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Hugh Bean has diedJan 7, 2004Violinists
ViolinsJan 12, 2004Instruments
Maxim Vengerov's 30th birthday contributionJan 13, 2004Violinists
Scandinavian ConcertiJan 16, 2004Repertoire
Tips For Kabalevsky ConcertoJan 16, 2004Repertoire
Dull Sounding G StringJan 19, 2004Instruments
Types of Musical MemoryJan 19, 2004Life in general
Seattle Area TeachersJan 18, 2004Teaching and Pedagogy
Sergey KhachatryanJan 21, 2004Recordings
Buri is right about Oistrakh's Beethoveen SonataJan 22, 2004Recordings
Left Hand PizzicatoJan 22, 2004Technique and Practicing
Mutter / PrevinJan 22, 2004Repertoire
Sibelius SerenadesJan 23, 2004Repertoire
Thoughts On Heifetz, His Playing, And His ReputationJan 25, 2004Violinists
Cost of Fitting a BowJan 24, 2004Instruments
Shostakovich Piano QuintetJan 24, 2004Repertoire
Bow Repairable??Jan 25, 2004Instruments
Player Or Just Listener?Jan 25, 2004Life in general
Novacek - Perpetuum mobileJan 26, 2004Repertoire
ZigeunerweisenJan 27, 2004Repertoire
Which E String?Jan 27, 2004Instruments
Sergey Khachatryan recital at Wigmore Hall, London 30/1/04Jan 31, 2004Violinists
Hilary HahnFeb 1, 2004Violinists
Bach Solo Sonata No.1 in G minorFeb 2, 2004Repertoire
Violin Traders In CremonaFeb 3, 2004Instruments
Shmuel AshkenaziFeb 3, 2004Violinists
The Dounis SchoolFeb 4, 2004Teaching and Pedagogy
Bach G minor FugueFeb 4, 2004Repertoire
Who Wrote the Carmen Fantasie?Feb 5, 2004Repertoire
Violin Playing as I Teach it by Leopold AuerFeb 6, 2004Teaching and Pedagogy
Recommend Any Violin Shops?Feb 7, 2004Instruments
The Violin Version of Yo-Yo MaFeb 9, 2004Violinists
Grammy Nominated Vengerov/Rostropovich Feb 9, 2004Recordings
Using Stabilizing RingsFeb 10, 2004Technique and Practicing
Choosing Between Violin & PianoFeb 11, 2004Life in general
Akiko SuwanaiFeb 11, 2004Violinists
William PrimroseFeb 12, 2004Violinists
Boris GoldsteinFeb 12, 2004Violinists
¿Who knows Leo?Feb 13, 2004Repertoire
Stephane Grappelli Documentary DVDFeb 15, 2004Recordings
Jaw PainFeb 20, 2004Health
Problem with Double-Stop HarmonicsFeb 21, 2004Technique and Practicing
Ginette Neveu Plays BrahmsFeb 22, 2004Recordings
Buying MusicFeb 21, 2004Repertoire
Difference Between a Mordent and a Turn?Feb 25, 2004Technique and Practicing
Struggling to Find The Right ViolinFeb 25, 2004Instruments
How Fast to Play Etudes?Feb 29, 2004Technique and Practicing
Mozart Violin Concerto No. 5. student request for information on it.Feb 29, 2004Repertoire
How Is The String Department At NYUFeb 29, 2004Schools
Learning the Jazz ViolinMar 1, 2004Technique and Practicing
Looking For the Right Violin for Under 5kMar 3, 2004Instruments
Rock Music vs Classical MusicMar 4, 2004Life in general
First Orchestra Experience - Adult LearnersMar 4, 2004Orchestra
Bartók Solo Sonata RecordingsMar 4, 2004Violinists
Dorothy DeLay Big Tone. Technique.Mar 4, 2004Technique and Practicing
Does Anyone Know of Any Famous Black Violinists?Mar 4, 2004Violinists
5-string ViolinMar 5, 2004Instruments
Horrible Left Hand GripMar 6, 2004Technique and Practicing
Really Hard Music...Mar 7, 2004Orchestra
Thomastic Infeld 'Blue' StringsMar 8, 2004Instruments
Sorry$50000, not 500 for the violin!Mar 9, 2004Instruments
Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto ResearchMar 9, 2004Repertoire
3/4 Size ViolinMar 9, 2004Instruments
LegendeMar 12, 2004Repertoire
Szeryng's stringsMar 13, 2004Violinists
Teaching IntervalsMar 14, 2004Teaching and Pedagogy
