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Urtext or travesty? You decideJan 1, 2005Repertoire
What does chanterelle mean?Jan 1, 2005Repertoire
Burnout?Jan 3, 2005Life in general
Beginner Quartet ListenerJan 3, 2005Violinists
Problem with E stringJan 5, 2005Technique and Practicing
Contemporary German Violins and luthiersJan 6, 2005Instruments
Opinions of Grumiaux?Jan 6, 2005Violinists
How to prepare for graduate school auditionJan 6, 2005Performing
Quick question for the violin makers about bridge curvature.Jan 7, 2005Instruments
choosing an instrument, wolf tonesJan 7, 2005Instruments
summer campsJan 9, 2005Schools
Vibrato of ChordsJan 9, 2005Technique and Practicing
KreutzersJan 10, 2005Technique and Practicing
Practice Advise for 8 year oldJan 10, 2005Technique and Practicing
AuditionsJan 10, 2005Competitions
The Peccatte bow or the Nurnberger Bow?Jan 11, 2005Instruments
Zino Francescatti's 1970s recording of the Tartini D-minor concerto, etc.Jan 12, 2005Violinists
Ghys/Servais Variations on God Save the KingJan 12, 2005Repertoire
Good News for Fellow Toscha Seidel FansJan 12, 2005DVD reviews
Contemporary Bow makers that are as great as old french bow makers?Jan 14, 2005Instruments
Dislocated shoulderJan 14, 2005Health
Cloth for chinrestJan 18, 2005Technique and Practicing
Spider FingersJan 18, 2005Technique and Practicing
Great Violinists of the Bell Telephone HourJan 19, 2005DVD reviews
Improvised violin duets on Radio 3Jan 20, 2005Violinists
Evah or Obligato?Jan 20, 2005Instruments
3 new violin questions - 1910 German ViolinJan 20, 2005Instruments
Help - How to work on HarmonicsJan 21, 2005Technique and Practicing
'Concert Violin' under 5 grand?Jan 23, 2005Instruments
Build Your Own Violin!Jan 23, 2005Instruments
Need info on luthier from CaliforniaJan 23, 2005Instruments
Guidlines on Switching Teachers?Jan 24, 2005Life in general
Violin insuranceJan 26, 2005Instruments
Has anyone here heard of the Sousa line of bows?Jan 26, 2005Instruments
Thank You, Thank You Very Much . . .Jan 26, 2005Violinists
How to sell an electric violin??Jan 28, 2005Instruments
Where to find Joshua Bell Tchaikovsky Concerto?Jan 28, 2005Violinists
Ivry Gitlis on the Grumiaux DVDJan 28, 2005DVD reviews
Igor Oistrakh RecordingsJan 30, 2005Violinists
Worth it to raise a fingerboard 2 mm?Jan 30, 2005Instruments
Teaching a left handed studentJan 31, 2005Teaching and Pedagogy
RCM Grade levels???Jan 31, 2005Repertoire
Pirastro strings: Obligato vs. Evah PirazziJan 31, 2005Instruments
Old violin, like an old fine wineFeb 1, 2005Instruments
mm marking for Czar's Bride OvertureFeb 1, 2005Repertoire
Advice on Feb 1, 2005Instruments
Michael RabinFeb 1, 2005Violinists
Scale booksFeb 3, 2005Technique and Practicing
Third Respighi violin concerto??Feb 3, 2005Repertoire
Schubert's Original Serenade?Feb 4, 2005Repertoire
Pinkie popping up!Feb 4, 2005Technique and Practicing
Elgar Violin ConcertoFeb 4, 2005Repertoire
Chinese violinsFeb 6, 2005Instruments
Bow Maker's MarksFeb 6, 2005Instruments
The Early HeifetzFeb 6, 2005Violinists
Please, ideas how to learn alto clef for violinist......Feb 6, 2005Technique and Practicing
Violin teacher tells me to only use arm vibrato in all positionsFeb 6, 2005Technique and Practicing
Strange pain in the shoulder...Feb 7, 2005Technique and Practicing
violin playing revisitedFeb 8, 2005Teaching and Pedagogy
Is rosin dust bad for you?Feb 10, 2005Health
Publishers of Bach Cello Suites for violaFeb 10, 2005Performing
Need information for violin made by AmatiFeb 10, 2005Instruments
I'm so INSULTED!!!Feb 10, 2005Health
