Sarah Wallin
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Sarah Wallin

Violinist/Violist and Composer Sarah Wallin Huff has been playing the violin since 1989. She has also performed on Baroque violin and viola with the ensemble “Collegium Musicum,” and has been a regular performer on six-string electric violin since 2003. She toured from 1999 to 2002 as a singer, dancer, and violinist/fiddler across the continental U.S. and eleven European countries, as well as holding the position of Assistant Director during her final tour. She has performed as a regular member of the Orange County Symphony, performed as Concertmaster of the Southern California Philharmonic, and performed with other numerous orchestras and diverse ensembles. She regularly performs as a soloist for a variety of events and concerts, as well as participating on electric and acoustic violin and viola on various recording projects. Some past performance highlights include: Performing on camera as the featured violinist for the 2013 art film “Psycho Nacirema,” created by and starring James Franco, on the set of the Bates Motel, Universal Studios, Hollywood; accompanying Michael Card and Twila Paris each in concert; collaborating with classical/hip-hop/rock artist Jake “ONO” Bhattacharya on his latest album; and laying down violin tracks for Thomas Graff’s debut album.

Sarah has had her compositions performed in numerous concerts throughout Southern California, including the Zipper Hall in Los Angeles. PARMA Recordings in New Hampshire chose her work “Anima Mechanicae: Soul of the Machine” to be recorded by the New England String Quartet in Boston and featured on the modern chamber works album, “ALLUSIONS.” PARMA is currently embarking on the next recording project with Sarah, a selected works album featuring her original compositions exclusively. Her compositions range from solo works to chamber ensembles, to orchestral concert pieces and film and theater works. Her general style draws from such diverse sound-worlds as early and modern Classical, new age and electronica, world, and folk.

Having received her MA in Music Composition at Claremont Graduate University in 2008, as of 2012 Sarah is currently the Professor of Composition and conductor of the Chamber Ensemble at The Master’s College in Santa Clarita.