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Bloch Nigun and Suk's Vier Stucke op.17Jan 2, 2006Repertoire
Sarasota Music FestivalJan 3, 2006Schools
classical music in 2006Jan 3, 2006Life in general
BridgeJan 3, 2006Instruments
Choosing conservetoire place,Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama vs. Birmingham ConservatoireJan 4, 2006Schools
Re-recording Warhorses: Influence on Classical Music?Jan 6, 2006Life in general
Teaching TwinkleJan 6, 2006Teaching and Pedagogy
Is it worth it?Jan 7, 2006Life in general
Harvard/NEC Double Major?Jan 8, 2006Schools
Little 4th finger's complain!!!!!!Jan 8, 2006Health
Low temperature bad for violin?Jan 9, 2006Instruments
Hitting other strings while playingJan 11, 2006Technique and Practicing
teaching vibrato and positionsJan 11, 2006Technique and Practicing
Collapsing 4th finger in vibratoJan 11, 2006Technique and Practicing
Left handed violin?Jan 12, 2006Technique and Practicing
Igor OzimJan 13, 2006Schools
TMJJan 13, 2006Health
Walk in humidorJan 13, 2006Instruments
AccusoundJan 17, 2006Instruments
North Carolina School of the Arts Summer SessionJan 17, 2006Schools
Ivry Gitlis Recordings Unavailable in the U.S.Jan 17, 2006Violinists
Joseph Hassid biographyJan 17, 2006Violinists
Asian music schoolsJan 17, 2006Schools
Weightlifting and the violin-bad combination?Jan 19, 2006Health
Weight of the violin held by left hand... ?Jan 19, 2006Technique and Practicing
To All Hymn PlayersJan 19, 2006Performing
Funny/disastrous things that have happened in a live performace.Jan 19, 2006Performing
Traveling with cellos and bassesJan 19, 2006Instruments
Jay Haide violinsJan 21, 2006Instruments
Violinist EdutainmentJan 21, 2006Violinists
Berliner Philharmonics are overrated!Jan 21, 2006Orchestra
Sarah Chang in concertJan 21, 2006Violinists
Rosin, Polish and cleaner, and bow maintence.Jan 24, 2006Health
Restarting violin...need tendonitis prevention strategyJan 24, 2006Health
PaganiniJan 24, 2006Technique and Practicing
How to irish fiddle?Jan 24, 2006Technique and Practicing
How many instruments do you play?Jan 24, 2006Instruments
Juilliard teachersJan 25, 2006Schools
Cello rosin by mistake, can I still use it?Jan 25, 2006Instruments
Cadenza for Brahms by MilsteinJan 28, 2006Repertoire
Chopin: nocturneJan 28, 2006Repertoire
Favorite Classical ArtistJan 28, 2006Life in general
Leonardo da Vinci invented the violin? Not so fast . . .Jan 28, 2006Instruments
The best magazine to keep you informed about the violin?Jan 29, 2006Repertoire
play musicallyJan 30, 2006Life in general
Severe audition nerves - please helpFeb 1, 2006Competitions
Einstein as violinist and MozartFeb 1, 2006Violinists
Music as a language?Feb 1, 2006Life in general
Vibrato on Harmonics?Feb 1, 2006Technique and Practicing
Too much violin?Feb 1, 2006Health
Morimur: has anyone seen the vocal score?Feb 1, 2006Performing
Ravel TziganeFeb 1, 2006Violinists
Professional violinists and their $$$ violinsFeb 2, 2006Instruments
moulds and rosin?Feb 2, 2006Instruments
All-Time Best CDsFeb 6, 2006Violinists
teaching repertoireFeb 6, 2006Repertoire
To use or to not use the string tube.Feb 8, 2006Instruments
Vuillaume Feb 8, 2006Instruments
Strange bump on left handFeb 10, 2006Health
Selling instruments through online auctions such as TarisioFeb 10, 2006Instruments
Looking for a teacher in Melbourne, AustraliaFeb 13, 2006Teaching and Pedagogy
violin making.Feb 13, 2006Instruments
Need String Quartet Music for a WeddingFeb 16, 2006Orchestra
Ysaye Feb 16, 2006Repertoire
Your favorite sheet music flawFeb 16, 2006Life in general
My orchestra's From the Top performanceFeb 20, 2006Performing
