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Violin Brand for Serious BegginerJan 1, 2012Instruments
Can an expert panel of violinists pick the old Italian Violins from modern instruments?Jan 2, 2012Instruments
The limitations of adult beginnersJan 3, 2012Technique and Practicing
Discouraged........Jan 3, 2012Technique and Practicing
What exactly is the Suzuki Method?Jan 4, 2012Technique and Practicing
PayPal instructs buyer to Destroy violin.Jan 4, 2012News
What jobs can a violinist have???Jan 6, 2012Life in general
How do you move your body when you play?Jan 6, 2012Technique and Practicing
Prodigy??Jan 6, 2012Life in general
I found a little trick with the bow....Jan 6, 2012Instruments
Is there still place for SevcikJan 7, 2012Technique and Practicing
Banish your intonation woes!Jan 7, 2012Technique and Practicing
Uniquely Carved headsJan 7, 2012Instruments
Whose recording of the Beethoven Quartets is 'best'?Jan 8, 2012Violinists
Your Milestone PieceJan 10, 2012Repertoire
Fourth Finger IssuesJan 11, 2012Technique and Practicing
NY Phil. conductor stops concert for cell phone interruptionJan 12, 2012News
Your Millstone PieceJan 12, 2012Repertoire
What is your 'Masterclass' skill level?Jan 15, 2012Repertoire
How can I be different?Jan 16, 2012Instruments
Adult beginner - intonation: what should I be aiming for?Jan 16, 2012Technique and Practicing
How to go from good to great Jan 17, 2012Technique and Practicing
Consider Bach Partita No. 2 Beginner Piece?Jan 20, 2012Technique and Practicing
Online theory class specifically for stringsJan 20, 2012Teaching and Pedagogy
What's a good replacement for Pirastro Passione strings??Jan 23, 2012Accessories
Sightreading Jan 23, 2012Teaching and Pedagogy
Tips for motivation neededJan 24, 2012Technique and Practicing
The dream violin performance summer study program....Jan 27, 2012Teaching and Pedagogy
Your daily practising systemJan 27, 2012Technique and Practicing
Applying for college as a double majorJan 28, 2012Schools
Famous musicians going crazyJan 29, 2012Health
Flashes of musical genius. I can't be the only one.Jan 29, 2012Technique and Practicing
Russian bow holdJan 31, 2012Teaching and Pedagogy
How to overcome Jan 31, 2012Instruments
College Forms: List Instrument Maker and Date?Feb 1, 2012Instruments
VENTING! A frustrating student....Feb 2, 2012Teaching and Pedagogy
Is it possible for a long neck to shift and more or less 'play' the violin without a shoulder rest?Feb 3, 2012Technique and Practicing
Droopy ViolinsFeb 5, 2012Technique and Practicing
People telling me I should go to school for the violin, but I've only been playing for about 3 years...Feb 8, 2012Instruments
D on E - always sharp...Feb 9, 2012Technique and Practicing
Synesthesia - Seeing color when hearing musicFeb 10, 2012Teaching and Pedagogy
how to stay motivated when depressedFeb 11, 2012Life in general
How much do decent sounding strings cost?Feb 11, 2012Accessories
Puns for violinistsFeb 14, 2012Life in general
Warchal Brilliant Viola Set (Long) ReviewFeb 15, 2012Instruments
Constant putdown and discouragement from your own mother.Feb 15, 2012Life in general
What should the length be from the bridge to the nut?Feb 15, 2012Instruments
Bow hold problem...Feb 18, 2012Technique and Practicing
Shoulder rest bagFeb 18, 2012Accessories
Beta-blockers for kids?Feb 18, 2012Health
Need a spare instrument, what to get?Feb 20, 2012Instruments
Portland Oregon v.com get-together IIFeb 21, 2012Life in general
Concerto tournament -- what are the best violin concertos?Feb 22, 2012Life in general
Advice on MutesFeb 23, 2012Accessories
Cutting off lessons to unwilling pupilsFeb 24, 2012Teaching and Pedagogy
Why did you start playing?Feb 24, 2012Life in general
