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musicians turned doctorsJan 1, 2007Life in general
Fighting doubts about playingJan 3, 2007Life in general
Beta BlockersJan 3, 2007Life in general
Should I quit violin?Jan 5, 2007Violinists
New Larsen Tzigane StringsJan 6, 2007Instruments
Anyone heard of / using English violin???Jan 6, 2007Instruments
Memorizing everythingJan 8, 2007Technique and Practicing
Scales practiceJan 8, 2007Technique and Practicing
Suzuki and reading musicJan 9, 2007Teaching and Pedagogy
Carbon Fiber BowsJan 9, 2007Instruments
What are the best orchestras in the world?Jan 9, 2007Orchestra
Bisiach Family HeritageJan 10, 2007Instruments
Learning to improvise on the violin?Jan 10, 2007Technique and Practicing
Recommendation for E strings (what about gold E?)Jan 10, 2007Instruments
How do you practice double stops?Jan 13, 2007Technique and Practicing
Autographed ViolinJan 13, 2007Violinists
Classical music and music in 2007Jan 13, 2007Life in general
China as producer of high-quality low price violinsJan 13, 2007Instruments
Modern Violins and Old ViolinsJan 14, 2007Instruments
Do we really starve?Jan 15, 2007Life in general
Ilya Kaler - Sibelius Competition VideoJan 16, 2007Violinists
Long Term GoalsJan 16, 2007Life in general
Slew of 'fake' bows for auctionJan 16, 2007Instruments
Heavy gauge strings- Pros & Cons?Jan 16, 2007Instruments
Are Pirastro's Evah Pirazzi's any good?Jan 18, 2007Life in general
What about Mark Kaplan?Jan 18, 2007Violinists
Fischer`s Basics at half priceJan 18, 2007Technique and Practicing
Musings on Son File Article of YesteryearJan 19, 2007Violinists
The J.B. Vuillaume definitive Iconography is finally released.Jan 19, 2007Instruments
questions about markings for Ysaye Solo sonatasJan 19, 2007Performing
who is the current owner of the 1718 strad firebird?Jan 21, 2007Instruments
Colts vs. Bears!Jan 21, 2007Life in general
Bach Toccata and FugueJan 23, 2007Repertoire
What are your favorite words of inspiration about the violin?Jan 23, 2007Life in general
Violinist.com gets a good reviewJan 23, 2007Life in general
Shoulder rest or not for my daughter?Jan 24, 2007Technique and Practicing
Most interesting 20th century pieces for solo violin?Jan 24, 2007Repertoire
Murphy's Law with violin,,,Jan 24, 2007Life in general
Pirastro Olive StringsJan 24, 2007Instruments
Need help with vibrato exercisesJan 26, 2007Technique and Practicing
How old is too old to become a professionalJan 26, 2007Orchestra
Auer Method BooksJan 26, 2007Teaching and Pedagogy
Starting the violinJan 26, 2007Technique and Practicing
A good short story about musicJan 26, 2007Life in general
heifeitz plays ping pongJan 26, 2007Health
partially broken bow.. what about value?Jan 27, 2007Instruments
Classic Looney Tunes: Enjoy!Jan 27, 2007Life in general
Where Can I Find *Good* Unwound Gut Strings?Jan 27, 2007Instruments
Need a sad violin solo... can't find one...Jan 27, 2007Violinists
How do you play faster?Jan 28, 2007Technique and Practicing
Romanian Folk DancesJan 28, 2007Repertoire
shifty shiftsJan 28, 2007Technique and Practicing
How to motivate young students to practiceJan 29, 2007Teaching and Pedagogy
A Huge dilemma!Jan 30, 2007Repertoire
Does bad early training do anything for you once you get to a good teacher?Jan 30, 2007Technique and Practicing
CBC: Australian orchestra receives $9M violinJan 30, 2007Instruments
Goldmark Concerto RecordingJan 30, 2007Violinists
Pieces That I Wish Heifetz Had RecordedJan 31, 2007Violinists
Movie about the life of Jascha HeifetzFeb 1, 2007Violinists
Time Management for busy people.Feb 2, 2007Technique and Practicing
Why aren't most virtuosos composers?Feb 2, 2007Technique and Practicing
*Really* short 4th fingerFeb 2, 2007Technique and Practicing
How do you leave a teacher gracefully?Feb 4, 2007Teaching and Pedagogy
Which violin teachers in RCM do you recommend?Feb 4, 2007Schools
Bach Solo Sonatas and PartitasFeb 4, 2007Repertoire
What do different left hands of great violinists tell usFeb 4, 2007Technique and Practicing
Who's the most widely know soloist in the world?Feb 5, 2007Violinists
