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To All of Our Jewish Violinist!Jan 1, 2010Life in general
violin hold with vibrato problems...Jan 2, 2010Technique and Practicing
Wondering what the heck an E sharp is?! Or if that even exists?!Jan 9, 2010Technique and Practicing
Cleveland Orchestra to strike before Miami residencyJan 9, 2010News
Your violin adventures!Jan 16, 2010Instruments
Getting an instrument on loan?Jan 17, 2010Instruments
How to play Thrash Metal on violin? Please share your techniques?Jan 18, 2010Technique and Practicing
Smooth bow transitionsJan 18, 2010Technique and Practicing
First Frets a blessing for violin teachersJan 23, 2010Teaching and Pedagogy
Schradieck stretchJan 25, 2010Technique and Practicing
Reaching the Tip of the Bow -- Why Not Use a 3/4 bow with a 4/4 violin?Jan 25, 2010Instruments
Help with a Modern FiddleJan 27, 2010Instruments
What is the weirdest place where you have ever played or where you would wish to play?Jan 27, 2010Performing
Gut Equivalent to Evah Pirazzi?Jan 27, 2010Instruments
Can you help me figure this out?Feb 1, 2010Instruments
Modern Violins Feb 1, 2010Instruments
Time management and practice.Feb 2, 2010Technique and Practicing
what if it's not going so well?Feb 3, 2010Teaching and Pedagogy
To shoulder-rest, or not?Feb 5, 2010Technique and Practicing
Really a Strad? I think not!Feb 8, 2010Instruments
Can't seem to hold it properly.... ???!Feb 8, 2010Technique and Practicing
Playing an instrument or learning to play?Feb 10, 2010Life in general
Is it helpful to have musical parentsFeb 11, 2010Technique and Practicing
Books about violinistsFeb 12, 2010Life in general
Intonation - some beginner thoughts and advice pleaseFeb 12, 2010Technique and Practicing
Pets & Violinists.Feb 12, 2010Violinists
Violinist Patricia Travers, 1928-2010 Feb 15, 2010Violinists
Improving My Sight-ReadingFeb 17, 2010Technique and Practicing
A good car for violinists?Feb 17, 2010Life in general
My first violin lesson!!Feb 19, 2010Life in general
Free new design violin bridge sounds like a Strad.Feb 19, 2010Violinists
Case InsulationFeb 22, 2010Instruments
Can poor bowing technique cause an open E-squeal?Feb 22, 2010Technique and Practicing
Cues in ConductingFeb 22, 2010Orchestra
MusicalityFeb 23, 2010Technique and Practicing
Brand NewFeb 23, 2010Technique and Practicing
Which bridge to use?Feb 25, 2010Instruments
Advice for an aspiring concert violinist?Feb 26, 2010Violinists
Four five tuners v. one on the EFeb 27, 2010Instruments
Violin maintenanceMar 2, 2010Instruments
New PI Infeld stringMar 3, 2010Instruments
How did Bach develop his violin skills?Mar 4, 2010Technique and Practicing
How do you get your students to practice?Mar 4, 2010Teaching and Pedagogy
Longtime pianist interested in beginning violin as adult -- advice?Mar 4, 2010Technique and Practicing
Years later, Jensen's words ring true.Mar 4, 2010Instruments
Double Stop OctavesMar 6, 2010Technique and Practicing
Old World Violin Shoppe InformationMar 9, 2010Instruments
Why do we tune in 5ths?Mar 9, 2010Instruments
Frustrated with tuningMar 9, 2010Technique and Practicing
Nurnberger Violin BowMar 10, 2010Instruments
Interference with teachingMar 16, 2010Teaching and Pedagogy
British and French Modern FiddlesMar 16, 2010Instruments
You go, girl!Mar 21, 2010News
Using a D as an A. Could this damage my student's violin?Mar 24, 2010Teaching and Pedagogy
Could this tailpiece crack be a deal breaker? I really want to buy this violin...Mar 31, 2010Instruments
Who are some of the better not very well known soloists? Apr 3, 2010Violinists
Concertmaster/mistressApr 3, 2010Violinists
What to consider when loaning a violin to a studentApr 7, 2010Instruments
