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Michael Sanchez

Hello! My name is Michael Sanchez and I am a professional violin teacher in the Grand Rapids, MI area. I am the author of the worldwide published book "Fiddle for Dummies" and creator of the website Violin Shack.

My vision is to establish personal relationships with online students, and provide them with quality violin lessons, my expertise about instruments, bows and more.

Through my website, I cover how to play violin at all ability levels. This includes everything you need to consider to get started related to technique and finding a quality violin for sale.

One of the things I cover through my beginner violin lessons is how to hold a violin bow. This is a very important part of the process of sounding good on the violin, and must be explained in detail for you to have success.

Also through my beginner lessons, I cover details of violin tuning. It's important to make sure you are using both the pegs and fine tuners properly when tuning your violin - I include many tips and tricks that will help you through this process.

As students begin to progress, I cover one of the most popular topics of how to improve on the violin which is how to master violin vibrato. There is so much that I cover on this topic based on my experience as a private violin teacher. Students who are at an even more advanced level will also appreciate some of my tips on how to shift smoothly on the violin - especially in 3rd and 5th positions.

Finally, I have many interesting and informative posts on my website. Students will benefit from my insights on violin scales, which is very important to work on as a violinist.

At any time, you may be interested in learning more and/or inquiring about violins and/or violin bows.

You can submit an inquiry on my website through my contact page.

Look forward to interacting with both students and processionals from around the world!

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