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Do you learn technique in violin lessons?Jan 2, 2008Technique and Practicing
French Workshop bowsJan 3, 2008Instruments
Intonation question for a beginnerJan 4, 2008Technique and Practicing
How to learn the Mendelssohn Violin ConcertoJan 5, 2008Technique and Practicing
Athletic Playing-What are the qualities you like to see in excellent performing?Jan 7, 2008Performing
Milstein playing Bach Sonatas&Partitas?Jan 7, 2008Violinists
Bad fingerboard and new violinJan 7, 2008Instruments
Block Fingering or Individual Fingerings for beginners?Jan 8, 2008Technique and Practicing
Enhancing Violin AcousticsJan 8, 2008Instruments
Col legno with a good bow?Jan 11, 2008Instruments
Teaching a 2 1/2 year old!!!Jan 11, 2008Teaching and Pedagogy
Teacher is charging too littleJan 13, 2008Schools
Mozart Violin Concerto 4Jan 13, 2008Technique and Practicing
Obligatos vs. Infeld Reds vs. Viennese Melange vs. Dominant vs. Evah PirazziJan 14, 2008Instruments
YOU CAN LEARN FROM A DVD!Jan 14, 2008Schools
Works for ViolaJan 14, 2008Repertoire
Describing Violin SoundJan 14, 2008Instruments
Menuhin's Bow Arm?Jan 17, 2008Violinists
Soloist careersJan 17, 2008Violinists
Difference between Stradivari and Guarneri model violins?Jan 17, 2008Instruments
old school sound,,,Jan 17, 2008Performing
What would you ask Anne Akiko Meyers?Jan 17, 2008Violinists
Best recording of Meditation from ThaisJan 19, 2008Violinists
Left Hand Position Supporting Violin IssuesJan 19, 2008Technique and Practicing
Index Finger On Bow Hand-What Should It Be Doing?Jan 19, 2008Technique and Practicing
How to Cope When a Student Suddenly Transfers to a Different Teacher...Jan 19, 2008Teaching and Pedagogy
Christian FerrasJan 20, 2008Violinists
Performance anxietyJan 20, 2008Performing
Concertmaster ConundrumJan 20, 2008Orchestra
Bow Price ClassesJan 20, 2008Instruments
Joshua Bell talks about being a fatherJan 20, 2008Violinists
How can I stop making those horrible faces when I play?Jan 23, 2008Technique and Practicing
Baroque TrillsJan 23, 2008Technique and Practicing
Strings only, please.Jan 23, 2008Repertoire
is 40 to oldJan 26, 2008Technique and Practicing
Joshua Bell VideoJan 26, 2008Violinists
Computer messing with v.comJan 26, 2008Life in general
Recomendations to find a nice old french bowJan 26, 2008Instruments
Pinned bows..are they worth it?Jan 27, 2008Instruments
Had you ever had the chance to play a Strad?Jan 27, 2008Violinists
My story, I'm looking for a violinJan 27, 2008Instruments
Trial lessons when visiting conservatories...is it a good idea?Jan 27, 2008Schools
Highest note on your violinJan 30, 2008Instruments
Opinions on cleaning violins?Feb 1, 2008Instruments
February 2nd - Birthdays of Heifetz and KreislerFeb 1, 2008Violinists
Jessica Alba stars as a violinistFeb 1, 2008Life in general
Strings AgainFeb 3, 2008Instruments
Kavakos - Nel CorFeb 3, 2008Violinists
'What makes a good bow??Feb 4, 2008Instruments
New violin (Kallo Bartok, KJS, Jay Haide a l'Ancienne?)Feb 4, 2008Instruments
Visiting conservatories and trial lessons, part 2...let's try again, shall we? :DFeb 5, 2008Schools
Trying out gut strings- have some questions.Feb 7, 2008Instruments
Do you consider your violin as a work of art in wood ?Feb 7, 2008Instruments
Nice Wooden Music StandFeb 7, 2008Technique and Practicing
Advice for a mediocre junior?Feb 8, 2008Technique and Practicing
Schumann ScherzoFeb 8, 2008Repertoire
Baroque-ness in Bach performancesFeb 9, 2008Repertoire
AARGH PEGSFeb 10, 2008Instruments
Can somebody recommend sheet music and/or records stores in NY, please?Feb 10, 2008Life in general