Fitting Knilling Perfection PegsFeb 24, 2012Accessories
Concert AttireFeb 26, 2012Life in general
Shoulder RestFeb 26, 2012Accessories
Pegheds in the classical worldFeb 27, 2012Instruments
How to deal with tension problems when playing.Feb 27, 2012Technique and Practicing
Menuhin ShieldFeb 27, 2012Accessories
Absolute beginner with no real instructor in sight.Feb 27, 2012Technique and Practicing
What needs a violin to projectFeb 29, 2012Instruments
Yes, there are modern etude collections of substanceMar 1, 2012Teaching and Pedagogy
Request for critiqueMar 1, 2012Technique and Practicing
Memorable Positive FeedbackMar 2, 2012Technique and Practicing
Joshua Bell RobbedMar 4, 2012News
Fingering when playing in orchestraMar 4, 2012Life in general
Spider silk violin stringsMar 5, 2012Accessories
How to glue the violin end pin.Mar 6, 2012Instruments
Pieces with nothing but the notes? (no tempoindications, dynamic changes etc.)Mar 6, 2012Repertoire
Dorothy DeLay's Practice ScheduleMar 6, 2012Technique and Practicing
Looking for practicing adviceMar 7, 2012Technique and Practicing
Another critique, if you don't mind.Mar 7, 2012Technique and Practicing
Coda Bow vs. Jon Paul?Mar 8, 2012Instruments
Royals Academy of Music, Do I have a chance of getting in?Mar 8, 2012Schools
Needed: quality mid-price violin casesMar 9, 2012Accessories
Adult beginners and tone?Mar 10, 2012Technique and Practicing
Serious non-professional violinistMar 11, 2012Repertoire
I am the Grand student.......Mar 11, 2012Teaching and Pedagogy
Changing schools, losing passion for playingMar 12, 2012Technique and Practicing
How much do the famous violinists earn?Mar 12, 2012Violinists
Needing suggestions of violin music with a horse theme!Mar 13, 2012Repertoire
Words of Wisdom Mar 13, 2012Teaching and Pedagogy
Could I make it as a professional violinist?Mar 13, 2012Schools
Are better instruments easier to play?Mar 15, 2012Instruments
Urgent help needed: bridge collapsedMar 16, 2012Instruments
Are Cellists More Social than Violinists? Mar 16, 2012Life in general
My thoughts on how and why to play the violin without a shoulder restMar 19, 2012Technique and Practicing
How to Play the Violin Without a Shoulder RestMar 19, 2012Technique and Practicing
Asking too many questions is not coolMar 21, 2012Teaching and Pedagogy
Will new bows change?Mar 21, 2012Instruments
A new Pirastro violin string!Mar 21, 2012Accessories
Why is it so hard to make a decent E string ?Mar 22, 2012Instruments
First few millimeters of bowingMar 22, 2012Technique and Practicing
What ONE piece of sheet music would you take to a desert island?Mar 25, 2012Life in general
The Song MachineMar 25, 2012Repertoire
Simon Fischer's ScalesMar 26, 2012Teaching and Pedagogy
Scale BooksMar 30, 2012Teaching and Pedagogy
My violin is a pervert~~~~Mar 30, 2012Technique and Practicing
How much does your case weigh?Mar 31, 2012Instruments
I am left handedApr 1, 2012Technique and Practicing
Choosing the Violin as an Adult Beginner; a Revelation?Apr 2, 2012Life in general
Bach SonatasApr 2, 2012Technique and Practicing
Minor/ridiculous injuriesApr 3, 2012Health
Question Regarding Vibrato and Hand PositionApr 3, 2012Technique and Practicing
Your playing buddy....Apr 5, 2012Life in general
Can you be 'too good' technically?Apr 6, 2012Life in general
Buying vs RentingApr 7, 2012Instruments
Adult vibrato after 40: a myth?Apr 10, 2012Technique and Practicing
Accomplished musicians who started with Suzuki MethodApr 12, 2012Violinists
EVAH PIRAZZI GOLD!Apr 13, 2012News
Feeling horribly disrespectedApr 16, 2012Life in general
Stand Sharing - from Happiness to War!Apr 17, 2012Life in general
Do double jointed hands affect your playing?Apr 18, 2012Health
