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What is musical talent?Jan 3, 2011Life in general
A HR Question on Violinist SectionJan 4, 2011Life in general
I have been playing Violin for 20+ yrs, I'm getting tired of playing.Jan 4, 2011Life in general
Cancellation policy for missed lessons?Jan 4, 2011Teaching and Pedagogy
Undergraduate performance degree - as a senior...Jan 4, 2011Schools
Romantic performance practice on the violinJan 6, 2011Technique and Practicing
Live Bow HairJan 7, 2011Instruments
Did Stradivari Make Good Sounding Violins?Jan 7, 2011Instruments
Massenet's MeditationJan 7, 2011Technique and Practicing
Do I change my vibrato or not????Jan 7, 2011Technique and Practicing
Is playing the violin bad for your health?Jan 9, 2011Health
Worst violin inventions ever?Jan 9, 2011Instruments
Rising concert pitch, and tuning forksJan 10, 2011Performing
Continuous Vibrato (CV) - should we? And going from a half- to an eighth note?Jan 10, 2011Performing
'Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior'Jan 10, 2011News
Technique vs MusicianshipJan 13, 2011Technique and Practicing
ConfidenceJan 13, 2011Performing
Recording toolsJan 14, 2011Performing
Funny jokes with string instrumentsJan 15, 2011Life in general
Let's Buy a Musafia Case For EmilyJan 17, 2011Instruments
What's wrong with this tip?Jan 17, 2011Technique and Practicing
Hill style and standard bracket style chinrest mountsJan 18, 2011Instruments
American modern instrumentsJan 19, 2011Instruments
The Violinist's Opinion of the ViolaJan 19, 2011Violinists
Erick Friedman on CBC radio Erick Friedman on Jascha Heifetz' 100th Birthday Celebration Jan 21, 2011Violinists
How often do you perform to an audienceJan 21, 2011Performing
When you are tired of the piece you are working on...Jan 22, 2011Teaching and Pedagogy
What are the important (but less mentioned) qualities of a good violin teacher?Jan 24, 2011Teaching and Pedagogy
Looking for a modern violin...Jan 25, 2011Instruments
Playing The Violin With A SawzallJan 26, 2011Technique and Practicing
What does this say about our society?????Jan 27, 2011Life in general
Starting Lessons: Your Decision — or … ?Jan 28, 2011Teaching and Pedagogy
Shoulder impingement-need encouragementJan 28, 2011Health
Help, my 12 year old hates practicing!Jan 29, 2011Technique and Practicing
Not yet a crack but....Jan 29, 2011Instruments
an attic find, that's actually worth findingJan 31, 2011Instruments
VIOLIN DAY, ANYONE?Feb 1, 2011Life in general
Impression and first impression...Feb 1, 2011Competitions
String Cleaning.Feb 2, 2011Instruments
FAIL VLOG: attempt at playing without a shoulder rest.Feb 5, 2011Technique and Practicing
Please help me finding a new violin!!!Feb 7, 2011Instruments
Orchestra Rule Book?Feb 7, 2011Orchestra
Emily's new caseFeb 8, 2011Life in general
Help! Cracked Fingers!Feb 8, 2011Health
Wolf Primo vs SecondoFeb 9, 2011Instruments
How do they do it?!Feb 9, 2011Teaching and Pedagogy
Suffering, agony and modern violin techniqueFeb 11, 2011Technique and Practicing
Do you have to play parallel to the walls in a room?Feb 11, 2011Technique and Practicing
Favorite NoteFeb 12, 2011Instruments
Can old beginners (very old) play fast?Feb 16, 2011Technique and Practicing
The worst sensation!Feb 17, 2011Violinists
Orchestra Musician: stress-free job?Feb 17, 2011Life in general
Can you identify great players' sound?Feb 18, 2011Violinists
Why is hand-made > machine-made?Feb 20, 2011Instruments
Looking for violin in 10-12K price range, where should I go?Feb 22, 2011Instruments
