Jesse Irons
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Member Since: The 20th Century
Last Visit:April 27, 2008

Jesse Irons

I am a grad student (currently on a Leave of Absence) at New England Conservatory, where I study with Nicholas Kitchen of the Borromeo Quartet. I am available for all types of gigs and concerts, although I specialize in chamber music performance, on both modern and baroque violin.

I am a founding member of a new Boston-based conductorless chamber orchestra, A Far Cry. The 16 Criers collectively direct the ensemble, both musically and otherwise. Our performances are extremely high-energy, joyous, and unpretentious... I have honestly never had a better time performing than I have with A Far Cry. Please check out our website:

Back in the Peabody days, I served as the Graduate Assistant in Chamber Music. I was a founding member of the Rivendell String Quartet (disbanded) which performed around the world: