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The 'sensitive female chord progression'?Jan 1, 2009News
Violin New Year's Resolutions 2009Jan 1, 2009Life in general
What is your opinion on this change?Jan 1, 2009Performing
Vibrato with no shoulder rest Jan 2, 2009Technique and Practicing
Multiple violinsJan 4, 2009Instruments
The Instrument Market Today - Fine Violins & Violin Bows?Jan 6, 2009Instruments
Expensive Violin really worth the $$?Jan 6, 2009Instruments
viola recordings & performersJan 7, 2009Repertoire
Sick of dominant strings.. any suggestions?Jan 10, 2009Instruments
Dominant strings go bad quickJan 13, 2009Instruments
How do I expand my studio?Jan 13, 2009Teaching and Pedagogy
Goal setting for competitionsJan 15, 2009Competitions
Flying overseas with a violin - tips, suggestions, ideas, warnings, recommendations, etc.Jan 17, 2009Instruments
haggling a commissioned violinJan 18, 2009Instruments
How much time to learn a new piece?Jan 18, 2009Technique and Practicing
new or old instrument?Jan 19, 2009Instruments
inaugurationJan 20, 2009Life in general
First time buyer need help.Jan 20, 2009Instruments
Another string questionJan 21, 2009Instruments
Will Obama appoint a Secretary for the Arts?Jan 22, 2009News
Inauguration music was a recording! Milli-Vanilli strike again!Jan 24, 2009News
How do you obtain an appraisal/verification of authenticity if the shop doesn't provide nor wants to provide one?Jan 24, 2009Instruments
Trouble convincing my parents to go to music school.Jan 26, 2009Schools
What would you ask Hilary Hahn?Jan 26, 2009Violinists
Economic meltdown and performing artsJan 28, 2009News
Music for seduction?Jan 29, 2009Repertoire
finetuners and soundJan 29, 2009Instruments
Chubby leads to violin or violin leads to chubby?Jan 30, 2009Health
Double Major?Jan 30, 2009
Is the name pronounced TCHAIcoughski or TchaiKOVski?Feb 1, 2009Life in general
Experiences of Pro Musician Taking Up ViolinFeb 2, 2009Technique and Practicing
Volcano Ash and the ViolinFeb 2, 2009Instruments
Can pirazzis sound like gut?Feb 2, 2009Instruments
most impressive violinperformance on youtubeFeb 4, 2009Violinists
The NightmareFeb 5, 2009Life in general
Personal bloopers Feb 5, 2009Orchestra
Amazon now offers cheap violinsFeb 5, 2009Instruments
Falling out of love...Feb 7, 2009Repertoire
Are Conductors Untouchable?Feb 8, 2009Orchestra
Ida Haendel still amazing at age 81!Feb 9, 2009Violinists
Anyone an Ivry Gitlis fan?Feb 12, 2009Violinists
What would you ask Janine Jansen?Feb 16, 2009Violinists
Musician JokesFeb 18, 2009Life in general
Today's violin (sonata) recital programming compared with recital programs of the past.Feb 22, 2009Repertoire
Structural ambivalence of BachFeb 23, 2009Repertoire
A female concertmaster for Vienna Philharmonic ?!?!Feb 25, 2009News
Instrument VolumeFeb 26, 2009Instruments
Late bloomers and adult beginnersFeb 27, 2009Life in general
How to predict the future of a new violinMar 1, 2009Instruments
Hilary Hahn interviewMar 3, 2009News
Left hand touching side of neck?Mar 3, 2009Technique and Practicing
bow arm height and its implications,,,Mar 6, 2009Teaching and Pedagogy
Musician Who Lost Forearm to a Drug Reaction Wins Right to Sue ManufacturerMar 8, 2009News
Stiff or Flexible Bow?Mar 9, 2009Violinists
Suggestions for managing an orchestral piece that's just too fast?Mar 10, 2009Orchestra
Old-fashioned EditingMar 11, 2009Technique and Practicing
tell me sweet little lies...Mar 12, 2009Teaching and Pedagogy
Do you have a good hand-eye coordination?Mar 15, 2009Life in general
Once upon a time there was God.And He said:let there be light. And there was music :)...Mar 17, 2009Life in general
Violinists with a unique, one-of-a-kind sound or approachMar 17, 2009Violinists
Advice needed for buying a professional grade instrumentMar 18, 2009Instruments
Shoulder rest to improve vibrato swing.Mar 20, 2009Technique and Practicing