Need Help in Guiding My Advanced 12 Year OldFeb 5, 2007Orchestra
Loosen the bowFeb 6, 2007Instruments
Caspar da SaloFeb 7, 2007Instruments
Tendonitis and Playing through itFeb 8, 2007Health
prodigiesFeb 8, 2007Violinists
How long until you weren't bad?Feb 8, 2007Life in general
What's your orchestra's repertoire?Feb 8, 2007Orchestra
A New Video of Aaron RosandFeb 9, 2007Violinists
Mozart no.3 too easy?Feb 11, 2007Repertoire
Meeting Yo-Yo Ma!!!Feb 12, 2007Life in general
can animals feel music?Feb 12, 2007Life in general
questions for luthiers that never got asked,,,,Feb 12, 2007Instruments
C'mon Laurie, how'd you feel if you were nameless!Feb 13, 2007Life in general
Finishing your Own InstrumentFeb 13, 2007Instruments
THE RUSSIAN SOULEFeb 13, 2007Performing
Playing PaganiniFeb 13, 2007Life in general
Best (or nearly so) recording of Mozart Violin ConcertosFeb 14, 2007Violinists
Xenia AkeynikovaFeb 15, 2007Violinists
Carbon fiber vs. Pernambuco bow comparisonFeb 15, 2007Instruments
The Needham finally met its matchFeb 17, 2007Instruments
Making a Case for a CaseFeb 17, 2007Instruments
SUPERSTITIONS?Feb 18, 2007Violinists
Viktror Tretyakov one of the best!Feb 18, 2007Violinists
Russia's favorite violinistFeb 18, 2007Violinists
Wolf notes....please leave.Feb 20, 2007Instruments
What's the best software to record myself playing?Feb 21, 2007Technique and Practicing
I need some violin duos for Suzuki level 5 (or so).Feb 23, 2007Repertoire
Samuel ApplebaumFeb 23, 2007Schools
TangoFeb 23, 2007Repertoire
Question on left arm techniqueFeb 23, 2007Technique and Practicing
Everest shoulder restFeb 24, 2007Instruments
Violin rattling...????Feb 24, 2007Instruments
To play or not to play?Feb 25, 2007Life in general
Wrist pain...Again.Feb 25, 2007Health
Tschu Ho Lee Instruments?Feb 26, 2007Instruments
Musicians trained, but no jobsFeb 27, 2007Life in general
Flowers After PerformancesFeb 27, 2007Performing
What is the best compliment you have ever gotten?Feb 27, 2007Life in general
HopelessFeb 27, 2007Health
Looking for a great modern bowFeb 27, 2007Instruments
When to play Feb 28, 2007Repertoire
Tension free rapid vibratoFeb 28, 2007Technique and Practicing
Can bad habits be broken?Mar 1, 2007Teaching and Pedagogy
AntoniazziMar 2, 2007Instruments
teacher - adult learner relationshipMar 2, 2007Schools
ADD and the musical mindMar 4, 2007Life in general
bach partita 3,,,milstein and heifetzMar 4, 2007Performing
Violin cases: what is necessary for a good case and how much do you need to spend?Mar 5, 2007Instruments
Perfection PegsMar 5, 2007Instruments
Violin up, shoulder down!Mar 5, 2007Technique and Practicing
Chinese versus Cremonese ManufactureMar 6, 2007Instruments
Violinist Silvia MarcoviciMar 6, 2007Violinists
Warchal violin stringsMar 7, 2007Instruments
Buy and sell violins in NYCMar 8, 2007Instruments
left handed playing,,,,Mar 8, 2007Instruments
That Sarah Chang sure can playMar 8, 2007Violinists
Evahs or Visions? What to choose....Mar 8, 2007Instruments
New M.Rabin CD with unissued live recordingsMar 9, 2007Violinists
have yall heard of dong suk kang?Mar 11, 2007Violinists
All-State Auditions are soon. How to prepare?Mar 11, 2007Competitions
SHOULDER RESTMar 11, 2007Instruments
Liuteria ParmenseMar 11, 2007Instruments
Staccato... Introduction and Rondo CapricciosoMar 11, 2007Technique and Practicing
Viola joke transcribed from violin joke.Mar 11, 2007Life in general
Sports and violin... can they really go hand in hand?Mar 12, 2007Life in general
Heifetz-bad Euro pean reviews?Mar 12, 2007Violinists
Peace of Mind and Soul by Becoming a MusicianMar 12, 2007Life in general
Cannot Reach the Fourth PositionMar 13, 2007Technique and Practicing
Gilles Nehr Thinking Outside the Bow........Mar 13, 2007Instruments
Bow Appraisal/AuthenticationMar 14, 2007Instruments
The Dark Side of Classical MusicMar 14, 2007Life in general
Music is......the game!Mar 16, 2007Life in general
Comment by Gaylord Yost.Mar 16, 2007Technique and Practicing
Heinrich Ernst Caprices vs. Paganini CapricesMar 16, 2007Performing
Technique and MusicMar 16, 2007