Paganini Concerto 1 in . Eb Major vs. D MajorFeb 11, 2005Repertoire
Mineral Oil?Feb 12, 2005Instruments
Zigeunerweisen and other stuffFeb 13, 2005Repertoire
Left bicep painFeb 13, 2005Health
Favorite CDs by French composers?Feb 13, 2005Violinists
Grammy AwardsFeb 13, 2005Performing
Re-learning techniqueFeb 14, 2005Technique and Practicing
Hand crampsFeb 14, 2005Technique and Practicing
which violinFeb 15, 2005Instruments
The best piece that inspiresFeb 16, 2005Repertoire
Alternative bow-hold for beginners?Feb 16, 2005Teaching and Pedagogy
What's your string combo?Feb 17, 2005Instruments
Have you a tried a Maestro Vasile Gigla violin?Feb 17, 2005Instruments
Violin Sound under the ear is misleading?Feb 18, 2005Instruments
Arched back thumbFeb 19, 2005Technique and Practicing
www.sheetmusicplus.com reliabilityFeb 21, 2005Repertoire
yellow coloring developing on my d stringFeb 21, 2005Instruments
Effects pedalsFeb 22, 2005Instruments
More performances needed of Beethoven Triple Concerto op. 56 - 1803Feb 23, 2005Repertoire
anybody got info on the Devil's trill?Feb 23, 2005Violinists
Riverdance violin score sheet music?Feb 23, 2005Repertoire
How hard is it to learn the violinFeb 23, 2005Technique and Practicing
Breaking in new violinsFeb 24, 2005Instruments
Famous QuotesFeb 25, 2005Violinists
Landlords complaining about violin volumeFeb 25, 2005Life in general
Help for collegeFeb 25, 2005Schools
I need help with BartokFeb 26, 2005Technique and Practicing
Violin bows by Gunthrie, Quade or Samuels.Feb 28, 2005Instruments
Lesson time tantrumsFeb 28, 2005Teaching and Pedagogy
Scale RoutinesFeb 28, 2005Technique and Practicing
Double Concerti (Two Violins)Feb 28, 2005Repertoire
Modern day Recitals:Feb 28, 2005Performing
Building Endurance for RecitalMar 2, 2005Performing
Stark..Mittel...Weich....Ich nicht verstehe! (I don't understand!)Mar 3, 2005Life in general
fingerboard angleMar 3, 2005Instruments
Doflein Method booksMar 3, 2005Teaching and Pedagogy
Customs around shopping for old violins...Mar 3, 2005Instruments
What bows did the greats use?Mar 3, 2005Instruments
John Zorn's Mar 4, 2005Violinists
violinist Alexander Schneider in Bach and SchubertMar 4, 2005Violinists
Personal Review of Strings...Mar 6, 2005Instruments
Crazy version of the Tchaikovsky concertoMar 6, 2005Violinists
John Sipe's ViolinsMar 7, 2005Instruments
Palatino violin strings?Mar 9, 2005Instruments
Strings: Pros and cons of heavy gauge?Mar 10, 2005Instruments
The Heifetz MuteMar 11, 2005Instruments
TuningMar 13, 2005Teaching and Pedagogy
Frequent headachesMar 13, 2005Health
Itzhak Perlman as a teacherMar 13, 2005Schools
Bach sonatas and partitas for violaMar 15, 2005Violinists
Spiccato - how do you do itMar 16, 2005Technique and Practicing
Violin or Bow sound changes when played by others???Mar 18, 2005Instruments
playing together when rhythm is the main pointMar 18, 2005Technique and Practicing
Q about violin seatings in orchestras... 2nd violin prin. is better than last chair of 1st vln section??Mar 19, 2005Orchestra
Words made from notesMar 19, 2005Life in general
Characteristics about some of the top music schools in the US...Mar 22, 2005Schools
loud violins- how toMar 22, 2005
What makes a good violinMar 23, 2005Instruments
shoulder restMar 23, 2005Instruments
Pain in Left WristMar 24, 2005Health
Stanislaw Barcewicz and Paul ViardotMar 24, 2005Violinists
String HeightMar 24, 2005Instruments
ABRSM Grade 5-ish standard repertoire ideasMar 24, 2005Teaching and Pedagogy
He & Chen The Butterfly Lovers violin concertoMar 30, 2005Repertoire