How far have you travelled to see a violinist perform?Mar 22, 2009Life in general
'Yehudi Menuhin' -- a bad word?Mar 22, 2009News
Cincinnati's hate affair with its artistic directorsMar 22, 2009News
Two Unaccompianied Violins- any good repertoire?Mar 24, 2009Repertoire
Violin vs. ViolinistMar 24, 2009Instruments
What to play when violin shopping?Mar 25, 2009Instruments
The New Formula TonicaMar 27, 2009Instruments
Problem of having cold hands, becoming inflexible, slow and insensibleMar 30, 2009Technique and Practicing
What to do?Mar 31, 2009Life in general
Sarah Chang's vibrato, my vibratoMar 31, 2009Technique and Practicing
Non shoulder rest usersApr 1, 2009Technique and Practicing
OLD WOOD VS NEWApr 1, 2009Instruments
Fingerboard stickers? Good? Bad?Apr 3, 2009Technique and Practicing
Opera Violin Strings ReviewedApr 5, 2009Instruments
String Tube?Apr 5, 2009Instruments
Do mutes affect intonation?Apr 5, 2009Technique and Practicing
SENIORS- Where are you going??Apr 8, 2009Schools
Suzuki MethodApr 9, 2009Teaching and Pedagogy
Understanding BachApr 10, 2009Repertoire
Do Adult Beginner Violin Virtuosos Exist?Apr 12, 2009Violinists
The greatest violin & piano encore piece? (your opinion)Apr 12, 2009Repertoire
Changing the stringsApr 13, 2009Instruments
Five year old plays Mendelssohn ConcertoApr 14, 2009Violinists
Can instrumental music be 'good' or 'evil'?Apr 15, 2009Repertoire
Should violinist NOT to have muscle?Apr 16, 2009Technique and Practicing
Does rosin expire?Apr 16, 2009Life in general
trying to get a grip on russian prodigy grip...Apr 18, 2009Teaching and Pedagogy
pre-authentic movementApr 19, 2009Violinists
Make a cheapie decent?Apr 20, 2009Instruments
understanding just temperamentApr 22, 2009Teaching and Pedagogy
Beginner's violin vs Intermediate or AdvancedApr 22, 2009Instruments
V.Com Sister Sites?Apr 22, 2009Life in general
Tail Piece PrefrencesApr 26, 2009Instruments
Value of teaching classical and other genres side by sideApr 26, 2009Teaching and Pedagogy
Matsuda, Kinberg and Carl Becker ViolinsApr 27, 2009Instruments
Newbie going to study under concertmaster...Apr 28, 2009Teaching and Pedagogy
move over elvis! here is the king on violin:)Apr 30, 2009Teaching and Pedagogy
Progress?Apr 30, 2009Teaching and Pedagogy
Do you use your primary instrument?May 2, 2009Instruments
Music Repertoire AdviceMay 3, 2009Repertoire
romanz andaluza...May 4, 2009Teaching and Pedagogy
House ConcertsMay 4, 2009Performing
Woolly MammothsMay 5, 2009Instruments
Queen Elisabeth’s Competition 2009!May 7, 2009Performing
Finding musical friendsMay 9, 2009Life in general
Once more unto the breach dear friends....More on impulse vibrato and the like from anyone.May 9, 2009Technique and Practicing
Playing for Cirque du Soleil?May 9, 2009Performing
Commission DetailsMay 10, 2009Instruments
A very dirty violin!May 12, 2009Instruments
Restaurants near JuilliardMay 13, 2009Life in general
Q Elisabeth Comp Finalist countriesMay 18, 2009News
Fat Finger StrugglesMay 19, 2009Technique and Practicing
Recommended A-strings?May 20, 2009Instruments
Parchment or rubber/plastic sleeve?May 20, 2009Instruments
Tetzlaff Switch Hitter?May 20, 2009Violinists
My Next ConcertoMay 20, 2009Repertoire
Intonation ConfusionMay 21, 2009Technique and Practicing
Is there a Method Book written by well-known performers/teachers?May 21, 2009Teaching and Pedagogy
Process of Finding a Suitable TeacherMay 22, 2009Teaching and Pedagogy
Short neck-need helpMay 24, 2009Technique and Practicing
Glasser Braided Carbon Fibre BowMay 25, 2009Instruments
Cannon FodderMay 26, 2009Orchestra
Saving tips?May 30, 2009Life in general
Advice needed for 7 year old boy and violin lessonsMay 30, 2009Teaching and Pedagogy
Who actually plays without tension?May 30, 2009Health
Should You Hang Your Violin on a Music Stand?May 30, 2009Instruments
A question for our beloved luthiers.Jun 2, 2009Instruments
Bananas in pajamasJun 3, 2009Performing
Hopelessness?Jun 4, 2009Life in general