Regular, Even RunsMar 17, 2004Technique and Practicing
Best Recordings of Walton, Elgar ConcertosMar 17, 2004Violinists
Carmen, Waxman!Mar 21, 2004Repertoire
Greetings, Questions and ThanksMar 19, 2004Life in general
My Local Symphony Orchestra..Mar 22, 2004Orchestra
Muscles Burning in My Neck!Mar 23, 2004Health
Problem With the BowMar 24, 2004Technique and Practicing
Menuhin / Grapelli Music ScoresMar 27, 2004Repertoire
The New Milstein DVDMar 26, 2004DVD reviews
How Do You Teach The Ears to Hear?Mar 27, 2004Teaching and Pedagogy
philippe graffinMar 27, 2004Violinists
You'd Have To Be a Keen Record CollectorMar 27, 2004Violinists
Isaac MalkinMar 27, 2004Teaching and Pedagogy
Fritz Kreisler's Bowing!!!!Mar 29, 2004Violinists
I Need Help On Intonation!!Mar 29, 2004Technique and Practicing
Tear-JerkersMar 30, 2004Repertoire
Schools in the Netherlands, Europe, etcMar 31, 2004Schools
Simonazzi RiccardoMar 31, 2004Instruments
Vengerov: Rambo of the violin?Mar 31, 2004Violinists
Carbon Fibre BowsApr 1, 2004Instruments
Left Hand PizzicatoApr 1, 2004Technique and Practicing
Must-Have Violin CD'sApr 2, 2004Violinists
Question on the Barber ConcertoApr 2, 2004Repertoire
Beginner's QuestionApr 4, 2004Technique and Practicing
Cremona Violin Shop, Chicago, 1920'sApr 4, 2004Instruments
Why don't teachers teach the Russian Grip?Apr 6, 2004Technique and Practicing
Shostakovich Quartet 8Apr 6, 2004Repertoire
Kaplan Golden Spiral E.Apr 6, 2004Instruments
Programme SuggestionsApr 6, 2004Repertoire
Intonation Vs InterpretationApr 9, 2004Performing
Pinchas Zukerman Masterclasses OnlineApr 10, 2004Schools
Erick FriedmanApr 12, 2004Violinists
First Prize for the Most Creative ExcuseApr 13, 2004Teaching and Pedagogy
I Need Suggestions For Awesome Double Violin Pieces.Apr 13, 2004Repertoire
Johann Gottleib GlierApr 14, 2004Instruments
ArthritisApr 14, 2004Health
Andrew Sords' RecitalApr 14, 2004Violinists
Paganiniana Variations (Nathan Milstien)Apr 15, 2004Repertoire
Violinist David NadienApr 15, 2004Violinists
Donald WeilersteinApr 15, 2004Schools
Thinking About LearningApr 16, 2004Life in general
Josh Bell at Wigmore Hall 15/4/04Apr 16, 2004Violinists
A career in music - a realistic viewApr 18, 2004Life in general
When You Are in Love...Apr 18, 2004Life in general
Scale FingeringApr 19, 2004Technique and Practicing
Miss BasicsApr 21, 2004Life in general
Violin Cleaning?Apr 23, 2004Instruments
Trying Out BowsApr 23, 2004Instruments
L. Shankar ?Apr 24, 2004Violinists
Sweating While PlayingApr 24, 2004Performing
FermataApr 25, 2004Technique and Practicing
Playing the Violin is Cool!Apr 27, 2004Life in general
Which DVDs did you love? Apr 27, 2004DVD reviews
Bach TalkApr 27, 2004Repertoire
A Curious Dent in My Finger From Holding BowApr 28, 2004Health
Looking For Excellent Teachers in Chicago!May 1, 2004Schools
Why Would My Playing Be Better After Not Practicing?May 1, 2004Technique and Practicing
Learning Repertoire for RecitalsMay 1, 2004Technique and Practicing
Celeste Farotti violaMay 1, 2004Instruments
HovhanessMay 1, 2004Repertoire
Alfredo Gianotti of MilanMay 1, 2004Instruments
To Rent or Buy?May 2, 2004Instruments
What Do I Have To Do If I Wanna Be a Pro-Performer?May 2, 2004Performing
All They Want Are Fiddle TunesMay 3, 2004Performing
Gubaidulina, best Violincomposer?May 5, 2004Repertoire
Jacqueline du PreMay 7, 2004Life in general
Next ConcertoMay 8, 2004Repertoire
Joshua Bell's latest album?May 10, 2004Violinists