Teens and Classical MusicApr 8, 2010Performing
Metronome?Or not?Apr 11, 2010Technique and Practicing
Not Classically trained...is there room for us here?Apr 12, 2010Repertoire
A beginners learning curve and frustrationApr 12, 2010Technique and Practicing
Abnormality of a violinApr 14, 2010Technique and Practicing
Intonation Tips?Apr 14, 2010Technique and Practicing
Student violins vs. professionalApr 16, 2010Instruments
Left-handed violin for my two-year left-handed grandson ?Apr 20, 2010Instruments
New version of the Strings Passione Solo for violinApr 21, 2010Instruments
A Question to Fiddlers; Non-ClassicalApr 21, 2010Teaching and Pedagogy
Is it reasonable to request setup changes when buying a violin?Apr 21, 2010Instruments
Are You Left or Right HandedApr 22, 2010Technique and Practicing
Are Ballgames harmful for Violinist?Apr 22, 2010Health
Master Classes for adult beginnersApr 24, 2010Teaching and Pedagogy
Personality and playingApr 24, 2010Performing
How are David Burgess instruments?Apr 26, 2010Instruments
Is there really any such thing as a 'quality' bowApr 26, 2010Instruments
A question about when to change hand positions on the violin.Apr 26, 2010Technique and Practicing
i hate it when others use the word prodigy, and i call this kid a prodigy! :)Apr 27, 2010Performing
Re: Manners (expectation of good ones)Apr 30, 2010Teaching and Pedagogy
Non-classical Violin MusicMay 2, 2010Life in general
Playin' the blues.May 2, 2010Technique and Practicing
Learning to Play-by-EarMay 3, 2010Technique and Practicing
Musical Cat NamesMay 4, 2010Life in general
Public speaking and public violin performing?…May 5, 2010Performing
Chinese Bowmaker at Shar for $6000?!May 5, 2010Instruments
about Gliga violins?May 7, 2010Instruments
Adults are quitters?!May 8, 2010Teaching and Pedagogy
Cleaning rosin build-up off the strings.May 8, 2010Instruments
Beginner and Strings.May 8, 2010Instruments
violin resonanceMay 9, 2010Instruments
Should I postpone my lesson if I've been too ill to practice?May 9, 2010Teaching and Pedagogy
Gold-mounted or silver?May 11, 2010Instruments
Bach Sonatas and Partitas: time to do away with all editions!May 11, 2010Repertoire
Highest quality violin string?May 13, 2010Instruments
Gift ideas for young boyMay 15, 2010Technique and Practicing
Ernst Heinrich Roth ViolinMay 15, 2010Instruments
You may call me Herr ProfessorMay 19, 2010News
Seeking Input from Adult BeginnersMay 21, 2010Teaching and Pedagogy
What I need to point out and to know if I order a custom made instrumentMay 24, 2010Instruments
Late starter - where am I heading to?May 25, 2010Life in general
Musically, what is the greatest violin concerto?May 25, 2010Repertoire
Ever Feel good enough?May 26, 2010Technique and Practicing
I HAVE to play.May 27, 2010Technique and Practicing
Strads Behind GlassMay 27, 2010Instruments
What to expect as a freshman music major?May 27, 2010Schools
What is the most you would pay for lessons?May 29, 2010Teaching and Pedagogy
Violin to Viola: repetoireMay 31, 2010Repertoire
Taking breaks while practicingJun 1, 2010Technique and Practicing
Just by the look, how to tell that is a Strad or a Guarneri.Jun 2, 2010Instruments
violins by G. A. ChanotJun 3, 2010Instruments
Question for teachers: can you play everything you assign? Jun 4, 2010Teaching and Pedagogy
Wrist action and rapid shifts Jun 4, 2010Technique and Practicing
Ricci on GlissandoJun 4, 2010Teaching and Pedagogy
Professional seeks violinJun 5, 2010Instruments
Do Contemporary Violins Decay with Time?Jun 5, 2010Instruments
Yet another finger-tape discussionJun 6, 2010Technique and Practicing
Faster page turnsJun 8, 2010Performing