Can Quasimodo play the violin?Feb 20, 2006Health
Evaluating a violin's soundFeb 20, 2006Instruments
Thinking outside of the boxFeb 20, 2006Performing
Was Paganini self taught?Feb 21, 2006Violinists
Tuning an orchestraFeb 21, 2006Orchestra
Philippe Hirshhorn - underated violinistFeb 24, 2006Violinists
Middle-Eastern-/Egyptian- Sounding Scale...A Foreign Key Signature?Feb 23, 2006Technique and Practicing
Is it bad to crack your knuckles?Feb 23, 2006Health
Rotator Cuff TearFeb 24, 2006Health
chinrestsFeb 24, 2006Instruments
Anyone wants to talk about Conus Violin Concerto in e mionr?Feb 24, 2006Repertoire
Developing as a string quartetFeb 24, 2006Life in general
Teacher wanted in coastal France and ItalyFeb 25, 2006Teaching and Pedagogy
Is nothing sacred?Feb 25, 2006Teaching and Pedagogy
Pierre Guillaume bowsFeb 25, 2006Instruments
Melbourne Conservatory of MusicFeb 28, 2006Schools
playing fiddler on the roof in a conert and need helpFeb 28, 2006Performing
Mozart Violin Concerto no. 4 in D mvmt. III form/analysis helpMar 2, 2006Repertoire
How To Overcome Problems that Aging Causes?Mar 2, 2006Health
To use a Shoulder Rest or Not To use a Shoulder RestMar 2, 2006Health
Concertos for Violin and Flute? Does anyone know of them?Mar 2, 2006Repertoire
Violin or Viola!?!? Advice NeededMar 4, 2006Instruments
Vuillaume Guarneri vs Strad modelsMar 5, 2006Instruments
Broken chicken wing bowing?Mar 6, 2006Technique and Practicing
Benoit RollandMar 8, 2006Instruments
Neck ArthritisMar 8, 2006Health
Frank Peter ZimmermannMar 8, 2006Violinists
Old recordingsMar 10, 2006Violinists
Surprised by a good-sounding "cheap" violinMar 10, 2006Instruments
Waxman Carmen FantasyMar 12, 2006Repertoire
Height of upper arm - right sideMar 12, 2006Technique and Practicing
string chamber literature with subtitles or descriptive namesMar 15, 2006Repertoire
Why is the Frog on the bow called the frog?????Mar 15, 2006Violinists
Selections from the highly acclaimed CD, Avec et Sans (S:CR-07)Mar 15, 2006Violinists
Left hand Techniqe in upper positions....ie fifth and aboveMar 15, 2006Technique and Practicing
Peter Ferreira's updated web siteMar 15, 2006Life in general
Is Christina Ricci related to Ruggiero Ricci?Mar 17, 2006Violinists
Yuan Qin instrumentsMar 18, 2006Instruments
GUT STRINGS: To use or not to use?!Mar 18, 2006Instruments
Is Viktoria Mullova one of the best violinists alive or not???Mar 19, 2006Violinists
Recovering from Injury: How to Begin ... AgainMar 19, 2006Health
FAKE STRINGS !!Mar 20, 2006Instruments
Howard Green violin bows.Mar 21, 2006Instruments
Yuri TorchinskyMar 22, 2006Violinists
Peter MachMar 22, 2006Instruments
How am I doing?Mar 22, 2006Repertoire
Kreisler Praeludium and Allegro - something different.Mar 23, 2006Repertoire
How are Sofia Instruments? Some advice for purchasing one?Mar 25, 2006Instruments
Survey of your opinion of the Mar 25, 2006Violinists
Beethoven String QuartetsMar 25, 2006Repertoire
Glory of Cremona by RicciMar 28, 2006Violinists
Margess InternationalMar 31, 2006Schools
Jennifer Becker violinsMar 31, 2006Instruments
Joshua Bell on Oprah: We have GOT to be close to breaking pointMar 31, 2006Life in general
Coda Classic Bow?Mar 31, 2006Instruments
Converting a Violin to a Viola?Apr 2, 2006Instruments
shoulder rests and chin rests. How to find the right ones?Apr 3, 2006Health
Gidon Kremer- Violin Genius.Apr 5, 2006DVD reviews
General Equipment QuestionsApr 5, 2006Instruments
Memorization of MusicApr 4, 2006Technique and Practicing
Information on Erica MoriniApr 4, 2006Violinists
Petru MunteanuApr 7, 2006Violinists
Possible setup changes for lower humidity?Apr 7, 2006Instruments