Sally ThomasMay 17, 2004Schools
Viola Size ProblemMay 13, 2004Instruments
Masao KawasakiMay 17, 2004Schools
Which Is Better...the Old violin or New violin?May 14, 2004Instruments
Juilliard Pre CollegeMay 15, 2004Schools
Piano and Violin Duet Pieces?May 15, 2004Repertoire
Solos for Young ViolinistsMay 15, 2004Repertoire
Concertos for 2 ViolinsMay 15, 2004Repertoire
Shostakovich's String QuartetsMay 16, 2004Violinists
Quality FittingsMay 16, 2004Instruments
Scale PracticeMay 16, 2004Technique and Practicing
Violin teacher in Maryland, Anybody know one?May 17, 2004Schools
Dirty JazzMay 18, 2004Schools
Ilya Kaler at Symphony HallMay 18, 2004Violinists
Violin Bow ThumbMay 20, 2004Technique and Practicing
Help! Pronounce AdeleNov 25, 2004Life in general
Fast VibratoMay 22, 2004Technique and Practicing
Chronological order of Etudes/studies?May 26, 2004Repertoire
Street Performing -- "Busking"May 24, 2004Performing
Cello vs ViolinMay 24, 2004Life in general
Teacher Going On Maternity LeaveMay 25, 2004Schools
Elgar Violin ConcertoMay 28, 2004Repertoire
Virtuoso ShowpiecesMay 28, 2004Performing
Bow Holding Technique?May 28, 2004Technique and Practicing
Schumann Violin ConcertoMay 29, 2004Repertoire
Bow TensionMay 29, 2004Instruments
Playing with MSMay 29, 2004Health
Violin Teachers...May 29, 2004Schools
Where Can I Find Rare Sheet Music??Jun 1, 2004Schools
Feet of Flames Sheet MusicJun 1, 2004Repertoire
Bow Not "Catching"Jun 1, 2004Instruments
Violin VarnishJun 1, 2004Instruments
Ivan Galamian Students...Jun 1, 2004Violinists
Suggestions for Airfares?Jun 1, 2004Performing
Left Hand PositionJun 2, 2004Technique and Practicing
Medio Fino ViolinJun 2, 2004Instruments
Practice Without a ViolinJun 4, 2004Technique and Practicing
Allergic to Rosin?Jun 4, 2004Health
FREE Sheet music!!! That's a new one..Jun 4, 2004Repertoire
ConcertosJun 5, 2004Repertoire
Electric ViolinJun 6, 2004Instruments
Violinist James Ehnes: opinions?Jun 8, 2004Violinists
New York City Community OrchestrasJun 9, 2004Orchestra
Ernst The Last Rose of SummerJun 10, 2004Repertoire
Carl Flesch:The Art of Violin PlayingJun 10, 2004Life in general
Pinky Exercises (for left and right hands)Jun 11, 2004Technique and Practicing
Holding the ViolinJun 11, 2004Technique and Practicing
Changing Bow Smoothly At The FrogJun 11, 2004
David Oistrakh: Remembering A MusicianJun 12, 2004DVD reviews
Open String HarmonicsJun 12, 2004Instruments
Shostakovich Three Violin DuetsJun 13, 2004Repertoire
Sibelius PracticeJun 13, 2004Repertoire
Viotti 22Jun 15, 2004Violinists
Wolf Eliminator - anyone uses this?Jun 15, 2004Instruments
Rebuilding a Music CollectionJun 16, 2004Violinists
You Know You're an Orch Dork When...Jun 17, 2004Life in general
Piano Trio Repertoire For KidsJun 18, 2004Repertoire
Bridge HeightJun 18, 2004Instruments
Teaching Expressive PlayingJun 18, 2004Teaching and Pedagogy
Kreisler Variations on a Theme of CorelliJun 19, 2004Technique and Practicing
Teaching Harmonics to ChildrenJun 20, 2004Teaching and Pedagogy
J. Baptiste Vuillaume Violins: Opinions?Jun 20, 2004Instruments
Bow Studies?Jun 21, 2004Technique and Practicing
Do You Play the Violin with Eyes Closed or Open?Jun 21, 2004Technique and Practicing
Thumb PositioningJun 21, 2004Technique and Practicing
Need Advice about JuilliardJun 21, 2004Schools
Transfer Audition RepertoireJun 23, 2004Repertoire
How Was Your Fisrt Orchestra Gig?Jun 23, 2004Orchestra
Octagonal vs. Round BowsJun 24, 2004Instruments
