ev E
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ev E

noted accomplishments:

currently play for brooklyn conservatory community orchestra and the chelsea symphony in new york city.

currently teaches group violin lessons for small children learning music and violin for the first time out of her home in brooklyn

played for musica bella orchestra in new york city 2004-2011.

attended international music institute festival, summer 2009.

played various 'gigs' in outdoor parks concert series, department stores during the holidays, and numerous weddings. 1996-2010.

have done recordings in sound studios for various independent films, student films in new york city. 2002-2005.

principal 2nd violin chair in chamber ensemble at SUNY Binghamton. first violin full orchestra participant as well. 1998-2000.

won a full scholarship for students' 1997 summer chamber music program at CW Post.

concertmaster for pitt orchestra, for competitive student chamber ensemble, and for competitive student full orchestra. 1991-1998.

soloist (chosen by audition) for competitive student chamber ensemble at a competition in New Orleans in which we took home 2nd place. 1997-1998.

student ensembles/orchestras earned grammy signature school honors (for top music programs in the country) for several years since the award's inception.

participated in summer student programme at Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest, Hungary in summer 1995.