Staying hydrated during practiceApr 18, 2012Health
Can you make it professional with small hand?Apr 19, 2012Instruments
What's the best way to practice scales?Apr 19, 2012Technique and Practicing
Different tuning different sound? Apr 23, 2012Technique and Practicing
my first youtubeApr 23, 2012Violinists
The performance anxiety paradoxApr 23, 2012Life in general
Which piece of violin music do you dislike the most ?Apr 25, 2012Repertoire
Having trouble finding a chinrestApr 26, 2012Accessories
Rosin - less is more learning?Apr 29, 2012Technique and Practicing
Chuck the techs. I'm going back to pitch pipes.Apr 29, 2012Accessories
Ever see or use a Bamboo BowApr 30, 2012Accessories
How often do your strings break and which string breaks most?Apr 30, 2012Instruments
Does bow pressure matter?May 2, 2012Technique and Practicing
What does classical music sound like on an iPod ?May 4, 2012Violinists
Bowing : weight vs. pressure ?May 5, 2012Teaching and Pedagogy
How do you play Dynamics? (accurately and musically)May 6, 2012Technique and Practicing
How To Play FastMay 6, 2012Technique and Practicing
Trying to get an Italian violin in ItalyMay 7, 2012Instruments
Playing Pain FreeMay 7, 2012Technique and Practicing
Crystal MutesMay 8, 2012Accessories
Learn violin by oneself and still become good?May 9, 2012Teaching and Pedagogy
Can you reach the tip?May 11, 2012Technique and Practicing
Ear protection during practice?May 11, 2012Health
Tonareli cello-shaped violin case HELPMay 11, 2012Accessories
Is there a tool for giving a nice rounded end to a violin peg ?May 12, 2012Instruments
Zyex String Sound?May 12, 2012Accessories
Good viola music?May 12, 2012Repertoire
The Fiocco challenge!May 13, 2012Instruments
Machold goes underMay 14, 2012News
Instead of etudes, I skim through songs that I likeMay 15, 2012Technique and Practicing
Do good/reknown luthiers, specifically contemporary ones, make instruments that tend to be constant in the sound character? May 19, 2012Instruments
Sitting or Standing?May 21, 2012Technique and Practicing
Upcoming live recordings with Julia Fischer on the InternetMay 22, 2012Violinists
Dizziness from 6-8 hour a day practiceMay 22, 2012Health
Commissions for teachersMay 24, 2012Life in general
3 choices...maybe more...May 28, 2012Instruments
Who needs liability insurance?May 28, 2012Life in general
Video of me playing Bach - please commentMay 28, 2012Violinists
What's Wrong With Classical Music?May 30, 2012Life in general
Sound Post cracksMay 30, 2012Instruments
Are there quiet violins?Jun 2, 2012Instruments
What are some nice cheap strings that sounds great and affordable?Jun 2, 2012Accessories
Bach Partita no.2 in D minor - AllemandeJun 3, 2012Repertoire
Should you tilt the bow when you play or leave it flat?Jun 3, 2012Technique and Practicing
Step Up from a VSO - Stentor?Jun 5, 2012Instruments
Parents of a 10 y.o. talented violinist desperate for help with practice!!Jun 5, 2012Technique and Practicing
Questions for David GarrettJun 5, 2012Violinists
Why does the thumb on my bow hold hurt and after practicing looks squishy?Jun 7, 2012Health
Dumb questions you wish your teacher had never asked youJun 8, 2012Teaching and Pedagogy
No Disrespect Intended to Mr. Perlman!Jun 8, 2012Instruments
Self-taught violinists. Jun 9, 2012Instruments
Cats…Jun 12, 2012Life in general
Recording of me playing Bach Chaconne -- Feedback RequestedJun 13, 2012Violinists
Strings Similar to Obligatos/PassioneJun 14, 2012Instruments
Finding another voiceJun 14, 2012Instruments
Camcorders with good sound quality?Jun 15, 2012Accessories
Do your instruments have names?Jun 19, 2012Life in general
Violinist to violistJun 19, 2012Viola
Whisperroom cubicles - effectiveness and dimensionsJun 19, 2012Accessories