Khachaturian Violin ConcertoApr 8, 2006Competitions
A. PiazzollaApr 10, 2006Repertoire
The frusturations of being tallApr 10, 2006Health
What do you use to record your playing?Apr 12, 2006Instruments
Anyone heard of the violin maker Domenico Busan?Apr 12, 2006Instruments
How to distinguish the Unmarked BowApr 14, 2006Instruments
T-Shirt SlogansApr 15, 2006Life in general
Schumann's violin concertoApr 16, 2006Repertoire
Peter Zaret's bass-barsApr 16, 2006Instruments
High register playing on the violinApr 17, 2006Technique and Practicing
This melody hasn't stopped in over a weekApr 18, 2006Repertoire
Seating systems in violin sectionsApr 19, 2006Orchestra
C. L. YoungApr 19, 2006Performing
Summer plans??Apr 20, 2006Schools
False HarmonicsApr 20, 2006Technique and Practicing
Self HypnosisApr 23, 2006Performing
Commissioning a new instrumentApr 24, 2006Instruments
sheet music The Chairman's WaltzApr 24, 2006Repertoire
Back pain behind the should bladeApr 25, 2006Health
Reference recordings: Goldmark Violin ConcertoApr 25, 2006Violinists
How to recognize a StradivariusApr 27, 2006Instruments
Case Advice?Apr 29, 2006Instruments
step-up violin recommendationApr 30, 2006Instruments
Faded Fingerboard?Apr 30, 2006Instruments
Influential ViolinistsMay 1, 2006Violinists
chamber music in montrealMay 2, 2006Schools
Corey CerovsekMay 2, 2006Violinists
Delta Airlines Wants You...Not your InstrumentMay 5, 2006Life in general
Bacewicz: Suite for Two ViolinsMay 7, 2006Repertoire
Violinist Michele Auclair - MemoriesMay 8, 2006Violinists
How does dyslexia effect music reading?May 8, 2006Teaching and Pedagogy
Pain below the shoulder bladesMay 8, 2006Technique and Practicing
Black Angels!May 9, 2006Repertoire
Vieuxtemps Concerto No. 5 - What do you think?May 9, 2006Repertoire
Victor FetiqueMay 9, 2006Instruments
Great Classical Sonata for Violin and Piano?May 10, 2006Repertoire
The Best Electric ViolinsMay 13, 2006Instruments
Focal DystoniaMay 13, 2006Health
Next Concerto???May 13, 2006Repertoire
Recording of Beethoven ConcertoMay 13, 2006Violinists
Etude editionsMay 15, 2006Technique and Practicing
Pernambuco Carbon Violin Bow Gold MountedMay 18, 2006Instruments
Looking for humorous musicMay 18, 2006Repertoire
Violin bows below 3000 euroMay 18, 2006Instruments
Aaron RosandMay 18, 2006Schools
Mozart cadenzaMay 19, 2006Repertoire
Ferenc Von Vecsey informationsMay 19, 2006Violinists
Performance dressMay 19, 2006Performing
Who is Thomas Furi?May 20, 2006Violinists
WHAM! Songs that catch the non-classical listener's ear.May 20, 2006Repertoire
Most beautiful composition by MozartMay 20, 2006Repertoire
What do you do when you get really frustrated while practicing?May 20, 2006Technique and Practicing
Help! Career on the line!May 20, 2006Health
Warchal Brilliant: My verdictMay 21, 2006Instruments
Music Schools in ItalyMay 21, 2006Schools
Violin TricksMay 22, 2006Technique and Practicing
Beethoven's deafnessMay 22, 2006Health
New to Violins/Violin RepairMay 23, 2006Instruments
Beethoven's Romance in GMay 24, 2006Repertoire
Bach partita selection for undergrad auditionsMay 24, 2006Competitions
Show-off pieceMay 24, 2006Repertoire
Making a musicianMay 25, 2006Violinists
Need help picking a concerto!May 25, 2006Repertoire
Wedding rep.May 26, 2006Performing
HARDEST CONCERTO EVER!May 27, 2006Repertoire
Smaller 4/4 violins or possibly 7/8May 28, 2006Instruments
sheetmusic of Georges Enesco suite for orchestra no 1 opus 9, prelude unisono (=for soloviolin (4.04 minutes)May 29, 2006Repertoire
How do you love the violin?May 29, 2006Life in general
The Flexibility of IntonationMay 30, 2006Technique and Practicing
