
Help! Parents Need Advice on Fiddle Purchase for Talented Kid!Mar 12, 2013Instruments
Stradivari not responsible for the tone??? Mar 13, 2013Instruments
Taking Off Beginner's ChinrestsMar 13, 2013Teaching and Pedagogy
Where is Brahms?Mar 13, 2013Repertoire
Bach G minor PrestoMar 13, 2013Repertoire
Titanic violin found backMar 15, 2013News
Calling all knowledgeable violin enthusiasts for opinions on a possible purchase. Mar 16, 2013Instruments
Frustrating Search for a Suitable ViolinMar 16, 2013Instruments
Practice Buddy IIMar 16, 2013Repertoire
Violin super powersMar 18, 2013Life in general
How many violins do you own?Mar 21, 2013Life in general
Why no shoulder rest for Perlman?Mar 22, 2013Instruments
String tension and violin playing characterisitcsMar 22, 2013Technique and Practicing
Melencholic piecesMar 25, 2013Repertoire
Julia Fischer performs the same piece on two different violins (YouTube)Mar 25, 2013Instruments
New String ID chart - Need HelpMar 25, 2013Accessories
Do you enjoy playing in orchestras? Why?Mar 25, 2013Life in general
How to prevent violin from slipping while playing without shoulder rest?Mar 26, 2013Technique and Practicing
How important is technique?Mar 27, 2013Technique and Practicing
Did I start violin too late? Mar 27, 2013Technique and Practicing
This Music Stolen My Sleep and My HeartMar 29, 2013Repertoire
Beethoven symphony no 3 and violin concerto orchestra part - what level are they?Mar 30, 2013Repertoire
I have a decent ear, but I struggle with scales...Mar 30, 2013Technique and Practicing
My violin is developing white spotsApr 2, 2013Instruments
Stradivari tailored his violins to D major key?Apr 2, 2013Instruments
Where is Buri?Apr 2, 2013Life in general
Following a conductor like Riccardo MutiApr 2, 2013Schools
Strings to replace PI G, D, A and a Pirazzi E?Apr 3, 2013Accessories
Doppler Effect and movingApr 8, 2013Technique and Practicing
Steel or synthetic for viola?Apr 10, 2013Instruments
Is a shoulder rest necessary for children?Apr 11, 2013Teaching and Pedagogy
Whistling E stringsApr 14, 2013Instruments
Mark O'Connor compares O'Connor & Suzuki methodsApr 14, 2013Teaching and Pedagogy
Does anyone know this violin concerto?Apr 14, 2013Repertoire
PerformingApr 16, 2013Health
3 year old struggling with violin lessonsApr 18, 2013Teaching and Pedagogy
What do you say for 'violining' in other languages than English?Apr 21, 2013Life in general
Where can a minor in music get me?Apr 22, 2013Life in general
Best quality violin caseApr 23, 2013Accessories
The CBW - better than an SR? Better than none??Apr 23, 2013Technique and Practicing
Genuine or just a copy of Laurentius Guadagnini violinApr 25, 2013Instruments
What is the purpose of 4th positionApr 25, 2013Technique and Practicing
Mysteries of the sound postApr 25, 2013Instruments
Intonation progressApr 29, 2013Technique and Practicing
Musafia case from GostringsApr 30, 2013News
Bow hand helpMay 3, 2013Technique and Practicing
regular tune up, yes or no?May 4, 2013Instruments
Do I get it repaired?May 9, 2013Instruments
Restless armless and teacherlessMay 11, 2013Technique and Practicing
Liu Xi violin updateMay 13, 2013Instruments
Motivation to Keep PractisingMay 20, 2013Technique and Practicing
Has anyone ever tried a violin from Infinite StringsMay 20, 2013Instruments
Do You Think That A Basic Violin Is Ok For A Beginner To Use?May 23, 2013Instruments