Back to StringsFeb 10, 2008Instruments
Scales==Flesch or Galamian??Feb 10, 2008Technique and Practicing
Ryanair targets violinistsFeb 11, 2008Life in general
The Overlooked Great Makers of Today?Feb 11, 2008Instruments
Coping with hearing lossFeb 12, 2008Health
violinist trips, destroys StradFeb 13, 2008Instruments
My luthier found bowbugs in my case-where did they come from?Feb 14, 2008Instruments
Yet another adult beginners threadFeb 14, 2008Life in general
Shiny, pretty instrumentsFeb 14, 2008Teaching and Pedagogy
Ever think learning the violin is too hard?Feb 14, 2008Instruments
commissioning a violinFeb 14, 2008Instruments
An amateur's dream...Feb 14, 2008Technique and Practicing
Can I play the Bach Chaconne?Feb 15, 2008Repertoire
Worries of Getting a New ViolinFeb 16, 2008Instruments
What is a Suggested Violin Brand for a BeginnerFeb 16, 2008Instruments
Can good players trust the Elite makers?Feb 17, 2008Instruments
Is there a line, and should we cross it?Feb 18, 2008Performing
Trial lesson. How to not to offend teachers you don't choose?Feb 19, 2008Schools
Four-Pound Pom Plunges Tiny Teeth into Player's PinkyFeb 19, 2008Health
Spiccato and sautilleFeb 21, 2008Technique and Practicing
String QuartetsFeb 21, 2008Repertoire
Eudoxa, Oliv and Passione StringsFeb 21, 2008Instruments
Violin Teacher DilemmaFeb 21, 2008Schools
How do you Sevcik?Feb 21, 2008Technique and Practicing
Love and the ViolinFeb 22, 2008Life in general
The problem with late starters?Feb 22, 2008Teaching and Pedagogy
Playing without a chinrestFeb 22, 2008Instruments
Ideas for teaching a very hyperactive studentFeb 23, 2008Teaching and Pedagogy
Internally, how old are you?Feb 23, 2008Life in general
thais meditation,,, tell me more :)Feb 24, 2008Performing
Any ideas?Feb 24, 2008Life in general
Modern Studying in isolationFeb 25, 2008Technique and Practicing
I'm a violinist, not a pianist - do I need to play the piano?Feb 25, 2008Competitions
Changind Dominant StringsFeb 25, 2008Instruments
the problem with early starters? :)Feb 26, 2008Life in general
help choosing a solo piece for beginnerFeb 27, 2008Performing
Whats your secret remedy to get you through the week or the performance when youre not feeling well?Feb 28, 2008Performing
Do you guys thing these two makers are that much better than everyone else?Feb 28, 2008Instruments
PraiseFeb 29, 2008Teaching and Pedagogy
Hilary Hahn on Danish TV showFeb 29, 2008Violinists
Fine TunersMar 2, 2008Instruments
Bow Hairs Breaking !!!Mar 2, 2008Technique and Practicing
Clean, clear soundMar 3, 2008Technique and Practicing
How do you listen to music?Mar 4, 2008Life in general
Adult beginners: a statistical approachMar 4, 2008Teaching and Pedagogy
Let's create a V.Com CD featuring the 4 or 5 best soloists on this siteMar 6, 2008Violinists
Helicore StringsMar 5, 2008Instruments
Your audition storyMar 5, 2008Competitions
Teach Me How To Use The MetronomeMar 5, 2008Technique and Practicing
Understanding Bach's sonatasMar 6, 2008Technique and Practicing
Musty case: is it toast?Mar 6, 2008Instruments
Casting Call for Violinist Movie BiographiesMar 9, 2008Violinists
Please Pass the YostMar 9, 2008Technique and Practicing
Rondo by MozartMar 9, 2008Violinists
Modern ViolinsMar 9, 2008Instruments
Looking to buy a 7/8th size violinMar 9, 2008Instruments
teaching over performance, why not?!Mar 10, 2008Teaching and Pedagogy
Cold handsMar 11, 2008Performing
is violin really that harder than piano?Mar 12, 2008Instruments
HELP Unteachable PupilMar 17, 2008Teaching and Pedagogy
Practice Routine: Time, Topic, ReasonMar 17, 2008Technique and Practicing