What about 'the thumb' when playing with NO rest/sponge?Feb 25, 2011Technique and Practicing
Positioning of the violin when playing without a shoulder rest?Feb 25, 2011Technique and Practicing
Going tapelessFeb 26, 2011Technique and Practicing
Questions about Violin Stands. Violin stands anyone?Feb 26, 2011Violinists
Hiroshi Kono owner comments?Feb 27, 2011Instruments
Here's to Winter!Mar 1, 2011Life in general
A Different Type of Hahn (not Hilary) EntirelyMar 2, 2011Instruments
Bach B minor Partita, AllemandaMar 2, 2011Repertoire
Practice = Good, Lesson = BadMar 4, 2011Technique and Practicing
Correlating Body Type with Shoulder and Chin RestsMar 5, 2011Teaching and Pedagogy
Youtube DebutMar 9, 2011Performing
Perfect Fifth Double StopsMar 9, 2011Technique and Practicing
Famous violinists playing out of tuneMar 10, 2011Violinists
Any funny or cute violin related pics to share?Mar 11, 2011Life in general
Earthquake in JapanMar 11, 2011News
The Arts Held HostageMar 11, 2011Orchestra
My search for a great violinMar 13, 2011Instruments
What determines the maximum pressure you can put on a stringMar 15, 2011Instruments
Arnold Schwarzennegger plays fiddle !Mar 15, 2011Life in general
Why do people say they can't regularly listen to concerts?Mar 16, 2011Life in general
Can you judge a teacher by their students?Mar 16, 2011Teaching and Pedagogy
The return of Tricolore stringsMar 16, 2011Instruments
3rd Position = Home Position?Mar 17, 2011Teaching and Pedagogy
How do you leave an old teacher for a new one?Mar 20, 2011Teaching and Pedagogy
Jascha Heifetz DocumentaryMar 21, 2011Violinists
Interesting Del Gesu tryoutMar 21, 2011Instruments
Help fitting in a non-artistic high schoolMar 21, 2011Life in general
Awkward....Mar 22, 2011Performing
The 2011 International Tchaikovsky Competition Has Announced the Violin Competitors And Will be Video streaming many shows!Mar 23, 2011News
Supporting Music in SendaiMar 24, 2011Life in general
Do luthiers hold secrets from each other?Mar 25, 2011Instruments
FAIL VLOG IIMar 25, 2011Technique and Practicing
Amazing young violinistsMar 26, 2011Life in general
Liebenzeller or Andrea BangMar 27, 2011Violinists
When should the fingering tape come off?Mar 27, 2011Technique and Practicing
Tonal qualities of violinsMar 27, 2011Instruments
no playing on Sundays?Mar 29, 2011Schools
Potential vs. ProdigyMar 29, 2011Violinists
Making a Quantal Leap: Fast tracking the late starterMar 29, 2011Life in general
Seriously short pinky?Mar 31, 2011Technique and Practicing
Orquestra Sinfonica Brasileira (Brazilian Symphony Orchestra) Mar 31, 2011News
The case for a tighter bow?Apr 1, 2011Technique and Practicing
Spare string sets - how long do they keepApr 2, 2011Instruments
Why does the note not get higher when I press my bow hard on the string?Apr 3, 2011Instruments
Songs that have changed your lifeApr 3, 2011Life in general
Ripping Through the Study of ViolinApr 4, 2011Technique and Practicing
Ear plugs for player/ type? and also hearing loss Apr 6, 2011Violinists
Digital Audio Recorder for Practice SessionsApr 6, 2011Technique and Practicing
Open string versus fourth finger Apr 8, 2011Technique and Practicing
Chamber group excuses....Apr 11, 2011Life in general
A good reason to use a shoulder rest?Apr 11, 2011Technique and Practicing
Time for a String Change?Apr 12, 2011Instruments
Bow holdsApr 16, 2011Technique and Practicing
A Top Orchestra Files for BankruptcyApr 18, 2011News
Is straining to play a big viola worth the effort?Apr 20, 2011Technique and Practicing