Teaching your own kidsMar 27, 2005Teaching and Pedagogy
What do you think about them?Mar 27, 2005Instruments
Niagara summer institute (Atis Bankis/Danchenko)Mar 27, 2005Schools
Practicing in a Hotel RoomMar 29, 2005Technique and Practicing
Do you name your violin?Mar 29, 2005Instruments
WASO Vs LPO?Mar 30, 2005Orchestra
Simultaneous LH pizzicato and arcoMar 30, 2005Technique and Practicing
British terminology for notesMar 30, 2005Life in general
Queen Elisabeth Competition BelgiumMar 30, 2005Performing
Best Prokofiev 2?Mar 30, 2005Violinists
Need help finding the name of a piece.Apr 1, 2005Performing
Electric 5 string vs. 4 stringApr 1, 2005Instruments
Help needed with choosing sonatasApr 1, 2005Repertoire
ChineseViolins.comApr 2, 2005Instruments
Liebenzeller GoldApr 2, 2005Instruments
Anybody know about Georges Chanot 19th century violins?Apr 3, 2005Instruments
Best Shosty violin concerto 1 recording?Apr 4, 2005Violinists
Need Violin PartsApr 4, 2005Competitions
Bam CasesApr 6, 2005Instruments
Anyone heard about E & L Minarski?Apr 6, 2005Instruments
Silvestre or Strnad??Apr 6, 2005Instruments
Stiff vibratoApr 6, 2005Teaching and Pedagogy
Shifting principlesApr 6, 2005Teaching and Pedagogy
Poll: Biceps for Girls?Apr 6, 2005Life in general
RAM teachersApr 6, 2005Teaching and Pedagogy
Which Rosin?Apr 7, 2005Instruments
If the Jay Haide anccient model violin a good violin?Apr 8, 2005Instruments
Glinka/ BartokApr 8, 2005Competitions
GUNTHER SCHULLER violin and jazz composer, teacher,authorApr 8, 2005Repertoire
Anybody know level of Rode, Dont (Op. 35), Paganini, or Weiniawski????Apr 8, 2005Repertoire
How to learn perfect pitchApr 8, 2005Life in general
Do pegs drops work?Apr 10, 2005Instruments
HELP please!Apr 10, 2005Technique and Practicing
Intermediate Violin RepertoireApr 11, 2005Repertoire
Look what I found!!Apr 11, 2005Violinists
Little-known TeachersApr 11, 2005Schools
Scent of a Woman, Tango (Por Una Cabeza)Apr 11, 2005Repertoire
Infeld blue & Red Es to Goldbrokat.Apr 12, 2005Instruments
new-old violinApr 12, 2005Instruments
Beginner motivation and disciplineApr 13, 2005Teaching and Pedagogy
Genoa ViolinApr 13, 2005Instruments
Heifetz...Varga chinrest..what works for you!!!Apr 13, 2005Violinists
Raising the Chin RestApr 13, 2005Health
Brahms Violin ConcertoApr 13, 2005Violinists
Why did you hate your teacher?Apr 14, 2005Teaching and Pedagogy
Concertmaster Harrassed, Or Deserving of Removal?Apr 14, 2005Orchestra
lack of motivationApr 14, 2005Technique and Practicing
trying to identify an e stringApr 14, 2005Instruments
Great Violin ConcertosApr 15, 2005Repertoire
Sloping shoulders?Apr 15, 2005Health
Orchestra MusicApr 15, 2005Life in general
Shlomo Mintz - PressApr 16, 2005Violinists
Recordings of the Paganini 24 CapricesApr 17, 2005Violinists
Sarah Chang debutApr 17, 2005Violinists
Left hand cramps (fleshy part below pinky)Apr 17, 2005Health
STOLEN VIOLIN: SANCTUS SERAPHINApr 18, 2005Life in general
Kodaly Serenade op. 12Apr 19, 2005Violinists
Shoulder Rest HeightApr 20, 2005Health
Lalo's Symphonie EspagnoleApr 21, 2005Violinists
Music Theory Question about Figured BassApr 22, 2005Technique and Practicing
Vivaldi D major sonataApr 22, 2005Repertoire
Lamberti violins/SharApr 23, 2005Instruments
Sibelius concerto questionApr 23, 2005Technique and Practicing
Heifetz International Summer InstituteApr 24, 2005Schools
Heifetz and shoulder injuryApr 26, 2005Health
Favorite teaching method!!!Apr 29, 2005Teaching and Pedagogy
Info about Gugue from Sonata in D minor by VericiniApr 30, 2005Repertoire