Strength training for violin??Mar 17, 2008Health
What do you love about going to the symphony?Mar 17, 2008Orchestra
Violin shops in MD/DC/VA/ areaMar 17, 2008Instruments
Wedding (or whatever) Ring: Right hand or left?Mar 19, 2008Life in general
William Primrose: Technique Is MemoryMar 19, 2008Technique and Practicing
Wittner chin rests sound differentMar 20, 2008Instruments
Dominicus Montagnana...on ebay :)Mar 23, 2008Instruments
Is Suzuki Appropriate for Adults?Mar 25, 2008Schools
How would you get 10 people to come to your next concert?Mar 27, 2008Performing
E major Preludio, last noteMar 27, 2008Repertoire
John Cage: Four Minutes, Thirty-Three SecondsMar 27, 2008Repertoire
How often should you change strings?Mar 28, 2008Instruments
John Juzek violins: What are they like?Mar 28, 2008Instruments
Enjoyable Violin PartsMar 28, 2008Orchestra
Where are we going with Classical music?Mar 30, 2008Life in general
The current state of classical music, part 2Apr 1, 2008Orchestra
Schubert Lullaby lyricsApr 1, 2008Repertoire
CBC Radio OrchestraApr 1, 2008Orchestra
The current state of classical music, part 2 (Continued)Apr 2, 2008Life in general
smart elephant looking for violin teacher to learn open string legato...Apr 3, 2008Life in general
Huge sound without breaking hairsApr 5, 2008Technique and Practicing
Most Hated or Favorite Thread TopicsApr 5, 2008Life in general
When can a beginer join a community orchestra?Apr 6, 2008Orchestra
Violin Vibrato fixesApr 6, 2008Technique and Practicing
Why should a Zyg be better than a Gliga?Apr 6, 2008Instruments
The real reason old instruments sound better.Apr 7, 2008Instruments
Question for DrewApr 7, 2008Teaching and Pedagogy
Faith and Violin. not interested? read not.Apr 7, 2008Health
Tilted bowApr 8, 2008Technique and Practicing
Self taught experience.Apr 9, 2008Technique and Practicing
Watch and Hear the Menuhin Competition Live via the webApr 11, 2008Performing
Cat and ViolinApr 11, 2008Technique and Practicing
Suggestions for intense humidity?Apr 11, 2008Instruments
Expressiveness 101Apr 11, 2008Technique and Practicing
Old v. New- $1,500 v. $5,000Apr 12, 2008Instruments
So what do you do with VSOs?Apr 13, 2008Life in general
Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso on erhuApr 13, 2008Performing
Help Teaching Very Young KidsApr 14, 2008Teaching and Pedagogy
Violinists and the HolocaustApr 15, 2008Life in general
Can you hear me now?Apr 15, 2008Life in general
pretty sure I've earned a ticket to violin hell with my stupid azz.Apr 17, 2008Life in general
Carbon Composite - Carbon Fiber bowsApr 17, 2008Instruments
Exercise / technique and scale books in order of difficultyApr 18, 2008Teaching and Pedagogy
Beginner's Bow Hold for a 5 Year OldApr 18, 2008Teaching and Pedagogy
Do not go to RCM Junior Department, my daughter's teacher sayApr 18, 2008Schools
Frets vs. FretlessApr 19, 2008Instruments
Maxim Vengerov quitting the violinApr 21, 2008Violinists
I need you guys to give me input-string market research questionsApr 22, 2008Instruments
Only prodigies are successful nowadays?Apr 23, 2008Violinists
practice accuracy...any trick and insight from you?Apr 23, 2008Technique and Practicing
Teaching a Four Year OldApr 28, 2008Teaching and Pedagogy
Riccardo Bergonzi Violin(s)Apr 29, 2008Instruments
Can you make someone cry?May 1, 2008Life in general
What are your favorite violin sonatas?May 1, 2008Repertoire
Violin Bows...May 2, 2008Instruments
Strings Survey/PollMay 5, 2008Instruments
Shoulder Rest: Yes or No?May 5, 2008Instruments
Gifts of Appreciation for TeacherMay 5, 2008Teaching and Pedagogy
Buying Advice For The New PlayerMay 6, 2008Instruments