Where to place your violin with cats aroundJun 9, 2009Instruments
tripped over by peters' bach sicilianoJun 9, 2009Teaching and Pedagogy
Advice needed for buying a professional grade bow. Jun 11, 2009Instruments
Summer Recipes?Jun 14, 2009Life in general
More Passion in my Violin PlayingJun 14, 2009Performing
From Violin to ViolaJun 16, 2009Instruments
Sound post shiftingJun 16, 2009Instruments
I have enough money, so ....Jun 17, 2009Orchestra
String after-lengthJun 18, 2009Instruments
Vinegar To Clean Violin And StringsJun 19, 2009Instruments
RosinsJun 20, 2009Instruments
adult beginnersJun 23, 2009Violinists
Playing stylesJun 25, 2009Performing
Vision Solo stringsJun 26, 2009Instruments
Son having sudden problem with 4th finger.Jul 2, 2009Technique and Practicing
Vent your frustrations!Jul 2, 2009Life in general
Peg Dope???Jul 5, 2009Instruments
Rate of progress vs ageJul 8, 2009Teaching and Pedagogy
Interested in trying gut strings for the first time...Jul 11, 2009Instruments
Using AcetoneJul 12, 2009Instruments
Wedding gig questionsJul 14, 2009Performing
How do teachers get their students to practice more?Jul 16, 2009Teaching and Pedagogy
Ethics - Repairing cracks so they can be seenJul 16, 2009Instruments
Muscle memory . What that ?Jul 24, 2009Teaching and Pedagogy
Carbon Fiber Bodied ViolinJul 24, 2009Instruments
Tone Production and Holding the ViolinJul 25, 2009Technique and Practicing
Original Reference for TuningJul 28, 2009Technique and Practicing
Paganini's 24 CapricesJul 28, 2009Repertoire
Durable double violin caseJul 28, 2009Performing
Who invented the shoulder rest? Jul 29, 2009Violinists
Liebenzeller Rosin Is Back!!Jul 29, 2009News
Plain gut strings on a modern violin: Which gauges?Aug 4, 2009Instruments
Can we prevent the defamation of musicians on the internet?Aug 7, 2009Violinists
Taking piano lesson to improve violin playing?Aug 8, 2009Life in general
Securing a loan for an instrumentAug 10, 2009Instruments
Calluses, Good Or BadAug 11, 2009Technique and Practicing
Thoughs on shoulder restsAug 11, 2009Technique and Practicing
Wolf TonesAug 16, 2009Instruments
Black Horsehair, What's the Difference?Aug 16, 2009Instruments
Finetuners are for Babies???Aug 19, 2009Life in general
Perfect pitchAug 19, 2009Life in general
Pre lesson practice?Aug 21, 2009Technique and Practicing
How can I improve my bowing technique?Aug 21, 2009Technique and Practicing
International Violin TravelAug 23, 2009Instruments
Breathtaking, thrilling and flawlessAug 24, 2009Technique and Practicing
Sound under ear vs sound heard by audienceAug 24, 2009Performing
A loss of inspiration.Aug 24, 2009Life in general
Viola ConvertAug 25, 2009Instruments
What Did You Do This Summer?Aug 27, 2009Life in general
Have you ever tried to imitate your favourite violinist?Aug 28, 2009Technique and Practicing
Violinist and ScientistAug 29, 2009Life in general
Modern Playing- so fresh and so clean. Is that a good thing?Aug 31, 2009Technique and Practicing
Opinions on Zyex violin strings??Sep 1, 2009Life in general
Picking and Chosing EtudesSep 3, 2009Teaching and Pedagogy
What is the hardest instrument to learn? Perhaps violin?Sep 3, 2009Life in general
Bracelets!Sep 5, 2009Health
Neglected concertosSep 5, 2009Life in general
Yet another rosin questionSep 6, 2009Technique and Practicing
9 year old student can't memorize Twinkle, Twinkle,...Advice?Sep 10, 2009Teaching and Pedagogy
Orchestral playing for people with bifocalsSep 10, 2009Orchestra
TEACHERS: What book do you start your students on?Sep 14, 2009Teaching and Pedagogy
Who names their instrument(s)?Sep 15, 2009Life in general
Godard - Violin Concerto No.2Sep 15, 2009Repertoire
Shoulder rest isn't fittingSep 16, 2009Teaching and Pedagogy
Youtube video of New York Philharmonic Concertmaster David Nadien performing solo selections form Swan LakeSep 19, 2009Violinists
A Beginner Needing Student Violin / Rosin HelpSep 19, 2009Instruments