Environmental sustainability of playing the violinApr 20, 2011Life in general
Discussion of the Tonerite Device That Claims to Improve the Violin ToneApr 22, 2011Instruments
Listening to the F hole... Apr 26, 2011Performing
Sibelius Violin Concerto Experience?Apr 29, 2011Repertoire
Concertmaster ProtocolApr 30, 2011Performing
Do Bows Just Break?May 2, 2011Instruments
Trouble with Scales!May 2, 2011Technique and Practicing
how to fix crooked bowing? tips for straight bowing please...May 4, 2011Technique and Practicing
Signs a violin is 'factory made'May 5, 2011Instruments
On losing a truly great student. How best to handle it.May 5, 2011Teaching and Pedagogy
Luthier Question: End-Piece ButtonMay 6, 2011Instruments
Why are they all precious?May 7, 2011Life in general
Know anything about Chinese violins?May 8, 2011Instruments
What is talent?May 8, 2011Technique and Practicing
Ysaye Obsession SonataMay 8, 2011Repertoire
Fastest tastefull violinplaying you have ever heard?May 10, 2011Violinists
Warming up without the violinMay 17, 2011Performing
Oistrakh - double stopping a single note on a single string??!May 17, 2011Performing
Meditation and Emotions (Performance Feedback)May 18, 2011Technique and Practicing
Best Violin Strings?May 20, 2011Instruments
Exercises to improve techniqueMay 20, 2011Technique and Practicing
Question about Just IntonationMay 21, 2011Technique and Practicing
Emotions in performance - Does it really matter how the performer feel?May 21, 2011Performing
Are you left-brain dominant or right-brain dominant?May 25, 2011Life in general
Where should I eat in New York?May 25, 2011Life in general
Recambering a bow - worth it?May 26, 2011Instruments
serious neck painMay 27, 2011Teaching and Pedagogy
Symphony acknowledges they held stressful audition.May 27, 2011Orchestra
Portland Oregon V-commy Happy Hour?May 28, 2011Life in general
Mutilating bowsMay 30, 2011Instruments
Changing KeysMay 30, 2011Technique and Practicing
Taubman ApproachJun 1, 2011Health
Good Strings?Jun 6, 2011Instruments
The purpose of scales in practicingJun 7, 2011Teaching and Pedagogy
Where is the elephant?Jun 7, 2011Technique and Practicing
Is this e-mail a scam??Jun 10, 2011Life in general
Viola StringsJun 11, 2011Instruments
Are students hendered by the strings we saddle them with?Jun 12, 2011Teaching and Pedagogy
violin shapeJun 12, 2011Instruments
Beginner seeks better toneJun 12, 2011Technique and Practicing
Greatest contemporary violinist?Jun 13, 2011Violinists
Being In TuneJun 13, 2011Technique and Practicing
Can someone recommend me a good handless martial art for violinists? Jun 14, 2011Health
What work would you be willing to do on your own instrumentJun 14, 2011Instruments
Refusing pupils -- problem parents?Jun 15, 2011Teaching and Pedagogy
S. Suzuki - shoulder rest proponent?Jun 16, 2011Teaching
Not allowed to pratice?Jun 16, 2011Practicing
Exercises For IntonationJun 17, 2011Practicing
Practice/playing log book?Jun 19, 2011Life in general
Let's Argue!Jun 20, 2011Repertoire
New violin (projects very well) vs. Older violin (mellower)Jun 20, 2011Instruments
'Lady Blunt' Stradivarius sold for record £8.75 million ($14.17 million)Jun 20, 2011News
10,000 hrs - how are you doing?Jun 21, 2011Life in general
Advice you would give YourselfJun 21, 2011Technique
Breaking free from this plateauJun 25, 2011Technique
After de Beriot Scene de ballet...Jun 26, 2011Technique
Is 12 too young to join V.com?Jun 30, 2011Life in general
How to keep chamois moistJun 30, 2011Accessories
No Gold Medal Awarded for Violin in 2011 International Tchaikovsky CompetitionJun 30, 2011News