Montreal competition part 2May 30, 2006Violinists
Violin Career options?May 31, 2006Life in general
What about yours?Jun 1, 2006Instruments
Is The Ultimate Collection of Violin Sonatas CD worth getting?Jun 2, 2006Violinists
What do people think of NEC??Jun 2, 2006Schools
What should I have to teach on the first violin class?Jun 2, 2006Teaching and Pedagogy
using an adjuster with synthetic stringsJun 7, 2006Instruments
We'd love to see them playing together...Jun 7, 2006Performing
Rosin questionJun 11, 2006Instruments
New CD releaseJun 11, 2006Violinists
French or german bows?Jun 11, 2006Instruments
Shostakovich's 1st violin concerto: relative difficulty?Jun 13, 2006Repertoire
Help with Boccherini Minuet- Suzuki Book 2Jun 13, 2006Repertoire
Who Performs on Gut Strings Today?Jun 14, 2006Instruments
Jose Da CunhaJun 15, 2006Instruments
Amsterdam Conservatory/Ilya GrubertJun 16, 2006Schools
Unaccompanied Canon in DJun 16, 2006Repertoire
Does Music Make You Smarter?Jun 19, 2006Technique and Practicing
Brahms ContemplationJun 19, 2006Repertoire
Full size strings on a 3/4 size violin?Jun 20, 2006Instruments
Yannick Le Canu violin bowJun 20, 2006Instruments
Is violin REALLY a difficult instrumentJun 21, 2006Life in general
Violin teacher quotesJun 21, 2006Teaching and Pedagogy
Wieniawski Polonaise in DJun 21, 2006Repertoire
Violin Auction PicsJun 23, 2006Life in general
balsa wood instrumentsJun 23, 2006Instruments
Playing feels great one day, but the next can be a completely different story...Jun 23, 2006Life in general
Dyslexia and Music TeachingJun 25, 2006Teaching and Pedagogy
Where do you think is the best place to sit?Jun 25, 2006Orchestra
fine tuners on the other strings?Jun 25, 2006Instruments
Theory and SolfegeJun 25, 2006Technique and Practicing
kreisler cadenzaJun 27, 2006Repertoire
Problems a professional-level violinist might have with the Tchaikovsky VCJun 25, 2006Technique and Practicing
Myaskovsky Concerto availability on paperJun 27, 2006Repertoire
Moto PerpetuoJun 26, 2006Technique and Practicing
Philharmonia Lorry in Fire DramaJun 28, 2006Violinists
The Colburn School or San fransico conservatory??Jun 28, 2006Schools
Is there such a thing as a 'musician's chair'?Jul 2, 2006Health
Air travel with the violinJul 4, 2006Life in general
Your favourite STRAD ?Jul 5, 2006Instruments
Soovin KimJul 5, 2006Violinists
Bows:round vs. octagonalJul 5, 2006Instruments
Ysaye sonata no.1Jul 5, 2006Repertoire
Jascha Heifetz: Why not Paganini?Jul 5, 2006Violinists
France vs. ItalyJul 6, 2006Instruments
Double stop section in Kreisler's Praeludium and AllegroJul 6, 2006Repertoire
student giving lessons to younger studentsJul 6, 2006Teaching and Pedagogy
Tension and tendonitisJul 6, 2006Technique and Practicing
A new game: Jul 6, 2006Violinists
StompingJul 6, 2006Performing
Duet for ONE violin?!?!Jul 8, 2006Repertoire
Brahms Double Concerto recordingsJul 9, 2006Repertoire
Metronome/TunerJul 10, 2006Technique and Practicing
what to wear ?Jul 12, 2006Performing
Kun or Super Kun?Jul 12, 2006Instruments
Bow rehairs in New York CityJul 12, 2006Instruments
John Cage - Freeman EtudesJul 13, 2006Repertoire
Fast string crossing (Mozart 39, 2nd violin) help needed ASAP please!Jul 14, 2006Technique and Practicing
Electric violin stringsJul 14, 2006Instruments
Who do you think is the best interpreter of Paganini music?Jul 14, 2006Violinists
Am I moving to quicklyJul 15, 2006Technique and Practicing
Simone F. Sacconi--Where are his violins?Jul 16, 2006Instruments
any advice for a newbieJul 17, 2006Schools
Bow AdviceJul 17, 2006Instruments
Grad School Teachers?Jul 18, 2006Schools