Interesting shaped violinsSep 21, 2009Instruments
Question about tuningSep 22, 2009Technique and Practicing
The First Viola Joke?Sep 24, 2009Life in general
Does Your Instrument Have a Story?Sep 26, 2009Instruments
Gut Core G & D + Steel ASep 28, 2009Instruments
Henle/Rostal edition of Beethoven SonatasSep 29, 2009Performing
Teaching with or without the instrument?Sep 29, 2009Teaching and Pedagogy
To use a shoulder rest or not?Oct 4, 2009Instruments
Double Major: Music and PsychologyOct 4, 2009Schools
Tune? Piece? Song? Well, what then?Oct 5, 2009Life in general
If you like a silly game, count the letters in your nameOct 6, 2009Violinists
Vision Titanium Solo or Evah Pirazzi?Oct 9, 2009Instruments
Traumatizing (or awkward first impression) Modern-classical pieces you've heardOct 9, 2009Repertoire
Are Dampits dangerous or necessary?Oct 9, 2009Instruments
All things GuarneriOct 10, 2009Instruments
Guitar + Violin = ?Oct 11, 2009Technique and Practicing
JuilliardOct 12, 2009Competitions
How do you do 27 up bows?Oct 12, 2009Technique and Practicing
Condoleezza Rice playing Dvorak's Piano QuintetOct 14, 2009Performing
Measuring progress as an adult re-beginner & teacher 'fit'Oct 14, 2009Technique and Practicing
Bows-- repaired frog and warped stick?Oct 14, 2009Instruments
Music is like...Oct 14, 2009Life in general
Cleaning the inside?Oct 17, 2009Instruments
Anyone Recognize These Violinists??Oct 18, 2009Violinists
unintentional bow portato.. any fixes?Oct 18, 2009Technique and Practicing
Difficult Adult StudentOct 19, 2009Teaching and Pedagogy
A short quiz for violinists IIOct 20, 2009Violinists
Aaron Rosand's del Gesu Sold For $10 MillionOct 21, 2009News
Violin too small for me? Help!Oct 24, 2009Instruments
Who are the greatest violinists of all time?Oct 29, 2009Violinists
Bridge heightOct 30, 2009Instruments
Self-Conscious Adult BeginnersOct 30, 2009Teaching and Pedagogy
adults and the left elbow Oct 30, 2009Teaching and Pedagogy
Want a new violinNov 1, 2009Instruments
Importance of bow to the soundNov 1, 2009Instruments
Marin Alsop, conductor of the BSO, has invited local musicians to play along with the BSONov 4, 2009News
Modern Instrument Makers and PlayersNov 6, 2009Instruments
Gut Strings for Beginners?Nov 6, 2009Instruments
Great instruments. Easier or harder?Nov 8, 2009Instruments
Favourite Paganini Caprice?Nov 10, 2009Repertoire
Shift and Bump?Nov 10, 2009Technique and Practicing
Eudoxa StringsNov 12, 2009Instruments
Any advice for carpal tunnel syndrome?Nov 15, 2009Health
What to do with a used case?Nov 15, 2009Instruments
contrary instructionsNov 18, 2009Teaching and Pedagogy
German Classical Musicians to Play in BrothelNov 19, 2009News
Choosing a New ViolinNov 19, 2009Instruments
Busty TroublesNov 22, 2009Health
Violin Gift IdeasNov 23, 2009Life in general
For yourself or others?Nov 25, 2009Life in general
Crescent bow- I just don't get itNov 29, 2009Technique and Practicing
More Sevcik coming soonNov 30, 2009Technique and Practicing
Yet another string question...Dec 1, 2009Instruments
Helping child develop technical and musical ability.Dec 2, 2009Technique and Practicing
Beginner Questions: Bow Hair Angle / WristDec 2, 2009Technique and Practicing
Joshua Bell and his great encoreDec 2, 2009Violinists
Best/Worst AudiencesDec 4, 2009Performing
Sudden buzz on your violinDec 5, 2009Instruments
Very young, enthusiastic, little fiddler...how can I make sure he doesn't form bad habits?Dec 6, 2009Teaching and Pedagogy
recommendation on E fine tunerDec 14, 2009Instruments
Advanced Intermediate RepertoireDec 14, 2009Repertoire
Should I buy or rent?Dec 15, 2009Instruments
How Important is closing the case daily?Dec 17, 2009Instruments
Violinist trying ViolaDec 20, 2009Technique and Practicing
Any limit to the quality of a beginner violin?Dec 29, 2009Instruments
To Buy a New Bow? Teacher says No.Dec 30, 2009Instruments

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