How to select rosin?Jul 2, 2011Accessories
Sight Reading: Can you or not?Jul 2, 2011Technique and Practicing
Shoulder RestsJul 4, 2011Accessories
Playing in tune on gut stringsJul 4, 2011Accessories
Can a non player be a luthier?Jul 6, 2011Instruments
Raising the ChinrestJul 7, 2011Accessories
Politics in MusicJul 8, 2011Life in general
E stringsJul 8, 2011Accessories
2 old Violins, One Parent needs helpJul 10, 2011Instruments
Devil's InstrumentJul 16, 2011Instruments
Taught two different techniques, which do you choose?Jul 18, 2011Technique and Practicing
How to hold your bowJul 22, 2011Instruments
Gidon Kremer's letter to VerbierJul 23, 2011News
Tips on trying out new instruments and bowsJul 24, 2011Viola
Does a pad under the violin dampen the tone?Jul 25, 2011Instruments
Where to apply, and how to get through college application hell?Jul 26, 2011Schools
Is there truth in, 'You get what you pay for?'Jul 27, 2011Instruments
3/4 Violin for Tall manJul 27, 2011Instruments
Fritz Kreisler's VibratoJul 29, 2011Instruments
Warchal strings reviewJul 29, 2011Accessories
Ideal Viola Tone ?Jul 31, 2011Viola
Help with finding motivation and finding a practice routineAug 2, 2011Technique and Practicing
A 'violin fingering thesaurus'Aug 4, 2011Technique and Practicing
'Selective' vibratoAug 3, 2011Technique and Practicing
most demanding orchestral partAug 4, 2011Repertoire
Violin by Lorenzo LocatelliAug 6, 2011Instruments
PLEASE HELP: Chin rest causes wolfAug 9, 2011Instruments
string lifespan - synthetic vs. gut-core?Aug 11, 2011Instruments
Help on releasing the index finger side of my left hand from the violin neck.Aug 13, 2011Technique and Practicing
vibrato with the fourth fingerAug 14, 2011Technique and Practicing
Virtuosos Becoming a Dime a Dozen???Aug 15, 2011Technique and Practicing
Beethoven vs. Bach vs. Mozart: who is the best?Aug 15, 2011Repertoire
Need help to achieve greatness!Aug 17, 2011Schools
Moved to tears?Aug 19, 2011Technique and Practicing
'Waking' a brand-new instrumentAug 19, 2011Instruments
New to gut stringsAug 21, 2011Instruments
Dominant or ............Aug 21, 2011Accessories
Buying an instrumentAug 22, 2011Instruments
playing rest-less YouTube?Aug 24, 2011Teaching and Pedagogy
a $16,000,000 guarneri(?) violin on ebay...is this for real?Aug 25, 2011Instruments
How did quickly Strad's varnish wear away?Aug 27, 2011Instruments
Etudes to bridge between Kayser and MazasAug 30, 2011Teaching and Pedagogy
Which way for palm facing?Aug 30, 2011Instruments
mistakeSep 1, 2011Instruments
Violin Super Powers, Do You Have Any?Sep 2, 2011Life in general
Perfect Pitch! Help!Sep 4, 2011Technique and Practicing
Looking for Sponsored ViolinSep 4, 2011Instruments
Should musicality be taught?Sep 4, 2011Teaching and Pedagogy
romantic pieces please???Sep 4, 2011Instruments
'Is That a Vacuum Cleaner?': A CASE of Mistaken IdentitySep 5, 2011Accessories
Raised grain on the topSep 5, 2011Instruments
Private Teacher on the Brink of TearsSep 7, 2011Teaching and Pedagogy
How to practice for a room full of strangers?Sep 9, 2011Technique and Practicing
Keeping shoulder rest on violin 24x7Sep 11, 2011Instruments
Musafia or Musilia? That is (not) the question.Sep 11, 2011Life in general
Experiences with violin dealers and shopsSep 11, 2011Instruments
using a digital or chromatic tuner to help develop good intonationSep 13, 2011Technique and Practicing
I need a stronger A stringSep 16, 2011Viola
Noisy audience?Sep 17, 2011Life in general
How long to practiceSep 17, 2011Technique and Practicing