If you can reach the fourth finger on a bigger violin can you reach the higher positions?Jun 19, 2012Instruments
What qualities do Professionals look for in a violin?Jun 19, 2012Instruments
find out all about mp3 encoding qualityJun 21, 2012Violinists
Bach A mnior concerto - and baroque styling??Jun 25, 2012Instruments
Setting up a violin - questionsJun 28, 2012Instruments
When are modern violins not modern violins?Jun 28, 2012Instruments
'Conservatoire vs. 'conservatory'Jun 28, 2012Life in general
Can the hard of hearing play the Violin?Jun 28, 2012Life in general
String choice for bright instruments?Jul 1, 2012Instruments
Viola Strings -- Steel C with Synthetic or Gut G and D?Jul 1, 2012Viola
Audition prepJul 1, 2012Technique and Practicing
So, am I too old? Jul 3, 2012Technique and Practicing
What is a good way to practice double stops?Jul 3, 2012Technique and Practicing
Does the sound of a string affect exam success?Jul 6, 2012Schools
A worry about public transitJul 6, 2012Life in general
VibratoJul 7, 2012Technique and Practicing
Possible problem with geared pegs ?Jul 7, 2012Instruments
Live long and prosperJul 9, 2012Life in general
lesson feesJul 13, 2012Teaching and Pedagogy
Finding perfect violin setup/postureJul 13, 2012Health
Modern violin makers (10-20k)Jul 16, 2012Instruments
Silk or Satin Violin bagsJul 21, 2012Accessories
Strings to improve clarity on G stringJul 22, 2012Instruments
Julia Fischer purchases and uses a modern instrument by AugustinJul 23, 2012Instruments
Your favorite string combos?Jul 23, 2012Accessories
Baker's rosin - in the oven!Jul 23, 2012Accessories
Afraid of Making MistakesJul 24, 2012Technique and Practicing
How can I Achieve a much more Romantic Vibrato?Jul 24, 2012Technique and Practicing
Notes: are you 'pictaural'.Jul 28, 2012Life in general
I want to compare my violin sound to othersJul 29, 2012Violinists
Should I get another teacher?Jul 31, 2012Schools
Issues with practicingAug 3, 2012Technique and Practicing
How much calories do I burn by playing violinAug 5, 2012Health
My violin, my luthier...Aug 6, 2012Instruments
Ruggiero Ricci has died at age 94Aug 6, 2012Instruments
We need an updated string review! Aug 7, 2012Accessories
Looking over your right shoulderAug 7, 2012Technique and Practicing
Baton or No BatonAug 11, 2012Technique and Practicing
What's Wrong With Classical Music?Aug 13, 2012Life in general
let your fingers do the walking?Aug 15, 2012Technique and Practicing
Fretless?Aug 15, 2012Instruments
Looking for String Trio music; specifics include...Aug 15, 2012Repertoire
Violin seized at Frankfurt AirportAug 23, 2012Instruments
violin and performance enhancement drugsAug 25, 2012Instruments
I found a french violin. Need info. Please help.Aug 26, 2012Instruments
Why start off in the key of A Major?Aug 30, 2012Teaching and Pedagogy
If it hurts, it may be in a tissue... Aug 30, 2012Health
Why does ice make my tendonitis worse ?Aug 31, 2012Health
Albert Einstein played the violin. It is said...Sep 1, 2012Violinists
What's your favorite metronome?Sep 1, 2012Instruments
Severe Stage FrightSep 2, 2012Life in general
Playing FastSep 2, 2012Technique and Practicing
Duet ideas requestedSep 4, 2012Instruments
What is the perfect violin shop like?Sep 6, 2012Instruments
Unusual timbers used in violin construction.Sep 7, 2012Instruments
Why bothering about the composers intention?Sep 11, 2012Life in general
Violin or Academics?Sep 11, 2012Life in general
Chords for BachSep 12, 2012Repertoire
Violet Violin Violation!Sep 12, 2012Instruments
1910 Violin Mystery - Instructional Aid?Sep 13, 2012Accessories
Help me come up with 100 Things to Do in Classical Music Before You Die Sep 13, 2012Life in general