Broken finger recoveryMar 18, 2007Health
Sitting or Standing?Mar 18, 2007Technique and Practicing
An Amazing 13-Year-OldMar 19, 2007Violinists
Bow Dirt Buildup#2...alcoholMar 19, 2007Instruments
James Carlisle violins?Mar 20, 2007Instruments
ErHu did you say that was playing?Mar 20, 2007Violinists
best shoulder rest for long necks?Mar 21, 2007Instruments
Orchestral bowings?Mar 22, 2007Life in general
Distance learning technology and the violinMar 22, 2007Teaching and Pedagogy
Violin Teacher QuotesMar 25, 2007Schools
Mendelssohn concerto difficutly?Mar 25, 2007Repertoire
CF bow reviews?Mar 25, 2007Instruments
Passione stringsMar 27, 2007Instruments
del Gesu vs. Strad modelMar 29, 2007Instruments
Difficulty of Accolay Concerto No. 2 in D Minor?Mar 31, 2007Technique and Practicing
Rachel Barton Pine: A Great Ambassador for the ViolinMar 31, 2007Violinists
April Fool's Day, 2007Apr 1, 2007Life in general
1981 feature NYT article on Aaron RosandApr 1, 2007Violinists
Can this be turned into a profession?Apr 2, 2007Life in general
Pride or Paycheck?Apr 2, 2007Orchestra
Great String quartetsApr 2, 2007Repertoire
Concert Masters vs. MistressesApr 2, 2007Orchestra
Francescatti's fingerings and bowingsApr 3, 2007Technique and Practicing
What are your favorite solos works for the violin?Apr 4, 2007Repertoire
Playing in a wedding, need helpApr 4, 2007Repertoire
Help needed: difficult teenage studentApr 5, 2007Teaching and Pedagogy
Bat Mitzvah MusicApr 5, 2007Repertoire
Where were you at 16 years of age?Apr 6, 2007Life in general
intonation and mathApr 6, 2007Teaching and Pedagogy
Concertos on a recital program?Apr 7, 2007Performing
Joshua Bell : Busker?Apr 7, 2007Violinists
What pieces captivate you?Apr 8, 2007Repertoire
Violin poemsApr 9, 2007Life in general
Shipping Charges OutrageousApr 9, 2007Instruments
Wolf tone?Apr 10, 2007Instruments
Dark and Angry Violin SoloApr 10, 2007Repertoire
A Non-Musician Parent Asking Questions about their Young ViolinistApr 13, 2007Orchestra
Bach E Major Preludio- any advice on teaching?Apr 14, 2007Teaching and Pedagogy
When to stop repetition during daily practiceApr 14, 2007Technique and Practicing
Passione stringsApr 15, 2007Technique and Practicing
Rate strings - longest lasting to shortest life span.Apr 16, 2007Instruments
Long live the Hokies.Apr 16, 2007Life in general
Pieces you must play before you dieApr 16, 2007Repertoire
are you retuning?Apr 18, 2007Orchestra
Protect Musical Instruments from Harmful Export RestrictionsApr 18, 2007Instruments
New Pirastro StringsApr 19, 2007Instruments
Practicing - schools of thoughtApr 19, 2007Teaching and Pedagogy
Articles comparing modern and older instrumentsApr 19, 2007Instruments
Pure Gut E string & fine tuners - success!Apr 20, 2007Instruments
Unoriginal Bow PartsApr 20, 2007Instruments
Most difficult concerto ever?Apr 22, 2007Repertoire
Hilarious violinist anagramsApr 23, 2007Violinists
How to identify a bad bow rehairApr 23, 2007Instruments
carbon fiber violinsApr 25, 2007Instruments
What are the top music schools in the world?Apr 26, 2007Schools
Maestro Rostropovich Passes away at 80-years-oldApr 27, 2007Performing
Who is left from the 'golden generation'?Apr 27, 2007Life in general
Help! I need help to choose which piece I should play after Praeludium and Allegro!Apr 28, 2007Repertoire
Returning to the violin after 7-year hiatusApr 30, 2007Technique and Practicing
New violin: how long do you give it?Apr 30, 2007Instruments
any New Jersey violin teachers you would recommend,,,Apr 30, 2007Teaching and Pedagogy
Intelligent use of rental credit for instrument purchaseMay 1, 2007Instruments
The addition of zerosMay 1, 2007Life in general
Ten-minute piece by living American composerMay 2, 2007Repertoire
Violists playing and jamming fiddle musicMay 4, 2007Life in general
Bach E Major PreludioMay 5, 2007Repertoire
electric or acoustic for a beginner?May 7, 2007Instruments
Famous amateur violinists?May 7, 2007Life in general
Wonderful violin by Luthier William Fendt.May 7, 2007Instruments
getting motiivated to practiceMay 7, 2007Technique and Practicing