New York Times and the lost StradMay 7, 2008Life in general
When/why did you start playing the violin?May 7, 2008Violinists
Learning the Heifetz bow gripMay 9, 2008Technique and Practicing
chamber music parts.. no cost! no strings attached!May 11, 2008Performing
Inspirational objects in your caseMay 11, 2008Life in general
right violinist, wrong time?May 13, 2008Life in general
Why listen to schoenberg and cage?May 13, 2008Repertoire
right violin, wrong test?May 13, 2008Instruments
Worst Self Repair jobsMay 13, 2008Instruments
Classical music is so 'relaxing'May 13, 2008Violinists
How often do you replace your strings?May 14, 2008Instruments
I'm creating my own method bookMay 15, 2008Teaching and Pedagogy
Is this violin worth it???May 15, 2008Instruments
Rename May 18, 2008Life in general
Is it ever too late to learn the violin?May 18, 2008Life in general
Sexism and Agism in the Freelancing BusinessMay 18, 2008Life in general
Brahms: Trio for Violin, Horn & Piano/ Sonata No. 2May 22, 2008Repertoire
Recommendations for Violin Concerto w/ String OrchestraMay 24, 2008Repertoire
Shoulder Rest Falls FrequentlyMay 24, 2008Technique and Practicing
Picking it back up after 30 yearsMay 24, 2008Technique and Practicing
Which shoulder rest?May 24, 2008Instruments
Stand or Sit?May 26, 2008Technique and Practicing
Violin Tone - a Dealers Con or What?May 26, 2008Instruments
... a MODERN violinist?May 27, 2008Repertoire
What made you play the violin??May 27, 2008Life in general
How Many Violins do You Have?May 27, 2008Instruments
Miri Ben-Ari!May 28, 2008Violinists
Prunes? What's with them?May 29, 2008Life in general
violinists' favorite restaurant: tell us yours!May 29, 2008Life in general
Intonation and its ImplicationsJun 1, 2008Technique and Practicing
Chad Hoopes, CIM student and winner of the Menuhin competitionJun 1, 2008Violinists
Shin'ichi Suzuki, a musical icon.Jun 1, 2008Teaching and Pedagogy
Your perspective on teaching adult students neededJun 3, 2008Teaching and Pedagogy
Practice EfficiencyJun 4, 2008Technique and Practicing
Intonation continued,,,show us some examples.Jun 5, 2008Technique and Practicing
Check out this case - Where can I get it for less?Jun 6, 2008Instruments
Neck JobJun 8, 2008Instruments
Escaping from bad start in a performanceJun 9, 2008Performing
Violin InsuranceJun 12, 2008Instruments
The David Guarneri del GesuJun 12, 2008Instruments
Soundpost Thickness...How Important?Jun 13, 2008Instruments
Maybe We Should Meet?Jun 16, 2008Violinists
Music & College Question!Jun 17, 2008Schools
How to Perform without Warming Up FirstJun 19, 2008Performing
What's wrong with Dominant E?Jun 22, 2008Instruments
copyright question about orchestrations and arrangementsJun 23, 2008Orchestra
Are we in a golden age?Jun 24, 2008Life in general
Isaac Stern's Dirty Little Secret Revealed.Jun 26, 2008Technique and Practicing
2nd position nightmaresJun 26, 2008Technique and Practicing
Your experiences with Old Cremonese violins.Jun 27, 2008Instruments
Shakiness=bad. and beta blockers?Jun 28, 2008Competitions
String IntrigueJun 29, 2008Instruments
W.E. Hill & Sons bowJul 1, 2008Instruments
Vibrato and the bending of the first knuckleJul 1, 2008Technique and Practicing
Violin postureJul 1, 2008Teaching and Pedagogy
Tips for helping my son look better in performance?Jul 3, 2008Performing
The best looking antiqued fiddles?Jul 6, 2008Instruments
Violin forcibly checked at Singapore AirJul 7, 2008Instruments
Violinists' favourite places in Europe.Jul 7, 2008Life in general
Calling all gut string users!Jul 8, 2008Instruments
HomeschoolersJul 10, 2008Schools