VirtuosoMay 2, 2005Performing
Ligeti Violin ConcertoMay 5, 2005Repertoire
Playing out of your headMay 5, 2005Performing
Bach Cello Suites - Favorite Cellist?May 5, 2005Repertoire
Anyone know about Neuner & Hornsteiner?May 7, 2005Instruments
Is this an attainable goal?May 7, 2005Competitions
Examples of Sad Music for StringsMay 9, 2005Repertoire
Red Mark Under Your Chin?May 10, 2005Health
Violin shops in NYCMay 10, 2005Instruments
I want to be sure I am choosing the right teacher...May 11, 2005Schools
How to Get In An Orchestra!!!May 11, 2005Orchestra
Musical things to see in EuropeMay 11, 2005Life in general
Little Known Violinists...May 14, 2005Violinists
Mind games while playing and Hope vs. May 15, 2005Competitions
Tadioli violinsMay 17, 2005Instruments
Mazas Op. 36 edition titles?May 17, 2005Technique and Practicing
You Know You're An Orch Dork When...May 17, 2005Life in general
Trying to find this old album I loved.May 17, 2005Violinists
Violin adjustments/bow rehairingMay 17, 2005Instruments
Taking beta blockers for auditionsMay 18, 2005Competitions
Doctor ViolinistMay 19, 2005Life in general
Grade Testing for the ViolinMay 19, 2005Competitions
TRIO OCD new Website!May 19, 2005Performing
Chapelle de la musiqueMay 19, 2005Schools
Looking for beginner tunes to work onMay 20, 2005Technique and Practicing
Acoustic violin midi controllerMay 21, 2005Instruments
Orchestra PartsMay 21, 2005Repertoire
Paganini, The Carnival of VeniceMay 22, 2005Repertoire
Cinema ParadisoMay 22, 2005Repertoire
Sphinx Performing AcademyMay 22, 2005Schools
Putting Up a Music SchoolMay 23, 2005Life in general
Memorize or not to memorize...that is the questionMay 23, 2005Performing
Massimo Quarta CDMay 24, 2005Violinists
Fine Tuning or Plain TuningMay 25, 2005Instruments
Are Eudoxas really this loose?May 25, 2005Instruments
Simon Fischer's BasicsMay 26, 2005Technique and Practicing
violin teached needed in DC metro areaMay 27, 2005Schools
Shaky bowMay 27, 2005Performing
The Red Violin: Characters & EventsMay 29, 2005Life in general
Questions, and the albino violin.May 29, 2005Instruments
intro and rondo cap chords instead of false harmonics?May 29, 2005Repertoire
heifetz and bachMay 30, 2005Violinists
Classical Music DressMay 31, 2005Performing
Need advice on reputable Violin Appraisers/Dealers in NYCJun 1, 2005Instruments
Aural TestJun 2, 2005Teaching and Pedagogy
Martele and tensionJun 2, 2005Technique and Practicing
Experiencing neck painJun 3, 2005Technique and Practicing
Menuhin thoughts please.Jun 3, 2005Violinists
Olivs vs. ObligatosJun 4, 2005Instruments
Royal Northern College of Music and other UK Conservatoires-your opinions please!Jun 5, 2005Schools
Chin rests!!!!!!!!!!Jun 5, 2005Technique and Practicing
CARLETTI LUTHIERS in Pieve di Cento: 110 years of historyJun 7, 2005Violinists
Kreutzer EtudesJun 7, 2005Technique and Practicing
Dreadful WeatherJun 8, 2005Instruments
Why do many violinists put a white clothe between their chin and chinrest?Jun 9, 2005Violinists
Question about Canadian DiplomaJun 10, 2005Schools
Hear Bruch #1 for Electric Guitar!Jun 10, 2005Repertoire
Beethoven Violin SonatasJun 11, 2005Repertoire
One of the best, or simply the best Sibelius interpreter. . .Jun 11, 2005Violinists
Queen Elisabeth Prize winners liveJun 13, 2005Violinists
Light Violin-Viola Duets for restaurant/wedding gigsJun 13, 2005Repertoire
When do you rehair your bows?Jun 14, 2005Instruments
How long does it take you to properly warm up?Jun 15, 2005Performing
O mio babbino caro, for violin/pianoJun 15, 2005Repertoire