Requesting advice from Musafia ownersMay 24, 2013Accessories
Plate tuning - what approaches do the top makers use these days?May 26, 2013Instruments
Am I the only one who cannot play fast after 4 and a half years?May 29, 2013Technique and Practicing
Roman KimMay 29, 2013Violinists
Recommendation for a set of FINE BOXWOOD PEGS WITH REAL IVORY PINS AND COLARSMay 29, 2013Accessories
Maestronet?Jun 1, 2013Instruments
Eudoxa violin stringsJun 1, 2013Accessories
Viola Strings...AgainJun 3, 2013Viola
Violin CASES as investments?Jun 4, 2013Life in general
To lower the bridge or leave it alone...Jun 5, 2013Instruments
A scale for college entry level?Jun 8, 2013Life in general
Any tips on playing in a wedding?Jun 10, 2013Violinists
How did the Masters prevent the violin from slipping on the tuxedo when using no shoulder rest?Jun 11, 2013Instruments
Leaving my Violin teacherJun 11, 2013Teaching and Pedagogy
Difficult Parents of StudentsJun 11, 2013Teaching and Pedagogy
Violin making schools in the UKJun 12, 2013Instruments
Which chord unleashes the most intense harmonics?Jun 13, 2013Instruments
TrillsJun 13, 2013Technique and Practicing
What are your favorite violin shops?Jun 15, 2013Instruments
Should I get this violin? (picture)Jun 17, 2013Instruments
Functions of a Violin RecordingJun 18, 2013Violinists
Another adult beginner's instrument: Online or in-shop? Violin cost vs bow cost?Jun 19, 2013Instruments
Coloured violin or not?Jun 21, 2013Instruments
Neck pain when playing; practical help sought in SE EnglandJun 24, 2013Health
Ideal E stringJun 27, 2013Accessories
Has anyone ever actually completed the Suzuki method?Jul 1, 2013Teaching and Pedagogy
Christian ViolinistsJul 2, 2013Life in general
techniques and executions while playing beethovenJul 2, 2013Technique and Practicing
How should one hold the violin?Jul 5, 2013Technique and Practicing
Violin AuthenticationJul 9, 2013Instruments
A disconnect between percieved and actual playing speed.Jul 9, 2013Technique and Practicing
Art, virtuosity, and the violinJul 10, 2013Life in general
Violin studyJul 11, 2013Teaching and Pedagogy
Slow season in the violin trade?Jul 12, 2013Instruments
Buri really IS divineJul 17, 2013Life in general
How do you compliment a violinist after you heard his/her beautiful performance?Jul 20, 2013Life in general
Values of various violinsJul 20, 2013Instruments
Long-time Devotee Needs Some EncouragementJul 20, 2013Technique and Practicing
Should I bring my violin?Jul 23, 2013Life in general
Violist in need of a new (old) viola!Jul 23, 2013Instruments
Practicing long notes Jul 23, 2013Technique and Practicing
Re the breaking in of violinsJul 25, 2013Instruments
Tonica and Dominant String Price HistoryJul 29, 2013Accessories
Tracker devices for violins ?Jul 31, 2013Instruments
How much does the instrument matter?Aug 1, 2013Instruments
What should a teacher be doing?Aug 5, 2013Teaching and Pedagogy
kevlar tail cordAug 5, 2013Instruments
Can a luthier ruin the sound of violin?Aug 9, 2013Instruments
Is a teacher necessary?Aug 10, 2013Teaching and Pedagogy
Teaching a FiddlerAug 13, 2013Teaching and Pedagogy
Standard Viola Concerto?Aug 13, 2013Viola
Viola Wolf ToneAug 14, 2013Viola
Students from hell? :-)Aug 17, 2013Teaching and Pedagogy
When shoulder pain isn't shoulder painAug 17, 2013Health
Do I need the quasi-major work done to my viola, or will the notices be negligible?Aug 27, 2013Viola