Need Phrasing/Practicing HelpJun 24, 2004Technique and Practicing
Which Conservatories in Europe Are the Best?Jun 25, 2004Schools
Need Help Dealing with Hand CrampsJun 26, 2004Health
What's the Difference between Cheap and Expensive Bows?Jun 26, 2004Instruments
You Don't Know What You Have... UntilJun 26, 2004Life in general
Practicing Without Getting TiredJun 27, 2004Technique and Practicing
The Butterfly Lover's Violin Concerto.Jun 28, 2004Repertoire
Wanted: Teacher for 5 yr old in MoscowJun 29, 2004Schools
MoodyJul 1, 2004Health
Anyone know how much a Kloz violin is worth?Jul 2, 2004Instruments
What are the good violins brands?Jul 3, 2004Instruments
Violin StudiesJul 3, 2004Repertoire
Elgar Violin ConcertoJul 3, 2004Repertoire
Suzuki Violin teacher in MalaysiaJul 3, 2004Schools
Carlo Bergonzi ViolinsJul 6, 2004Instruments
What Are Your Favorite Music-Related Movies?Jul 6, 2004DVD reviews
Dylana Jenson's 1972 Recording of SibeliusJul 8, 2004Violinists
How Did Beethoven Go Deaf?Jul 11, 2004Life in general
When do you usually rosin your bow?Jul 11, 2004Instruments
Violin Bow Advice Please?Jul 12, 2004Instruments
Best Tchaikovsy Recording??Jul 15, 2004Violinists
Esther KimJul 15, 2004Violinists
Non-classical/Suzuki beginner's material?Jul 15, 2004Life in general
Alternate Tunings?Jul 15, 2004Repertoire
Beethoven Sonatas with HeifetzJul 17, 2004Violinists
Did Kreisler have children?Jul 17, 2004Violinists
Good Recordings of Saint-Saens #3?Jul 17, 2004Violinists
most accomplished violinistJul 17, 2004Violinists
saint saens no.3, and beethoven cadenzaJul 19, 2004Repertoire
Hearing ProtectionJul 19, 2004Health
buying a violin??Jul 20, 2004Instruments
What should I look when buying a violin?Jul 21, 2004Instruments
Sweat Is Eating My Violin!Jul 21, 2004Instruments
Couple strings questionsJul 23, 2004Instruments
How to play Haydn style?Jul 23, 2004Repertoire
Sounding Point--Please DefineJul 24, 2004Technique and Practicing
The Albert Family of PhiladelphiaJul 24, 2004Instruments
The Wiggling ViolinJul 24, 2004Technique and Practicing
Music From The Movie TogetherJul 24, 2004Life in general
Intonation with Bach Solo SonatasJul 26, 2004Technique and Practicing
Modern ViolinsJul 26, 2004Instruments
Still Confused About Buying a ViolinJul 26, 2004Instruments
Golem Tants Sheet Music?Jul 27, 2004Repertoire
Violinist Bin HuangJul 27, 2004Violinists
Abraham JaffeJul 28, 2004Violinists
Beethoven Violin ConcertoJul 28, 2004Violinists
Fundamentals that make or break our performaces!Jul 29, 2004Technique and Practicing
Opinions on Maxim VengerovAug 1, 2004Violinists
Baroque Italian ViolinAug 1, 2004Instruments
G string is dullAug 2, 2004Instruments
20th century PieceAug 2, 2004Repertoire
How do we recognise Heifetz so fast?Aug 2, 2004Violinists
Shaky BowingAug 3, 2004Technique and Practicing
Itzhak Perlman with the NSO- Thursday 08/05/04 - Wolf Trap - 2 extra tktsAug 3, 2004Violinists
BuskingAug 7, 2004Performing
Terminology...grrrAug 7, 2004Life in general
Rigal RubusAug 6, 2004Instruments
Why the cuts on Bruch´s Scottish Fantasy, last movement?Aug 7, 2004Performing
Squeeking E-StringAug 7, 2004Technique and Practicing
Never too old, study advice soughtAug 9, 2004Life in general
Spiccato at the Tip?Aug 8, 2004Technique and Practicing
Carlo Bergonzi violinAug 9, 2004Instruments
a mini lesson on mozart 5, 3rd movement?Aug 11, 2004Technique and Practicing
Haydn G Major Violin ConcertoAug 11, 2004Repertoire