Your music collection...Jul 20, 2006Life in general
The best violinist ever?Jul 21, 2006Violinists
What are must-learn pieces in standard repertoire, in progressive order?Jul 23, 2006Repertoire
help - Sam Franko cadenza Mozart Vln Con. #5Jul 24, 2006Technique and Practicing
Finger-tape ResidueJul 24, 2006Instruments
Information about a French violin makerJul 24, 2006Instruments
any recital music pieces for beginner-intermediate level?Jul 24, 2006Performing
Cryogenic stringsJul 25, 2006Instruments
Thomas Kennedy Violin valuationJul 25, 2006Instruments
Maintenance of the instrumentJul 27, 2006Instruments
two questions: phantasia, sarasate's carmen fantasyJul 28, 2006Repertoire
Playin' on a Strad?Jul 30, 2006Instruments
Raymond Schryer's instruments?Jul 30, 2006Instruments
D. Alard 24 CapricesJul 31, 2006Repertoire
MoviesAug 1, 2006Life in general
Favorite VIOLIN DUETS?Aug 3, 2006Repertoire
Strange finger swellingAug 5, 2006Health
Fender fv3 electric violinAug 8, 2006Instruments
How do you read grouped notes.....?Aug 8, 2006Orchestra
Stealing Techniques from Other InstrumentsAug 8, 2006Technique and Practicing
It's a String Thing...Aug 9, 2006Instruments
Double stopsAug 9, 2006Technique and Practicing
Cafe music for violin, jazz and TangosAug 10, 2006Repertoire
Learning VibratoAug 10, 2006Technique and Practicing
left-handed violinsAug 12, 2006Instruments
Dvorak violin concertoAug 13, 2006Repertoire
Book ReviewAug 13, 2006Life in general
Ysaye Scales and Bach Sonatas and PartitasAug 14, 2006Repertoire
Russian/Soviet violin pedagogy - compiling primary sourcesAug 15, 2006Teaching and Pedagogy
Purchasing an electric violinAug 18, 2006Instruments
TriosAug 18, 2006Repertoire
Happy birthday Maxim Vengerov!Aug 20, 2006Violinists
Opinions concerning studies with Prof. LaredoAug 21, 2006Schools
Order to learn concertiAug 21, 2006Repertoire
A New BowAug 21, 2006Instruments
Paul Bailly (year 1906)Aug 22, 2006Instruments
Ivan Dunov Eastman ViolinAug 23, 2006Instruments
What is your violin's name?Aug 23, 2006Instruments
Self-playing violinAug 24, 2006Performing
Wrist PainAug 24, 2006Health
Best SymphoniesAug 24, 2006Orchestra
KOGANS RECORDINGS.....Aug 24, 2006Performing
Milstein - PaganinianaAug 25, 2006Repertoire
Suzuki MethodAug 25, 2006Technique and Practicing
The soundpost fellAug 25, 2006Instruments
The Greatness of Walter VerdehrAug 25, 2006Violinists
Astor Piazzolla's Scent of a woman for violin and pianoAug 27, 2006Repertoire
Carry on luggageAug 29, 2006Instruments
Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis . . .Aug 29, 2006Schools
Avoiding burnout from living situationsAug 29, 2006Life in general
Houston and St. Louis Music Performance SchoolsAug 29, 2006Schools
Roman Teller viola, 1981Aug 30, 2006Instruments
How would you describe an Aug 30, 2006Technique and Practicing
I feel uneasy about my son's teacherSep 1, 2006Teaching and Pedagogy
BorokSep 1, 2006Schools
Indianapolis competitionSep 3, 2006Performing
Violin and Trumpet Duets?Sep 3, 2006Repertoire
Vieuxtemps Sep 3, 2006Repertoire
What pieces is everyone working on now?Sep 3, 2006Repertoire
RepeatsSep 5, 2006Repertoire
How Important is the Bow?? Setting bow tension.Sep 7, 2006Technique and Practicing
Nurture vs. NatureSep 8, 2006Teaching and Pedagogy
Fiddle-Ezy -- Violin Support HolderSep 8, 2006Health
Cello and Violin?Musically insane?Sep 8, 2006Instruments
Memory Slip - a do or die situation? Does it matter?Sep 9, 2006Performing
What is it about Yehudi Menuhin?.....Sep 12, 2006Violinists
Giving up the violinSep 13, 2006Life in general
$400 bow really insane?Sep 13, 2006Instruments