Gerhard TaschnerJul 12, 2008Violinists
Violin and Martial ArtJul 12, 2008Life in general
Camping out of the question?Jul 14, 2008Instruments
Have you ever hit the wall?Jul 15, 2008Life in general
How many violinists?Jul 18, 2008Life in general
The Violin: Just Say No!Jul 20, 2008Life in general
In need of a violin caseJul 20, 2008Instruments
Thoughts on the Incredibow.Jul 22, 2008Instruments
Cadenzas to Mozart Concerto #3: help me select!Jul 22, 2008Repertoire
Black edging on a Violin Scroll? Seen it? Makers?Jul 23, 2008Instruments
Two Violin teachersJul 25, 2008Technique and Practicing
Anyone try the TONERITE device?Jul 25, 2008Instruments
Shoulder tension problemJul 25, 2008Technique and Practicing
My pegs will not move.. what to do?Jul 25, 2008Instruments
Reading material about the violinJul 25, 2008Technique and Practicing
Help! I need a wedding ceremony songJul 29, 2008Performing
Violin Naming..... it's personal right?Jul 29, 2008Instruments
Decorating your Case?Jul 31, 2008Instruments
Should I be a professional musician?Jul 31, 2008Schools
Spirit Varnish versus Oil VarnishAug 1, 2008Instruments
Aaargh! Ever had one of those days???Aug 3, 2008Technique and Practicing
Search For A Master ViolinAug 4, 2008Instruments
Music theory for a 14 year old?Aug 8, 2008Teaching and Pedagogy
I cleaned the violin with alcoholAug 9, 2008Instruments
Weddings We Have PlayedAug 10, 2008Performing
Is Hilary Hahn the Greatest Violinist of Our Time?Aug 10, 2008Violinists
Non-repertoire music for a Suzuki #4 ViolinistAug 10, 2008Performing
'Standard' concertos for auditionsAug 13, 2008Competitions
Teacher woesAug 14, 2008Schools
Standing Still While You PerformAug 14, 2008Performing
What would you ask Joshua Bell?Aug 14, 2008Violinists
Six degrees of Simon FischerAug 14, 2008Violinists
instructional DVDsAug 15, 2008Teaching and Pedagogy
What do you think about Michael Rabin?Aug 19, 2008Violinists
Cuts in TchaikovskyAug 20, 2008Repertoire
Why are violinists that focus on contemporary music so ignored!Aug 20, 2008Violinists
What would you sacrifice for a good performance?Aug 20, 2008Performing
composers that should have got more creditAug 21, 2008Repertoire
Playing chromaticallyAug 21, 2008Technique and Practicing
I want to become a professinal.Aug 22, 2008Violinists
Statistics on early vs late start?Aug 23, 2008Life in general
Intonation Troubles!Aug 23, 2008Performing
Bach: Milstein vs. SzeryngAug 25, 2008Violinists
Announcing new Accolay Masterclass DVDAug 26, 2008Teaching and Pedagogy
BuskingAug 28, 2008Performing
About performing, and letting the music speakAug 29, 2008Performing
Idiot on YoutubeAug 30, 2008Life in general
Advice for my pre-teen ConcertmistressAug 30, 2008Orchestra
Viola solo stringsAug 30, 2008Instruments
Recordings of EtudesSep 1, 2008Repertoire
Josh-a-paloozaSep 1, 2008Violinists
I 'm going to stop my son's violin lessons ...Sep 3, 2008Technique and Practicing
Most important Composers of the 20:th centurySep 3, 2008Repertoire
Handling nerves... ***the instant before playing and while playing.Sep 3, 2008Performing
Shoulder rest woes!Sep 4, 2008Health
Looking for a violin by Carlo Antonio TestoreSep 7, 2008Instruments
Playing without a chin restSep 8, 2008Technique and Practicing
Is it close-minded to specialize?Sep 8, 2008Repertoire
Are Girls the Super Majority of Violin Students?Sep 8, 2008Teaching and Pedagogy
Andrea Bang Violins,Sep 9, 2008Instruments
Why no B string?Sep 10, 2008Instruments
Modern Asian MakersSep 11, 2008Instruments
Violin back-- one piece vs. two pieceSep 11, 2008Instruments
Strings..strings..string...Sep 11, 2008Instruments