Jozsef Lacatos -the violinst with the best skill ever?Aug 12, 2004Violinists
Solo BachAug 13, 2004Repertoire
How Often Should You Rehair Your Bow?Aug 13, 2004Instruments
Violin Teacher Needed, Boulder, ColoAug 14, 2004Schools
Are Some Violins More Physically "Playable"?Aug 14, 2004Health
Question about YsaÿeAug 14, 2004Repertoire
Inderal UseAug 15, 2004Health
Question about fingerboardAug 15, 2004Instruments
Which Pirastro Rosin?Aug 15, 2004Instruments
Violin and ViolaAug 17, 2004Life in general
Strings and PiecesAug 17, 2004Instruments
Arthur TomanAug 18, 2004Instruments
Vandy's Blair School of MusicAug 18, 2004Schools
String ThicknessAug 19, 2004Instruments
Interlochen Arts AcademyAug 19, 2004Schools
My Bow Is Too LightAug 19, 2004Technique and Practicing
More perfect pitchAug 19, 2004Teaching and Pedagogy
musafia cases good or bad?Aug 21, 2004Instruments
My Secondhand Shop FindAug 21, 2004Instruments
paganini caprice questionAug 22, 2004Repertoire
Turbocharging your violin?Aug 25, 2004Instruments
Violin teachers - Roanoke, VAAug 25, 2004Schools
Ysaye's 8 violin concertosAug 28, 2004Violinists
W.E. Hill Bows, etc.Aug 28, 2004Instruments
What type of string?Aug 28, 2004Instruments
using tuners to improve intonationAug 29, 2004Technique and Practicing
Help With Gliga ViolinAug 30, 2004Instruments
Paganini Concerto no. 1?Aug 31, 2004Repertoire
Shoulder Rests>Aug 31, 2004Technique and Practicing
Central chin restAug 31, 2004Instruments
Can Anyone Help me with the Glissando's in Zigeunerweisen?Sep 1, 2004Technique and Practicing
looking for instructor and music college in MalaysiaSep 2, 2004Schools
How do I practice for four hours?Sep 2, 2004Technique and Practicing
Fingered octave help?Sep 2, 2004Technique and Practicing
Who are your favorite WOMEN violinists???Sep 3, 2004Violinists
Bruch 1st movement m. 24Sep 3, 2004Repertoire
Playing with music CDSep 4, 2004Schools
Top Ten most underrated composers.Sep 4, 2004Life in general
Chausson`s Poéme for violin, string quartet and pianoSep 8, 2004Repertoire
Gout and violin playingSep 8, 2004Health
Help with Also Sprach Zarathustra concertmaster soloSep 8, 2004Repertoire
Buying a Violin in ItalySep 8, 2004Instruments
Does your violin have a name? how about a gender?Sep 8, 2004Life in general
Best and lightest violin case?Sep 8, 2004Instruments
Bruch Scottish FantasySep 9, 2004Repertoire
Re-graduating a violin (top)Sep 8, 2004Instruments
orchestra goalSep 8, 2004Life in general
tenths?Sep 9, 2004Technique and Practicing
Bach Sonatas and PartitasSep 14, 2004Violinists
Level of Difficulty : AccolaySep 16, 2004Teaching and Pedagogy
Sautille Vs. SaltatoSep 19, 2004Life in general
college auditionSep 19, 2004Competitions
What's the deal with Strads and Guaneri and Amati...Sep 20, 2004Instruments
Bow warpSep 23, 2004Instruments
Bleeding fingerSep 23, 2004Health
bach solo partita/sonata for collegeSep 23, 2004Repertoire
Electric ViolinSep 24, 2004Life in general
wolhfhart etudes online?Sep 24, 2004Repertoire
The Greatest Bows?Sep 25, 2004Instruments
How far could I go?Sep 25, 2004Life in general
Dot InterpretationsSep 27, 2004Technique and Practicing
Shall I get an untested violin?Sep 27, 2004Instruments
Wieniawski #2 vs. Saint-Saens #3Sep 28, 2004Repertoire
Strunal or GligaSep 29, 2004Instruments
Is tuning A String to 440 Hz sacrosanct?Sep 30, 2004Life in general
My fingernails are in the way!Sep 30, 2004Technique and Practicing
Putting tape on violin-any where that tells where?Oct 2, 2004Instruments