One more Bach Sonata questionMay 7, 2007Repertoire
SubharmonicsMay 7, 2007Technique and Practicing
Learning the vibratoMay 7, 2007Technique and Practicing
Give Away - Butterfly Lover Concerto Music SheetsMay 7, 2007Repertoire
Scott Cao violins?????May 9, 2007Instruments
A new string by ThomastikMay 10, 2007Instruments
Child Age 9, Wants to quit playing violinMay 10, 2007Life in general
440 or 442?May 10, 2007Orchestra
one case study on money management for music trainingMay 11, 2007Life in general
playing while sitting down? (I'm in a wheelchair)May 13, 2007Technique and Practicing
Violin HickeyMay 14, 2007Health
Suggestion of a concerto for college auditions?May 16, 2007Competitions
A Plea for shoulder/chin rest adviceMay 17, 2007Health
James Ehnes recordings.May 19, 2007Violinists
Practicing for ConsistencyMay 19, 2007Technique and Practicing
I need a comfortable shoulder rest!May 19, 2007Technique and Practicing
small handsMay 20, 2007Technique and Practicing
Best violin pick-up for outdoor solo performance?May 20, 2007Instruments
read the article and look at your hand, please:)May 23, 2007Life in general
Am I a dinosaur?May 24, 2007Life in general
Are almost all of the great bows, round bows?May 25, 2007Instruments
Virgin Islands Needs Violin InstructorMay 25, 2007Schools
steel stringsMay 26, 2007Instruments
am i a sexy dinosaur?May 26, 2007Life in general
The most respected modern bow makers?May 27, 2007Instruments
Per Service callsMay 27, 2007Orchestra
Female size violinMay 28, 2007Instruments
worry about the future of classical violin,,,,,,,,,not!:)May 29, 2007Performing
Grad School/Conservatory choices...help!May 29, 2007Schools
possibly the least discussed string everMay 29, 2007Instruments
Rosin causes watery eyes and runny nose while playing?May 30, 2007Health
Facial expressions and how to control themMay 30, 2007Performing
Favorite Musical Moments at the MoviesMay 30, 2007Life in general
This scooping motion: what does it mean?Jun 1, 2007Technique and Practicing
Can the sound of my violin be improved?Jun 1, 2007Instruments
I hear the note, but my fingers dont land on itJun 4, 2007Technique and Practicing
Results of the V.com Reader SurveyJun 4, 2007Life in general
Prices for lessonsJun 5, 2007Teaching and Pedagogy
Your Real LifeJun 5, 2007Life in general
Information on Gamut Academie Gut StringsJun 5, 2007Instruments
Zino FrancescattiJun 5, 2007Violinists
Ivory in bow frogs: Is it a problem for US CustomsJun 5, 2007Instruments
Teaching Left Handed StudentsJun 7, 2007Teaching and Pedagogy
Moveable Do vs. Fixed Do vs. A,B,C'sJun 8, 2007Teaching and Pedagogy
Is it worth it?Jun 8, 2007Technique and Practicing
Being a violinistJun 9, 2007Life in general
Help with awful sounding G stringJun 9, 2007Instruments
When Audience Coughing Spoils the MoodJun 9, 2007Violinists
Classical music reality show -- would it work?Jun 10, 2007Life in general
Fourth finger or open string?Jun 10, 2007Technique and Practicing
Silver-wound strings vs. regular stringsJun 11, 2007Instruments
some good modern (post-1950) violin repertoireJun 12, 2007Repertoire
Looking for a less bright e stringJun 12, 2007Instruments
Mendelssohn recording?Jun 12, 2007Violinists
Shoulder restJun 14, 2007Technique and Practicing
A real dead-endJun 14, 2007Teaching and Pedagogy
What are your favorite soundtracks that involve the violin (of course)Jun 14, 2007Life in general
Flaws in Sarasate ?Jun 15, 2007Technique and Practicing
Beethoven: Classical or RomanticJun 19, 2007Life in general
A violinist as a partner?Jun 19, 2007Life in general
Y S A Y EJun 20, 2007Violinists
your favourite caprice by Paganini?Jun 20, 2007Repertoire
How does your 'e' string cross the bridge ?Jun 21, 2007Technique and Practicing
Edition of Bach?Jun 21, 2007Repertoire
Seeing music as colorJun 21, 2007Performing
Steinhausen: a scientist or just an amateur?Jun 21, 2007Technique and Practicing
Reality Check on a Violin CareerJun 22, 2007Violinists
Does the diminishing popularity of rock music have any impact on classical music?Jun 22, 2007Life in general