Elgar or Sibelius concerto?Jun 15, 2005Repertoire
Help! Searching for violin camp/holiday for adult beginner.Jun 16, 2005Schools
Violins at SharJun 16, 2005Instruments
Music CollegesJun 16, 2005Schools
Electric/Silent ViolinsJun 18, 2005Instruments
The Perfect Senior RecitalJun 19, 2005Repertoire
Eugene YsayeJun 22, 2005Violinists
shifting helpJun 25, 2005Technique and Practicing
american violin musicJun 25, 2005Repertoire
left hand finger gashesJun 27, 2005Health
Artisto ViolinJun 27, 2005Instruments
Learning on my own. It can be done right?Jun 27, 2005Technique and Practicing
Bach ChacconeJun 28, 2005Repertoire
BAM London or Artisto?Jun 29, 2005Instruments
Urtext for Bach Sonatas and PartitasJun 30, 2005Repertoire
Performance feesJul 1, 2005Violinists
Coming to a Theater Near You?Jul 1, 2005Performing
Hardest (tastefull) symphony or orchestral part?Jul 2, 2005Repertoire
I'm new here and enthusiastic about practicing my violin...HELP!Jul 2, 2005Life in general
Gaetano vs Mario GaddaJul 2, 2005Instruments
Playing with virtual orchesrtaJul 3, 2005Performing
Instrument InsuranceJul 5, 2005Instruments
I need some teaching advice for a stubborn student.Jul 5, 2005Teaching and Pedagogy
Jack LiebeckJul 5, 2005Violinists
KreutzerJul 5, 2005Technique and Practicing
Comments on Spirocore StringsJul 6, 2005Instruments
Boxwood? Rosewood? Ebony?Jul 7, 2005Instruments
Music from the MoviesJul 7, 2005Repertoire
Myaskovsky's violin concerto ... thoughts?Jul 7, 2005Repertoire
Violinist wanted within the next 6 monthsJul 7, 2005Competitions
Sibelius Violin Concerto - out of print?Jul 8, 2005Repertoire
Bow RehairingJul 10, 2005Instruments
Traditional vs. Suzuki: Which works better?Jul 10, 2005Teaching and Pedagogy
Suggestion for a Russian orchestral pieceJul 11, 2005Repertoire
Performing Amplified: A study of what and what not to do.Jul 12, 2005Performing
Violin/Piano duetJul 12, 2005Performing
Rate of appreciationJul 13, 2005Instruments
How long do you practice?Jul 14, 2005Technique and Practicing
Wohlfahrt Violin EtudesJul 16, 2005Technique and Practicing
Question about Massimo QuartaJul 17, 2005Violinists
Wieniawsky f# concerto op. 14Jul 17, 2005Repertoire
Best recording of BachJul 18, 2005Violinists
Contemporary WorksJul 19, 2005Repertoire
Vivaldi's Four SeasonsJul 21, 2005Violinists
Injured Middle Finger.Jul 21, 2005Health
Meyer's E-stringJul 21, 2005Instruments
Cultivating a personal style. Jul 21, 2005Life in general
Getting a new violinJul 22, 2005Instruments
Violin Jul 22, 2005Life in general
Score to MIDIJul 22, 2005Life in general
17th and 18th centuries sonatas and concertoJul 22, 2005Performing
Cleaning Bow Hair?Jul 26, 2005Instruments
Drawing the violinJul 26, 2005Life in general
Does the type of bow hair affect tone?Jul 26, 2005Instruments
Nervousness -- Shaking and Sweaty HandsJul 26, 2005Performing
Lesser Known Music SchoolsJul 27, 2005Schools
Spidlen violinJul 29, 2005Instruments
Neck MarksJul 28, 2005Health
Ever heard Doug Cameron?Jul 29, 2005Violinists
Pickups, amps & equalizersJul 29, 2005Instruments
Practise Tutor?Jul 30, 2005Technique and Practicing
Canadian UniversitiesJul 31, 2005Schools
Electric Violins?Jul 31, 2005Instruments
Parts for a Roth violinAug 1, 2005Instruments
Teacher/studio policy questionAug 1, 2005Teaching and Pedagogy
Erick Friedman new CD!Aug 2, 2005Violinists
Penzel bows.Aug 2, 2005Instruments
vibrato with double jointed and long thumbAug 5, 2005Technique and Practicing
Intonation PracticeAug 5, 2005Technique and Practicing
Rehearsals for the AYSAug 5, 2005Orchestra
