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Zachary Ewald

When I was 3 years old, my grandmother picked up her violin again after a 50 year hiatus. Being the inquisitive toddler that I was, I wanted to try. So my father bought me a plastic Sesame Street toy violin. I quickly got fed up with it because it wasn’t right, it wasn’t in tune, the bow wouldn’t make the right sounds, etc. So my dad enrolled me in group lessons and bought me my first real violin. After about a year, I started taking private lessons, and have done so ever since. Now 22, I have been playing violin for 18 years. Somewhere along the way, I picked up the viola as well, and have been playing both for 5 or 6 years. As a child I was involved in group workshops, chamber music, orchestras, and plenty of recitals. When I turned 15, I went to the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. During that time I was involved with the school orchestra and chamber music program. I also joined the Pasadena Conservatory of Music, and played in my favorite chamber music group to date, along with Christopher Goodpasture on piano, and Abraham Aragundi on cello. In the fall of 2006, I began attending the California Institute of the Arts. I graduated in 2010 with a Bachelors Degree of Fine Art in Violin and Viola Performance.