what else do you spend your time on besides violin this summer?Jun 22, 2007Life in general
Where to start in the hunt of a career-long violin?Jun 22, 2007Instruments
Yost Shifting Exercises- Need Copy!Jun 26, 2007Repertoire
violinist doing the black eyed peasJun 26, 2007Life in general
XIII International Tchaikovsky CompetitionJun 27, 2007Violinists
Does alchol help sometime?Jun 28, 2007Performing
transition at tip and frogJun 28, 2007Technique and Practicing
How to eliminate tension in the thumb of the playing handJun 28, 2007Technique and Practicing
Bruch Concerto, G minor.Jun 28, 2007Repertoire
The Best Beginner's OutfitJun 29, 2007Instruments
What do you look at while playing?Jun 30, 2007Performing
Can you read this?Jun 30, 2007Life in general
The Endless SearchJul 2, 2007Schools
How to Tune the ViolinJul 2, 2007Instruments
Is it useless sometime?Jul 2, 2007Life in general
can you be a exceptional player if you have exceptionally short fingers?Jul 2, 2007Health
New site designJul 3, 2007Life in general
Guitar hero!Jul 3, 2007Technique and Practicing
play with feelings,,,,,ok, lets be specific:)Jul 4, 2007Life in general
Are you a Cruncher?!Jul 5, 2007Technique and Practicing
Do Clothes Affect the Music?Jul 7, 2007Life in general
Do I need to 'meditate'? HELP!!! (Meditation from Thais)Jul 7, 2007Technique and Practicing
Live EarthJul 7, 2007Life in general
Oistrakh and Kogan?Jul 7, 2007Violinists
Hill Violin Cleaner/PolishJul 8, 2007Instruments
Teaching very young studentsJul 8, 2007Teaching and Pedagogy
Developing Perfect Pitch...Jul 9, 2007Teaching and Pedagogy
Practice TimeJul 10, 2007Health
Kogan and Heifetz?Jul 10, 2007Violinists
Strads and Del Gesus: Makers that somehow cannot be matched? Or a product of a lot of talented hands over many years?Jul 11, 2007Instruments
Suggestions for a Stravinsky / Orff / Respighi fanJul 12, 2007Repertoire
String Section Improvement AdviceJul 12, 2007Orchestra
practicing on stage before a concertJul 15, 2007Orchestra
Okay, what's up with the prunes?Jul 16, 2007Life in general
Violinist NightmaresJul 19, 2007Violinists
What's the best metronome for us?Jul 19, 2007Technique and Practicing
Stradivarius 1733 Jul 19, 2007Instruments
Bach controversyJul 20, 2007Repertoire
Down shifts without a shoulder restJul 20, 2007Technique and Practicing
MP3 of Oistrakh's Wonderful Scottish FantasyJul 20, 2007Repertoire
Milstein or Heifetz?Jul 23, 2007Violinists
Harry Potter!Jul 23, 2007Life in general
Motivating young studentsJul 23, 2007Teaching and Pedagogy
Ansaldo PoggiJul 25, 2007Instruments
Limericks - Part 3 (Oh, no!)Jul 26, 2007Life in general
Reincarnation!Jul 28, 2007Life in general
string questionJul 28, 2007Instruments
Milstein- StaccatoJul 29, 2007Technique and Practicing
$25,000 violinJul 29, 2007Instruments
Teachers in the Boston AreaJul 30, 2007Schools
Learning to play without a shoulder rest.Jul 30, 2007Technique and Practicing
What violinists thought of each otherAug 1, 2007Violinists
'Stunning patina,' LOL!Aug 1, 2007Instruments
Reasonable ExpectationsAug 3, 2007Technique and Practicing
Ivry GitlisAug 4, 2007Violinists
Which is more durable, Bam or Musafia or.... ?Aug 4, 2007Instruments
Chausson PoemeAug 6, 2007Repertoire
SONOS Chamber Orchestra - 2008/2009 Season LineupAug 7, 2007Violinists
Where do you find your inspiration?Aug 9, 2007Life in general
How to improve toneAug 10, 2007Technique and Practicing
Great smile and being a violinistAug 11, 2007Violinists
I want to become a Professional Violinist but..Aug 12, 2007Violinists
CryingAug 14, 2007Performing
Positive Experiences in Violin LessonsAug 14, 2007Teaching and Pedagogy
YOUR FINAL MUSIC?Aug 14, 2007Life in general
V.com group on FacebookAug 15, 2007Life in general
best intonation among players alive today?Aug 16, 2007Violinists
Scales are...well...um...Aug 16, 2007Teaching and Pedagogy
Modern Violins you likeAug 19, 2007Instruments
My teacher wants me to sign a contractAug 19, 2007Teaching and Pedagogy
Learning to play violin: Adults vs. ChildrenAug 19, 2007Teaching and Pedagogy
Silent PracticingAug 19, 2007Technique and Practicing