BrahmsViolin Concerto excerpt in Alicia Keys' SongAug 5, 2005Violinists
Neck Problem While SleepingAug 7, 2005Health
Touch pick up or MicrophoneAug 7, 2005Performing
Yamaha Violin for confused beginner?Aug 8, 2005Instruments
What recordings should fill a library?Aug 8, 2005Repertoire
How are old unlabled violins appraised?Aug 9, 2005Instruments
come and rank mozart violin concertosAug 9, 2005Repertoire
...Having problem in sight-reading...Aug 9, 2005Life in general
Transcription software?Aug 10, 2005Performing
Rachmaninoff Symphony 2 ExcerptAug 10, 2005Repertoire
John Norwood Lee's Violin BowAug 11, 2005Instruments
Scriabin/Szeryng Etude in ThirdsAug 12, 2005Repertoire
Great CD for recommendationAug 12, 2005Violinists
Coda Bow Aspire vs Shar's Presto carbon fiber bowAug 13, 2005Instruments
Violin BowAug 14, 2005Instruments
When are you too young to teach?Aug 14, 2005Teaching and Pedagogy
G minor or D minor? (Sonata No. 1 by Bach)Aug 14, 2005Repertoire
storing violinAug 15, 2005Instruments
Teachers in GermanyAug 17, 2005Schools
Taping myselfAug 18, 2005Life in general
Decorating your violinAug 22, 2005Instruments
A Sample Policy for Public UseAug 25, 2005Teaching and Pedagogy
To reveal the mystery of my violinAug 25, 2005Instruments
What do college violinists study?Aug 27, 2005Repertoire
Appreciating your violin for what it isAug 27, 2005Instruments
Viotti 23Aug 27, 2005Repertoire
Rave Electric ViolinsAug 27, 2005Instruments
silver winding on bow tarnishedAug 28, 2005Instruments
Teaching MethodsAug 29, 2005Teaching and Pedagogy
Need a New Violin CaseAug 29, 2005Instruments
Robert LipsettAug 29, 2005Schools
Double stop exercisesAug 29, 2005Technique and Practicing
Oberlin ConservatoryAug 30, 2005Schools
Octave violin finishedAug 31, 2005Instruments
BiberphiliaAug 31, 2005Violinists
Classical Recordings of MozartAug 31, 2005Violinists
Vibrato and finger pressure on strings. How much?Sep 2, 2005Technique and Practicing
Ever Tried Juggling Violins?Sep 4, 2005Life in general
What would be good to learn this year?Sep 4, 2005Repertoire
Butterfly LoversSep 5, 2005Repertoire
a question about 20th century violin musicSep 5, 2005Repertoire
String Quartet tune on Citibank commerical?Sep 6, 2005Repertoire
Mom is getting in the waySep 6, 2005Teaching and Pedagogy
Violinist plays unaccompanied Bach for fellow survivors in New OrleansSep 7, 2005Life in general
NYC violin repair shop adviceSep 8, 2005Life in general
Why do E strings whisper?Sep 9, 2005Instruments
Wieniawski PolonaisesSep 10, 2005Repertoire
Violin / Cello Duet MusicSep 11, 2005Repertoire
Wanted: Help with historySep 11, 2005Repertoire
Live recordings of the Mendelssohn violin concertoSep 12, 2005Repertoire
Violin GenderSep 12, 2005Instruments
Member Martina Trumpp is semi-finalist at Lipizer competitionSep 13, 2005Competitions
Competition opportunities for adultsSep 15, 2005Competitions
Bow rehair in DallasSep 15, 2005Instruments
Obscure RepertoireSep 17, 2005Repertoire
Famous Violinist's Violins?Sep 17, 2005Instruments
Has anyone tried bows by Water Violet?Sep 17, 2005Instruments
Jokes about violins and violinistsSep 17, 2005Life in general
Violinists/Violin students and weightSep 17, 2005Life in general
Screw on bow STUCK! HELP!Sep 17, 2005Instruments
Advice, please ;)Sep 19, 2005Instruments
Wedding reception musicSep 19, 2005Performing
Self teaching tips?Sep 21, 2005Teaching and Pedagogy
Joe Curtin / Aaron Dworkin honored by MacArthur FoundationSep 21, 2005Life in general
Ask Gil Shaham a question!Sep 22, 2005Violinists
Manhattan bow rehair recommendations?Sep 22, 2005Instruments