"I love you, you're perfect, now change"?Sep 13, 2006Performing
BridgesSep 13, 2006Instruments
John A. Bolander bowsSep 15, 2006Instruments
jazz and classicalSep 15, 2006Performing
Playing from Memory - Techniques?Sep 15, 2006
Return to the violinSep 15, 2006Life in general
quality and price for 3 old french violinsSep 19, 2006Instruments
A bit sad, but which violin mute to buy?Sep 20, 2006Instruments
Left thumb balance, without a shounder restSep 22, 2006Health
Tips on leading an orchestraSep 23, 2006Orchestra
Motivational CuesSep 25, 2006Technique and Practicing
Practicing with migrainesSep 25, 2006Technique and Practicing
wedding musicSep 26, 2006Repertoire
Baroque violinSep 26, 2006Technique and Practicing
Hearing loss and violin playingSep 29, 2006Health
Sheet Music for Waxman Carmen FantasyOct 3, 2006Repertoire
A French violin for 58KOct 3, 2006Instruments
Clayton Haslop's - Kreutzer for Violin Mastery Program.Oct 4, 2006DVD reviews
what does faciebat anno 1713 mean?Oct 4, 2006Instruments
violin teacher in Dijon/Mulhouse/Paris/Lyon?Oct 4, 2006Schools
Left handed violins for saleOct 6, 2006Instruments
Concert stage etiquetteOct 6, 2006Performing
Bow technician in NJ ?Oct 6, 2006Instruments
Fine tuners vs geared pegs?Oct 6, 2006
The sound quality of Rudoulf Doetsch deteriorate?Oct 7, 2006Instruments
Outstanding Recordings of Bach's Sonatas and Partitas for Solo ViolinOct 9, 2006Violinists
Practice Routines.Oct 9, 2006Technique and Practicing
Violins by Valentino de ZorziOct 9, 2006Instruments
Help - no one makes good 3/4 bowsOct 10, 2006Instruments
Steven Staryk's CD called Every Violinist's GuideOct 10, 2006Violinists
4/4 Neck- How short can it be?Oct 10, 2006Instruments
Benno RabinofOct 12, 2006Violinists
Need help with rythmOct 12, 2006Technique and Practicing
Sheet music search - Piazzolla, tanti anni prima (ave maria)Oct 13, 2006Repertoire
Which violin would you purchase - Hargrave, Alf or Borman?Oct 13, 2006Instruments
Musical VerseOct 13, 2006Life in general
Samuil FurerOct 15, 2006Violinists
Great concert last night by violinist Peter FerreiraOct 15, 2006Violinists
Realist Acoustic Violin TransducerOct 16, 2006Instruments
Who has a Feng JiangOct 17, 2006Instruments
Beethoven -- rewriting history?Oct 17, 2006Life in general
Guarnerius del Gesu, ex-KubelikOct 18, 2006Instruments
Breaking-In a new violin.Oct 18, 2006Instruments
Various Newbie QuestionsOct 18, 2006Instruments
Guarnerius for Suzuki lesson.Oct 19, 2006Life in general
Hilary Hahn music video on youtubeOct 20, 2006Performing
The Messiah Strad: True Messiah, or False Messiah?Oct 21, 2006Instruments
Suzuki for AdultsOct 21, 2006Teaching and Pedagogy
Who is speaking--the composer or the playerOct 22, 2006Performing
Repertoire composed after 1939Oct 23, 2006Repertoire
Practice makes it perfect.Oct 23, 2006Life in general
Why The Violin?!Oct 23, 2006Performing
Kennedy Breaks Arm In Bike AccidentOct 24, 2006Violinists
To 'tique or not to 'tique? That is the question!Oct 24, 2006Instruments
Pinky off stick at tipOct 24, 2006Teaching and Pedagogy
Holding The Neck Properly?Oct 24, 2006Technique and Practicing
Vivaldi - The Movie!Oct 27, 2006Life in general
Describe the ideal violin for you, whether you already own it or not!Oct 27, 2006Instruments
Hilary Hahn - Does perfect technique mean no musicality?Oct 27, 2006Violinists
Violin compositions: from the piano bench or midi keyboard.Oct 27, 2006Repertoire
Left Handed playersOct 27, 2006Technique and Practicing
Horses and HairOct 29, 2006Instruments
FAVORITE QUOTESOct 30, 2006Life in general
Dark Pieces?Oct 30, 2006Repertoire
Bow QuestionsOct 31, 2006Instruments
Baroque BachOct 31, 2006Violinists