Gut strings for the beginnerAug 19, 2007Instruments
Bach E Major Partita PreludioAug 19, 2007Technique and Practicing
Is finger pain arthritis, overuse or tension?Aug 21, 2007Health
Getting over a poor performanceAug 22, 2007Performing
Mendelssohn Concerto Recording, Baroque Style?Aug 23, 2007Violinists
WHY did you start playing the violin?Aug 26, 2007Life in general
Instrument Acquisition SyndromeAug 26, 2007Instruments
Is it OK to install fine tuners on the four strings ?Aug 26, 2007Instruments
Right place and time to find Aug 27, 2007Instruments
So good we retired the numberAug 28, 2007Violinists
This is insane.Aug 29, 2007Performing
Other misconceptions you've run into?Aug 29, 2007Teaching and Pedagogy
SoundpostAug 29, 2007Instruments
Dvorak's Violin Concerto & Tchaikovsky's Souvenir de FlorenceAug 30, 2007Violinists
black fingertipsAug 30, 2007Health
Ringing in ears?Aug 31, 2007Health
Bow HoldSep 2, 2007Technique and Practicing
They Shall Have Music on TV this week!Sep 3, 2007Life in general
Where do you practice?Sep 3, 2007Technique and Practicing
Likely problems with brand new luthier made violin?Sep 4, 2007Instruments
Mozart styleSep 4, 2007Repertoire
Professional grade?Sep 5, 2007Instruments
Greatest violinist registered at violinist.com?Sep 5, 2007Violinists
Difference between a student and a pro Sep 7, 2007Performing
Seams opening...Sep 9, 2007Instruments
Limericks - Part 4 (Oh yes!)Sep 9, 2007Life in general
Andre Rieu recording - is this a blessing or a curse?Sep 10, 2007Violinists
What tail gut do you use?Sep 10, 2007Instruments
Instrument for adult begnnerSep 11, 2007Instruments
E major Preludio for 40-year-old fingersSep 11, 2007Technique and Practicing
How to tune a violin for a beginner?Sep 11, 2007Technique and Practicing
The Aging ViolinistSep 12, 2007Health
Hilary Hahn playing SchoenbergSep 13, 2007Violinists
Bloch Nigun QuestionSep 14, 2007Repertoire
Cho-Liang LinSep 14, 2007Violinists
Alexander Technique (method)Sep 17, 2007Health
How much do the supervirtuosos practice?Sep 17, 2007Technique and Practicing
High positions on the g-stringSep 17, 2007Technique and Practicing
Best rosin for pure-gut strings?Sep 17, 2007Instruments
When parents don't agree?Sep 18, 2007Teaching and Pedagogy
Recommendations for starting again after 20 yearsSep 19, 2007Technique and Practicing
Recording Equipment?Sep 20, 2007Technique and Practicing
Luis and Clark Carbon Fiber ViolinsSep 20, 2007Instruments
Fingerings as a crutch...how to help kids ditch the crutch??!?!Sep 22, 2007Teaching and Pedagogy
Soundpost setting tips, tricks or techniques??Sep 24, 2007Instruments
Free music siteSep 25, 2007Repertoire
itzhak's bow arm, um bow hand, um bow fingers...Sep 26, 2007Performing
Discouraged Violin Performance Major--about to call it quits!Sep 26, 2007Health
Bow tiltSep 26, 2007Technique and Practicing
Anne Sophie MutterSep 27, 2007Violinists
Co-Concertmaster's Duties?Sep 27, 2007Orchestra
Help for discouraged violinist!!!!!Sep 29, 2007Life in general
Quartet name needed!Sep 29, 2007Life in general
Up or down bow for the opening of the Mozart G majorSep 30, 2007Repertoire
Classical Music in FilmOct 1, 2007Life in general
Following the curve of the stickOct 1, 2007Teaching and Pedagogy
A shocking cadenza. What would Mozart think?Oct 1, 2007Performing
Piracy and classical musicOct 2, 2007Violinists
An ailing Itzhak replaced by a pianistOct 2, 2007Orchestra
Practice mute affect on soundOct 2, 2007Instruments
Can you recognize without doubt the violinist?Oct 2, 2007Violinists
Not fit to be ConcertmistressOct 2, 2007Orchestra
My back hurts when I play for a whileOct 5, 2007Technique and Practicing
What music pieces are a good idea for auditioning for JuilliardOct 6, 2007Competitions
Singing without vibratoOct 6, 2007Technique and Practicing
Quartet Name--we're still working on it!Oct 7, 2007Life in general
Violin in CremonaOct 8, 2007Instruments
Which violinists have perfect pitch?Oct 8, 2007Violinists
Horoscopes and MusicOct 8, 2007Life in general
good violin repair person in Atlanta areaOct 9, 2007Instruments