Violin casesSep 17, 2012Accessories
Trying to find the right shoulder rest for violinSep 19, 2012Accessories
Scientifically, how does bow wood affect sound/tone of your violin?Sep 19, 2012Instruments
Itzhak Perlman appears on the Stephen Colbert Show 9/19/12Sep 20, 2012Violinists
Lesson peeves...Sep 23, 2012Teaching and Pedagogy
Too Late to Learn?Sep 25, 2012Life in general
Favorite Movie Scores? Sep 26, 2012Life in general
Allergic to chin restSep 26, 2012Accessories
Suggestions for modern composers to listen toSep 29, 2012Life in general
Student stops after 2 notes... a lot!Oct 1, 2012Teaching and Pedagogy
NYO AuditionOct 3, 2012Instruments
German customs strikes againOct 4, 2012News
Highest and least revered Bach interpreter (S & P)Oct 6, 2012Violinists
Elbow Needs to CrackOct 10, 2012Health
what age is right to startOct 12, 2012Teaching and Pedagogy
Fourth finger too far from finger boardOct 23, 2012Technique and Practicing
What is the 'true' value of an instrument?Oct 24, 2012Instruments
Your Thoughts on Quitting ViolinOct 24, 2012Life in general
can anyone help me to play fast pieces?Oct 25, 2012Technique and Practicing
Prepare for Hurricane SandyOct 29, 2012News
Playing in difficult keysOct 29, 2012Technique and Practicing
My first soundpost adjustment!Oct 29, 2012Instruments
what the perfect minute ever of music you heard and it make you feel you are in the paradise?Oct 31, 2012Instruments
What is the best compliment you ever received on your playing?Nov 2, 2012Life in general
New recording of Paganini CapricesNov 4, 2012Violinists
Upgrading my son to a full size violin and bowNov 5, 2012Instruments
16.5 Inch Vs 15.5 Inch ViolaNov 7, 2012Viola
Have you ever been bullied in your own orchestra?Nov 7, 2012Life in general
Lindsey StirlingNov 8, 2012Technique and Practicing
Schradieck It's all int the wristNov 11, 2012Technique and Practicing
Relaxation - Is it common?Nov 11, 2012Technique and Practicing
My Cheek is Uneven From Practicing ViolinNov 13, 2012Health
Can a music grad apply for a different kind of job?Nov 13, 2012Life in general
How much is too much?Nov 16, 2012Violinists
When did you learn the Bruch violin concerto no. 1?Nov 18, 2012Repertoire
Both of my wrists are in pain?Nov 19, 2012Health
VibratoNov 19, 2012Instruments
Quartet Violin II - best way to practise?Nov 22, 2012Technique and Practicing
Fine tunnersNov 22, 2012Accessories
How do Violin Virtuosos get the sound they want Nov 23, 2012Instruments
Starting violin...need some helpNov 24, 2012Technique and Practicing
Frirsz TailpieceNov 25, 2012Instruments
squeezing with left handNov 27, 2012Teaching and Pedagogy
Theories. Need it or not need it??Nov 28, 2012Teaching and Pedagogy
Is diet underestimated Nov 29, 2012Health
Violin case shells: high-tech plastics vs. wood laminate.Nov 29, 2012Accessories
Have Pets?Dec 2, 2012Repertoire
Stories about lost or stolen violinsDec 2, 2012Instruments
Adult learners - whats your goal?Dec 4, 2012Life in general
classifying your levelDec 6, 2012Instruments
Advise on my WebsiteDec 8, 2012Life in general
left-hand contact pointDec 12, 2012Technique and Practicing
Juilliard violist thinks outside the boxDec 14, 2012Instruments
A New Chinrest in the Making, and You Can Help!!!Dec 16, 2012Teaching and Pedagogy
A Good 'Il Cannone' copy?Dec 17, 2012Instruments
Warchal stringsDec 19, 2012Accessories
How to gain confidence? Dec 20, 2012Life in general
New Larsen Virtuoso StringsDec 20, 2012Instruments
Rebuilding a Foundation for an Advanced Player?Dec 25, 2012Technique and Practicing
resting violin on collar bone?Dec 25, 2012Instruments
Can someone identify this luthier? Dec 28, 2012Instruments

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