Favorite Composers?Aug 27, 2013Repertoire
Is another ten years too late with my background?Aug 28, 2013Instruments
Large violins for tall peopleAug 31, 2013Instruments
New, revolutionary E string by WARCHAL, with an spiral...Aug 31, 2013Instruments
Audition piece help?Sep 2, 2013Repertoire
A child? A prodigy? Sep 4, 2013Violinists
Scottish Fantasy RecordingsSep 6, 2013Violinists
acupuncture for violinsSep 9, 2013Instruments
Case suitable for carrying a violin on a motorcycleSep 11, 2013Accessories
Kreddle Chin RestsSep 15, 2013Accessories
Slough of DespondSep 21, 2013Instruments
What is a good hand made brand !?Sep 23, 2013Instruments
No funds for music, but NFL is publicly funded?Sep 27, 2013Life in general
mutesSep 29, 2013Instruments
Playing with 'feeling'Oct 1, 2013Technique and Practicing
Please help us to find a good quartet name!Oct 2, 2013Life in general
How to recognize a 'projecting' violin?Oct 2, 2013Instruments
A short listening exerciseOct 3, 2013Teaching and Pedagogy
Too much music...not enough stand/sOct 8, 2013Accessories
My son plays Praeludium and Allegro by Kreisler, but he needs helpOct 8, 2013Violinists
BOW TREMBLE NEED HELPOct 9, 2013Technique and Practicing
Mozart Style?Oct 21, 2013Repertoire
Don't give up on your shoulder rest yetOct 22, 2013Instruments
What happened to my violin?Oct 25, 2013Instruments
SarasateOct 26, 2013Teaching and Pedagogy
Varnish on the edge of my new violin chippedOct 26, 2013Instruments
The More Repertoire the Better?Oct 26, 2013Repertoire
Obscure ComposersOct 29, 2013Repertoire
Soloist: Maintaining the tempoOct 30, 2013Technique and Practicing
Need pentatonic finger patterns.Nov 1, 2013Technique and Practicing
Hilary Hahn's encores Nov 9, 2013Violinists
Pirastro ViolinoNov 9, 2013Accessories
Composer wish listNov 11, 2013Repertoire
Should I be worried if I stare at my fingerings too often?Nov 11, 2013Technique and Practicing
Harmonic out of tuneNov 13, 2013Technique and Practicing
'Shoulder rests' that don't make contact with the bodyNov 13, 2013Accessories
3D violinNov 15, 2013Instruments
G peg slipping!Nov 18, 2013Instruments
Seeking Suggestions For Selling Nov 20, 2013Instruments
Auer class geneologyNov 24, 2013Schools
Need help on left hand support ( Shoulder restless ) Nov 25, 2013Technique and Practicing
What makes the G string on my violin not to respond readily well ?Nov 26, 2013Life in general
Talented teen will not practice!Dec 1, 2013Technique and Practicing
My viola string experiencesDec 3, 2013Viola
Kréddle Violin Set Up VideosDec 3, 2013Technique and Practicing
Violin or Cello?Dec 6, 2013Life in general
MythbustingDec 11, 2013Teaching and Pedagogy
Why are teachers so crappy at facilitating hearing and intonation ability?Dec 11, 2013Teaching and Pedagogy
PaganiniDec 12, 2013Repertoire
Feeling pressurized into buyingDec 14, 2013Teaching and Pedagogy
Sending an S.O.S. from a violinist with A.D.D.Dec 17, 2013Health
Monovision for Musicians? Pros/Cons? Dec 17, 2013Health
Pieces for vibrato work?Dec 19, 2013Repertoire
Chin rest and shoulder rest historyDec 19, 2013Accessories
What is a virtuoso?Dec 27, 2013Violinists
Do You Plan A Sound Post Setting ?Dec 27, 2013Instruments
Famous violinists who did not (or do not) play old Italian violinsDec 27, 2013Instruments
Keeping the Bridge PerpendicularDec 30, 2013Instruments

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