Violin-viola duetsOct 31, 2006Repertoire
Violin Fittings - Can we talk?Nov 2, 2006Instruments
CallusesNov 2, 2006Technique and Practicing
Left Hand: principles and compromisesNov 2, 2006Technique and Practicing
Are violinists light sleepers, or is it just me?Nov 4, 2006Life in general
Need Cadenza for Beethoven ConcertoNov 5, 2006Repertoire
Scales and Etudes?Nov 4, 2006Technique and Practicing
Teaching music readingNov 4, 2006Teaching and Pedagogy
Share Your Insights PleaseNov 5, 2006Life in general
Obligatos - Do they break in quickly?Nov 5, 2006Instruments
Thumb and vibratoNov 5, 2006Technique and Practicing
I was there!Nov 5, 2006Performing
Child's motivation/rivalry crisis?Nov 5, 2006Instruments
Pursuing a career.....or not?Nov 5, 2006Life in general
Summer FestivalsNov 5, 2006Schools
Orchestral Excerpts for AuditionsNov 5, 2006Competitions
Antonio Capella ViolinsNov 6, 2006Instruments
Christmas MusicNov 6, 2006Repertoire
Studying music theoryNov 7, 2006Teaching and Pedagogy
yes, you have intonation problems,,,,Nov 7, 2006Teaching and Pedagogy
Parchment under the E-string?Nov 8, 2006Instruments
Musicians, their pets (dogs) and euthanasia…Nov 8, 2006Life in general
Davide SoraNov 8, 2006Instruments
John CageNov 9, 2006Repertoire
Titanium VisionsNov 9, 2006Instruments
I know what's wrong with classical musicNov 9, 2006Life in general
judges prior knowledge of a performerNov 11, 2006Competitions
Japenese OrchestrasNov 11, 2006Orchestra
Finale and other scorewritersNov 11, 2006Life in general
If Mozart was alive today he would be:Nov 11, 2006Life in general
Technique and (many) fiddlersNov 12, 2006Technique and Practicing
VSA Competition resultsNov 13, 2006Instruments
Room humidifiers - which is best?Nov 13, 2006Instruments
Learning Music - Quickly v. SlowlyNov 17, 2006Technique and Practicing
Anne-Sophie Mutter recital at Carnegie HallNov 17, 2006Violinists
Fiberglass Bobelock CaseNov 17, 2006Technique and Practicing
What age is better for a child to start a violin lesson?Nov 17, 2006Life in general
Dave Matthews Band Sheet Music?Nov 17, 2006Repertoire
Online places to sell an instrument?Nov 17, 2006Instruments
Alexander TechniqueNov 19, 2006Health
Recording options.Nov 19, 2006
Sound adjustment in ChicagoNov 19, 2006Instruments
What do we listen to when we are NOT playing?!Nov 20, 2006Life in general
Audio resource for comparing tonal quality of violinsNov 20, 2006Instruments
money, happiness and living up to others' expectation?Nov 22, 2006Life in general
How quick should I be learning my repertoire?Nov 22, 2006Technique and Practicing
Bach's Concerto in D Minor for Two ViolinsNov 22, 2006Technique and Practicing
Shoulder rest: Yes or No PollNov 23, 2006Technique and Practicing
Editions of the Mendelssohn VCNov 23, 2006Repertoire
Give Thanks!Nov 23, 2006Life in general
Researching instrument: Edward Garber?Nov 25, 2006Instruments
Arm-shoulder joint painNov 26, 2006Health
Youth Orchestras: A Political minefield?!Nov 26, 2006Orchestra
there are prodigies, and then there is the real deal,,,Nov 27, 2006Repertoire
Unlearning bad habitsNov 28, 2006Teaching and Pedagogy
Balancing ActNov 28, 2006Life in general
Is it easy to install a chin rest yourself?Nov 29, 2006Instruments
Practice epihanyNov 30, 2006Technique and Practicing
so, how do you FEEL on stage?:)Nov 30, 2006Violinists
Golden violin toneDec 1, 2006Instruments
Nagyvary violinsDec 1, 2006Instruments
Paganini: Carnaval of VeniceDec 2, 2006Repertoire
What's more important to get first: a new violin or a new bow?Dec 2, 2006Instruments
Listening to period performance if you have perfect/absolute pitchDec 3, 2006Orchestra