Breathing while playingOct 9, 2007Technique and Practicing
How much to solo violinists on tour earn?Oct 10, 2007Violinists
Could you pay the taxes on a Strad?Oct 11, 2007Instruments
Al Gore wins the Nobel Peace PrizeOct 12, 2007Life in general
Can a violinist learn to play the cello too?Oct 12, 2007Performing
Major Scale Fingering Chart QuestionOct 13, 2007Technique and Practicing
Can musicality be taught/learned?Oct 13, 2007Teaching and Pedagogy
Al Gore wins the Nobel Peace PrizeOct 15, 2007Life in general
Renting a violin in Rome (or any foreign city that you might be visiting for a week)Oct 16, 2007Instruments
Musicality---what the heck is it?Oct 16, 2007Teaching and Pedagogy
Violin - Something SomethingOct 16, 2007Instruments
Safely cleaning the fingerboard?Oct 17, 2007Instruments
Newly-hired (very young) school orchestra teacher's demandOct 17, 2007Schools
Violin Vs. ViolaOct 17, 2007Instruments
What would you ask Hilary Hahn?Oct 17, 2007Violinists
Articulation: Finesse, Strength and DecisivenessOct 18, 2007Technique and Practicing
singing in swellsOct 18, 2007Technique and Practicing
The Best Edition of the Paganini Caprices?Oct 18, 2007Repertoire
Cesar Franck: Violin Sonata in A major best recordingOct 19, 2007Violinists
Personality defeats ProdigyOct 20, 2007Violinists
Dirty Little SecretsOct 21, 2007Technique and Practicing
best orchestrations in a concerto?Oct 23, 2007Repertoire
Correlation between language and musicOct 24, 2007Life in general
Violinists that test the limits of what can be done with a violinOct 24, 2007Violinists
Why violin an antique market? What is the history?Oct 25, 2007Instruments
Getting too discouragedOct 25, 2007Technique and Practicing
Overcoming inhibitionOct 25, 2007Performing
Henryk Szeryng, why is/was he so underrated?Oct 26, 2007Violinists
A 14 year old violist's Pre-college Juilliard auditionOct 27, 2007Competitions
Worst orchestrations in a concertoOct 27, 2007Repertoire
5-string violin/violaOct 28, 2007Instruments
Help on Bowing StraighterOct 28, 2007Violinists
Need some advice, looking at a 300 year old italian violin :/Oct 28, 2007Instruments
Intonation of Double-StopsOct 29, 2007Technique and Practicing
Vibrato - pull or push?Oct 30, 2007Technique and Practicing
Whats the best recording of sibelius concerto?Oct 30, 2007Violinists
Stradivari and del Gesu. Is there room at the top?Oct 30, 2007Instruments
Guilty secretsNov 1, 2007Repertoire
Violins made in China. What are you own experiences with them?Nov 1, 2007Instruments
Characteristics of violinistsNov 1, 2007Violinists
More tricks for Paganini Caprice #5Nov 4, 2007Repertoire
modern vs golden,,,,part 358:Nov 4, 2007Instruments
Is there a difference on the left hand between franco-belgian, and russian schools?Nov 4, 2007Technique and Practicing
Good academic schools with good music programs?Nov 4, 2007Schools
Questions about fittingsNov 5, 2007Instruments
Cremona violinsNov 5, 2007Instruments
When your fiddle makes you weepNov 5, 2007Instruments
Kudos to New V.com FontNov 7, 2007Life in general
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which violin do you chose??Nov 8, 2007Instruments
You know you are a violin geek when......Nov 8, 2007Life in general
School ProblemsNov 10, 2007Life in general
Desert Island DiscsNov 10, 2007Repertoire
wages for monthly/yearly violinest job....anyone have any idea at all?!Nov 10, 2007Orchestra
Violin Woods: What Can Be Used?Nov 12, 2007Instruments
Good quality LIGHTWEIGHT violin case recommendation?Nov 12, 2007Instruments
Making Room for Bach ChordsNov 13, 2007Technique and Practicing
Why do you listen to your (really) old recordings?Nov 13, 2007Violinists
College audition repertoire...ACK!!Nov 13, 2007Schools
Got a Great Bow Rehair for $1.67Nov 14, 2007Instruments
Your Stringed Instrument Pet PeevesNov 14, 2007Life in general
Robert MeadowNov 14, 2007DVD reviews
What would you ask Ruggiero Ricci?Nov 15, 2007Violinists
What's the difference Between Violin and Fiddle?Nov 15, 2007Instruments
Tell me your experiences of buying violins on EbayNov 15, 2007Instruments
Shlomo Mintz' daring concert in NYC tomorrow!Nov 17, 2007Violinists