SASSMANNSHAUS anyone??Sep 11, 2008Teaching and Pedagogy
Help with Hand VibratoSep 12, 2008Technique and Practicing
Hilary Hahn's Videos :)Sep 15, 2008Life in general
Don't want to quit, not enough time to practiceSep 15, 2008Technique and Practicing
Resting your elbowsSep 15, 2008Health
Rachel Barton Pine week!Sep 15, 2008Violinists
Heifetz's BachSep 16, 2008Violinists
Suggestions for Wedding Music... NOT Canon in D!!Sep 17, 2008Repertoire
ok, i concede, good violinists can play doctors,,,:)Sep 18, 2008Health
Wish List: Who should Laurie interview next?Sep 20, 2008Life in general
Guiding a child with talentSep 21, 2008Teaching and Pedagogy
From bow to batonSep 23, 2008Performing
Low finger-boardSep 23, 2008Instruments
fingerboard support pieceSep 24, 2008Instruments
Heifetz's Bach continuedSep 25, 2008Violinists
Auditions & Nerves = Fight vs. Flight?Sep 25, 2008Competitions
What is the funnest surprise you've ever received?Sep 25, 2008Life in general
Trouble with high notes on G StringSep 26, 2008Instruments
David Oistrakh Centennial, this week!Sep 26, 2008Violinists
Test of a Musician's mind.Sep 27, 2008Life in general
Cremona: what do do and seeSep 27, 2008Life in general
Applause between movements.Sep 27, 2008Violinists
Job Opportunities for ViolinistsSep 27, 2008Performing
Please Help MeSep 29, 2008Instruments
Intonation TheorySep 29, 2008Teaching and Pedagogy
Essential Listening cd'sSep 30, 2008Violinists
What would you ask Anne-Sophie Mutter?Sep 30, 2008Violinists
What's your score?Oct 2, 2008Life in general
Violin Aesthetics vs. FunctionOct 2, 2008Instruments
Too much emphasis on violin?Oct 4, 2008Life in general
Intonation as a Means of ExpressionOct 5, 2008Technique and Practicing
Survey about adult amateur violinistsOct 6, 2008Technique and Practicing
E-bay violin success storyOct 7, 2008Instruments
Repertoire suggestions for a 'violin candy' recital/fundraiser?Oct 7, 2008Repertoire
What does a Violinist need?Oct 9, 2008Violinists
China vs. Korea vs. Japan vs. RussiaOct 12, 2008Violinists
Your opinion on the impact of the financial crises on classical music.Oct 12, 2008Life in general
Professional Support of Violinist.comOct 16, 2008Violinists
The Next Classical Music StarOct 17, 2008Life in general
Mark O'Connor -- win a CD!Oct 19, 2008Violinists
Bow BounceOct 20, 2008Technique and Practicing
What does everyone listen to?Oct 21, 2008Life in general
Free music for violin teachersOct 21, 2008Teaching and Pedagogy
Does the bow need to match the violin?Oct 21, 2008Instruments
Musafia Cases- are they worth it?Oct 22, 2008Instruments
How do you address practice w/private students?Oct 22, 2008Teaching and Pedagogy
Stern ShockerOct 29, 2008Violinists
What Exactly is Oct 29, 2008Teaching and Pedagogy
Violin recording equipmentOct 29, 2008Technique and Practicing
Horror StoriesOct 29, 2008Instruments
Novice considering obtaining a higher priced violin ($10,000 to $15,000)Oct 30, 2008Instruments
Student with 2 teachersNov 2, 2008Teaching and Pedagogy
Violinist.com site re-design about to installNov 2, 2008Life in general
Warchal's Brilliant Vintage strings reviewedNov 3, 2008Instruments
Orchestra 101?Nov 4, 2008Orchestra
Lark Brand?Nov 4, 2008Instruments
God bless AmericaNov 4, 2008Life in general
What Solo/concerto should I play?Nov 5, 2008Repertoire
How do we save our musical institutions?Nov 5, 2008Orchestra
Strange New Shoulder/Back PainNov 5, 2008Health
Loss of sound after repairNov 5, 2008Instruments
Obama musical tastesNov 6, 2008Life in general
Luis and Clark for the College Student?Nov 6, 2008Instruments
Election Results and Impact on the ArtsNov 7, 2008News