All Classical Music Sounds the Same?Oct 3, 2004
Seeing colours with music!Oct 3, 2004Life in general
TorkanowskyOct 4, 2004Life in general
Double Stops and ChordsOct 4, 2004Technique and Practicing
Orchestra ViolinistsOct 5, 2004Life in general
to prevent future damage....Oct 5, 2004Health
Comparison of Thomastik Vision and Pirastro Violino stringsOct 7, 2004Instruments
Porgy and BessOct 7, 2004Violinists
Arm and wrist vibratoOct 8, 2004Technique and Practicing
Why was the violin the one...Oct 8, 2004Life in general
Recommend 1/10 violin for 4 year old childOct 10, 2004Instruments
Where will music go?Oct 10, 2004Life in general
Gasa by Isang YunOct 11, 2004Repertoire
Fiddler on the Roof Sheet musicOct 12, 2004Performing
PronunciationOct 14, 2004Life in general
Suite Italienne timingOct 14, 2004Repertoire
Violin bowOct 15, 2004Instruments
Dream QuestOct 15, 2004Life in general
Wanda WilkomirskaOct 15, 2004Violinists
Leonid KOGANOct 17, 2004Violinists
Black Gospel or Praise music on violinOct 17, 2004Life in general
AuditioningOct 18, 2004Competitions
Carbondix CF bow - it's rather good!Oct 18, 2004Instruments
Buying a tailpieceOct 18, 2004Instruments
How do you regulate bow speed to express nuance?Oct 18, 2004Technique and Practicing
Carl PiniOct 20, 2004Violinists
Violin luthiers and teachers in Calgary.Oct 21, 2004Schools
CURTIS AUDITIONSOct 22, 2004Competitions
Memphis ConcertOct 23, 2004Violinists
Music HaikuOct 23, 2004Life in general
Tartini RosinOct 25, 2004Instruments
String ProblemOct 27, 2004Instruments
Kato Havas Oct 29, 2004Teaching and Pedagogy
Violins on ebayOct 29, 2004Instruments
Best Violin Concerto????Oct 29, 2004Repertoire
Left Hand Contact Points and VibratoOct 29, 2004Technique and Practicing
Ann Cole ViolinsOct 31, 2004Instruments
Favorite Oistrakh and Heifetz CDs?Nov 1, 2004Violinists
How to improve double stop?Nov 2, 2004Technique and Practicing
Rosin removalNov 2, 2004Instruments
Whatever happened to Violinist, Dylana JensenNov 2, 2004Violinists
Electric violin advice for a teenNov 2, 2004Instruments
Stravinsky, Shostakovich, Prokofiev ConcertosNov 2, 2004Repertoire
Is it really worth it? / Performance anxietyNov 2, 2004Performing
Lilian Kallir- mother of Pamela FrankNov 3, 2004Life in general
Juilliard Violin FacultyNov 3, 2004Schools
Music MarkingsNov 4, 2004Technique and Practicing
How To Practice Without A TeacherNov 4, 2004Technique and Practicing
Music scene in other countriesNov 4, 2004Life in general
Einfach Midori (Simply Midori)Nov 14, 2004Violinists
Know of any good (and relatively difficult) violin or violin-viola duets?Nov 14, 2004Repertoire
What pieces to play at Grad audition?Nov 14, 2004Competitions
Trying to find my favourite movie on DVDNov 14, 2004DVD reviews
Aldo FerraresiNov 12, 2004Violinists
Learning Viola?Nov 12, 2004Technique and Practicing
Carbon fiber bowNov 12, 2004Instruments
Anyone tried the Kun Voce yet?Nov 12, 2004Technique and Practicing
What is the difference between French and Russian bowing?Nov 12, 2004Technique and Practicing
Sound post problem.Nov 12, 2004Instruments
Joachim Cadenza For Mozart No. 4 ConcertoNov 12, 2004Repertoire
Profesionals: arm or hand vibrato?Nov 12, 2004Technique and Practicing
forearmNov 12, 2004Technique and Practicing
Best Youth Orchestra in USANov 14, 2004Orchestra
Inclining the BowNov 14, 2004Technique and Practicing
Applying for Master's without Bachelor's in MusicNov 15, 2004Schools
Cyrus Forough, Almita Vamos, and Desiree RuhstratNov 15, 2004Schools