Peter Zaret---Patented Bass Bar for ViolinNov 18, 2007Instruments
Practice RoutinesNov 19, 2007Technique and Practicing
Berber chinrest. an amazing designNov 19, 2007Technique and Practicing
I need a piece for violin and violaNov 19, 2007Repertoire
Vivaldi's A minor Concerto, 1st. movementNov 20, 2007Technique and Practicing
Sex, drugs, classical music = trouble in the gardenNov 20, 2007Life in general
A question for FMFNov 22, 2007Violinists
Favourite ViolinistsNov 22, 2007Violinists
Bending right thumbNov 25, 2007Technique and Practicing
Winter woesNov 26, 2007Technique and Practicing
Dylana Jenson: why is she not a household name?Nov 27, 2007Violinists
Baroque VS Modern ViolinsNov 27, 2007Instruments
how do you break it to your teacher that you are looking for a new one?Nov 27, 2007Technique and Practicing
Memorable encoresNov 27, 2007Violinists
Favorite Recording of PoemeNov 27, 2007Violinists
Memorizing piecesNov 28, 2007Technique and Practicing
Feeding Arm Weight.Nov 29, 2007Technique and Practicing
thick rosin buildup!!Nov 29, 2007Instruments
Caprices or Capricci?Nov 30, 2007Life in general
Please help me choose (warning: long)Dec 1, 2007Teaching and Pedagogy
ViolinsDec 2, 2007Instruments
You know you are a violin geek when......Act IIDec 2, 2007Life in general
Summer Camps in Saint Petersburg, RussiaDec 2, 2007Schools
Issues with conductor...PLEASE HELP!Dec 2, 2007Schools
Spontaneous AuditionDec 3, 2007Competitions
Your favorite violin curseDec 4, 2007Life in general
Sheet Music for Unaccompanied ViolinDec 4, 2007Repertoire
Breaking things up.Dec 5, 2007Technique and Practicing
Raising high achieving kids- what has influenced you?Dec 5, 2007Teaching and Pedagogy
Birthday greetings for Joshua Bell!Dec 6, 2007Violinists
Tormenting Teachers!Dec 7, 2007Teaching and Pedagogy
Just how did Milstein support the violin?Dec 7, 2007Technique and Practicing
GUT STRINGSDec 8, 2007Instruments
How To Be A Good Student?Dec 9, 2007Teaching and Pedagogy
A 14year olds Journey to the Juilliard Pre-College AuditionsDec 9, 2007Competitions
Bach partita No 3 FingeringsDec 9, 2007Performing
composite violinsDec 11, 2007Instruments
Fine tuners on A and E string?Dec 11, 2007Instruments
Your dreamed recordingsDec 11, 2007Violinists
Nightmare recordingsDec 12, 2007Violinists
Is 40 too late to start?Dec 12, 2007Life in general
A New Artist Has ArrivedDec 12, 2007Violinists
Major breaking new s for violinists.Dec 12, 2007Life in general
TORMENTING TEACHERS,,,,,NOT!Dec 12, 2007Teaching and Pedagogy
Memorizing dynamicsDec 13, 2007Performing
Who is your Favorit Gypsy Violinist on Youtube.com??Dec 13, 2007Performing
best improvisersDec 14, 2007Violinists
How much can a late comer accomplish?Dec 14, 2007Technique and Practicing
The Diference of Tone Wood's Affects What?Dec 15, 2007Instruments
Practicing Slowly Speeds Things UpDec 16, 2007Technique and Practicing
Christmas CDsDec 16, 2007Violinists
Schwarz under fire: should we boycott auditions?Dec 17, 2007Orchestra
How special is your violin?Dec 17, 2007Instruments
Christmas ThoughtsDec 17, 2007Life in general
Viola String ReviewDec 17, 2007Instruments
Review of TetzlaffDec 20, 2007Violinists
When to throw in the towel?Dec 21, 2007Violinists
Question For Those Playing Without A Shoulder RestDec 21, 2007Technique and Practicing
I always get discouraged when I praticeDec 21, 2007Life in general
need help in purchasing my daughters first full size violin.Dec 21, 2007Instruments
Sometimes I just don't feel like praciticing...Dec 21, 2007Technique and Practicing
Looking for a great modern bowDec 23, 2007Instruments
Quality Recording Equipment?Dec 23, 2007Life in general
BOWS- Why do they make such a diference in performance?Dec 24, 2007Instruments
yita musicDec 29, 2007Instruments
What to Wear?!Dec 29, 2007Life in general
Who is your favorite conductor & orchestra?Dec 29, 2007Orchestra
Anything Unusual Happen While Performing?Dec 31, 2007Performing
Your personal musical highlights of 2007Dec 31, 2007Life in general

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