Audition ScalesSep 22, 2005Schools
looking for recording of mendelssohn romanze (C mi?)Sep 24, 2005Repertoire
Ball E converted to Loop ESep 26, 2005Instruments
Toscha SeidelSep 29, 2005Violinists
Case InquirySep 29, 2005Instruments
Just Starting OutOct 1, 2005Teaching and Pedagogy
Player's impression oc carbon fiber violaOct 1, 2005Instruments
New Member Skowronski Invites Visitors to WebsiteOct 4, 2005Violinists
Difficulty of R. Strauss works?Oct 6, 2005Repertoire
Old Violin InformationOct 6, 2005Instruments
Music for Violin, Clarinet and Piano trio!Oct 7, 2005Repertoire
Private Lesson EtiquetteOct 9, 2005Teaching and Pedagogy
A strange mind gameOct 9, 2005Life in general
What's faulty here?Oct 9, 2005Instruments
Glasses for sight readingOct 9, 2005Health
Regarding Violin FingeringOct 10, 2005Technique and Practicing
Gil Shaham InterviewOct 11, 2005Violinists
Sightreading-phobiaOct 11, 2005Competitions
Looking for teacher in NC, renting vs. owning 1/16 violinOct 11, 2005Life in general
group teaching tipsOct 12, 2005Teaching and Pedagogy
Ida Haendal recitalOct 12, 2005Violinists
Violin LimericksOct 13, 2005Life in general
is complete violin left shoulder freedom possible?Oct 15, 2005Technique and Practicing
Tight JawOct 15, 2005Technique and Practicing
violinists teaching cello & violaOct 15, 2005Teaching and Pedagogy
RelaxationOct 17, 2005Technique and Practicing
Tepho BowsOct 23, 2005Instruments
Need advice on purchasing fine violinOct 23, 2005Instruments
Down Syndrome student.Oct 23, 2005Teaching and Pedagogy
Electric violin techniques?Oct 25, 2005Technique and Practicing
List of potential schools/teachersOct 25, 2005Schools
Guiitar-violin duets and pick-upsOct 29, 2005Repertoire
violin on a cruise shipOct 31, 2005Technique and Practicing
stereotypes of American vs. European music teachingOct 31, 2005Life in general
Favourite quotes from Great ViolinistsOct 31, 2005Violinists
Staccato Help! Saint Saens Introduction and Rondo CapricciosoOct 31, 2005Technique and Practicing
Violin Limericks (Part 2)Oct 31, 2005Life in general
Teaching TipsNov 1, 2005Teaching and Pedagogy
Make-Your-Own Wick HumidifierNov 2, 2005Instruments
Concert piece written after 1939Nov 2, 2005Repertoire
Violin study at University of North TexasNov 2, 2005Schools
Chinrest - Centered over TailpieceNov 5, 2005Instruments
Heifetz or Oistrakh?Nov 5, 2005Violinists
no much job for musician.?Nov 6, 2005Life in general
Etude/piece for staccatoNov 7, 2005Repertoire
Help with making straight bow strokeNov 7, 2005Technique and Practicing
Jay Haide violinsNov 7, 2005Instruments
Scarampella violinsNov 8, 2005Instruments
I need some suggestions for pieces I may play next.Nov 9, 2005Repertoire
Solid Fingers vs. PainNov 9, 2005Technique and Practicing
Adult StudentsNov 10, 2005Teaching and Pedagogy
Ysaye sonatasNov 11, 2005Violinists
Violin in Film ScoresNov 11, 2005Repertoire
A Quick Double Stop QuestionNov 11, 2005Technique and Practicing
No-show student a quitter?Nov 12, 2005Teaching and Pedagogy
no more tartini rosin...Nov 14, 2005Instruments
Is 28 too old to learn to play the violin?Nov 14, 2005Violinists
Your Traveling Experience in Conservatory AuditionsNov 17, 2005Competitions
Menuhin's son--uh, oh!Nov 17, 2005Violinists
Where to purchase Riboni violin casesNov 20, 2005Instruments
Henle or Barenreiter - Bach DoubleNov 20, 2005Repertoire
Improving vibratoNov 20, 2005Technique and Practicing
Durro bow - made in GermanyNov 21, 2005Instruments
resume writing helpNov 21, 2005Competitions
Menuhin conducting with feet?Nov 22, 2005Violinists