Your Parent Has CancerJun 8, 2010Life in general
Sticking pegs?Jun 9, 2010Instruments
How do you clean your strings after practicing?Jun 10, 2010Instruments
Getting over performance nerves.Jun 10, 2010Performing
I fell in love with my violin because....Jun 13, 2010Instruments
Sibelius 3rd mvt - Harder Than it looks??Jun 13, 2010Repertoire
What am i missing ?Jun 15, 2010Repertoire
What would you play IF you're aboard the sinking Titanic?Jun 17, 2010Life in general
Julia Fischer performs and speaks about Paganini 24Jun 19, 2010Violinists
David Oistrakh complete EMI recordings - 17 CD setJun 19, 2010Violinists
Asking price for the Vieuxtemps Guarneri: $18 millionJun 19, 2010News
What do we sound like?Jun 22, 2010Performing
Left hand death gripJun 24, 2010Technique and Practicing
Priceless violin or Outstanding violin - does it matter?Jun 28, 2010Instruments
Hypocrisy in the violin tradeJun 30, 2010Instruments
Playing games on conductorsJun 30, 2010Orchestra
11th position on E string and NO shoulder restJul 5, 2010Technique and Practicing
Maximal violin storrage temperatureJul 5, 2010Instruments
Christophe Landon speaks...Jul 6, 2010Instruments
Beginner end 'standard' concertos for music school auditions?Jul 6, 2010Repertoire
Extremely Expensive Bows: How Much of a Difference?Jul 6, 2010Orchestra
Was Frank Sinatra Influenced by Heifetz?Jul 6, 2010Life in general
Left Wrist supinate/pronate?Jul 7, 2010Technique and Practicing
who should I trust? A korg tuner or my teacherJul 8, 2010Technique and Practicing
Any physical limitations on your playing?Jul 9, 2010Health
Adult violin beginnersJul 9, 2010Teaching and Pedagogy
Unknown factor XJul 11, 2010Technique and Practicing
How many pieces/etudes do you work on at a time?Jul 12, 2010Technique and Practicing
Contemporary Italian Violin Makers?Jul 12, 2010Instruments
Vibrato and TrillsJul 12, 2010Technique and Practicing
How should a classical violinist learn to fiddle?Jul 12, 2010Technique and Practicing
Yamaha SV-255 electric 5-string. My review.Jul 12, 2010Instruments
without a chin restJul 15, 2010Technique and Practicing
String choice for a dark violinJul 15, 2010Instruments
Why bother?Jul 15, 2010Life in general
Intonation helpJul 16, 2010Technique and Practicing
Violins by Hiroshi KonoJul 16, 2010Instruments
ViolinistsJul 17, 2010Violinists
Tonality: playing versus listeningJul 19, 2010Technique and Practicing
5-string violinsJul 19, 2010Instruments
Composition Jul 20, 2010Performing
What do YOU think?Jul 22, 2010Performing
Volume control - best way - or best ways??Jul 23, 2010Technique and Practicing
bach sarabande supported by shoulder rest, chin rest, strad pad:)Jul 23, 2010Teaching and Pedagogy
Finding BalanceJul 24, 2010Technique and Practicing
Semiquavers (eighth notes) and vibratoJul 26, 2010Technique and Practicing
Classical Musicians in feature films???Jul 26, 2010Life in general
Looking for a substitute for the chin restJul 27, 2010Health
American vs. European conservatoriesJul 27, 2010Schools
When do we get beautiful sound?Jul 28, 2010Technique and Practicing
Shifting with out the 'meow'Jul 28, 2010Technique and Practicing
Musicality??Jul 29, 2010Performing
Just for girls?Jul 31, 2010Life in general
Tips for waiters, tips for teachers?Aug 1, 2010Teaching and Pedagogy
A string that doesn't ring.Aug 1, 2010Instruments
Teaching yourself violinAug 1, 2010Teaching and Pedagogy
IMSLP/Petrucci... Great websites or disrespectful?Aug 2, 2010Repertoire
European airline Ryanair forces violinists to buy seat for their instrumentsAug 3, 2010News
The Basics - What shouldn't be taughtAug 3, 2010Teaching and Pedagogy
A bow for the mo'Aug 5, 2010Performing
'What To Do About My Local Orchestra' Aug 6, 2010Orchestra