The source of the sound diff - Strad vs GuarneriNov 15, 2004Instruments
The Girl With Flaxen HairNov 16, 2004Repertoire
David NadienNov 16, 2004Violinists
Nice Strings on Cheap ViolinNov 16, 2004Instruments
Shlomo MintzNov 17, 2004Violinists
when to shiftNov 19, 2004Technique and Practicing
Violinists, live concerts on CDNov 19, 2004Violinists
Julia Fischer's websiteNov 20, 2004Violinists
Curtis FacultyNov 20, 2004Schools
positioning soundpostNov 20, 2004Instruments
Ernst Heinrich Roth ViolinsNov 20, 2004Instruments
Grown up students want gold stars tooNov 21, 2004Life in general
Goldplated practice mute better than regular metal (chrome) one?Nov 21, 2004Instruments
20th Century Solo Violin Piece?Nov 22, 2004Performing
Violin faculty at CIMNov 24, 2004Schools
IntervalsNov 24, 2004Teaching and Pedagogy
The infamous post-1939 Juilliard requirementNov 24, 2004Competitions
College AuditionsNov 25, 2004Competitions
Bow Damaging ViolinNov 28, 2004Instruments
Violins from Vittorio & Marcello VillaNov 28, 2004Instruments
Looking for a PedalNov 28, 2004Instruments
Violin at University of MelbourneNov 28, 2004Schools
Summer Camp in FranceNov 30, 2004Schools
long fingersNov 30, 2004Technique and Practicing
Flat fingers?Dec 2, 2004Performing
What's wrong with Pachelbel's Canon?Dec 2, 2004Repertoire
Liszt Hungarian RhapsodiesDec 2, 2004Life in general
Vibrato queryDec 2, 2004Technique and Practicing
Second positionDec 2, 2004Technique and Practicing
Method book for adult beginnerDec 2, 2004Teaching and Pedagogy
How to play like L. Shankar?Dec 4, 2004Life in general
2nd Position- why is it awkward?Dec 4, 2004Life in general
Yehudi Menuhin shoulder restDec 5, 2004Instruments
tinnitusDec 8, 2004Health
How do I learn gypsy (lautari) fiddle?Dec 8, 2004Technique and Practicing
ImprovisationDec 8, 2004Performing
Violin SonatasDec 8, 2004Repertoire
spiccatoDec 8, 2004Technique and Practicing
Audition nerves remediesDec 8, 2004Competitions
Frederick Fennell, conductor, passes awayDec 8, 2004Life in general
Projection balance?Dec 10, 2004Instruments
Geared Pegs, do they work in the long run?Dec 11, 2004Instruments
working class players, world-class fiddlesDec 11, 2004Instruments
Exercises for LH pizzicato; artifical harmonicsDec 12, 2004Technique and Practicing
When Do I Know to Re-Hair my Bow?Dec 14, 2004Instruments
Christmas musicDec 14, 2004Life in general
The most imposing violinistDec 14, 2004Violinists
Buying a decent violin on a college student's salary.Dec 15, 2004Instruments
BAM casesDec 16, 2004Instruments
Caussin ViolinDec 19, 2004Instruments
Kreutzer for cello?Dec 19, 2004Teaching and Pedagogy
Vibrato Help!Dec 20, 2004Technique and Practicing
Encore School for StringsDec 20, 2004Schools
Bruch 3rd mov. concerto No. 1 in g minor, Op. 26Dec 20, 2004Repertoire
Contemporary violin? luthiers?Dec 20, 2004Instruments
From Violin to Viola, Should I Switch?Dec 23, 2004Teaching and Pedagogy
Would different rosin on bow hair cause any damageDec 25, 2004Instruments
Teaching Intonation without exterior guidesDec 25, 2004Teaching and Pedagogy
practicing when sickDec 26, 2004Technique and Practicing
Hilary Hahn's new Paganini/Spohr CD coming out soonDec 28, 2004Violinists
The Amati Foundation: Ways to helpDec 28, 2004Life in general
Vibrato: two or three notes?Dec 29, 2004Technique and Practicing
difference of sound a quality of bow can make?Dec 29, 2004Instruments

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