Violin A vs. Violin BSep 18, 2011Instruments
Composing for idiotsSep 18, 2011Repertoire
Rosin preferences... light vs dark... and its impact on soundSep 19, 2011Accessories
Composition Software AdviceSep 19, 2011Accessories
soundpost scienceSep 20, 2011Instruments
What do I need for my violinSep 21, 2011Accessories
'The only good vibrato, is the one that can lead a current'Sep 21, 2011Technique and Practicing
Strings breaking in fingerboard areaSep 21, 2011Instruments
There seems to be a lot of mature aged violin students out there!!!!Sep 22, 2011Life in general
I Am Not To Fond Of My New TeacherSep 23, 2011Teaching and Pedagogy
Firsts versus secondsSep 23, 2011Repertoire
Tuning without tuner same as with tuner. How come?Sep 23, 2011Technique and Practicing
Morally Corrupt modern makersSep 25, 2011Instruments
Pressing too much with first finger on bow arm?Sep 26, 2011Teaching and Pedagogy
Bowing variationsSep 30, 2011Technique and Practicing
Violin ScalesOct 2, 2011Technique and Practicing
Playing without music in front of you Oct 4, 2011Technique and Practicing
Ditched My Shoulder RestOct 4, 2011Technique and Practicing
The new phantom adjustable shoulder rest -luthier opinionOct 5, 2011Instruments
vibrato down or up?Oct 8, 2011Technique and Practicing
Anyone on Twitter?Oct 9, 2011Life in general
Tag: ComposerOct 10, 2011Repertoire
Ditch the Tux?Oct 13, 2011Life in general
Your favourite piece, and the most overplayed concerto and sonataOct 15, 2011Repertoire
After Suzuki....Then What?Oct 16, 2011Repertoire
Thin Shoulder Pad RecommendationsOct 17, 2011Accessories
Violin Self-StudyOct 19, 2011Technique and Practicing
Cat Scratch FeverOct 19, 2011Technique and Practicing
Violin termsOct 20, 2011Life in general
How accurate does your intonation have to be?Oct 22, 2011Technique and Practicing
CasesOct 23, 2011Instruments
Dounis Finger IndependenceOct 25, 2011Technique and Practicing
Modern violins - part two!!Oct 25, 2011Instruments
Playing with emotionOct 26, 2011Technique and Practicing
Tweak to the discussion board softwareOct 27, 2011Life in general
How do you recognize a specific violinist?Oct 31, 2011Violinists
Letter Sent Out by Management of Louisville OrchestraOct 31, 2011News
Vision Titanium Solo's or Titanium Orchestra'sOct 31, 2011Instruments
Your worst mishapNov 1, 2011Instruments
A 29 yrs old newbie. Nov 1, 2011Life in general
Notation softwareNov 1, 2011Accessories
My teaching websiteNov 2, 2011Schools
Who is your favourite violinist for Mendelsshon violin concerto in E minorNov 2, 2011Violinists
How much Hours a day do you dedicate to playing instruements?Nov 2, 2011Life in general
Percussive bowingNov 2, 2011Technique and Practicing
2 month newbie - Stiff wrist for bowingNov 3, 2011Technique and Practicing
This is not supposed to happenNov 4, 2011Accessories
Quest for best E stringNov 5, 2011Accessories
Wojciech Topa and his instruments??Nov 5, 2011Instruments
Motivating a student who is DRIPPING with talent, yet underperformsNov 5, 2011Teaching and Pedagogy
Are artists more suspectiable to mental/emotional issues then non-artists?Nov 5, 2011Health
Refurbishing Bad TechniqueNov 8, 2011Teaching and Pedagogy
Why Yehudi Menuhin teach to only hold violin by the thumb and the fingertip?Nov 9, 2011Technique and Practicing
why are classical musicians and conductors so quiet?Nov 9, 2011Violinists
2 ViolinsNov 10, 2011Instruments
Can I Tackle the Tchaikovsky?Nov 11, 2011Repertoire
Are Wolf Tones Always a Bad Thing?Nov 11, 2011Instruments
Ideal Bow WeightNov 13, 2011Instruments