Does anyone else get thirsty when you're practicing?Aug 6, 2010Technique and Practicing
How many notes per bow?Aug 7, 2010Technique and Practicing
Hurting Aug 8, 2010Health
A new Golden era for violinists?Aug 9, 2010Violinists
vegetarian violinistsAug 9, 2010Life in general
Whether you're born to be a virtuoso violinist?Aug 11, 2010Violinists
Buy a violin in ChinaAug 13, 2010Instruments
practicing positionsAug 14, 2010Technique and Practicing
too old at 69???Aug 16, 2010Life in general
Playing without a shoulder restAug 18, 2010Technique and Practicing
Women Violin MakersAug 20, 2010Instruments
Most technically difficult violin piece?Aug 20, 2010Repertoire
Has anybody else had a recital go wrong?Aug 21, 2010Performing
Music lessons for the 'average' playerAug 23, 2010Teaching and Pedagogy
Undertones?Aug 25, 2010Instruments
boozing on the bow strings?Aug 25, 2010Performing
Playing With a Shoulder Rest (Video)Aug 26, 2010Technique and Practicing
Designing my practise studioAug 27, 2010Technique and Practicing
Violin making careerAug 29, 2010Schools
Left-handed violinist/virtuosoAug 30, 2010Life in general
Etudes for BachAug 31, 2010Technique and Practicing
Looking for a 7/8 violin bowSep 6, 2010Instruments
Paganini of IndiaSep 6, 2010Performing
difference between a violin and fiddle???Sep 7, 2010Life in general
What do we sound like #IISep 9, 2010Performing
Would you recommend this violin?Sep 9, 2010Instruments
Teacher needs helpSep 10, 2010Teaching and Pedagogy
My Mother Had Throat CancerSep 10, 2010Life in general
How to quit violin?Sep 12, 2010Teaching and Pedagogy
spiccato help neededSep 12, 2010Technique and Practicing
Baroque Violin TroublesSep 15, 2010Technique and Practicing
So many beginner violins, which one would be right for me?Sep 15, 2010Instruments
Why do you place the violin?Sep 15, 2010Life in general
Poggi Maybe ?Sep 16, 2010Instruments
Old vs. NewSep 21, 2010Instruments
classical music dying?Sep 21, 2010Life in general
Piano vs Violin music theory?Sep 22, 2010Repertoire
Any Ideas for Good Violin Cases?Sep 23, 2010Instruments
John Newton canadian LuthierSep 24, 2010Instruments
intonationSep 26, 2010Technique and Practicing
When to change violins?Sep 26, 2010Instruments
When is it time to join a community orchestra? Sep 26, 2010Orchestra
Playing open strings as a Rule.Sep 26, 2010Technique and Practicing
Thumb action - bow handSep 26, 2010Technique and Practicing
NeighborsSep 27, 2010Life in general
Perfect 5th: TuningSep 29, 2010Technique and Practicing
Fischer's Tone Production DVD: 1st Reactions?Sep 29, 2010Technique and Practicing
Teen violinist commits suicideSep 29, 2010News
Improve technique can you do it?Sep 30, 2010Technique and Practicing
How to play MozartOct 1, 2010Technique and Practicing
Fiddling blogOct 2, 2010Technique and Practicing
Blue tak (A sort of plasticine thingy)Oct 2, 2010Instruments
Playing in tune: mechanical or auditory?Oct 6, 2010Technique and Practicing
Can the horse hair on your bow actually wear out?Oct 7, 2010Technique and Practicing
Can we use the Suzuki violin method books to label students?Oct 7, 2010Technique and Practicing
Flying staccato - also called stiff arm staccato?Oct 8, 2010Technique and Practicing
Days off from practice: a constructive technique?Oct 8, 2010Technique and Practicing
Detroit Symphony Strikes - will Sarah Chang go through with recital?Oct 9, 2010News
UK carbon fibre violinOct 11, 2010Instruments
Easier or more difficult to play on a better violin?Oct 12, 2010Instruments
Playing In a MasterclassOct 12, 2010Performing
MelodyOct 14, 2010Repertoire
Violin Restoration - Where to begin?Oct 14, 2010Instruments