Tuning the orchestraNov 9, 2008Orchestra
Concert Attire & DecorumNov 9, 2008Performing
Searching for historically informed interpretations of Mozart Violin ConcertosNov 11, 2008Repertoire
great Jascha Heifetz Nov 11, 2008Violinists
If you could begin learning the violin all over again...Nov 12, 2008Teaching and Pedagogy
The Gammuto ViolinsNov 12, 2008Instruments
What's your favorite string quartet? (fav. movement...etc)Nov 12, 2008Repertoire
Soflege Use?Nov 13, 2008Teaching and Pedagogy
The Cost of Piano AccompanistsNov 14, 2008Performing
James Ehnes HomageNov 14, 2008DVD reviews
china white :)Nov 15, 2008Instruments
Don't make me play it again!Nov 17, 2008Repertoire
Virtuoso KidsNov 17, 2008Violinists
Gil Shaham and OrpheusNov 19, 2008Violinists
I NEED an unaccompanied solo work by a 20th century composerNov 19, 2008Repertoire
A link?Nov 19, 2008Technique and Practicing
Favorite recordings of the following concertos?Nov 22, 2008Violinists
Bruch Violin Concerto?Nov 22, 2008Repertoire
Violin appraisers, how do you determine country of origin?Nov 22, 2008Instruments
Playing too much in tune...Nov 23, 2008Health
players' take on varnish,,,Nov 24, 2008Instruments
What about Bruch concerti 2 and 3?Nov 25, 2008Repertoire
Violin Do's and Don'tsNov 25, 2008Life in general
Best Music Stand LightNov 26, 2008Technique and Practicing
do violinists really eat turkey on thanksgiving? :)Nov 26, 2008Life in general
So how DO you get to Carnegie Hall anyway?Nov 27, 2008News
Heifetz RecitalNov 27, 2008Violinists
On teaching the country's future...Nov 30, 2008Teaching and Pedagogy
Stolen violin or spam/phishing message?Dec 1, 2008News
Participation on discussion on Paganini performersDec 2, 2008Violinists
My Puppy SingsDec 2, 2008Life in general
The language of music?Dec 2, 2008Life in general
The YouTube Symphony OrchestraDec 2, 2008News
What would you ask James Ehnes?Dec 3, 2008Violinists
Needy Teenage StudentsDec 5, 2008Teaching and Pedagogy
RaritiesDec 5, 2008Repertoire
Recession and today's top makers?Dec 5, 2008Instruments
Viola for violinists?Dec 6, 2008Performing
Summer Programs for StudentsDec 7, 2008Schools
Finding a first, and last, violin.Dec 7, 2008Instruments
How to improve intonationDec 9, 2008Technique and Practicing
Orchestra and ensemble pose as a threat to Individuality?Dec 10, 2008Performing
How Far Back Does Your Membership to V.com go?Dec 12, 2008Life in general
What Gift to offer to a Violin TeacherDec 14, 2008Life in general
College Teachers: Are they for musical insight or for influential fame?Dec 14, 2008Teaching and Pedagogy
Little quizzDec 15, 2008Repertoire
In what order do you play concertos?Dec 15, 2008Repertoire
What would you ask Julia Fischer?Dec 16, 2008Violinists
Ring on Middle Finger? Delay's philosophy?Dec 16, 2008Technique and Practicing
playing without shoulder rest -suggestions..?Dec 18, 2008Technique and Practicing
Ouch! Criticism for wealthy donor who conducts MahlerDec 18, 2008News
Viola, Cello or neither?Dec 19, 2008Instruments
Auer's Violin Playing As I Teach It - the PDF!Dec 19, 2008Technique and Practicing
The Higher the Price The Better The Violin?Dec 20, 2008Instruments
Ricci's 'Glissando': a historical technique?Dec 22, 2008Technique and Practicing
VIOLIN -vs- VIOLINISTDec 23, 2008Instruments
teacher's warning: kids can't play mozart well!Dec 25, 2008Teaching and Pedagogy
The widest vibrato...Dec 27, 2008Technique and Practicing
comparing female and male violinistsDec 29, 2008Life in general
Florea Violins??Dec 29, 2008Instruments
Best violin and violinist soundDec 30, 2008Instruments

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