Left Hand Stretches without violinNov 13, 2011Technique and Practicing
Suggestion for Violinist.com WebsiteNov 16, 2011Life in general
which of Bach's S&P's should i start onNov 16, 2011Repertoire
Cornerless ViolinNov 16, 2011Instruments
What is your favorite string to play on?Nov 16, 2011Life in general
Playability of A ViolinNov 18, 2011Instruments
To look or not to look?Nov 18, 2011Technique and Practicing
baroque violin needed!!!Nov 18, 2011Instruments
What does Fischer mean by playing Nov 20, 2011Technique and Practicing
I'm in second grade and I feel like I have cheated to get here...Nov 22, 2011Technique and Practicing
WD40 helps strings vs sweaty handsNov 23, 2011Instruments
Evah Pirazzi violin strings...Nov 23, 2011Instruments
Acoustic effect of playing with a muteNov 24, 2011Instruments
Rosin under the bridge, a sticky situation.Nov 26, 2011Instruments
Am I too late?Nov 26, 2011Technique and Practicing
Shifting and Finger Accuracy at Slow SpeedNov 27, 2011Technique and Practicing
Intonation for the Musically Challenged.Nov 27, 2011Technique and Practicing
Is it possible to become a professional violinist if i startedNov 27, 2011Instruments
Mad cow disease fears over violin stringsNov 27, 2011Accessories
Stradivarius violin 'replicated' by radiologistNov 29, 2011Instruments
Dueling Bach DoublesNov 30, 2011Violinists
Back to teaching myself?Nov 30, 2011Teaching and Pedagogy
Playing in the near-darkDec 2, 2011Technique and Practicing
Review: the new Warchal Russian Style ADec 2, 2011Accessories
Solo Violin vs. Ensemble Violin: What's the difference?Dec 3, 2011Instruments
Vibrato/HealthDec 4, 2011Technique and Practicing
Loud Metronome WantedDec 4, 2011Instruments
Not the Dec 5, 2011Repertoire
Are you interested in your instrument?Dec 7, 2011Instruments
Losing My Ability To PlayDec 11, 2011Technique and Practicing
Are cases bad for violins?Dec 11, 2011Instruments
Are musicians being trained to care for their tools?Dec 11, 2011Life in general
Violinist playing violaDec 12, 2011Viola
Brahms Violin ConcertoDec 13, 2011Repertoire
Wired after playing?Dec 13, 2011Violinists
Violin performance camp - for adultsDec 14, 2011Schools
How come so few of the stars really play the most demanding pieces?Dec 14, 2011Violinists
scale modes for improvisiationDec 14, 2011Repertoire
Group signalsDec 15, 2011Violinists
Please, Santa, bring me a vibrato for ChristmasDec 15, 2011Technique and Practicing
Yamaha Acoustic ViolinDec 18, 2011Instruments
Wearing rings while playingDec 18, 2011Violinists
Goals for 2012Dec 18, 2011Life in general
Lesson with a virtuoso - how should I approach it?Dec 22, 2011Teaching and Pedagogy
After Mozart...skipping Mendelssohn?Dec 22, 2011Repertoire
You sound better than you thinkDec 22, 2011Instruments
Crazy things done by conductorsDec 22, 2011Life in general
Are you Sensual?Dec 23, 2011Life in general
Another expensive violin goes missingDec 23, 2011News
40 year old instrument went``dead``, built too thin? Possibly other reasons? Dec 24, 2011Instruments
How would you finger this? (16th notes)Dec 26, 2011Technique and Practicing
20th century violin techniqueDec 27, 2011Technique and Practicing
Violin is too 'girly' for me?Dec 28, 2011Life in general
A True Prodigy...!!Dec 28, 2011Instruments
Too old to go back to College?Dec 28, 2011Teaching and Pedagogy
Christophe Landon ViolinDec 30, 2011Instruments
Who do you think you’re fooling?Dec 31, 2011Life in general
Violinist seeking violaDec 31, 2011Viola
Professional chances??Dec 31, 2011Instruments

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