Violins on the wallDec 3, 2006Instruments
Colle´Dec 3, 2006Technique and Practicing
archery and violin playingDec 3, 2006Life in general
piano playing anyone?Dec 3, 2006Instruments
Quick Survey!Dec 5, 2006Instruments
Late-Starter School/CampDec 5, 2006Schools
IntonationDec 5, 2006Technique and Practicing
Capet, bow and finger movementsDec 5, 2006Technique and Practicing
What is a "dark tone"?Dec 5, 2006Technique and Practicing
Best violin polish/cleanerDec 7, 2006Instruments
Bad juryDec 7, 2006Performing
Lord Menuhin - overused the superlatives a bit?Dec 7, 2006Violinists
Learning Beethoven concerto in D majorDec 7, 2006Technique and Practicing
Check out the versatile genius of Gilles ApapDec 7, 2006Violinists
Using a cello bow on violin?Dec 7, 2006Technique and Practicing
How many of you play both the violin and cello?Dec 7, 2006Life in general
Please help me decide on this violin!Dec 7, 2006Instruments
Fixing rosin cakeDec 8, 2006Instruments
Superb Grieg Sonata VideoDec 8, 2006Violinists
There's vibrato and then there's vibratoDec 8, 2006Technique and Practicing
The violin T-shirts are in!Dec 8, 2006Life in general
The Takacs QuartetDec 9, 2006Violinists
Stage FrightDec 9, 2006Performing
Where to find....Dec 9, 2006Repertoire
Ledger lines ad infinitumDec 10, 2006Repertoire
Burning right shoulderDec 10, 2006Health
Sarah Chang's violinDec 10, 2006Violinists
your playing on youtube? :)Dec 11, 2006Violinists
Taking Breaks..Dec 11, 2006Life in general
Decorating for acousticsDec 11, 2006Life in general
Which strings do you use?Dec 12, 2006Instruments
Music Makes Mad Math More Manageable? Maybe:)Dec 12, 2006Violinists
Squeaking E StringDec 12, 2006Instruments
Tantrums on StageDec 14, 2006Performing
Where to buy violin in Paris?Dec 14, 2006Instruments
Variations on a ThemeDec 14, 2006Repertoire
Non-traditional instrumentsDec 14, 2006Instruments
Then and NowDec 15, 2006Schools
Midori videos on YouTubeDec 16, 2006Violinists
How can I move forward?Dec 16, 2006Technique and Practicing
What is your faviorite modern?Dec 17, 2006Instruments
Jubin's Graded RepertoireDec 17, 2006Repertoire
cadenzas for Mozart concertosDec 18, 2006Repertoire
do you pick your students to teach?Dec 18, 2006Teaching and Pedagogy
First Violin LessonDec 18, 2006Teaching and Pedagogy
What is Talent?Dec 19, 2006Teaching and Pedagogy
Rosining new bow-hair: Any speed-up tips?Dec 19, 2006Instruments
One piece vs two piece back?Dec 19, 2006Instruments
Bach's ChordsDec 20, 2006Technique and Practicing
Ossy Renardy ReduxDec 21, 2006Violinists
Guardian GarbageDec 21, 2006Life in general
Music Related Reads...Dec 21, 2006Life in general
Violin audition for the White House Marine OrchestraDec 22, 2006Competitions
Milhaud viola concertosDec 24, 2006Violinists
Price of a Strad or del Gesu 300 years ago?Dec 24, 2006Instruments
Working with an accompanistDec 24, 2006Performing
The great violinmakers of today are a truly great bunch!Dec 24, 2006Instruments
How to practice supplementary matierals(Sevcik,Schradieck,etc)Dec 25, 2006Technique and Practicing
High Quality Chinese Luthiers?Dec 26, 2006Instruments
Kreutzer Etude # 1 and 23Dec 26, 2006Repertoire
Violinists lifting weightsDec 26, 2006Health
New Strings open up the SoundDec 27, 2006Instruments
Varnish on a bridge?Dec 29, 2006Instruments
What instrument to buy with a 800 dollars budget?Dec 29, 2006Instruments
I think I might give up the violin....Dec 29, 2006Technique and Practicing
Help with arthritis in handsDec 31, 2006Technique and Practicing
Happy New Year to EveryoneDec 31, 2006Life in general

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