William Somach
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William Somach

I am a freelance violinist/violist based in Southwest Florida. I play in orchestras in
Florida and Georgia.

I also do some private teaching and assist with
the Out-of-Door Academy/Encore Program. The
Out-of-Door Academy (ODA) is a K-6 private school
in Sarasota County. The associated Encore program
is a multi-generational orchestra that includes some
ODA students and adult beginners.

I have also self-published a scale book called "ACCIDENTALS HAPPEN!", which can be found on my website.

I worked for 10 Summers as an Assistant Administrator and participate at the Chamber Music Conference & Composer's Forum of the East (www.cmceast.org), a four-week Summer chamber music camp in Bennington, Vermont.

I have 25+ years of experience playing chamber music.

I am also an up-and-coming still photographer
and have a college degree in Journalism.