Mintz and ZuckermanNov 25, 2005Violinists
Best version of Mendelssohn VC Op 64Nov 25, 2005Violinists
Teaching tips WANTED!Nov 26, 2005Teaching and Pedagogy
How To Determine When Strings Are False?Nov 26, 2005Instruments
Wieniawski Complete Works Volume 2Nov 27, 2005Violinists
Beriot Violin Concerto No. 9Nov 27, 2005Repertoire
Best CD of Tchaikovsky VCNov 29, 2005Violinists
Innovation in Music and Musical InstrumentsNov 29, 2005Instruments
Best new cello ????Nov 29, 2005Instruments
Danza de la gitanaNov 29, 2005Repertoire
Christmas gifts for teachersNov 30, 2005Teaching and Pedagogy
One finger stopping two strings simultaneouslyDec 1, 2005Technique and Practicing
Destroying the moldDec 1, 2005Life in general
Teachers at Moscow ConservatoryDec 3, 2005Schools
Today's music businessDec 3, 2005Life in general
Bach Violin ConcertosDec 3, 2005Repertoire
did I kill my violin?Dec 3, 2005Instruments
The Poster Below MeDec 6, 2005Life in general
Our Favorite Pieces and what makes them specialDec 6, 2005Repertoire
Ideal Violin EnvironmentDec 6, 2005Instruments
Remembering Dov BukDec 6, 2005Instruments
A list of Strad Dec 8, 2005Instruments
3/4 bow for adultDec 8, 2005Technique and Practicing
Calling all serious violinists! : )Dec 8, 2005Violinists
The Poster Below Me (cont.)Dec 8, 2005Life in general
Losing interest...Dec 9, 2005Technique and Practicing
continued continued the poster below meDec 9, 2005
HS junior worrying aboutt the futureDec 10, 2005Schools
Hardest sight-reading you've ever had at an audition?Dec 10, 2005Competitions
Violin Purchase questionDec 11, 2005Instruments
Kreisler's Praeludium and AllegroDec 11, 2005Repertoire
Baroque bowsDec 13, 2005Performing
Black Hidersine RosinDec 15, 2005Instruments
HumidifiersDec 15, 2005Health
DVD's/Videos that help your techniqueDec 17, 2005DVD reviews
looking for a good stylish case for under $300Dec 17, 2005Life in general
The poster below me (4)Dec 19, 2005Life in general
Teachers in GermanyDec 19, 2005Schools
trying to find Bakaleinikoff Dec 21, 2005Repertoire
Beginning violin student needs help with fourth finger.Dec 21, 2005Technique and Practicing
Grumiaux Brahms/Concertgebuow Available for Download!Dec 21, 2005Violinists
Price Range for Justin Poirson BowsDec 21, 2005Instruments
Need help identifying a Debussy pieceDec 21, 2005Life in general
Gifts for music teachers?Dec 22, 2005Life in general
shedding light on an old problem....sort ofDec 25, 2005Health
Korngold Violin concertoDec 25, 2005Violinists
More than you ever wanted to know about humidity!Dec 25, 2005Instruments
Cho Liang Lin - anyone study with him?Dec 25, 2005Schools
The Poster Below Me ... againDec 25, 2005Life in general
New French Bow or Old French Bow?Dec 26, 2005Instruments
What are the first 5 concertos you learnedDec 26, 2005Repertoire
B&H Model 400 questionsDec 26, 2005Instruments
BrevardDec 26, 2005Orchestra
Clarence White: Levee DancesDec 26, 2005Repertoire
Pirastro Tonica vs Thomastik DominantDec 26, 2005Instruments
pain in left thumb/base jointDec 28, 2005Health
Help teaching a 4 year old!Dec 28, 2005Teaching and Pedagogy
MusicordaDec 28, 2005Schools
viola jokesDec 28, 2005Life in general
Suzuki method - why so used in American teaching?Dec 28, 2005Teaching and Pedagogy
Arm VibratoDec 28, 2005Technique and Practicing
Violin bow certificate termsDec 28, 2005Instruments
Violinist Hurt on Christmas Eve in CincinnatiDec 29, 2005Life in general
The MOST essential pieces for the ViolinDec 30, 2005Repertoire
Riccardo Bergonzi violinDec 31, 2005Instruments

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