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Valerie VanOsdale

December 2009 - I haven't been on here in several months and have missed the community!

I updated my email address -

If you emailed me over the last few months and didn't receive a reply, please accept my sincerest apologies, as it wasn't for lack of enjoying the communication with such interesting people I've "met" here (I neglected to update my email address after my previous account was "turned off")!

I moved out west, hence the quasi-hiatus...

My parents' careers are in the music business, whether classical performances, studio recordings in various genres, etc. My father was a student and friend of William Primrose for many years.

My father and I are extremely close. He does not use a computer. I share his love of music, instruments, and stories. We are both continuously inspired to research instruments, classic players, and music.

I am here to observe, learn, and ask questions - for myself, and on behalf of my father. On occasion, I may share some bit of knowledge, advice, etc. I hope something I have to offer may be of benefit.