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Jerald Archer

Jerald Franklin Archer (1964- )
Violinist, Composer and Music Teacher

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Jerald Franklin Archer (1964- )
Violin/Fiddle Player, Vocalist, Composer

Began playing violin in elementary school.

Graduated Warren Central High School, Indianapolis, Indiana. Performed with Orchestra and Chamber Ensemble. Performed in various church and social functions. Studied with Private Teacher. Participated in America’s Youth in Concert European Tour, July 1983. Began studying rudiments of Musical Composition.

Attended Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana.
Majored in Music Education with a minor in Violin Performance. Associates Degree, Liberal Arts, 1986.
Member of the Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Ensemble, Opera/Theatre Orchestra and the Colligium Musicum. Takes lessons in classical guitar, piano and vocals.
Performed with Bluegrass and Classic Country groups.

Performs professionally in Classic Country band. Composes “The Country Fiddle-Player” a collection of original tunes for fiddle players. Writes country/gospel songs.
Begins to teach.

Moves to Las Vegas to promote musical career. Performs in numerous casinos and clubs as guest artist.

Returns to Indianapolis and performs regularly with various band of all styles. Teaches occasionally. Participates in band/talent contests, weddings, fairs and private functions. Composes “The Garden of Harmony, Op. 1”and 12 Preludes for Organ, Op. 2.

Performing and teaching.

Published Op.3 "15 Sonatinas Espania" and has launched a live webcam lesson website "Archer Fiddle School" at

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