Storing MusicOct 16, 2010Life in general
Memorization - Duh!Oct 20, 2010Technique and Practicing
The Hartford Insurance Company WoesOct 20, 2010Instruments
Golf, Zen and the ViolinOct 22, 2010Performing
Anna KarkowskaOct 22, 2010Violinists
Rosin problemOct 26, 2010Instruments
Anne Akiko Meyers + Keith Olbermann + Molitor StradOct 27, 2010Instruments
How many marks do you think those grade 8 violin holders (Distinction) got? Oct 30, 2010Violinists
What do you think of people teaching themselves the violin by means of video tutorials online?Oct 31, 2010Life in general
Violin GlovesOct 31, 2010Health
60 year old violinist sues Young Concert Artists IncNov 1, 2010News
Another eBay question, but not for cheap violinsNov 3, 2010Instruments
You Tube Symphony 2011 - Who's auditioning???Nov 3, 2010Orchestra
perfect pitch - can it be developed?Nov 3, 2010Technique and Practicing
baroque violin in painting??Nov 5, 2010Life in general
How to Update From a $200 Chinese Violin Bow? :)Nov 5, 2010Life in general
What's the harm with dry air?Nov 7, 2010Instruments
HurtingNov 7, 2010Life in general
Discovering unknown talented LuthiersNov 8, 2010Instruments
Stuck? Play it faster...Nov 10, 2010Technique and Practicing
Shaving down the neck of your violinNov 11, 2010Instruments
Violin vs ViolaNov 12, 2010Instruments
Violin shopping with friendsNov 13, 2010Life in general
Violin balance in duo or trio recital with grand pianoNov 16, 2010Performing
Is this bridge angled wrong?Nov 17, 2010Instruments
Low tension stringsNov 17, 2010Life in general
Observations from a NewbieNov 19, 2010Life in general
Has your violin got a name?Nov 19, 2010Life in general
Authenticating Old InstrumentsNov 19, 2010Life in general
would you let someone else try your instrument? Nov 22, 2010Instruments
Breaking in a new bowNov 22, 2010Instruments
New to shifting -How to keep 'it all' straight in my head ?Nov 23, 2010Technique and Practicing
UpgradingNov 24, 2010Instruments
Scandinavian Airlines now prohibits violins as carry-on.Nov 24, 2010News
Strangleld older violin needs help- can a fat coat of NEW varnish be removed?Nov 26, 2010Instruments
Pre-practice rituals...Nov 27, 2010Technique and Practicing
1st or 2nd violin quartet - which would you rather??Nov 30, 2010Performing
What do you Keep in your Violin Case? Nov 30, 2010Life in general
You know you are a violinist when....Dec 3, 2010Life in general
Finding Your Niche?Dec 3, 2010Performing
learning positions vs learning notes...Dec 4, 2010Technique and Practicing
Funny Violin StoriesDec 4, 2010Life in general
Alternative to Dominants?Dec 6, 2010Instruments
WHO IS ARTHUR GRUMIAUXDec 6, 2010Violinists
Perfectionistic or Messy-mind? Dec 6, 2010Life in general
You know you are a violinist when.... you start this again!Dec 7, 2010Life in general
Thieves steal £1.2m Stradivarius near London EustonDec 7, 2010News
Help in the gerbil zone...Dec 13, 2010Life in general
Anna Karkowska IIDec 13, 2010Violinists
When the best recording is too good...Dec 13, 2010Performing
How do we get people to attend live concerts?Dec 15, 2010Life in general
You know you are a string quartet violinist when....Dec 16, 2010Life in general
SHOULD TEACHER PLAY DURING LESSON?Dec 18, 2010Teaching and Pedagogy
Being obsessive about BrahmsDec 21, 2010Life in general
Violin CasesDec 22, 2010Instruments
Home audio and the musician...Dec 24, 2010Life in general
New Year's resolutions for 2011Dec 26, 2010Life in general
Great female violinists of the pastDec 26, 2010Violinists
How to control a shaking bow hand during a performanceDec 30, 2010Performing
Low tension vs High tension stringsDec 31, 2010Instruments

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